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The working group on SVO proposed additional measures of social support for military personnel and their relatives

The working group on SVO proposed additional measures of social support for military personnel and their relatives

The second report of the Working Group on Special Military Operations has been sent to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, containing a number of proposals for improving measures of social support for military personnel participating in the NMD and their families. This was announced on the Telegram channel of the group by its leader, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Andrey Turchak.

As emphasized in the group's message, the report includes a number of important legislative initiatives. The first of them is a proposal to terminate the loan obligations of the parents-co-borrowers of the military personnel who died during the special operation. This is a very reasonable offer aimed at supporting families who have already lost their sons or daughters.

The second important proposal is additional allowances for conscripts who serve in military units stationed in the border regions of Russia with Ukraine or the zone of the special operation. After all, such military personnel often also risk their lives, perform responsible tasks of patrolling, demining, and participate in the provision and maintenance of military equipment for a special operation. They well deserve to receive additional rewards for this.

In addition, the report proposes to improve the procedure for concluding contracts and passing military medical commissions by persons who voluntarily want to take part in a special military operation. Today, volunteers can still experience the embarrassing situation of being denied admission to the military for any reason, including minor health issues. The working group also proposed a number of measures to increase the attractiveness of work at military industry enterprises.

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  1. Fizik13
    Fizik13 17 March 2023 20: 06
    What does it mean 1,5 thousand to study for free?
    TO ALL WHO SHOULD ......
    They should learn for FREE!
    And in general ..... this quota is an example of bribery
    There must be transparent study schemes ....
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 19 March 2023 11: 03
      Quote from Fizik13
      There must be transparent study schemes ....

      Wherever budget money is allocated, our schemes are muddy. In muddy water, fish are better caught. It will not be better without a change of personnel, accustomed to sawing the budget. But no one is in a hurry to change them. request
      According to the article - words, words, words. There are many, but it's hard to believe. But in fact, the Internet is replete with cases of refusal to treat military personnel under compulsory medical insurance.
  2. Grandfather Fichteau
    Grandfather Fichteau 17 March 2023 20: 07
    It was always like this .. Men should know that everything is fine in the rear with their families and full support
    Then it will be easier to fight and the motivation will go off scale! It is necessary to strangle the fascist-Bandera reptile.!
    We missed all this in Russia, gave them a break after Debaltsev .. Now we are storming day and night the devils of NATO bedding and other demons. 333!
    I think it will all be over soon, this is not Afghanistan, where they fought for centuries and even there the Rushavi remember how we fought and how much they built .. But alas, the Anglo-Saxons
  3. Iran
    Iran 17 March 2023 22: 58
    Earlier, in tsarist times, allotments of land were allocated to veterans (or their families). Maybe now is the time to return to this practice?
    1. begemot20091
      begemot20091 18 March 2023 23: 55
      especially the ruble lands and in the suburbs of other cities and regional centers, where the newly-minted landowners - thieves, seized all the nearby plots for themselves, children, aunts, grandmothers, grandparents, mistresses and just ... whores
    2. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 19 March 2023 11: 05
      Quote from iran
      Earlier, in tsarist times, allotments of land were allocated to veterans (or their families).

      At the moment, there is a scandal in Goryachiy Klyuch, the administration does not allocate land for the burial of the dead Wagners. And you're talking about veterans ....