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Russia uses weapons in the NMD, which in the West are called the "destroyer of cities"

Russia uses weapons in the NMD, which in the West are called the "destroyer of cities"

The 240S2 Tyulpan 4mm mortar system is currently the largest mortar system in use in the world. Some experts have called this weapon a "destroyer of cities". Apparently, American HIMARS, according to Western logic, do not belong to weapons that destroy cities.

"Tulips" also take part in hostilities in the zone of the special military operation. They were seen during the assault on Azovstal in Mariupol and in the Donetsk region.

According to a number of American military experts, the Tulips have no analogues in Western armies, although self-propelled heavy mortars are actively used there. However, the 2S4 "Tulip" differs from them in that it can destroy fortified areas and strongholds of the enemy, which are beyond the power of Western self-propelled artillery systems. In Western armies, for these purposes, they use Aviation, which uses precision-guided munitions.

The Russian system 2S4 "Tulip" can operate in the absence of aviation. In this case, the combat vehicle can use shells of various types, which can destroy bunkers or set fire to buildings.

This self-propelled mortar system of special power originates in the USSR. The development of Tulips began in the mid-1960s, and in 1972 their mass production began, which continued until 1988.

As of 2021, the Russian Armed Forces had 430 Tulip 2S4 units, of which 390 were in storage.

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  1. Grits
    Grits 23 March 2023 09: 04
    We actively use the old Soviet "galoshes". Thanks to the Soviet designers and the military-industrial complex. But at the same time, we practically do not produce anything like this new. And it's not even developed. It is stupid to count a couple of front "Kaolitsiy" because they are not only at the front, but also in the troops.
    If I am not mistaken, then no plant in the country produces towed artillery at all. It is not clear what the barrels of those guns that are being actively developed in the NWO zone are being replaced with?
    1. novel66
      novel66 23 March 2023 09: 08
      I think so, there were spare barrels in storage, the USSR was thrifty
    2. Al manah
      Al manah 23 March 2023 09: 14
      And it's not even developed.

      It’s not true, the royal wolves are developing superweapons, and others are not asleep, look, today the news appeared about powerful lenses that will save you from thermal imagers, and there was also information about supershields that will hide equipment. Shifty people have enough ideas, enough budget opportunities, and they are always ready to master it.
      1. novel66
        novel66 23 March 2023 09: 25
        royal wolves

        A wounded fighter in the ass - he is no longer a good fellow! lol
    3. crownn90
      crownn90 23 March 2023 12: 04
      Never mind a 240 mm galosh ?! belay
      Let them use it - in war all possibilities are good. If this galosh shows its effectiveness, then let this galosh work.
      And your post, in my opinion does not carry any semantic load.
      1. ALCA056000
        ALCA056000 23 March 2023 13: 35
        Wrong, dear! His post carries a semantic load - according to the manual of the owner, the serfs screw everything they see. It doesn’t matter what, it’s important to scrawl how everything is bad in Russia and everything is wrong.
    4. maiman61
      maiman61 23 March 2023 14: 29
      Each barrel is designed for a certain number of shots. How many shells are in storage and, accordingly, so many spare barrels, and maybe more, given that the barrels can be damaged as a result of a counter-battery fight and need to be replaced.
  2. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 23 March 2023 09: 05
    This special power self-propelled mortar system originates in the USSR.

    Here it is, the future for which we and our fathers lived.
  3. your vsr 66-67
    your vsr 66-67 23 March 2023 09: 15
    The development of Tulips began in the mid-1960s, and in 1972 their mass production began, which continued until 1988.

    In the USSR, they looked to the future and knew that all developments would come in handy sooner or later!
    And in modern Russia... - Why produce? We will buy everything!
    I had to look at the destroyed factories in the Krasnodar Territory, including those that once worked for defense. ( that was a long time ago.. crying )
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 23 March 2023 09: 31
    For a flower, we have buds with the smell of plutonium, then yes - you can partially agree with Western experts.
  5. Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 23 March 2023 09: 32
    It is necessary to connect the barrels more and more often, otherwise the battle for Avdiivka will last 10 years
  6. Boniface
    Boniface 23 March 2023 09: 32
    It is still called “The Bell” in the army, because when it shoots, (when the shot occurred) the aftertone is as if a large bell was hit - a beautiful sound good
    1. militarist63
      militarist63 25 March 2023 00: 02
      It is still called the "Bell" in the troops, because when it shoots, (when the shot occurred) the aftertone is as if a large bell was hit
      I don’t know where (in which troops) someone heard it and called it “The Bell” (probably someone has such an imagination, in a single military unit ...) ... At the same time, at one time (in Afghanistan) I had the honor to observe and hear the work of these barrels ... There, the after-sound after the shot is much more banal - like after hitting an empty pipe, for example, with a crowbar (the sound is resonant, but not at all bell-like and very short) ... Probably someone came up with the bells ..., I never really heard bells!
  7. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 23 March 2023 09: 44
    "destroyers of cities; - they sit in the USA and they shoot with anything - lies, hatred, greed. Long-range weapons.
  8. digger
    digger 23 March 2023 10: 11
    If the SVO drags on for a very long time, then in the end ... in addition to the T-54, the TM-3-12, a 305-mm railway artillery gun of the 1938 model of the year, will appear in the RF Armed Forces ... which we will rejoice like children.
    1. Grits
      Grits 23 March 2023 11: 34
      Quote: Digger
      TM-3-12, 305-mm railway artillery gun of the 1938 model ... which we will rejoice like children.

      If there are shells, then it will do too. It won't be redundant. I wonder how to classify it - towed or self-propelled?
      By the way, on towed artillery. For a long time and stubbornly they talked and are talking about its decline, that it is already outdated, worthless, and there is no point in producing it. But just imagine that now they would listen to these smart people and we would not have towed guns - defeat at the front would be guaranteed. It is she who takes out the entire weight of the SVO
  9. Sergey Nikolaev_3
    Sergey Nikolaev_3 23 March 2023 11: 34
    Good luck to the Russian Armed Forces in the fight against neo-fascism in Ukraine!
  10. Alexander Golotov
    Alexander Golotov 24 March 2023 01: 20
    The author did not understand the meaning of Tulip and Hymars, why one is the destroyer of cities, and the second is not. Tulip is just a big mortar, whose goal is to break any fortification on the LBS! Hymars is a weapon whose task is primarily to undermine the rear of the enemy, warehouses, headquarters, and infrastructure. The fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine sometimes hits the cities with Hymars is not from a great mind. Although maybe on the news they don't talk about everything.
  11. Mwg
    Mwg 27 March 2023 10: 02
    And there are regular mines with a tactical nuclear charge for the "Tulip". So the real fun can be ahead. Or it can't. It already depends on the Commander-in-Chief. But there are mines
  12. Igor1915
    Igor1915 27 March 2023 11: 13
    It's not a high-precision weapon, is it? Most likely it hits the squares. An experienced mortar man hits the target with a second mine, but this is in direct line of sight. It's probably used by 10 km+