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Indo-Defense-2012 exhibition in Jakarta. Air defense

At the exhibition Indo-Defense - 2012 air defense systems were presented quite widely. The main emphasis was placed on the means of short and ultra-short range.

Russia represented air defense systems from both sides at once. Traditionally, our Rosoboronexport promotes air defense equipment and weapons regardless of the manufacturer.

Indo-Defense-2012 exhibition in Jakarta. Air defense

In particular, the Deputy Director General of Rosoboronexport Viktor Komardin said:
"We traditionally represent in Jakarta weapons and equipment for all types of armed forces. However, this year more emphasis is placed on air defense weapons. Anti-aircraft issues are very relevant today on the global arms market. ... And Russian manufacturers have extremely effective complexes and systems capable of providing national security at a qualitatively new level. First of all, these are Antey-2500, Buk-M2E, Armor-C1, Tor-M2E ... Today we offer the Indonesian side not just " Beech-M2E ", and The multiplex air defense system is something that only Russia and only a few other countries can offer. And the basis of this system is the Buk-М2Е and Pantsir-С1 complexes. According to our specialists, this configuration is most optimal and will provide reliable protection against all major aerial threats. "

2. Viktor Komardin in talks with Indonesian Air Force Commander Imam Sufaat

Next to the Rosoboronexport stand, there is a representative office of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau, which is promoting the Pantsir-С1 air defense system. ZRPK "Pantsir-С1" was presented by a model of a combat vehicle and a model of an anti-aircraft guided missile of type 57Э6, as well as a simulator ZRPK "Pantsir-С1", which enjoyed the increased interest of specialists and ordinary people.

3. Stand KB instrumentation and anti-aircraft missile 57E6

In another pavilion there was a stand of the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern, which represented the entire range of air defense equipment and weapons.


The exposition was based on layouts grouped by range. As a long-range system, the Air Defense Concern is promoting the Antey-2500 air defense system in the external market (further modernization of the army air defense system and missile defense system C-300В). Currently, the Air Defense Concern performs a contract for the supply of this system to Venezuela, and also participates with it in an international competition in Turkey. Another long-range system, the C-400 Triumf, is not allowed for export until its armed forces have been saturated with it.

5. Layouts of the S-300BM "Antey-2500"

The Buk-MNNUME air defense system operates at medium ranges, which is capable of striking a wide range of means of air attack, as well as contrasting ground and surface targets.

6. Elements of the Buk-М2E air defense system on a wheeled chassis

The Tor-MXNUME air defense system in various types of basing was also presented at the exhibition. In addition, self-defense means were presented in the form of various modifications of the “Bending” air defense missile system. Unfortunately, Russia did not bring a single full-scale sample of air defense weapons.

7. Variants of the implementation of the Tor-M2E air defense missile system, including in the foreground the container version of the Tor-M2KM, on the right - the wheel-mounted Tor-M2K

8. ASU "Foundation-2E"

9. Indonesian military photographed at the Russian stand

Belarus actively participated in this exhibition and, in particular, distributed materials about its capabilities in the field of air defense. Belarusian colleagues are actively promoting the Vostok detection radar, the T-38 Stilet and Berezina-MB short-range air defense systems, as well as the modernization projects of the Soviet and Russian air defense systems from C-200В to Buka.

South Korea put out its own Chiron MANPADS, which was painfully reminiscent of the Russian Igla. Korean specialists beat themselves in the chest, and claimed that they had made the MANPADS themselves, after some discussion they acknowledged that Russia had helped with the GOS (transfer from LOMO). A simulator of MANPADS was also placed on the stand to simulate a launch from a starting tripod. By the way, in the booklet about this MANPADS, Koreans boldly draw how they can shoot down the Su-27 of the Russian Air Force.

10. Chiron MANPADS anti-aircraft missile

11. The needle is distinguished from all other MANPADS by a special aerodynamic needle on an optical seeker


13. Simulator MANPADS Chiron





In addition, the models of ZSU and ZRK were presented at the Doosan booth.

18. 30-mm ZSU Bi-Ho

19. ZRK Chun-Ma

The Swedes also exhibited a simulator of their heavy RBS-70 MANPADS, on which I tried to beat an airborne target, very similar to the An-12 military transport aircraft. Representatives of the Bofors did not fail to kick Russian MANPADS, praising their heavy complex with a remote-controlled missile. The essence of the simulator - the detection of the target, capture and start by pressing the button on the left handle, the guidance is carried out by combining the crosshair with the target - for this you need to touch the mini-joystick on the right. I could not move it gently, as a result - three misses :)


It was here that I thought that what our Rosoboronexport with KBM didn’t drag our Eagle and Djigit with them, as well as the Needle simulator, the people would be pleased, plus the goods would be shown by face, not leaflets.

The French from the MDBA also dragged in kind their Mistral 2 MANPADS - it was in the form of a twin launcher placed on a truck that stood in the courtyard of the exhibition center.

21. Atlas-Mistral with Mistral 2 missiles





In addition to Mistral, the MBDA has traditionally brought prototype air defense systems based on Aster rockets and a vertically launched aviation Mica-VL missiles, as well as the Thales concern demonstrated a prototype of another MANPADS - an English igloometr - Starstreak, and a pair of radar detection.

26. Mica-VL and Aster-30 SAM systems at the MBDA stand (fotkal from the balcony with fotografersha)

27. Starstreak MANPADS

28. MANPADS Starstreak

29. Multipurpose 3 coordinate ground radar 200 radar

30. Ground Master 400 detection radar

And yet - Turkey represented the universal launch for placement on light-armored vehicles for short-range air defense systems. The Stinger missiles were installed at the exhibition, but there is already an integration of Igla MANPADS in this launcher.

31. Aselsan Startup Module





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    Success to our "defense workers" !!! More contracts !!!
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      Well done author, very beautiful pictures. Our advertising is conducted correctly, let them know and do not forget our equipment, and it is not necessary to carry everything to exhibitions (expensive), whoever needs it, he knows where and what to buy. It is not for nothing that the Turks are integrating them under our Igloo.
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    Yes, our competitors are far from domestic developments in terms of air defense and missile defense
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