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NASA will take seriously the moon

NASA is going to build a space base on the back of a natural Earth satellite. This was officially announced the press service of the agency. The fate of this project largely depended on the outcome of the US presidential election. Mitt Romney advocated reducing spending on science, while the leader of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, is in favor of further space exploration. In the end, after the victory of Barack Obama in the elections, NASA announced its plans to build a habitable base on the far side of the moon. In the future, Washington plans to explore Mars and the study of the asteroid belt. After these plans were voiced, the experts were divided in their opinions about what the United States is trying to achieve: to demonstrate effectively its own technical and scientific power or to explore the nearest space.

In particular, Americans are talking about building a habitable space station at the so-called Lagrange point - L2 on the far side of the moon. By 2025, from this base, the Americans are planning to make their first flight to asteroids, and already in 2030, they will send an expedition to Mars. Obama posed such a task to the NASA space agency 2 a year ago. It is assumed that the first flights to the L2 point will take place in the 2021 year, when the first manned launch of the new SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft will take place.

The station will not only allow observing the Solar System, but also conducts manned flights to Mars and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, RBC reports referring to NASA expert John Logdon. According to him, after Obama's re-election, NASA can count on getting funding, which is necessary to create a lunar base.

At the same time, today's main NASA project - the Curiosity rover - continues to successfully implement its mission on Mars. Not so long ago, the rover tried to "taste" the atmosphere of Mars, taking the necessary analyzes of the gases that make up the atmosphere of the Red Planet. Scientists believe that in the past, the atmosphere of Mars was much more similar to that on Earth, and therefore, at some period on Mars, life could even exist. Currently, scientists will have to figure out the reason why the planet has lost its old atmosphere.
NASA will take seriously the moon

The studies of our natural satellite, the Moon, have always been one of the priorities of mankind. Another thing is that after a series of more or less successful flights to the moon are very valuable from a scientific point of view, first of all we are talking about manned flights, when American astronauts took walks on its surface, their interest in this celestial body decreased. After the implementation of the Apollo program, scientists had doubts about the feasibility of developing these projects. Of course, the United States spent a lot of resources on its lunar program, but at the same time they were able to demonstrate their technical superiority. At the same time, the success of their lunar program was not only a consequence of the fantastic exertion of forces and means, but also simply a very successful confluence of various circumstances for them.

But already then many experts noted a very powerful propaganda effect from the American lunar program, stressing that the Soviet approach based on the use of automatic stations (lunar rovers) looks more rational. At present, many in Roskosmos hold the same views, seeing no particular prospects in sending people to the Moon. This is not surprising, because sending a man into space is still dangerous and quite expensive. Especially when it comes to landing people on the moon. Yuri Karash Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. Tsiolkovsky believes that permanent manned bases on the surface of the moon are not needed, they are not necessary, even if we consider them as the first step in the future exploration of Mars by humans.

Currently, the only and most attractive resource of our satellite is its distance to our planet. Fly to the moon all 3 day and it is quite an achievable goal at the present stage of development of our civilization. Almost 50 years ago to fly to the moon was not a problem, let alone talk about today. Therefore, the question arises as to why a base is needed on the moon and what astronauts will do there. Russian designers and engineers have already proved that the Martian technology can be used on the moon, but the lunar on Mars - no. The process of entering the manned spacecraft into the dense atmosphere of Mars, landing, building habitable base modules on the surface of the Red Planet has nothing to do with building a habitable base on the moon. There is some kind of atmosphere on Mars and there are completely different conditions on this planet.

Back in 2004, President George W. Bush announced a program to bring Americans back to the moon. But then it was, most likely, a gesture of despair, a reaction to the death of the Columbia spacecraft (at that time 7 astronauts were killed during the landing of the shuttle during landing). After Washington had worked on its new lunar program for some time, the Americans realized that in essence it would be the same Apollo program, just a side view. After that, reasonable questions arose, is it worth throwing away billions of dollars to repeat what has been traversed? As a result, it was decided to spend this money on something fundamentally new, so an idea arose with a new flight objective - Mars. On the way to Mars, you could stop at one of the asteroids, but in any case, it would be a flight beyond the lunar orbit, says Yuri Karash, while flying to the moon does not have any practical meaning.

Of course, expert skepticism is easy to explain. However, the Americans expect to build their lunar base not on the surface of the satellite, but on circumlunar orbit in one of the so-called Lagrange points. There are exactly 5 pieces of data points in the Earth-Sun system. Moreover, if a small celestial body (station, spacecraft) is placed at each of these points, then at that point it will be in a state of equilibrium.
In this particular case, NASA specialists are most interested in the second Lagrange point, which is called L2. This point is one of the 3-x points located on one straight line that passes through the Earth and the Sun. In this case, the point L1 is located at a distance in 1,5 million kilometers between the Earth and the Sun. And the point L2 is at the same distance, but already “beyond” the Earth. The third and last point L3 is located on the opposite side of the Earth's orbit relative to the Sun. The two remaining points — L4 and L5 — are located on Earth orbit — one “in front of” our planet, the other “behind”. The balance in these points 2 will be stable, these points L4 and L5 differ significantly from the first three points of Lagrange, in which the celestial body will be like a ball, located on the edge of the pyramid.

We have to admit that at present the Lagrange points are sufficiently mastered by mankind. For example, at the L1 point, there are 2 American probes that investigate the solar wind. Another NASA probe is located at the L2 point and is engaged in the study of relic radiation. In addition, the Herschel telescope is located here, which the researchers are going to drop in the spring of 2013 on the moon's surface after it has run out of liquid helium. In the near future, another telescope will have to settle at L2 - the American-European "James Webb", which will be replaced by the world-famous Hubble telescope.

If we talk about the points L4 and L5, then here the human presence is already felt. At these points, the twin probes STEREO-A and STEREO-B are working, which transmit to the Earth’s surface a large number of different images of active processes that occur on the surface of our star. In addition, at present, with the help of these probes, scientists are studying the immediate vicinity of the fourth and fifth points of Lagrange for asteroids to be detected here. In theory, these celestial bodies should “roll” into these points like billiard balls rolling into pockets.

At the same time, the L2 point is practically the ideal place to study the far environs of our planet. It is at this point that the attraction of the Earth, which is summed up with the attraction of the Sun, turns out to be such that the orbital period of the spacecraft in an expanded orbit is exactly equal to the Earth year. Thus, the spacecraft, which turned out to be at this point, will all the time be hiding from the Sun, being in the shadow of our planet. It is in the vicinity of this point that you can most conveniently place the base used for the colonization of the Moon. The base, suspended at L2, consumes almost no fuel, the editor of Aviapanorama magazine notes. Currently, the L2 point is actively used to place telescopes here. At this point, the Earth almost completely obscures the light of the Sun, and it does not in any way interfere with the observation, as it is turned to this point by its unlighted side.

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  1. Xtra1l
    Xtra1l 23 November 2012 09: 19
    As we talked about the moon so immediately they
    1. sprut
      sprut 23 November 2012 14: 17
      We should land there soon and be the first to begin the creation of a domestic lunar base!
    2. crazyrom
      crazyrom 23 November 2012 16: 53
      Quote: Xtra1l
      we talked about the moon so immediately they

      okay, this is an unfounded statement. They won’t fly anywhere, they don’t have any missiles (they fly on ours) or money. You’re constantly reducing funding for us, and so the deficit of 1 trillion, soon everything will fall apart.
      1. 24 November 2012 01: 44
        Quote: crazyrom
        okay, this is an unfounded statement. They won’t fly anywhere, they don’t have any missiles (they fly on ours) or money. You’re constantly reducing funding for us, and so the deficit of 1 trillion, soon everything will fall apart.

        In-in, what a nafig the Moon, they are here at the beginning of 2013, the "fiscal cliff" smiles, a trillion dollar budget deficit, and the debt (only public debt) is more than 16,2 trillion dollars.
        And besides, here on Earth in the next 10 years completely different events are planned, not until the moon will be everything ...
      2. postman
        postman 24 November 2012 14: 04
        Quote: crazyrom
        okay, this is an unfounded statement. They won’t fly anywhere, they don’t have any missiles (they fly on ours),

        According to the agreement concluded between December 23, 2008 between NASA and SpaceX, private company agrees to complete 12 cargo flights to the International Space Station (ISS) from 2010 to 2015.

        The view from the ISS of the Dragon ship (pr: private corporation), as the roboa-manipulator of the station relapses the capsule into place for attachment to the station. May 25, 2012. Photo: NASA
        PH TILT ORBIT Payload
        Falcon Heavy 28,5 degrees 200 km 53000 kg
        Shuttle 28,5 degrees 200 km 24400 kg
        Delta IV Heavy 28,5 degrees 407 km 22980 kg
        Titan IV-B 28,5 degrees 150 km x175 km 21680 kg
        Proton-M 51,6 degrees 200 km 21000 kg
        Ariane 5 ES 51,6 degrees 407 km 20.000 kg
        Atlas V 551 28,5 degrees 200 km 18810 kg
        Japan H2B 30,4 degrees 300 km 16500 kg
        China LM3B 28,5 degree 200 km 11200 kg

        Quote: crazyrom
        and so the deficit is 1 trillion, soon everything will fall apart.

        Remind me where the Russian stabilization fund is deposited and in what?
        “Bonds in the form of securities of the governments of Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, denominated in US dollars, euros and British pounds”
  2. yllo
    yllo 23 November 2012 09: 52
    Well, humanity is slowly but surely moving to other planets. And we had srach in the porches, but the pit in the pit is expensive, it is.
    1. WW3
      WW3 23 November 2012 12: 26
      Once the USSR was practically on an equal footing in space exploration with the United States, and in some ways it was even ahead, ... it is necessary to master space, and this is progress for all mankind .... The bastards will "stake out" all the Lagrange points (just kidding). .. am
      As for srach in the porches - how small it is on a cosmic scale ...
      Interesting material is easy to read, the author is "+".
    2. Cynic
      Cynic 23 November 2012 17: 36
      Quote: yllo
      And as we had srach in the porches, but the pit in the pit is expensive, it is

      Yeah, and even those who are in the hallways, also breed this on the forums.
      Nowhere is there salvation from them.
      1. MG42
        MG42 23 November 2012 17: 43
        Quote: Cynic
        Nowhere is there salvation from them

        So why did you put a minus to me there below just something that didn’t load the video with Preobrazhensky, where he says that the devastation is not in the closets, but in the heads, if we pee past the toilets. Classic. Culture should be above all, and the pig will find dirt everywhere. hi
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 23 November 2012 20: 03
          Quote: MG42
          So why did you put a minus to me then

          And off topic the bazaar has entered!
          And here we are!

          Maybe not with us, but with you? No need to generalize!
          This is a creepy topic, really creepy, without fools, And so striving to hurt her. I'm sorry.
          Fill it?
          1. MG42
            MG42 23 November 2012 20: 08
            I did not start this topic about the porches. Accepted. drinks
    3. Pacifist
      Pacifist 23 November 2012 17: 43
      Srach in the entrances, the merit of those who live in them. For example, at the entrance, we don’t have any srach .... After the last person who wanted to spoil, they lowered him from the 8th floor without an elevator ...
      1. MG42
        MG42 23 November 2012 17: 48
        Quote: Pacifist
        After the last person to spoil, they lowered from the 8th floor without an elevator ...

        That's right intelligibly explain! good
    4. 24 November 2012 01: 47
      Quote: yllo
      Well, humanity is slowly but surely moving to other planets.

      Mankind is slowly, and not already slowly, but surely going straight to J & P. ​​Are you generally interested in events in Europe? And what is most interesting, they have no way out; they have already eaten the future not only of their children, but also of their grandchildren.
  3. Joker
    Joker 23 November 2012 09: 53
    It would be better if they seriously took up their debts.
  4. 11 black
    11 black 23 November 2012 11: 29
    Quote: Joker
    It would be better if they seriously took up their debts.

    Well, why tell them a good idea - let them spend money ... wink
  5. USNik
    USNik 23 November 2012 12: 39
    The article is rather one-sided, where are the opinions of the so-called adherents of the US lunar conspiracy? Very beautiful and accessible with a bunch of video and photo materials, Apollo’s flights to the moon in the light of safits under the dome of the filming pavilion are dismantled here:

    More in-depth and with a matan about "the mega missile which was not" here:

    That is why the Americans need to fly to the moon, "direct the marafet" to deliver there the traces of the alleged asronauts there, and only then prepares for Mars ...
    1. Srgsoap
      Srgsoap 23 November 2012 13: 38
      Amers had the opportunity and the Saturn 5 rocket, they were on the moon. And if you can’t believe it, read the link below, all the alleged arguments against are debunked at a time, with evidence.

      And so the photo is for laughs)))
      1. USNik
        USNik 23 November 2012 17: 30
        ATP, minus. I began to read the info on your link, the jambs are striking from the very first "refutations", they say, parallel lines to the horizon
        suffer left deviation
        belay (SHIELD it is !?), multidirectional shadows from one light source are the norm, but they are silent about the distance to the SOURCE of light ... etc.
        Have you started reading from my link? Or do you already know everything and argue with you is useless?
        1. Srgsoap
          Srgsoap 23 November 2012 18: 34
          Hello, I read your links earlier and I know these authors. You may not understand a little, I re-read it myself until I figured it out. Minus offset by a plus for another post.
          Rather than argue, but discuss. But nobody knows everything ...
      2. srha
        srha 23 November 2012 23: 02
        Disputes over the amers getting to the moon are being conducted for such a simple reason that they, the amers, did not provide sufficiently rigorous evidence of the validity of their stay on the moon, which the scientific community adheres to. Everything that the world knows about their flights - it knows only from the words of NASA. Like - here we took off, here we took pictures, here we got splashed, here we brought pebbles. All. Apart from their words that they did this, there is no evidence. All of their evidence could be fabricated on Earth and on the moon using small automatic probes.
        Will you be able to provide scientific evidence of the presence of amers on the moon cited by experts independent from NASA? They are not here. So, there is no confirmed fact yet. But believe, of course you can ...
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 24 November 2012 17: 40
          Quote: srha
          But believe, of course you can ...

          To believe or not to believe in the Almighty.
          Talk about introducing into the mass consciousness postulate : USA were on the moon!
          And you, some evidence ...
          There were also a mustache !!!
        2. postman
          postman 24 November 2012 19: 53
          Quote: srha
          Disputes over the amers getting to the moon are conducted for such a simple reason that they, amers, did not provide sufficiently rigorous evidence of the reliability of their stay on the moon.

          And what should they (evidence) be?
          I did not wonder why until the 90s (40 years or more) no one disputed the reliability of this event.
          All eyewitnesses and the population of the planet were in their right mind, millions of scientists, engineers, hams and astronomers, there was no doubt.
          And here the velor scum climbed ..
          Quote: srha
          You can bring scientific evidence of the presence of amers on the moon

          Q. Can you provide scientific evidence that the Americans were not there?
          1. Cynic
            Cynic 24 November 2012 21: 41
            Quote: Postman
            scientific evidence that Americans were not there?

            Discussions such as the old joke: Two archaeologists from different countries met and let's brag. One, last year at the excavation site 10 t.let BC found a copper wire! Second Well. First So if there was a wire, then it was a telegraph !!! Second And I did not find anything at my excavation site! So my ancestors knew the radio!
            Empty bazaar by the word.
            And here, what exactly can be said, what Yusovites officially It is forbidden to take pictures of their landings!
            1. postman
              postman 24 November 2012 23: 20
              Quote: Cynic
              that Yusovtsy is officially forbidden to photograph their landing sites!

              Uh ... Landing the Apollo?
              I won’t end up growling: ... at the studio. Purely for fun: is there infa? (doc)
              But the Chinese were not banned?
    2. Cynic
      Cynic 23 November 2012 17: 43
      Let's not talk about the past!
      Regardless of whether the Yusovites were on the Moon or not, it was impressed in the mind: Were !
      Do not forget: this is the past, were and gone. And here we have to come and stay !
      1. USNik
        USNik 23 November 2012 17: 52
        I agree that the future history should be done with the help of the present, and not try to redraw the past. Although, if someone says that the Americans defeated the Nazis in 1945, he will need to be corrected ... drinks
  6. MG42
    MG42 23 November 2012 13: 27
    Quote: yllo
    And we had srach in the porches, but the pit in the pit is expensive, it is.

    [media = http: // item_no = 1786]
  7. sprut
    sprut 23 November 2012 14: 18
    Russians should be the first to create a lunar base. This is a matter of prestige of the country!
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 23 November 2012 20: 06
      Quote: sprut
      This is a matter of prestige of the country!

      It happened before .
      We wouldn’t be chasing prestige, probably already 20 moon rovers rode along the Moon and information would go, go ...
      1. sprut
        sprut 26 November 2012 20: 58
        I do not agree. It does not interfere. And to some extent, it helps.
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 27 November 2012 19: 02
          Quote: sprut
          It does not interfere.

          Best the enemy of the good !
  8. kasha
    kasha 23 November 2012 17: 05
    Yes, what is the American base? Only one information shaft (to Advertisements) they know how! Astronauts on the ISS, unions launch! Satellites are launched by our launch vehicles! Let them sort it out with orbital space and then stare at the moon! By the way, their previous flights to the moon are completely fake, couldn’t they copy their previous technologies?
    1. knn54
      knn54 2 December 2012 17: 02
      Ours are: French rods, control system (software "Kommunar" and other enterprises of Kharkov), etc.
  9. Cynic
    Cynic 23 November 2012 17: 32
    And why actually on the back? On what occasion?
    1. Garik
      Garik 23 November 2012 19: 35
      Optimus Prime whispered........ wassat
      Litter could not resist laughing
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 24 November 2012 00: 29
      So they say that it is there that the base of aliens is located, which fly to us on plates. So the United States will stick there. Suddenly, what to share with them. Well, and secondly - again, you can say - "We made a base there. But you can't see it, because it's on the back side. But we are selling plots on the moon. hi
  10. brush
    brush 25 November 2012 01: 36
    Automatic probes are already exploring everything perfectly. Look at what Amer atomic rover is doing on Mars! Photos are very high quality, high resolution, I can’t take a picture in my yard!
    Why now do we need some kind of human expedition? Send probes and everything is OK.