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Serbian President: Recognition of Kosovo and its accession to the UN is out of the question

Serbian President: Recognition of Kosovo and its accession to the UN is out of the question

The fighting in Ukraine puts Serbia in a difficult position, but so far it is very good that they managed to keep the peace in the Balkans. This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, answering journalists' questions after talks with Italian Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani.

As Vucic noted, after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the Italian press began to publish many articles that Serbia would attack Bosnia and Herzegovina in the near future. But this, according to the Serbian President, is an absolute lie. The only thing Serbia wants is to defend itself and its sovereignty.

According to the Serbian President, Belgrade longs for peace and hopes for peace. Vučić called the peace a "relief" for Serbia, but expressed doubt that the Ukrainian conflict would end in peace talks in the foreseeable future.

Separately, Vučić touched upon the prospects for recognizing the independence of Kosovo and Metohija. This issue is very painful for Belgrade, but the West is constantly pushing through the possibility of recognizing the independence of the Albanian quasi-state entity.

There is no question of membership in the UN and the recognition of independence. The rest, which means normal relations between Serbs and Albanians, without tension, Serbia will implement

Vucic said.

Thus, the Serbian president showed that for the time being Belgrade still intends to resist attempts to force him to recognize the independence of Kosovo. Vucic probably understands that if he decides to take such a step, not only will his career as an acting politician end, but his name will be cursed by all future generations of Serbs. This is what stops the Serbian leader, who is not tough and consistent enough, from compromising with the West on the Kosovo issue.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. Silver99
      Silver99 22 March 2023 09: 45
      Vučić puffs out his cheeks in vain, the veto power of China and Russia does not depend on him in the UN, only they can really block the acceptance of the unrecognized enclave. As for how he said that he could break down and take anti-Russian sanctions, it’s not cold for Russia, it’s not hot, just write it down and remember, the Foreign Ministry will express concern of the 80th level. And let the people of Serbia evaluate and judge this Balkan beggar.
  2. U-58
    U-58 22 March 2023 09: 53
    Yeah .... Vučić's position is extremely difficult.
    And it depends, among other things, on the course of the Ukrainian conflict.
    It complicates Vučić's position many times over, for it forces him to make unthinkable maneuvers between supporting Russia, not recognizing Kosovo's secession, and maintaining Serbia's positions both in the Balkans and in Europe as a whole.
    The trouble is that Russia, for all its friendly position towards Serbia, is not able to provide real assistance, except diplomatic. Serbia has no access to the sea ("thanks" to the Montenegrin brothers), the airspace is also in the blockade of neighbors - Slavs, Hungarians, Romanians.
    So Serbia cannot count on real material or military help from Russia.
    We wish Vučić and all Serbs courage, resilience and optimism.
    1. Silver99
      Silver99 22 March 2023 09: 58
      And how do you like the example of Hungary? Is it really impossible to firmly say no and at the same time not be an enemy of Russia? No, everything in this world has a price, even betrayal, and this price is described in the Bible.
      1. U-58
        U-58 22 March 2023 10: 02
        Didn't understand. Say (firmly) no - for what reason and to whom?
        And what betrayal are you referring to? After all, the main thing is not to betray the interests of your country.
        Who betrays whom or is going to?
        1. Silver99
          Silver99 22 March 2023 10: 10
          No anti-Russian sanctions, no arms supplies to Ukraine (and this took place, albeit through third countries). Betrayal ? So look where the Serbian economy gets energy resources from and at what price, who protects them in the international arena (as we can) in the same UN (without Russia and China, Kosovo would have been accepted long ago), or do you think that the West will not continue following all this tear Serbia away from Russia? The next step is religion, and the fooling of the youth of Serbia, because the water wears away the stone. I hope I solved your charade. By the way, it would not hurt to remember history, the First World War is not at all obligatory for Russia !!!! began with Serbia and ended with the death of the Empire.
      2. Arkadich
        Arkadich 22 March 2023 10: 44
        The example of Hungary is not entirely correct. Hungary is a member of the EU and with their bureaucratic democracy can turn them around for a long time, Serbia wants to join there, and when the population has a choice of tasty, cheap sausage or national pride, not everyone chooses pride, and most importantly, Hungary does not have a territory that has already been taken away de facto, but Now they want to issue de jure.
        And finally, Hungary does not have a sworn enemy at hand, what prevents NATO from repeating the bombing of Serbia?
  3. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 22 March 2023 10: 10
    Serbia will not return Kosovo. With the possible exception of part of the territory. But Serbia should receive in the future a part of the unviable Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska.
    APASUS 22 March 2023 11: 44
    Liar . Serbian Gorbachev.
    They were negotiating the registration of Kosovo in the UN committees and suddenly he declares that he does not recognize Kosovo. Substitution of concepts, according to the Western scheme! Kosovo will be in the UN as a recognized state, and he will tell everyone that it is not him
  5. Carlos Hall
    Carlos Hall 22 March 2023 17: 39
    You cannot play both sides. If you make a wrong move, the Serbian people will storm your palace.