Within the framework of the project "Without a statute of limitations", data on the dead residents of the village of Khatyn were published for the first time

Within the framework of the project "Without a statute of limitations", data on the dead residents of the village of Khatyn were published for the first time

In Russia, within the framework of the federal project "Without a statute of limitations", for the first time, data were published on the dead residents of the village of Khatyn, who died at the hands of the Nazi invaders during the Second World War.

Khatyn is a Belarusian village located 54 km northwest of Minsk. Exactly 80 years ago, on March 22, 1943, the Nazis and their accomplices from the 118th Ukrainian security police battalion drove all the inhabitants of the settlement into a large collective farm barn, where they burned them alive. As a result, 149 people died, including 75 children. It is noteworthy that, although according to the official version of the Soviet authorities, the Germans were behind the egregious acts of genocide, they preferred to remain silent about the role of Ukrainian punishers.

According to the document presented RIA News, the list contains the names of 25 families. The youngest of the dead - Tolik Yaskevich at that time was only 7 weeks old. Also, the news agency published on its pages a photocopy of the act of the commission to clarify the date of the burning of the village, as well as the exact number of killed inhabitants, which was drawn up on May 26, 1969 in the city of Logoisk, Minsk region.

The destruction of Khatyn took place on March 22, 1943 at 14:00.

26 houses were burned, and all the inhabitants were herded into a collective farm barn, which was doused with a combustible mixture and set on fire. People who tried to flee were shot. A total of 149 Soviet civilians died

- indicated in the document.

It is worth noting that the 118th Ukrainian police battalion was formed on the basis of the Bukovina kuren of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalist-Melnykists * (OUN, a banned extremist organization in the Russian Federation). Being established back in July 1941, members of the organization were also involved in the mass executions of Jews in Babi Yar, a place in the northwestern part of Kyiv.

By December 1942, the battalion was transferred to Belarus, its main backbone was located in the urban village of Pleschenitsy, Minsk Region. Despite the fact that the main tasks of the 118th battalion included the fight against the partisan movement in the occupied territory of the country, he also actively took part in punitive operations, brutally destroying innocent civilians.

Nevertheless, according to the revealed data, the mass extermination of the inhabitants of Khatyn was precisely the work of Ukrainian nationalists.
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    22 March 2023 10: 52
    Forgive me, but one gets the full impression that Khatyn was the ONLY such case of genocide. Maybe we should already get documents about the villages of the Smolensk region, Bryansk region, Pskov region, Novgorod region, etc., burned with the inhabitants. And in these crimes, not only the Nazis from the Germans and Ukrainians are stained, the Balts, the Magyars were also noted there ... Everyone must be shown. Nazism is a disease that does not recognize the borders of nations, something like this
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      22 March 2023 10: 56
      So you personally go to Khatyn, it’s worth it, the bells of stylized pipes from burned-out huts sound majestic and heartfelt, ALL villages and villages burned to the ground along with the inhabitants are listed on the memorial, there are a lot of them, plus prisoner of war camps on the territory of Belarus are listed where Soviet soldiers were tortured . A resident of the village of Kaminsky with his dead son in his arms (((((Four birch trees symbolize that every fourth Belarusian died! You should not have unsubscribed so dismissively, Belarus is a warrior republic!
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        22 March 2023 11: 02
        Quote from Silver99
        So you will personally go to Khatyn

        Been there and what?
        And what memorial exists on the site of the Bryansk village of Khatsun? Where the entire population was destroyed by German punishers on October 24, 1941. Have you seen him? And this is only 30 km from Bryansk. Khatsun was the first of the 70 thousand destroyed villages of the USSR. It killed 318 people

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          22 March 2023 11: 07
          Personally, I am extremely not pleased with your "and what" am I did not meet there indifferent from what they saw and heard. There is no need to belittle the merits of ANYONE, because we are talking about the dead, and the earth is one everywhere. As one veteran said, "the fact that I reached Berlin is the merit of the deceased in 1941, he took my bullet."
          1. +2
            22 March 2023 11: 16
            Quote from Silver99
            Personally, I am extremely not pleased with your "and what"

            And who told you that I'm INDIFFERENT?
            Quote from Silver99
            No need to belittle the merits of ANYBODY, because we are talking about the dead, and the earth is one everywhere

            You, behind your anger, do not understand at all the meaning of what I wrote or for you, for you personally, the lives of the 149 people who died in the Belarusian Khatyn are more valuable than the lives of the 318 people who died near Bryansk in Hatsun? For me, they are all great martyrs who died in that war so that I and my descendants would live.
            But in our media, they somehow remember Khatyn more than other similar tragedies of that war, and I think that this is WRONG.
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              22 March 2023 14: 43
              Like the German fascists, our terrorists are financed by the United States.
              In general, it is worth having a general list.
              Not only Khatyn during the 2nd World War, but also those that are closer.
              Beslan, Nord-Ost, stadium in Grozny, etc.
              It's all paid for by the USA.
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            22 March 2023 11: 17
            All our problems today are precisely from hushing up this. Who prevented this information from being brought to the population of the USSR immediately after the war?! Or what? So we got it now ...
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              22 March 2023 13: 07
              Quote: Black
              And on the basis of these terrible facts, to burn out the terry small-town nationalism in Ukraine, and not only in it, with a red-hot iron?

              This is not written on the foreheads, and therefore they did not want to smear it on everyone.
        2. The comment was deleted.
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      22 March 2023 10: 59
      It looks like you just can't read.
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        22 March 2023 12: 02
        Quote: volf
        It looks like you just can't read.

        I get the impression that some of the "syabry" decided to be offended ...
        I am not against the memory of the tragedy of Khatyn and the people who died there. I am opposed to remembering only about her ... forgetting about other tragedies.
        Okay, let's say that I can't read, then I'll turn to you. Do yourself a favor, read and count how many articles, films have been written and filmed about Khatyn and how many about the same Khatsun ...
        You are literate...
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        22 March 2023 13: 09
        Quote: volf
        It looks like you just can't read.

        Okay, Silver99 is blind in righteous anger, but are you?
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      22 March 2023 11: 08
      Quote: svp67
      Forgive me, but one gets the full impression that Khatyn was the ONLY such case of genocide. Maybe we should already get documents about the villages of the Smolensk region, Bryansk region, Pskov region, Novgorod region, etc., burned with the inhabitants ....

      Apparently you missed the already issued judgments of the Russian courts in the Pskov and Leningrad regions on genocide against the civilian population during the Second World War. Judgments have also been issued in other regions of Russia. Cases are being prepared in other regions of Russia.

      But in principle, the USSR did not hide the atrocities of Bandera, the Baltic Nazis and the national units of different European countries on the territory of the USSR, they simply did not describe their scale in such detail as they do now. The main thing here is not to overdo it in the desire to show the story without embellishment. we can have the opposite effect on the younger generation.
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      22 March 2023 11: 11
      No, of course, Khotyn was not the only case of genocide, just today, March 22, is the anniversary of the genocide in Khotyn. On August 12, every year in Rostov-on-Don we commemorate 27 people who were shot by the Nazis in Zmiyovskaya Balka.
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      22 March 2023 11: 19
      Sergey, 100% agree. What difference does it make what nationality the punishers were? Consciousness is one
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      22 March 2023 11: 28
      And I have another question: how long should such documents be made public? 80 years or 50?
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      22 March 2023 13: 03
      ........ they preferred to remain silent about the role of Ukrainian punishers.

      "RG.Ru.... First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Volodymyr Shcherbytsky appealed to Moscow with a request not to disclose information about the participation of Ukrainian policemen in the murder of residents of a Belarusian village.
      This Vasyur and other Ukrainian nationalists of the 118th battalion of the Schutzpolizei (security police) were not enough to be shot, to be torn to pieces.
      What is it. Representatives of the Communist Party do not want to explain and comment on this crime (silence is also a crime). Or commies "modestly" prefer to remain silent.
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    22 March 2023 11: 03
    a list of all the scoundrels from the OUN who participated in publish in all media
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      22 March 2023 11: 12
      and what will it give? in the USSR it was taboo to mention collaborators from the Baltic states and Ukraine, and now they are not ashamed of the past there. By the way, if you are interested in the topic of how many percentages were who went over to the side of the enemy, you will be surprised who it is (I will not incite discord here), but those who died the most from the national republics by the total number of inhabitants is Georgia, the largest number of those who lived paid for the Victory.
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      22 March 2023 11: 37
      The fact is that even in Soviet times they knew who participated in the execution
      Two weeks later, the Belarusian newspaper “For the Glory of the Motherland” published an interview with Viktor Glazkov, a reserve lieutenant colonel and a judge in the Vasyura case[25]. The latter declared the groundlessness of the accusations against the OUN:

      “It is also impossible to hang Khatyn on Bandera. This would be contrary to historical truth. Khatyn was burned by the punishers of the 118th police battalion. So, most of the police came from Ukraine, and the unit itself was formed in Kyiv. But these were not nationalists, but ordinary traitors, their atrocities have no limits. But they were born and raised in our country, and our land nurtured them”[26].

      The basis of the 118th battalion were former regular soldiers of the Red Army. And this was already known at the trial in the Khatyn case.
      The question of the prosecutor: “Judging by the questionnaires, most of your subordinates previously served in the Red Army, went through German captivity, there is no need to lead them by the hand?” Vasyura: “Yes, they served. But it was a gang of bandits, for whom the main thing was to rob and get drunk. Take the platoon commander Meleshka - a regular Soviet officer and uniformed sadist, literally went crazy from the smell of blood ....
      1. 0
        22 March 2023 15: 18
        solar ...... that even in Soviet times they knew who participated in the execution

        Part of it is. Only someone went through captivity, and someone himself came and offered his services. One thing unites them - hatred and profit. The tragedy in Odessa is somewhat reminiscent of the continuity of the "deeds" of precisely Ukrainian nationalists.
  3. The comment was deleted.
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      22 March 2023 12: 08
      Quote: Mikhail Tynda
      No need to fool around here!

      I don't play the fool. My mother was born in 1947, was born in one of the villages of the Bryansk region, on the border with Belarus and Ukraine, and in 1943 her father, my grandfather was on the execution lists of the punishers, it was a pure coincidence that the punishers were in a hurry and shot his full namesake, cousin brother. And if they had reacted more responsibly, then there would be no mother, me, my children, grandchildren ...
      For me, all this is the history of not only my country, but also of my Family...
      1. +1
        22 March 2023 17: 08
        Quote: svp67
        For me, all this is the history of not only my country, but also of my Family...

        And for everyone - the same, believe me!
        It’s just that for some reason you decided to be offended for all the other places where our compatriots suffered, because they are undeservedly forgotten ...
        But it's not like that! You posted pictures of Hatsuni. A very impressive memorial. But answer yourself - would it exist if the country did not remember this tragedy? The very fact of the existence of any memorial and careful care of it speaks of the memory and preservation of the truth about the tragedy for future generations.
        Now, if we had what happens in Europe with monuments, if ours behaved like the Latvian Nazi authorities, who call the children's death camp Salaspils "educational labor sanatorium" - then yes, one could talk about oblivion and betrayal of the memory of the tortured of people...
        But our people remember everything. And the fact that a particular episode comes up more often than others - but that's normal. There are certain milestones, identifiers - which help to immediately understand the topic and understand the direction of thought. After all, each of us is familiar with such names as Stalingrad and the Kursk Bulge ... but does this mean that there were no other battles in the war, and the Soviet soldier did not fight to the death anywhere else?
        So, being in full agreement with you - at the same time, however, I think that you are wrong in your claims. hi
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    22 March 2023 11: 21
    again, just reminding about the atrocities is a waste of time, alas, but the reality is. as for me, we should make this not just news, but grounds for applying to international legal instances. (we need to create pressure on Western countries) as they do on us and on our elite. as well as an option to create an international court in cooperation with the same China. generally put pressure on Western countries
    1. +1
      22 March 2023 14: 44
      to apply to international legal institutions
      what's the point of these organizations, they are all subordinate to the United States, and objectionable decisions are simply ignored.
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    22 March 2023 11: 22
    We should have talked about this before. It would not have reached the present, fascism.
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    22 March 2023 11: 37
    Comrades, I didn’t cut it: “they were published for the first time”, after all, the tragedy of Khatyn has long been known ..
    There is a documentary on YouTube about how they were looking for punishers.
    One gave himself away: he wanted the Order of the Patriotic War. I came to the military registration and enlistment office, I’m so good, I looked at the military registration and enlistment office: I graduated from a military school, at the front until July 1941 and that’s it ..
    I decided that he was an underground worker and a request to the KGB. They checked the papers: so this is our client.
    By the way, he was almost stolen, the 1 secretary of the district committee, was against the arrest and called Kiev, the Central Committee, but the KGB reported to Moscow and quickly sent him to Belarus
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    22 March 2023 12: 00
    The tragedy of Khatyn over the years has acquired various journalistic fictions that are replicated from article to article. This one was no exception either.
    There is an edition of the KGB and the National Archives of Belarus with excerpts from official documents that give a fairly complete picture of the tragedy, but the authors neglect it, copying the same thing from each other.
    There is a lot of information about the details of the tragedy. Eg

    The active role in the tragedy of the Dirlewanger SS criminals recruited from the camps has practically disappeared from publications, although they took an active part in the murders.

    After so many years, it would be time to restore the real circumstances of the tragedy, and not copy the same thing from each other.
    1. 0
      22 March 2023 14: 14
      And how does what is written in the article differ from what you posted?
      There, if I am not mistaken during the attack of the partisans, some kind of fascist athlete died.
      I didn’t hear that the NKVD detachments were burned along with the inhabitants of the village in Galychina, in which the Bandera people were based and dined.
      These creatures in the early 50s, as part of the Vistula operation, with all their miserable belongings, were gently transported to Siberia?
      Not in the Odessa region. Where they first learned what underpants are.
      And mind you, none of them yells about "deportation" and does not go back to Galychyna
      Many of them turned out to be normal people.
      And they appreciated what the Soviet government did for them - in fact, wresting bloody Bandera from the clutches as hostages.
      But among the younger generation, it is among them that the largest percentage of scum who suddenly remembered their rotten "korinnya"
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    22 March 2023 12: 38
    If interested, here is a map of Belarus on which burned villages are marked. https://map.nca.by/search (in layers, you need to put a bird in front of the Burnt villages.
  9. +1
    22 March 2023 13: 38
    Even in Soviet times, we knew who burned Khatyn, and another 160 villages. The authorities hushed up, but people remembered. Therefore, Belarusians have always had a cold attitude towards Ukrainians, distrust. It is a fact.
  10. +3
    22 March 2023 13: 44
    I was there as a child, they took us from the Svitanak sanatorium. The place is certainly oppressive, these bells are deposited in the memory.
    1. +2
      22 March 2023 14: 51
      I was there as a child.......

      I also saw such places in the Kursk and Bryansk regions, there are still only chimneys and commemorative plaques with the names of villages and the number of dead.
  11. +1
    22 March 2023 13: 57
    Bastards...Yesterday they smiled in your eyes, but today they burned them.....NON-HUMANS, the same as those who burned people in Odessa....Nothing, THERE everyone sees.....
  12. +2
    22 March 2023 14: 01
    Thanks to the author.
    This cannot be forgotten.
    Of course, Khatyn is a symbol of hundreds of burned villages and millions of ruined lives of Soviet people of all nationalities
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    23 March 2023 13: 32
    For the first and last time in my life, I cried (at a conscious age) at the age of 16, when they brought us to Khatyn on an excursion. Didn't listen to the guide, went back to the bus and roared. Could not otherwise. I experienced something similar at the site of the village of Loskutovo, which was also destroyed to the last person in the same year.
    But there, not immediately, but when I realized that the apple orchards of the murdered village forty years ago still give a plentiful harvest, and apples can still be eaten. Slightly wild, but quite edible. So the apple tree for a maximum of 10 years completely runs wild without care, and these orchards kept on, everyone was waiting for the owners.
    Even when my mother died, there was no such longing. They stood with the guys near the obelisk at the site of the former rule of the village, and were silent. What can I say...