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New armored car to 2015 year

Currently, the Russian army and security forces have several types of vehicles for the transport of goods and passengers. Recently it became known that this wide range in the near future will expand the family of machines that can replace several previous ones.

According to the Chief of the Main Automobile and Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Major General A. Shevchenko, technical requirements have already been developed for a promising vehicle for our armed forces. The finished vehicle will be put into service as early as 2015. Such a short development time due to the fact that domestic auto enterprises already have a number of developments that will be useful in the development of the finished car. Obviously, these developments are directly related to the basic requirements of the GABTU.

New armored car to 2015 year

The new army vehicle, according to Shevchenko, must meet three basic requirements. It must be mobile and have an average speed of movement on various surfaces of at least 45-50 kilometers per hour; lifting, down to the level of civilian trucks; as well as protected. The technical assignment implies the introduction of protection elements even at the level of building machines. From the factory conveyor cars should go with armored protection. Booking a prospective car should provide protection from both bullets and explosive devices, which makes it possible to classify it as an MRAP vehicle.

The appearance of reports on the development of a new car in addition to its exemplary appearance immediately attracted public attention. Regarding the prospective armored car has already expressed a variety of opinions, including quite sharp. For example, in discussions, the topic of licensed production of Iveco LMV (“Lynx”) machines, which is sometimes called unsuitable for the Russian army, both for technical and political reasons, “surfaced” again. Moreover, there was an opinion about the need for the earliest replacement of the “Ryysya” with new domestic cars. It should be noted that the head of GABTU did not specify the details of the technical specifications, primarily related to the curb weight and carrying capacity. Because of this, the thesis of an unsuitable “Lynx” may contradict the requirements for greater carrying capacity. It is possible that the Ministry of Defense wants to get a more heavy-duty armored car than the Italian-Russian.

In the context of ongoing disputes about “Lynx”, as well as recent events in the Ministry of Defense, an opinion emerged about a certain connection between the beginning of the development of a new machine and the change of leadership of the military department. Obviously, such an opinion hardly describes actual events. This general appearance of a promising armored car fits completely into the concept of development of military motor vehicles, approved in January, long before the resignation of the previous Minister of Defense, A. Serdyukov. In addition, the development of technical specifications for the project always takes a lot of time. Therefore, the date of the appearance of messages about the new project has nothing to do with the change of the military leadership of the country.

The words of General Shevchenko about the planned use of new armored cars can open the veil of secrecy over the approximate appearance of a future car. He argues that the new project will be able to provide the armed forces with trucks, passenger and intelligence vehicles. On the one hand, this clarification allows us to draw conclusions about the dimensions and mass of the new car, but on the other hand, the general basis for the cargo and reconnaissance armored vehicles looks at least ambiguous. Similar foreign projects with such capabilities usually represent light or medium armored vehicles with a limited payload in the cargo version.

If we are talking about a heavy multi-axle armored car, then, most likely, GABTU updated the requirements of the Typhoon program, or decided to create a new project based on it. Both existing variants of armored vehicles "Typhoon" are based on trucks and, as a result, have good indicators of the weight carried. Accordingly, such machines will perfectly cope not only with the transportation of fighters, but also with the towing of artillery guns, as well as other tasks of a similar sense. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine how a heavy and high armored car at the Typhoon base in the variant of the KAMAZ enterprise or the Ural Automobile Plant will carry out raids on the enemy rear near the front line. Of course, such a vehicle can carry 10-12 fighters with equipment and protect them from mines and shelling. However, such armored cars do not look similar to what is usually understood by the term “reconnaissance vehicle”.

While the state and appearance of the promising armored car's new project is almost unclear and causes a large number of questions, another vehicle of a similar purpose will complete state tests in the coming months. It is reported that the armored vehicle SPM-3 "Bear" during this winter will be tested in the conditions of the north of our country, after which relevant conclusions will be made about its prospects. It is noteworthy that in the design of "Bear" applied a set of measures corresponding to the concept of MRAP. It is possible that the developments on the project SPM-3 will be used to create a new multi-purpose armored truck.

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  1. Civil
    Civil 22 November 2012 08: 43
    it is completely incomprehensible the fuss with these armored cars, which pull a cat by the tail for a year, then the Tiger, then the Lynx, then the Bear, then the Wolf ... there are no more problems
    1. Reddragon
      Reddragon 22 November 2012 09: 07
      And not only armored cars: a number of vehicles were "rejected" ... I don't think they want to go down in history what
      1. bask
        bask 22 November 2012 16: 12
        This is some kind of insanity .-, delirium .... On .... BBM SMP-3 ,, Bear ,, Mrap. Conduct tests in extreme conditions We are going to fight with the Chukchi, and even with mine protection . Enough to hang noodles on the ears TEST SMP-3,, BEAR ,, ONLY IN THE CAUCASUS. AND NOT ONE, AND INSTALLATION PARTY !!!! Only in a combat situation ....
        1. Pimply
          Pimply 22 November 2012 16: 16
          Only on living people, yeah
          1. bask
            bask 22 November 2012 17: 13
            Do not distort, dear. All tests of BBM, SMP-3,, Bear ,, passed Bulletproof booking 3rd and mine 4th according to STANAG And this is a field test for combat use ... Unfortunately we do not have unmanned projects MRAP And so I for .... Only in combat conditions, it is possible to identify all the shortcomings ... The Tigers also received refinement in the S. Caucasus. But not in the conditions of Extreme North ...
            1. Pimply
              Pimply 22 November 2012 17: 49
              Gone? And you can link. Well, on an official statement
        2. bart74
          bart74 23 November 2012 00: 34
          This refers to possible anti-airborne operations in the far north, if there is a mess over the Arctic shelf. As an option. Everything is possible in this life.
    2. Bykov.
      Bykov. 22 November 2012 09: 51
      Quote: Civil
      the fuss with these armored cars is completely incomprehensible,

      In light of the recent scandals surrounding the Moscow Region, much is becoming clear.
      1. MrBoris555
        MrBoris555 22 November 2012 23: 46
        But it’s nothing that the shit-goers laid eyes on northern oil and that, alas, the equipment can be useful there, in addition, any equipment should work in the South, in the Far North, the Kalashnikov family, fighter jets, tanks undergo fugitives, taking into account the use in extreme climatic conditions. ... so your cries are not entirely clear
    3. urzul
      urzul 22 November 2012 11: 07
      A tiger near 3000 is released, Lynxes are released, Wolf is on trial, why not understand? That Derebasko is lobbying his interests is no secret.
      1. matvey.z
        matvey.z 22 November 2012 22: 45
        Quote: urzul
        That Derebasko is lobbying his interests is no secret

        He got his lobbying at all.

        All by myself, overwork.
        Oleg Deripaska: creator, the main shareholder, chairman of the board and CEO of RUSAL, major shareholder - GAZ Group, the largest in Russia privately owned energy company EuroSibEnergo and Glavstroy.
    4. Rustam
      Rustam 22 November 2012 14: 17
      soon italian I think to detach from the paravozik called the Russian army - and grandiose plans to buy thousands of lynxes will not come true

      I don’t even know how to re-rip - I supported the lynx
      but now wush let the tiger bring to mind
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 22 November 2012 14: 57
        The tiger will not be brought to mind, you yourself understand why
        1. Rustam
          Rustam 22 November 2012 15: 14
          not a mood, I know there is a desire
          let them give those tasks
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 22 November 2012 16: 22
            Rustam. The terms of reference have long been known. Third Stanag on ballistics, second on mine defense, other parameters at the level of the same Lynx. They make armored cars in the West without TK from the Ministry of Defense.
        2. Chicot 1
          Chicot 1 22 November 2012 15: 21
          Maybe they won't bring "Tiger" ... But hto told you that this very Italian armored vehicle is the most panacea for the Russian Army. Is there really nothing better and more attractive in the whole world than the aforementioned "Ivekovian" brainchild, nicknamed "Lynx"? ..
          Indeed, the right word can be joked with manufacturers of light armored vehicles. You look and something better is found, but cheaper ... Maybe the comrades from Israel will provide that ... Or something domestic will ripen ...
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 22 November 2012 16: 23
            There is no panacea. The car is good - it is used by a dozen countries in Afghanistan. But this does not mean that it plugs ALL holes.
          2. bask
            bask 22 November 2012 16: 34
            All over the world .Chicot Doh ... there are a lot of simply outstanding BBM and MRAP. List .. Casspir Mamba Bushmaster RG 31 32 33 34 35 Marader Matador Maxx Pro, etc., etc. Everything except the Bushmaster on the components and assemblies of serial cars. .One MaxPro (((Naviskar)) More than 5 thousand have already been released. HOW MANY SAVED LIVES. Although Amer’s but soldiers Here is concern for people soldiers. And in Russia we have one feast and corruption, Why in Russia there is no such concern for the lives of military personnel ??? And all that in the 15th then b ... in the 20th, then b ... say in the 30th and so on until the complete collapse ...
            1. Pimply
              Pimply 22 November 2012 16: 48
              Well, Iveco bought it. You scold. Something - but there is. The rest is which year they are finalizing.
              1. bask
                bask 22 November 2012 17: 22
                Iveco-Lynx This is a pure policy. But the moshin is in many ways advanced. With regards to compact, light, armor. But it fits the class of JLTV cars. Why for thousands of such machines. We need, clean MDRs weighing up to 10-15 tons. And preferably 4/4 IN DRAFT AND DRAFT PROTECTION ... by STANAG ...
                1. Pimply
                  Pimply 22 November 2012 17: 50
                  I do not argue, and this is necessary. Many things. There must be several types of mine protected machines.
        3. bask
          bask 22 November 2012 16: 19
          That ,, Lynx ,, covered itself ,,,, I expressed this idea yesterday when discussing the BBM, Wolf, ((you can read ((((The adoption of this largely advanced BBM was not a military but a purely political decision of the Ministry of Defense Serdyuk, and the President. Adopt iveko - ,, Lynx, "into service in the RA, What came of it. Is that a question ???
    5. bart74
      bart74 23 November 2012 00: 31
      There are several types of them, each type to fulfill its tasks, where it is easy to rush with the breeze, and somewhere as an alternative to a light tank. Everything is correct that they mess around. The right thing for different army groups. More would be, but their own production, and not "Italians" there any.
    6. Tjumenec72
      Tjumenec72 23 November 2012 14: 03
      Here from an already known site (for thought)

  2. borisst64
    borisst64 22 November 2012 09: 05
    You can not combine all the characteristics. The car will be either protected or lifting.
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 22 November 2012 14: 57
      That's right. There are no super universals.
    2. bart74
      bart74 23 November 2012 00: 40
      Therefore, there must be several different types of cars for different tasks. I agree with you about universality, it will be sought in infinity
  3. IlyaKuv
    IlyaKuv 22 November 2012 10: 52
    Well, finally, prudence has taken up over stupidity.
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 22 November 2012 14: 57
      No, it’s just the opposite
  4. karimbaev
    karimbaev 22 November 2012 11: 34
    as always will not be adopted!
  5. Edya
    Edya 22 November 2012 12: 12
    Not that good news. Current they would all be fixed specifically on time, otherwise it will be planned for us in 2013 and will be shown in 2014 and the current reality will begin to enter the army in 2015
  6. sniper
    sniper 22 November 2012 13: 17
    Well, at least one that is clearly articulated by TK is already a huge plus. Well, one car for all occasions still can not do. As rightly noted
    Quote: borisst64
    You can not combine all the characteristics. The car will be either protected or lifting.

    With this I completely agree. The main thing is that the movement began in the right direction, but the redundancy of the number of armored cars, or rather their types ... There are other power structures, there are export opportunities ... A decent car will find its application.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 22 November 2012 13: 48
    I hope that the real design specification is still different from what is given in the article? And then with such requirements for a long time it will be possible to pull the cat by the tail ..
    1. sniper
      sniper 22 November 2012 17: 34
      As far as I understand the author, there is TK, it is simply not covered in the article ... Maybe I mixed something up?
  9. Navy7981
    Navy7981 22 November 2012 14: 09
    In October, he was at the Interpolitech exhibition, sat in French cars. I do not know how they are in operation and what is the protection, but they are comfortable in them. This is of course subjective, but my feeling is that utilitarian machines of narrow application were designed according to clear technical requirements, by professional automotive designers who know firsthand what ergonomics are, color groups, the internal layout of additional equipment and standard equipment.
    Our cars made a very worthy though complex impression of some kind of incompleteness. It feels like people do not have just a clear and intelligible TK and do not design within the framework of possible tasks, but try to achieve maximum universality. That is, they don’t imagine that they need the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Ministry of Internal Affairs or someone else.
    Surprised by "Scorpio", or rather the attitude of the manufacturer's representatives. An escort vehicle with an armored capsule (or whatever you call it) and an open front radiator and, accordingly, an engine, and the question was answered
    - to us on a drum.
    An original approach to business.
    1. Rustam
      Rustam 22 November 2012 14: 27
      this is a spacious truth, well, empty inside
      although offered at the stands in any configuration

  10. shtabs
    shtabs 22 November 2012 15: 07
    collected all the living creatures of the forest, but there’s no sense ..
    1. carbofo
      carbofo 26 November 2012 07: 58
      shtabs That's because the director of the nifga zoo does not understand why he needs them all!
  11. david210512
    david210512 22 November 2012 16: 30
    I read somewhere that the wolf will pass the state test before the end of 2013
  12. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 22 November 2012 16: 50
    All these developments are interesting only in that they occupy designers.
    In my opinion, it is necessary to develop a modular production platform, which could be produced in large series as a civilian, police and military vehicle. There should be a line of engines, preferably diesel. Modularity and outboard booking kits will enhance the versatility of the car. You do not always need a car armored in 6A class. General’s ass can also be carried on an unarmored vehicle. For the advanced it is possible to make outboard booking kits with a more powerful engine.
    In general, I have never seen the TK, it is not clear what the bridges will be (portal or ordinary split or continuous); how will all-wheel drive be implemented, through center and cross-axle differentials or through electronically controlled multi-plate clutches; how the engine will be located (longitudinally or transversely, And many other issues. For some reason, all discussions boil down to discussing existing copies. For example, I do not understand how a car without a center differential on a rigid bridge connection can move over rough terrain at a speed of even 45 km / h There are excellent off-road vehicles, for example, Gelendvagen, a real rogue, and there is a possibility for outboard armoring using not only "pure" iron, but also "soft" Kevlar armor and ceramics.
    MILITARY RF 22 November 2012 17: 51
    Class a new car for the military in 2015 .... and immediately a new car for civilians bully
  14. bddrus
    bddrus 22 November 2012 18: 04
    why a bear is bad - I don’t understand !!!! they can’t develop it, but now they haven’t finished the tests yet - let's get together to develop a new one, and then when will he come to the army ?? !!
  15. Karmin
    Karmin 22 November 2012 21: 16
    Quote: bddrus
    and then when he comes to the army ?? !!

    The "Bear" will not join the army, it was developed for the explosives.
  16. bask
    bask 23 November 2012 06: 51
    To summarize. BBM iveko -.Rysy in Russia ,, career ,, finished. New armored cars by the year 15 are ready, this is a family of ,, Typhoons ,,,, According to the same topic, create Mrap, Typhoon, for 6-10 people with wheeled daz 4/4 weighing up to 10 tons. All .. in thousand units to the troops. Enough to change the technical specifications for BBM annually. So they won’t get into the troops .. And they are very necessary in the army especially in the S. Caucasus ....
  17. Kir
    Kir 23 November 2012 22: 58
    It sounds optimistic, but how will it actually come out, oh what a questioner! What about "caring for people" like They are there, and we are here ...., do not confuse a famous place with a finger, not some kind of concern, but banal pragmatism - payments for injuries and deaths !!! - called insurance and more there is nothing!!!
    Well, before what to strain there are other people's samples, you can, after all, they are licensed, etc., etc., and so my personal opinion is not something that is completely alien, but not even a single "screw-tongue" is a foreigner in our military technology should not be present, but this does not mean at all that potential and not only adversaries should not and should not "learn", just the opposite should and should and not only learn but also "steal", as China does, if there are no analogues and do not be ashamed of it, but do not advertise !!!
  18. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 24 November 2012 03: 42
    Attention! Do not pass by! Innovation and Modernization!
    New armored car by 2015 !!!!
    New armored car by 2016 !!!
    New armored car by 2017 !!
    New armored car by 2018!
    New armored car by 2019?
    The new armored car by 2020 ??
    New armored car by 2021 ???
    And this will continue until Putin, the oligarchic families and clans of the state apparatus are at the helm. The people are silent.
    But the denouement is nearing, because Soviet capacities and infrastructure are no longer able to plow for another 10 years.
    1. Kir
      Kir 24 November 2012 04: 16
      The last and main question remains, where is the new leader and who is he, if the type of the first Bolshevichs are brackets, nahamkeses, etc., etc. That !!! NO THANKS AND NO GIFT !!! WE ARE ALREADY HELPING FOR YOURSELF. And if the new STALIN then with two hands FOR !!!
      1. BorisBM
        BorisBM 9 January 2013 18: 58
        New Stalin ??? This is a problem in the Russian state. Nobody will take the new to power. Everything has been distributed and divided for a long time. Each noble pig has its own feeding trough. Stalin appeared as a result of many years of bloody struggle. And now who is fighting and for what? Well, except that for budget funds, they are biting between clans, and the fake opposition is traveling along the streets. True, prisoners of conscience and political prisoners have appeared. But this is one. The people are sleeping and do not want to change anything. So far everyone is comfortable. So, Stalin still needs to be earned.