Another Penalty Ministry

Another Penalty MinistryScandals in individual ministries of the Russian Government are gaining momentum. The fact that Anatoly Serdyukov managed to “reform” in due time, now it is necessary to rake Sergei Shoigu, the corruption ruins that the regional development minister Oleg Govorun left in his department, now need to be analyzed by the new minister Igor Slyunyaev. And everywhere, either billions, billions, billions of loot, or securely hidden in the corners, loom. And now there are new revelations, new scandalous statements and new disgruntled statements about the work of the ministries. This time, the Ministry of Education and Science, which today has the honor of heading the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Dmitry Livanov, became the object of close interest.

It would seem that someone else, if not a person with such an impressive degree, can restore order in the educational department. And after Livanov found himself in the chair of Andrei Fursenko, who headed Minoobrnauki since 2004, many people said: Phews, well, finally it happened; now the new minister will force the educational and scientific systems of Russia to work as they should, and storm transcendental heights.

But somehow, from the very first steps of his work as minister, Dmitry Livanov began to demonstrate rather strange methods that reminded a large number of Russian citizens of Andrei Fursenko's “ever-presenting cause” with his experiments on education, when the educational environment was cut to life and often without taking into account opinions most experienced teachers and scientists. And the more steps Dmitry Viktorovich took in the future (and while he continues to do) in his new post, the more questions arise to him, and the more bewilderment cause these steps.

One of the latest "achievements" of Minister Livanov is an amazing list of inefficient Russian universities. It would seem that the purpose of the Ministry of Education and Science related to the publication of this “black list” is understandable: to reduce the number of universities that have utterly burst into Russia. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the total number of institutions of higher education in Russia at the end of the 2010-2011 school year was 1115 units, with the total number of students enrolled in them in 7,049 million. Of these universities of state and municipal - 653. For comparison: in the Soviet Union in the 1980-1981 school year, 494 high school operated, and the number of students was just over 3 million people. This is despite the fact that the population of the USSR in 1981 was approximately 110 million people more than the population of modern Russia ...

Of course, it is necessary to do something with such a large number of high schools, because many of these institutions of educational activities are often simply divorced from the needs of the Russian economy, science and culture.

However, in our Ministry of Education and Science decided to go on a radical scenario: if you need to reduce the number of universities - yes, for God's sake ... For this, the list of inefficient high schools was created, formed according to criteria that were sharply criticized even by those universities happy coincidence in the "list of Livanov" were not included. There were several criteria. Who invented them: whether Dmitry Viktorovich himself, or someone whispered in his ear, it's hard to say, but ... things went.

1 Criterion. The number of points according to the results of passing the USE from incoming students.

This point alone causes, let's say, vague doubts about the objectivity of the list. Well, judge for yourself how to judge the effectiveness of an organization, roughly speaking, according to estimates in the certificates of maturity of its employees. In the end, interest earned on the Unified State Exam can tell about the effectiveness of schooling in schools (and this is unlikely), but not in any way at universities. Why, then, do not begin to use the student's average grade for assessing either when entering a university, and after graduating from a graduated university? .. Indeed, it is quite possible that an entrant comes with clearly unimpressive grades, but then perfectly masters the chosen profession. In this case, the effectiveness of education in the university is obvious.

2 Criterion. The number of foreign students.

Hmm ... It turns out that if only Russian citizens study at a university, then such a university has no chance at all to continue their educational activities as they are at the moment. But in Russia there are many higher educational institutions in which, if there are foreigners, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And what does the number of Vietnamese, Chinese or Nigerians have to do with university efficiency? Here, obviously, Minoobrnauki looked toward the Harvards and the Sorbonne before coming up with this dubious criterion. Was it necessary? ..

3 Criterion. The area for each student in high school.

According to this understanding of university efficiency, the most ideal Russian university is the one in which two or three students study, at best, preferably from Kenya, China, or any other country besides Russia. It turns out that rectors today, in order to transfer their universities from inefficient to effective, will have to either deduct a large part of the student body, or add additional floors to increase free space.

But it would be nice to determine efficiency by new equipment in classrooms and laboratories, the level of faculty members, the number of winners of the regional, all-Russian and international Olympiads, competitions, conferences among students, in the percentage of employed in the specialty - this is in the department Dmitry Livanov, for some reason, no one remembered ... A pity. Frankly sorry.

But they remembered another criterion: university income. No - no one argues that the profitability of an enterprise is an important aspect of the development of an innovative economy, but somehow it is not entirely correct to transfer education and science exclusively to the business. After all, it is obvious that a university that trains specialists in the study and methods of oil and gas production, designing rocket technology, and programming has much more chances for a high income than a university, which prepares philosophers and poets. Well, unless of course, the rector does not go for the delivery of buildings for rent for storage facilities, shopping areas or saunas with the provision of services from the students (students) themselves. Apparently, it is precisely to this that the Ministry of Education and Science is pushing university leaders ...

However, the “list of ineffectives” is far from the only controversial point in the work of the Ministry of Education and Science and Minister Livanov directly. Very serious consequences were made by Dmitry Livanov, saying that every student can come to school practically in what he wants, and therefore wearing some hijabs by some schoolgirls of Stavropol is quite normal. After this, President Putin had to speak out, who said that the introduction of a uniform school uniform for all regions of the country could solve the problem. This statement by Vladimir Putin clearly showed that the position of Minister Livanov, to put it mildly, does not quite fit in with the norms of secular education. After all, if the minister was going to allow hijabs, then the next day girls in the burqa could appear in schools, and boys, for example, with black Islamist headbands. The author, of course, exaggerates, but ...

Not add optimism in terms of evaluating the work of the Ministry of Education and Science as well data on the misuse of funds. The Accounts Chamber uncovered facts that indicate that 366 million rubles have “evaporated” in the ministry over the past three years. Not the scale of Oboronservis or RCS, of course, but the money is also not small ... It would seem that the beginning of the misuse of budget money fell on the time when the ministry was headed by Andrei Fursenko, but it is alarming that not the main People in the Ministry of Education and Science yesterday, and representatives of the Accounts Chamber today. It turns out that if it were not for the audit, the money would continue to disappear.

And here, on the horizon, the adoption of the draft law “On Education”, which is actively promoted through Parliament, looms in the second reading, although many representatives of both the deputies' corps (for example, Oleg Smolin - the author of the alternative bill) and the pedagogical public express bewilderment about the whole a number of "innovations".

“Military Review” clarified the position of the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, Vladimir Burmatov, regarding the draft law being adopted, as well as the new Federal Educational Standards. Deputy Burmatov chose to declare that the responsibility for developing new generation standards lies with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation:

“GEFs have long been developed by the ministry. They are still Fursenko signed. We didn’t participate in the process - the topic is exclusively Minobra. ”

Based on this, it turns out that the Ministry of Education in Russia is a kind of self-sufficient unit steaming in its own juice, and Minister Livanov simply continues to implement the ideas of the previous minister and work, let's say, by inertia. Only in this case it must be remembered that this phenomenon very often leads to sad consequences. To stop and rethink the work done is also necessary, at least occasionally ...
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  1. +17
    27 November 2012 08: 06
    Well, what can I say, it remains to introduce paid education everywhere to finally finish it off. In Britain, universities transfer to Soviet teaching methods, yes yes yes, precisely to those that our bureaucrats considered unsuitable and switched to the European education system, but Europeans recognized Soviet education as the best and are trying to recreate it in their own countries.
    1. +12
      27 November 2012 08: 26
      I'm tired of this crap about free education! The same garbage, as well as free medical care.

      The fact that we STILL DO NOT pay salaries to teachers is not a reason to claim free education. So I studied under the USSR for free. That is, I really only bought pens and notebooks.

      Especially recently I figured out the "School" line item. And what comes out?

      1. Obligatory collection "for expenses" - 1500 per quarter (do not care, by the way, short 2 or long 3);
      2. Security - 250 per month (well, there is security, yes)
      3. Cultural events - 300-500 in a quarter (no more and no less than one, okay);
      4. Food - 1050 per month, and, in fact, obligatory.
      5. They put a turnstile with pass cards for some horseradish, they inform me by SMS when my child came / left school. 150 more.

      The result is almost three and a half thousand. It’s nothing, the library is big, you don’t have to buy textbooks. And in other schools, parents have up to 100% to search and purchase themselves. So still lucky ... The school where they started was made a super-lyceum, there it comes to 15 000 per month.

      I would say that our education is "shareware".

      And the fact that they steal ... and where they do not steal?
      1. +18
        27 November 2012 09: 14
        There is nothing free in Russia, you have to pay for everything. Even having a medical policy, take one horseradish and take at least 10 pieces and get free treatment. Education is the same. For whom this blizzard is driven for free, it seems that we live in different countries.
        1. +7
          27 November 2012 14: 07
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          There is nothing free in Russia, you have to pay for everything. Even having a medical policy, take one horseradish and take at least 10 pieces and get free treatment. Education is the same. For whom this blizzard is driven for free, it seems that we live in different countries.

          Greetings, Alexander!

          We have one country, just in addition to common ills in the form of roads. there is one more misfortune, a people who DOWN DOWN to think in the UPPER HEMISPHERES in order to earn money, support their families and get out in the system of total exactions.
          And officials who are UPPER have long been accustomed to thinking with their LOWER HEMISPHERES. Because the circle of these creators is narrow and they are terribly far from the people
          1. predator.3
            27 November 2012 16: 41
            In the UK, they compiled a rating of states in which the education system is best built, according to the BBC. Finland topped the list, followed by South Korea and Hong Kong on the third step of the podium. Fourth and fifth places were taken by Japan and Singapore.

            The top ten countries were Great Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada - they took places from sixth to tenth, respectively. According to the rating, the education system in the USA, Germany and France is slightly worse. Russia at the 20th place closes the list.

            When compiling the rating, the results of international exams taken by graduates of educational institutions from 2006 to 2010, as well as the number of university graduates for the same period, were taken into account.
          2. Cosmonaut
            27 November 2012 20: 14
            Smiled))) +
        2. Jaromir
          27 November 2012 14: 50
          Alexander Romanov,
          The new minister is no better. The horror film is dumb and dumber! So his portrait can now be added to the portrait of his predecessor.
        3. Alver
          27 November 2012 20: 05
          many of them - their nada nape to nape and oiler caliber larger
      2. VAF
        27 November 2012 17: 04
        Quote: Banshee
        And the fact that they steal ... and where they do not steal?

        Roman, I agree here, +! But just a clarification .... you know in which countries ... they do not steal, but what about how many they steal and where, or rather, from whom ????? wink

        But for some reason everyone avoids the question, and where do such ministers come from. themselves appoint or what ???? request

        That's it. wassat
    2. +10
      27 November 2012 08: 31
      The fact that Anatoly Serdyukov managed to “reform” at the time, now it is necessary to rake Sergey Shoigu, those corruption debris that the Minister of Regional Development Oleg Govorun left in his department now needs to be analyzed by the new minister Igor Slyunyaev. And everywhere billions, billions, billions, stolen, or safely hidden in the corners loom

      Moreover, neither one nor the other is even beyond suspicion .... It turns out an eternal feeding trough .... One pig got drunk moved away, the other came .....

      with his experiments on education, when the educational environment was cut alive and often without taking into account the opinions of experienced teachers and scientists.

      The whole problem is that the authorities (not only in education) rely on relatives, lizuns, etc., and not on the opinion of specialists. Someone surrounds himself with young effective managers in skirts, someone else with someone .... Ie decisions are made by one person, and this is always bad ....

      Quote: Joker
      Well, what can I say, it remains to introduce paid education everywhere to finally finish it off.

      It seems to me that this is the way to go, why do the authorities need competent specialists from the people? There is a mind, there is no money for training, "walk Vasya." Higher education can become a kind of get-together, only for the elite ....
      Well, if universities were assessed according to these criteria, then Livanov has a clear clouding of reason .... And the title of Doctor of Science is not an indicator these days, it can be bought at a reasonable price ....
    3. +1
      27 November 2012 13: 23
      You will not look at the activities of our ministers without tears if it were not so sad ... They were all brought up in a union, and there at that time they loved to sing the song: "... we will destroy to the ground in order to rebuild ...". So they demolish, so that later they can return to the old proven method of teaching, while sawing a couple of billions ...
      1. 0
        28 November 2012 09: 45
        Quote: vaf
        clarification .... you know in which countries ... do not steal

        I know, yes, but I’m here, and no matter how I’m going to go there.

        Quote: vaf
        But for some reason everyone avoids the question, and where do such ministers come from. themselves appoint or what ????

        And this is such a slippery question ... There they also kind of adopted a supplement to the law, regarding the discussion of his Imperial Majesty (or it was in another country, I don’t remember). So it’s calmer for me to believe that Putin appoints good ministers on the recommendation of Medvedev, and the dark Lord Voldemort appoints us bad ones, teleporting them to the workplace with the help of a magic wand. I’m still a patriot, although not a member of the edra ...
      2. not good
        28 November 2012 22: 40
        But on the general background, Prime Minister Medvedev looks very positive - he doesn’t do anything, he just smiles lol
  2. patriot2
    27 November 2012 08: 34
    I want to tell the minister that the new is well forgottenиthat old. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when even those countries from which you ripped off the USE and other things go to the Soviet system in higher education.
    Quote: Banshee
    I'm tired of this crap about free education!

    It is high time to take into account the unsuccessful reform experience and admit that we are wrong before the people, and not persist in trying to adopt Western models of higher education for morons who have eaten themselves at McDonalds!
  3. Edya
    27 November 2012 08: 36
    Like it not, but the USSR was the greatest power of its time, it was necessary to adopt all the best from it and not from Europe what our Officials think or simply for them 1 criterion is the most important His feed ...
  4. predator.3
    27 November 2012 08: 52
    ... the total number of higher education institutions in Russia at the end of the 2010-2011 school year was 1115 units, with a total number of students studying in them at 7,049 million. Of these state and municipal universities - 653. For comparison: 1980 universities operated in the Soviet Union in the 1981-494 academic year, and the number of students was just over 3 ... million. This despite the fact that the population of the USSR in 1981 was approximately 110 million people more than the population of modern Russia ...
    So you need to leave 494 universities - (minus those that were in the former Soviet republics), close the rest, cancel the paid departments, and generally you need to return the Soviet system, bring school textbooks to a single standard, and you don’t even have to go to bookstores, don't get through!
  5. Nikor
    27 November 2012 10: 16
    In Russia, 1115 universities of which a maximum of 50% teach something and then only specialties are defined.
    I studied not so long ago at the RGUTiS (I did not get on the black list) the former MIT, so all technical specialties are simply ruined, and before it was called MIT Moscow Technical Institute. Now there is only design and tourism that is normally taught there and there are so many dead souls ... And this is happening in most universities of the country.
    About the school, I generally keep quiet if someone believes that there is a free education, then you are far from mistaken. Everyone knows that you need to buy textbooks yourself, for repairs, etc., but there is still such a system as tutoring when students are specially enlisted (not all teachers are) and parents are told that they need to be like an additional lesson for a tutor, that he doesn’t absorb the material, that he doesn’t have time, so I can advise such a man. Then you will find out that the floor of the class go to him. And if you don’t start going there, then they will never put you above 3.
    1. borisst64
      27 November 2012 10: 33
      Quote: Nicor
      there is only design and yes tourism

      And how many graduates have a scientific title - Doctor of Design (Tourism) Sciences? These professions are certainly needed, but consider this category to be higher education ........
    2. dusha233
      27 November 2012 19: 58
      do not whistle textbooks do not buy anymore I say this because my daughter is in grade 5. we are studying from the first grade and we are not buying textbooks, only workbooks.
      1. not good
        28 November 2012 22: 46
        This year, in the second grade, my daughter bought the missing textbooks, and almost everyone was missing. And this is in St. Petersburg.
  6. +2
    27 November 2012 10: 59
    failed education, we forget that the main resource of the country is people, Japan, for example, just in Soviet times, education was comprehensive, and now it is just a set of minimal knowledge in limited subjects ... current universities can be compared with Soviet vocational schools, so people with conscience education to grab ...
  7. 0
    27 November 2012 11: 04
    But they remembered another criterion: university income.

    "Successful managers" have turned education into another "business project", while in foggy Albion they are now introducing the standards of SOVIET education.
    Well, what can I say, just shrug your hands. angry
  8. IlyaKuv
    27 November 2012 11: 05
    Yes what is it going comrades
    Quote: Joker
    In Britain, universities transfer to Soviet teaching methods, yes yes yes, it is on t
    , even the British made sure that the Soviet education system is better, when will this chaos of ministers end fool They are clearly insane, I propose to declare them (all pests) insane and send them to a psychiatric clinic so that they can be treated well, preferably with an enema, and all means stolen as a result of sabotage against the people (reforms) should be used to develop the country.
  9. Abel
    27 November 2012 11: 31
    How tired is that at the helm are mediocrity !!! Even a highly educated person is not always able to make the right decision alone (or surrounded by doubtfully smart assistants), Why are decisions regarding millions of fates taken by officials who have not proved their professional suitability? !!! Why isn’t society (wise and educated enough, despite being assured of the opposite) not participating in the discussion? Or at least the Council of Ministers, and not just apparatchiks?
  10. -1
    27 November 2012 12: 09
    The whole problem is in the built system of power, its goals and motives. I have long been unacceptable to the format of lawmaking that has developed in Russia over the past 20 years. At one time EBN (no matter how they scolded him, and there is a reason) faced the inherited Soviet system of power, only without "leading and guiding". To remember the booth that was the Congress of People's Deputies - hair on end. And under the then constitution, the decision of the congress immediately became law and was subject to execution. Only by dispering these clowns and changing the constitution did the EBN lay the foundations of parliamentarism, but did it in a complete legal and mental vacuum. That is why a normal process of lawmaking will not work out in Russia, the people give a damn, and the bureaucratic-oligarchic union ruling in Russia is very convenient in such conditions to manipulate the parliament through lobbying groups in specialized committees. CouncilFed - generally lowered below the plinth, it is already a purely technical body, and the Guarantor - he cannot read all the laws that the State Duma stamped like on a conveyor belt (1400 pieces in 2011). So it turns out that in reality it is unknown who rules, well, certainly not those who are shown on TV. And these will not miss their benefits. The laws will be as they should. There is another short story - the deputy's personal ambitions. Usually, by the end of the convocation, that deputy husk, which sat in the State Duma, or skipped the entire convocation, is activated. To report to voters, they need to show the result of their work. So they write some completely ridiculous laws, the funny thing is that sometimes it skips, maybe the deputies also do not always read the bills, especially if the topic does not particularly bother them. So we have a country standing cancer on the ceiling.
    1. 0
      7 March 2013 14: 13
      Deputies minus !!
  11. Brother Sarych
    27 November 2012 12: 57
    When the education in Russia is finally over, again someone will climb a white horse and be perplexed - how did it all work out? Where was the public, where were the experts?
    And here Medinsky is already queuing up with attempts to sell off the multi-billion-dollar assets of Russia's historical heritage to private owners for a symbolic price of $ 1 ...
  12. 0
    27 November 2012 17: 14
    "This is despite the fact that the population of the USSR in 1981 was about 110 million people more than the population of modern Russia ..."
  13. sssrsssr
    27 November 2012 18: 57
    When will we stop thinking about the booty and make decisions, and then sprinkle ash on our heads?
  14. Alver
    27 November 2012 20: 02
    the dolls are changing - the diilies and the process continues about education about mine about the Ministry of Emergency Situations - hero hero — you ask the firefighters about this hero — without a mat there are no words — not a day in the army — the army general and the marshal’s schapet will snatch and people went out of the fire to look for work ( God forbid, repeat the summer of 2010)
  15. 0
    28 November 2012 02: 17
    Young people, Alex! Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye! In fact, a great solution: you urgently expel all Russian students from the Institute, then you take the Nigerians in their place, only half as much! Immediately, the effectiveness of the university soars to heaven! Bauman and MGIMO nervously smoke aside.
    I would still check the real knowledge of this Mr. Livanov at the place of the scientific council. I'm afraid he bought his crusts somewhere in the transition
  16. andrey903
    28 November 2012 07: 29
    Apparently the new minister defended his doctorate on a commercial basis. All these titles received in the 90s can not be considered they are clearly purchased at left-wing institutions. We and Kadyrov have a Doctor of Science
    1. not good
      28 November 2012 22: 49
      For how heals! laughing
  17. 0
    28 November 2012 19: 13
    Free only cheese in a mousetrap. How many centuries is this proverb?

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