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The All-Seeing Eye for America's Nuclear Arsenal

The All-Seeing Eye for America's Nuclear Arsenal
ICBM Minuteman III in the mine. Source:

Wi-Fi for strategic forces

In early March, the United States Air Force awarded a $75,5 million contract to develop a dedicated high-speed information network that links the nuclear arsenal's systems. To clarify the essence of events, let's dive into the intricacies of technology. The executor of the contract is a small company Persistent Systems, which, nevertheless, has already managed to become famous. In particular, for the development of the military Persistent Wave Relay network for the air force. What is this network and what is its advantage? It is a peer-to-peer structure with no central element. For example, we can cite the usual cellular communication, in which communication between subscribers is carried out through communication towers or repeaters. Hence its name - multi-rank system. Such schemes are quite vulnerable, especially in combat conditions, since the destruction of one or two towers practically guarantees the disconnection of cellular communications in the district.

The peer-to-peer system does not have this disadvantage, since there are no "decision centers" and servers. In some ways, there is a similarity with traditional radio communications, only each station simultaneously acts as a transmitter and a repeater. That is, a package of information (video, photo or voice message) from one subscriber to another can go tens of kilometers through the nearest stations. The downside is that if there are breaks in the transmission chain, then the packet will remain waiting for the next “connection” in one of the nearest transmitters. Or the algorithm will start looking for a new, longer path to the recipient. The scheme works here - the more working stations, the more reliable the connection.

By the way, cell phones can work on a conditionally peer-to-peer principle when they communicate with each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. A particular example of a peer-to-peer network is MANET (Mobile Ad hoc NETworks) or mobile ad hoc network. Various variants of this design can be found in search and rescue missions, in providing conferences and other mass gatherings of people, as well as on expeditions to remote corners of the planet. There is no Internet and cellular communication, but MANET users can share content within their location. And if one of the users connects to the satellite Internet, such as Starlink, and starts distributing it over the network, then the whole structure will immediately turn into a multi-rank structure. Such systems work not only between animated users, but also in the “machine-machine” chain. For example, Vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V automotive systems allow vehicles to exchange information about road conditions, traffic jams, and other nuances with each other. There are V2V projects based on cellular communication, i.e. multi-rank, and those working on a wireless network, i.e. peer-to-peer.


The Americans have been using the Persistent Wave Relay network for several years, linking the MANET devices of Air Force combat aircraft. Developers immodestly call Wave Relay "the world's most advanced mobile peer-to-peer communications". Pilots can chat with each other in real time, share photos, videos and GPS coordinates. The whole idea is built around achieving the notorious situational awareness, without which modern combat operations are noticeably more complicated. The example of a Russian special operation illustrates this perfectly.

The Air Force also has another system of collective peer-to-peer communication - IRON (Infrastructure-based Regional Operation Network) or "Infrastructure-based Regional Operational Network". In order not to load the reader with complex terms, it is enough to say that the network is designed to provide wide-angle surveillance of all objects at air bases. It covers not only stationary objects, but also mobile observation points. Naturally, wireless communication channels are encrypted.

Approximate structure of the future largest wireless network in the world. Source:

The above $75,5 million will be used to create a massive peer-to-peer communications network that brings together four hundred silo-based Minuteman III nuclear missiles under its umbrella. The difficulty is that the base areas are scattered throughout America - in the states of Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming. In total, high-speed "military Wi-Fi" will have to cover almost 65 thousand square kilometers. This is approximately 0,7 percent of the entire territory of the United States.

In anticipation of World War III

Evil tongues claim that the Americans decided to deploy the largest wireless network on the planet because of fears for their nuclear potential. After all, the doomsday clock is now 90 seconds before the global apocalypse. It would not be superfluous to strengthen the internal security of the nuclear arsenal in the continental part of the country.

According to the plan, the new network will unite more than 1,7 thousand stations capable of transmitting various information packages. Of this number, about a thousand repeater transmitters will be made in a stationary version, and the remaining 700 copies will be in the form factor of MPU5 radio stations. The product is made on the Android architecture and is equipped with a 1 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash memory. The system allows you to track colleagues using GPS, shoot and transmit full HD video. A user on one device can view up to four video streams simultaneously. Through the USB and HDMI interfaces of the transmitter, you can connect a computer and use it as a full-fledged station. MPU5 are fully functional radio stations that have been on sale for a long time and are available to a wide range of users. At the request of the military, the entire system is simply integrated into a highly specialized network for the United States nuclear forces. The all-seeing eye of the Pentagon will make it possible to close the internal borders from sabotage attacks both from the air and from the ground.

Radio station MPU5. Source:

MPU5 and all related infrastructure is not the first time in the army. Tested military wireless during Marine Corps exercise Green Dagger in 2021. According to some reports, the British Marines then utterly defeated their American colleagues. They also worked with systems at the White Sands test sites and Nellis Air Force Base, and also mounted on experimental drones Pegasus II. The question arises - why all these difficulties, if there is a fully functional Starlink Elon Musk? Which, among other things, has proved its high efficiency in Ukraine. It's all about the waywardness of the head of SpaceX - at any moment he can cut down all the terminals simply because he got up in the morning on the wrong foot. Therefore, all rights to the future "all-seeing eye" of nuclear forces should entirely belong to the government.

Adrien Robenheimer, vice president of business development and marketing for the Air Force and the intelligence community at developer Persistent, comments on the possibilities of the future system:

“We have more bandwidth than required. In this way, we can help combine data from multiple sensors. The patrol can also put a pin on the map, noting where there was a problem or where a suspicious backpack was left.”

Robenheimer's main hope is a potential order for the development of the long-suffering Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2. This is a global "military Internet" for the Pentagon, uniting all US Army units around the world without exception. If it works out, then a modest IT company from New York can get an order for several billion dollars.

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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 20 March 2023 04: 48
    Now that's progress! There is not much left before AI, and there the Day of Judgment will soon come!
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 20 March 2023 05: 04
    Will there be a connection with the moon? What about the Mariana Trench? So China will win...
  3. Soldatov V.
    Soldatov V. 20 March 2023 06: 14
    Everything that the Americans are now offering was made 50 years ago in the USSR. What is the essence of the question? In the event of a nuclear war, to know, to have information about the state of their underground launchers both before and after a nuclear strike by the enemy. And wireless communication, and all possible ways to launch missiles in the event of a general loss of communication, everything was thought out, rehearsed, and trained. soldier
    1. Aristarkh Pasechnik
      Aristarkh Pasechnik 20 March 2023 09: 01
      In the case of nuclear weapons, electronic devices fail. There is also pickup in distributed power lines, cable lines. All devices connected to them fail.
    2. Diger
      Diger 20 March 2023 21: 45
      Everything that the Americans are now offering was done 50 years ago in the USSR

      Please explain with an example.
      And I don't know anything but

      "Altai" was analog, and "Volemot" never started
  4. Amateur
    Amateur 20 March 2023 06: 26
    the destruction of one or two towers practically guarantees the disconnection of cellular communications in the district.

    Complete technical nonsense! The author simply does not know how IT all works. Alas.
  5. Galleon
    Galleon 20 March 2023 06: 54
    Well, it is the digital component of communications and intelligence that allows this nation to turn the rest of the world on its axis. Militarily. And the international banking system - in everything else.
    A small firm that is talked about seriously and does not include any relatives of influential people. One can only envy.
    1. View from the outside
      View from the outside 20 March 2023 17: 41
      "it is the digital component of communications and intelligence that allows this nation to turn the rest of the world on its axis" - everything allows it there. And digital communications, and the best software in the world, servers, microcircuits, production and scientific potential, which allowed 80 years ago, during the War, to produce 10 thousand aircraft per month. And - especially (!) - the accuracy of atomic clocks on satellites, which makes it possible to have a CEP of strategic missiles not hundreds of meters, like ours, and not 300-1500 (!) Meters, like China’s, but only tens, which means they can have the Doctrine of the first strike, because they can destroy our ground launchers, in the "meat", but we don’t have them! This means that our - FORCED - doctrine of the Retaliatory Strike follows from here. Like, we will answer you from the grave. But we are silent about such a fundamental lag. It takes years, or maybe decades, to improve the accuracy of the QUO. Does Russia have time? But Baidu is generally regional for the Chinese, such as 2 or 3 satellites. We are still blue-legged, millimeters, not microns, hundreds of meters instead of units. At least they recognized it, maybe they started doing something.
      PS I lived there for a long time, made excellent money, and I will say that since 1776 it was never necessary to fight with America.
      1. gynecological
        gynecological 20 March 2023 22: 56
        even during the war years in 1941-1945, the USSR produced half of the number of aircraft that the United States produced during the same time (I will not modestly describe the difference in conditions), since 1776 the Yankees have not won against any more or less equal enemy (and often not too equal), so tell these horror stories to fools in Europe and America))
        1. View from the outside
          View from the outside 21 March 2023 00: 50
          It is you who tell the natives horror stories about the "2nd Army in the World", which cannot move Ukraine away from Donetsk by a cannon shot (+ -1 km) in 20 year of the war, storms the town of Bakhmut with an area of ​​8 square meters for 42,2 months. km, i.e. 6x7km. And where is the 1st Guards Tank Army? Where is the Black Sea Fleet? Where are the bombings? And how many Armat, or SU-57 were produced?
          And how many nuclear submarines against the 72 nuclear submarines of the United States, which are almost all at sea, always? Pieces as much as 10-12, and half is always under repair? And how many strategic bombers TU-160? Pieces 15, probably. Released 1 modernized. For a year, haha.
          And back to WWII:
          It is made:
          US = 97
          UK = 34
          USSR = 21; those. USA
          almost 5 times more than the USSR.
          Move on:
          US = 71
          USSR = 63; 087 more;
          USA = 48
          Great Britain = 32
          Japan = 9
          Italy = 6
          USSR = 2.
          48 against 2 in the USSR is not even funny.
          USA -350 vs.
          USSR-25. Continue further?
          Come on, puff out your cheeks and watch TV.
          And most importantly, what about the accuracy of missiles (KVO) and the first strike? Or does the lack of critical thinking (nothing I'm in French) prevent you from thinking?
          1. vik669
            vik669 28 May 2023 14: 55
            And most importantly - it won’t seem like it to anyone, so don’t tear it. Opu - nothing that I’m in Russian!
      2. Jager
        Jager 21 May 2023 19: 44
        Thank you, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. KVO in 1500 meters was in the late 50s. That's why megaton blanks are not needed now.
  6. Military Specialist
    Military Specialist 20 March 2023 08: 36
    "... base areas are scattered throughout America - in the states of Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming. In total, high-speed "military Wi-Fi" will have to cover almost 65 thousand square kilometers. This is approximately 0,7 percent of the entire territories of the United States" ... I.e. it turns out that 0.7 percent is the whole of America?!?? Everything is exactly the opposite: the three missile bases are located quite compactly, and the Yankees do not need to be afraid for them, since they are of no interest to our Strategic Missile Forces due to the strategy of counter-reciprocal actions of the Strategic Missile Forces adopted by us.
    1. AC130 Gunship
      AC130 Gunship 21 March 2023 16: 13
      In 2022, I was in a museum in Arizona, created in a real rocket silo. There is only one rocket. The nearest mine from it is tens of kilometers away
  7. AC130 Gunship
    AC130 Gunship 21 March 2023 16: 10
    Will start now. Yes, back in 1978, in NIIEKLMN, we had a working group headed by Pupkin E.B. offered the same solution, and stupid Americans stole it and patented it 40 years later ...
  8. Sky_nover
    Sky_nover April 25 2023 19: 59
    It is not clear, gigarese communication requires more towers, kilohertz communication requires more energy. It is not clear to combine them three + one base, ? There is also a connection there with the president with blowjobs, why complicate it.
  9. Sky_nover
    Sky_nover April 25 2023 20: 03
    Xs, in Arizona from a polygan it is quite possible that 10 km, and so they are quite compact. smash the mines for 10 km, well, just dofiga business. There are wires, maintenance, management. in itself the protection of all this.
  10. Tikhonov_Alexander
    Tikhonov_Alexander 5 May 2023 09: 52
    The reason for the growing lag behind the West as our power. EBN with accomplices, obsessed with a thirst for power, seized it, destroying the country, and fell under the Anglo-Saxons. What level of thinking is EBN - like a typical wino, Gaidar - we will buy everything in the West, industry is not needed ... Their followers are the same. They clearly work according to the scheme - to take away and divide (privatize - between their own, of course) The basis of the thinking of the guarantor and his successor is legal. The chief firefighter of the military academies did not finish. They have one good thing - parades and tank biathlons - at their best! But there is - from whom to learn! For real patriots and brilliant organizers - I.V. Stalin, L.P. Beria ... I.V. built a system that raised the country from ruins, defeated all of fascist Europe, created atomic weapons, stepped into space ... Under And .V. Stalin managed to create a nuclear umbrella. But this umbrella is slowly becoming obsolete and the enemies have more and more opportunities to neutralize it with more and more advanced means of attack. And the country is already lagging behind not only the United States, Europe, but also China, Japan, South Korea ... Yes, modern communications, modern means of warfare - everything is not easy, expensive, and you also need to have brains in order to understand in time - how it is important. And our elite with a humanitarian and other non-core education simply has not matured to understand the need to calculate options for the development of technology and its impact on the security of the state. And for what the top has grown to, funds are withdrawn from the people in different ways - the privatizers should not be disturbed by the threat of introducing a progressive taxation scale. It's easier to raise the retirement age - just by 5 years! Just think that 40% of men will not live to see their retirement!