Bashar al-Assad: I believe that the Third World War is already underway

Bashar al-Assad: I believe that the Third World War is already underway

There is evidence of specific statements made by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during and after negotiations with Vladimir Putin. These negotiations took place yesterday. As the Military Review has already reported, the Syrian leader expressed full support for Russia's special military operation.

In addition to the talks between the two leaders, representatives of the Syrian government delegation also held talks at their level with their Russian colleagues. Thus, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met with the head of the Syrian defense department, Ali Mahmoud Abbas. The Ministry of Defense noted that issues of bilateral military and military-technical cooperation were discussed. Abbas praised the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, including in terms of the fact that it was Russian assistance that made it possible to maintain the independence of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Meanwhile in RIA News interview with Bashar al-Assad. During the interview, the Syrian leader gave an assessment of what is happening in Ukraine. According to the President of Syria, "The West, through the hands of the Ukrainian President Zelensky, unleashed the Third World War."

Assad noted that the Third World War is already underway, only it differs from the "traditional" wars of the past. The Syrian leader in an interview pointed out that modern wars are more often waged through proxies.

Syria itself faces this when the same West, using controlled terrorist groups, tried to gain full control over the country's territory. However, the Russian operation in the SAR stopped this process and made it possible to defeat a number of terrorist groups financed from outside.

The day before, talks were held in Moscow between the foreign ministers of Russia and Syria. Humanitarian issues and subjects of bilateral cooperation in a number of areas were discussed.

In the West, commenting on Assad's visit to Russia and the forthcoming visit to Moscow of the Chinese President, they said that "a new anti-Western axis Russia-China-Iran-Syria is being formed." Saudi Arabia has not yet been included in this “axis”, but they are clearly puzzled by the fact that China managed to achieve the restoration of diplomatic relations between Tehran and Riyadh.
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  1. +2
    16 March 2023 07: 07
    Bashar al-Assad: I believe that The Third World War already going
    And I think that it doesn’t matter how you call the global conflict, Star Wars, Armageddon or TMV, but it has been going on for a long time .... request
    1. -2
      16 March 2023 08: 37
      By using a personal pronoun, Assad shows his uncertainty in this situation.
    2. +1
      16 March 2023 08: 43
      The First and Second World Wars began with a whole series of local wars in different parts of the planet. There is an analogy. Europe was one of the main theaters of war. Now the battlefield is Ukraine. After WWII, this is the first high-intensity conflict in scale, comparable only to the war in Korea. Will local conflicts escalate into a full-scale world war? Let's find out together.
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    16 March 2023 07: 13
    Throughout the 20th and a quarter of the 21st centuries, hostilities on the planet have been going on almost continuously. Many of the leading countries of the world take part in them to one degree or another.
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    16 March 2023 07: 21
    The Syrian leader expressed full support for Russia's ongoing special military operation.

    —-Thank you for that too... suggesting a cleansing battalion would be more weighty.
    1. +5
      16 March 2023 08: 11
      Quote: Mikhail Drabkin
      .... to offer a cleansing battalion will be more significant.

      Given the situation in Syria itself, this is an unaffordable luxury for Assad .... the war is still going on, the country is destroyed, and the government does not control the entire territory, but among the allies, Syria is one of the closest:

      Syria recognizes the new borders of Russia with the territories that have joined: the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. This was stated by the President of the Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad in an interview with RIA Novosti.

      "Certainly. I say that these are Russian territories, and even if there had not been a war, these are historically Russian territories,” the Syrian leader said.

      But you can’t say the same about the allies in the CSTO, the EAEU.
      1. +2
        16 March 2023 08: 50
        These "allies" in the CSTO are a suitcase without a handle, excluding the Republic of Belarus. Flock of sheep. But let at least such a herd, than nothing.
  4. +2
    16 March 2023 07: 23
    The Anglo-Saxons are always trying to push the boundaries of their influence to the east ... this time they went too far.
    I am sure that they will suffer another defeat in their expansion ... in their Drang Nah Osten of the 21st century.
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    16 March 2023 07: 55
    Bashar al-Assad: I believe that The Third World War already going

    Bust! Just SVO.
    1. +2
      16 March 2023 09: 12
      Quote: Stas157
      Just SVO.

      shortage. Regional conflict with a global perspective.
      World War III started in 2014.

      By the way, in 1950, when the war in Korea began in the United States, it was called the beginning of the 3rd World War. This is incl. explains those Stalinist construction projects - the Arctic railway, the tunnel to Sakhalin, the fortification of the Far East, the airborne army in Chukotka (for the likely transfer to Alaska and the development of the offensive from there to the south). Just at that time, thousands of Tu-4 long-range bombers, atomic bombs for them, a missile program under the supervision of Beria, a grandiose program for the construction of the Fleet were being built at a fantastic pace ...
      Speaking of Fleet. At that time, 25 cruisers of Project 68-bis were being built, battlecruisers of Project 82 were developed and were being built, preparations were made for the construction of the first Soviet aircraft carriers, for which carrier-based attack aircraft were developed ... All this happened in the conditions of the already practically begun in 1950. (in the USA it was declared as such, albeit unofficially) of the 3rd World War.
      That war was stopped by Chinese volunteers with the support of our aviation, having defeated the American troops in Korea, after which Stalin agreed to a draw and the return of the borders of the two Koreas to the pre-war position.
      But then American aviation even bombed our military airfield in the vicinity of Vladivostok.
      The 3rd World War was recognized as having begun, and for a long time, and a couple of Roman ones. So get used to the new reality. Everything is possible now.
      1. +1
        16 March 2023 09: 59
        Quote: bayard
        By the way, in 1950, when the war in Korea began in the United States, it was called the beginning of the 3rd World War.

        That's right, since the beginning of the Korean War, it can be called the beginning of the Third World War and it continues around the globe, intermittently, until now.
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    16 March 2023 09: 00
    Assad is right, World War 3 is coming! By the way, compare elegantly dressed polished Assad and a homeless man in an unwashed Ukroführer T-shirt!