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Sturm-abteilung, abbreviated - SA (Assault Branch)

Sturm-abteilung, abbreviated - SA (Assault Branch)

In August, 1921, a retired submariner Hans Ulrich with a semi-Latyan name Klintsch (HU Klintzsch), on behalf of A. Hitler, formed the NSDAP Defense and Propaganda Team. The tasks of this detachment were to propagate the ideas of Nazism, to raise funds for the party fund, and to distribute Nazi literature. The members of the detachments were also selected to protect the meetings, rallies, and party headquarters from attacks by political opponents. Between us, and to disperse the activities of other political forces. The defense squad was formed from among the most active and physically strong party members.

In August, 1921, the detachment received the name of Sturm-abteilung, abbreviated - SA (Assault Branch). In Russia, they are better known under the names "stormtroopers", "assault battalions", "brown shirts". As the NSDAP series grows, the number of SA groups grows. SA members carried out their duties in parallel with their main labor activities (workers, shopkeepers, peasants, farm laborers, lumpens, etc.). But they relied and a small fee. The SA detachments during this period did not have general leadership and were subordinate to the local party leaders.

In November 1926 of the year A. Hitler proclaims himself the supreme leader of SA (Oberste SA Fiihrer). At the head of the assault detachments stood E. Rem. Franz Felix Pfeffer von Salomon (EE Pfeffer von Salomon) became the chief of staff of SA. He creates a harmonious structure of SA with a clear system of subordination from an ordinary attack aircraft to Hitler.
Insignia appear on the armbands and a rank system similar to that of the army begins to take shape. Members of the assault squads rallies military discipline.

Stormtroopers never had weapons. In fights with political enemies (mostly communists), brass knuckles, knives, metal rods, and occasionally revolvers were used.
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