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One of the participants in the attack on policemen was detained in Ingushetia

One of the participants in the attack on policemen was detained in Ingushetia

In the Republic of Ingushetia, one of the participants in the attack on law enforcement officers was detained. This was reported in the operational headquarters of the republic.

As it became known, on the evening of April 5, in the village of Zyazikov-Yurt in the Malgobek district, the security forces managed to find a group of militants who had previously attacked the traffic police post. The militants, when trying to detain, resisted, as a result, a shootout began.

As a result of the ensuing battle, three police officers were killed, and eight more officers were injured of varying degrees of severity. The terrorists were able to escape from the scene of the crime. Now operatives are busy searching for militants. A reward of 3 million rubles has been promised for any information about the terrorists.

Later it became known that the operatives managed to detain a citizen suspected of committing a crime of a terrorist nature. The identity of the detainee has been established, this is a certain A.B. Bokov, born in 2001, who lived in the town of Malgobek in the Republic of Ingushetia.

Operational measures are now being carried out with the detainee, it can be assumed that the rest of the militants who eluded the law enforcement agencies will soon be detained. The main task in the current situation is to prevent the militants from committing crimes against the civilian population of the republic, to identify them and detain them, which is what law enforcement agencies are doing now.

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  1. NDR-791
    NDR-791 April 7 2023 14: 59
    They write that he surrendered - his father persuaded him. But how did this dad raise him so that he went into action movies?
  2. Bingo
    Bingo April 7 2023 15: 04
    Hmmm, but the situation couldn’t be worse, at first they wrote that it looked like ours had covered the gang, it just didn’t grow together in the process, but here everything is much more complicated and worse.
    1. Alexander 3
      Alexander 3 April 8 2023 18: 35
      Men are much simpler. These use any moment for their own purposes. I ..........
  3. Million
    Million April 7 2023 15: 42
    In such cases, one must act like General Yermolov: "The answer to any attempt at resistance was a brutal massacre with the burning of entire auls."
    1. Vladimir 290
      Vladimir 290 April 7 2023 15: 56
      When was the last time you were in the Caucasus? What are you going to burn in the Republic of Ingushetia? In Yermolov's time, yes, they acted this way, probably correctly. I saw a cemetery for residents and an empty place where the aul used to stand in which the Cossack was shot dead, yes, then they burned the houses and killed all the men, they did not touch the women and children. But now everything is different.
  4. _simply
    _simply April 7 2023 16: 39
    The activation of the bandit underground is happening as "by the way" as possible ... (not by the way). And we can guess why this is happening. And it is sad enough that we have those who died when the terrorists escaped.