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“This is the pinnacle of ticks”: the Ukrainian military spoke about the risk of an offensive by the RF Armed Forces in the Krasnolimansky direction

“This is the pinnacle of ticks”: the Ukrainian military spoke about the risk of an offensive by the RF Armed Forces in the Krasnolimansky direction

Currently, the Russian armed forces are planning to advance towards the city of Krasny Lyman (DPR). This was reported by the Reuters news agency, citing a Ukrainian serviceman with the call sign "Fog".

If Russian troops manage to advance towards Krasny Liman, then the Ukrainian formations in Seversk, north of Artemovsk (Bakhmut), will also be surrounded. Therefore, advancement in the Krasnolimansky direction is the “tip of pincers,” the Ukrainian soldier believes.

As Tuman emphasized, the Krasnolimansky direction is now the second most important after Artemovsky (Bakhmutsky). Russian troops are very interested in this direction, since advancement in it opens up great opportunities for them.

The Ukrainian serviceman said that the importance of the Krasnolimansky direction should not be less than the Artemovsky direction. If Russian troops occupy Krasny Lyman, they will go straight to Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, the largest cities in Donbass still under the control of the Kyiv regime.

Therefore, the Krasnolimansky direction is a “tick-borne threat” for the Ukrainian army, and the successful advance of Russian troops near Artemivsk and Krasny Liman poses very serious threats to the future military presence of Ukrainian formations in the Donbass.

Now the most difficult situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has developed in Artemovsk. Here, Russian troops have practically surrounded the city, the roads are under fire control. Earlier it was reported about attempts by separate groups of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to leave Artemivsk along country roads and through forest plantations.

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  1. ZhEK-Vodogrey
    ZhEK-Vodogrey 15 March 2023 20: 46
    Meanwhile, our "West" grouping is also not sitting idly by, influencing the flanks of the dill, in particular, 6 hangars in an unnamed industrial zone were taken by the forces of the 3th Army.
  2. andelc
    andelc 15 March 2023 21: 00
    Who does not take risks does not drink champagne!
  3. kventinasd
    kventinasd 15 March 2023 21: 44
    To be honest, compared to the actions of the musicians over the past few months, all the attempts of the RF Ministry of Defense in other directions seem to be marking time.
    1. Alexey Lantukh
      Alexey Lantukh 16 March 2023 15: 54
      Yes, and "Wagner" has not advanced much, but the volume of its operations is huge. By the way, from Liman to Dnepropetrovsk in a straight line 200 km. It is a pity that there are not enough troops and weapons. If it were possible to defeat a sufficiently large grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then some kind of advantage could be created. But alas, for now!
      1. Valery_V
        Valery_V 16 March 2023 20: 23
        "from Liman to Dnepropetrovsk in a straight line 200 km." it’s 20-30 years at such a pace in a belligerent way, I’m afraid we won’t live, we don’t see our flag over Dnepropetrovsk.
  4. Mikhail Ivanov
    Mikhail Ivanov 17 March 2023 11: 32
    First, you need to build a line along the Oskol River and squeeze the crest out of the Oskol reservoir. To do this, you need to take a number of settlements, in particular Torskoye. Then you need to take the territories along the Yampol - Serebryanka - Belogorovka line, and this is quite difficult, there in the summer Belgorovka was tortured for several months ...
  5. Mikhail Ivanov
    Mikhail Ivanov 17 March 2023 11: 33
    Quote: ZhEK-Vodogrey
    forces of the 6th army took 3 hangars

    Yah! Wow! The army took three hangars. This sounds like a joke...
  6. Andrew A.
    Andrew A. 17 March 2023 16: 03
    It's great that you can learn about the plans of the RF Armed Forces from a Ukrainian serviceman.