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The head of PMC "Wagner" visited a cafe in St. Petersburg, where the military commander Vladlen Tatarsky died

The head of PMC "Wagner" visited a cafe in St. Petersburg, where the military commander Vladlen Tatarsky died

On April 2, a terrorist attack took place in St. Petersburg, as a result of which military journalist Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin) was killed and more than 40 people were injured. The incident happened in a cafe on Universitetskaya Street, where the Donetsk military commissar was holding an author's evening.

Daria Trepova, who brought a figurine with explosives to the event, was detained by security forces the next day. It is reported that she has already been charged.

Today the scene was visited by the head of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin. Cafe on Universitetskaya previously belonged to him. However, the businessman handed it over to the Cyber ​​Front Z patriotic movement, whose main goal is to assist in the consolidation of Russian society in the face of an external threat.

During a meeting with activists of the aforementioned organization, Prigozhin honored the memory of Vladlen Tatarsky and said that the military correspondent was posthumously enrolled in the ranks of the Wagner Group. Moreover, according to the head of the PMC, the Fomin family, who left behind a mother, wife and three children, will receive all the guarantees and payments due to the dead fighters of the “orchestra”.

Finally, Prigozhin noted that after the incident, the patriotic organization Cyber ​​Front Z should continue its activities, having received a new impetus.

According to one version of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine may be behind the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

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  1. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 April 4 2023 16: 14
    How does he manage to do it everywhere, he has his own personal civil aviation, he doesn’t fly on SS 24. Although he can.
    1. Terenin
      Terenin April 4 2023 16: 16
      Quote: tralflot1832
      How does he get everywhere?

      There would be a desire
      1. Simple
        Simple April 4 2023 16: 19
        A strong move from Prigogine - here you need to pay due respect.
        1. KolVisin
          KolVisin April 4 2023 16: 38
          Yes. For some reason, I remembered how Gleb Zheglov sat on Vasya Vekshin's chair.
  2. DymOk_v_dYmke
    DymOk_v_dYmke April 4 2023 16: 40
    Prigogine plus!
    The author of the note - "-".
    The incident happened in a cafe on Universitetskaya street,

    Cafe on the corner of Universitetskaya embankment and 6th line of VO.
    It seems to be a trifle, but you can not be so careless.
  3. Archivist Vasya
    Archivist Vasya April 4 2023 17: 48
    Now, if our government were as quick as Yevgeny Viktorovich, how many troubles in this conflict could have been avoided.
  4. Two
    Two April 4 2023 23: 48
    Someone is pulling Prigozhin, the question is who is behind him and what role he plays in the next presidential election. And the main question is whether the Wagner PMC will get rid of him when they play their role. After all, legally they are not protected in any way on the territory of Russia.