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Outsourcing without embellishment

Ineffective in peacetime, dangerous in wartime

In the course of reforming the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the material and technical support system changed significantly. Starting from 2008, one of the methods of its organization was outsourcing, which in the Supreme Court means the transfer of functions to external contractors (third-party specialized organizations) on a contractual basis.

Oboronservis OJSC, the founder of which was the Russian Federation, became the main specialized organization for the logistics of the Armed Forces, and the rights of the founder were transferred to the Ministry of Defense. At the time of its establishment, this company incorporated the 341 organization (table 1), the registered capital of 10,5 billion rubles was registered. OJSC Oboronservis is under the jurisdiction of nine open joint-stock companies, it has at its disposal 100% minus 1 share.

Outsourcing without embellishment

The priority areas of activity of Oboronservis OJSC and its member organizations are as follows (table 2).

At present, Oboronservis OJSC has a significant share in the outsourcing market for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (table 3).

The idea is good, but in practice ...

Table 1

The main tasks of introducing the outsourcing system to the logistics of the Armed Forces were to prevent personnel from training in combat training, to release the command from solving unusual tasks, to improve the quality of services provided, to transfer the business risks to the outsourcer, and to reduce costs . P.

Apparently, with the proper organization and state approach to the transfer of certain functions of servicing and providing units, formations and organizations of the army and fleet outsourcing system, the goals set can be achieved. However, the practice of applying for three years shows mainly serious systemic shortcomings of its implementation.

Specialized organizations - REU OJSC, Slavyanka OJSC and Oboronenergo OJSC, which, according to reformers, are designed to effectively replace the liquidated apartment-operating agencies, have not been provided for all the time and have not taken proper preparations for many military camps, places of compact residence of families of military personnel and other objects of the Ministry of Defense for operation in the winter period, the creation of the necessary fuel reserves, quality repair of boiler equipment, heating mains, current in repair, maintenance of buildings and structures. For these reasons, numerous emergencies occurred at residential and office facilities, water management and waste management facilities, leading to serious and sometimes extraordinary consequences.

Table 2

For example, at the beginning of 2012 in the village of Alakurtti (Murmansk region), in which more than six thousand people live, 20 houses of different heights were left without heating, 978 people were evacuated and housed several families in one apartment, quickly solve problems with heat supply outsourcers failed.

In the town of Petrovskoye in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region (nine kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road), the heating and power supply systems worked intermittently, the sewage communications were in disrepair, and drains of them flowed through open ditches. From December 2010, the town was cluttered with tree branches that had fallen during freezing rain, there was no street lighting for a long time, the roads were not cleared of snow in winter, regular garbage collection was not carried out, and no major repairs were carried out. Numerous complaints of residents on the state of housing and communal services and the quality of services in Slavyanka OJSC, REU OJSC, 28 Electric Network OJSC, the Ministry of Defense and even the President of the Russian Federation practically did not change the situation.

Due to the low air temperature in the barracks during the period of severe frosts in parts of the Uzhursky missile compound (Krasnoyarsk Territory) there was an outbreak of colds among conscripts and death from ordinary Ivan Permitin’s pneumonia.

Due to the fault of OJSC “REU” and OJSC “Slavyanka”, the practice of untimely settlements with partner companies for the rendered services for maintenance and operation of the housing stock, supply of heat energy continued. This created critical situations when suppliers disconnected military towns, officers' hostels, and other objects from heat supply. Such facts, and more than once, occurred at the end of 2011 - the beginning of 2012, in units and formations of the Trans-Baikal Territory (Chita Garrison), in the Black Sea Fleet, in the Saratov, Kursk Regions and other regions of Russia.

In 2010 – 2011, the branches of Slavyanka OJSC and REU OJSC blatantly violated Federal Law No. 30-FZ of 2004 December 210 of December, prohibiting changing tariffs more than once during the year. The Karelsky branch of Slavyanka OJSC from October 2010 to December 2011 increased the cost of cold water four times, which increased from 89,93 to 239,38 rubles per month, and the St. Petersburg branch of REU OJSC increased the cost of heating per square meter living space from 17 rubles 20 kopecks to 54 rubles 46 kopecks - by 316,6 percent.

No rivalry - no quality

Table 3

Competitive selection of companies for organizing and conducting outsourcing in the Ministry of Defense was not properly organized; federal law No. 21-FZ of July 2005 94 “On placing orders for goods, works, services for state and municipal needs” was not observed. When implementing the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on 15 of September 2008 of the year No. 1359 “On Open Joint Stock Company Oboronservis”, the Ministry of Defense, despite the presence of established and functioning open markets, initiated the adoption of a number of government orders on the definition of subholdings of this company by the only suppliers for the supply of goods , performance of work and rendering services in the interests of the military department

In particular, the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 22 December 2009 of the year No. 2032-r OAO Agroprom determined the sole contractor to 25 percent of the state orders for the supply of agricultural products and food products annually placed by the Russian Defense Ministry. By the order of the RF Government of 2 February 2010, the number 78-p of Oboronenergosbyt OJSC was determined as the only supplier of electrical energy for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. By the order of the RF Government of 6 February 2010 of the year No. 155-p, Voentorg OJSC was determined as the only contractor providing services in catering, breadmaking, bread supply, bath-and-laundry service and individual tailoring of military uniform for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. By order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 11 in November 2010 of the year No. 1947-p OAO Main Directorate of Arrangement of Troops, the sole contractor for the design and construction of housing for military personnel on land plots provided for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense in 2011 – 2012 was determined. By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation from October 18 2010 No. 1790-p OJSC Voentorg was determined to be the sole contractor for the supply of food products for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the territory of the Chechen Republic. By the order of the RF Government of 15 on April 2011 of the year No. 643-p, OAO Repair and Operational Management was determined as the sole supplier of thermal energy for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense and organizations subordinated to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Table 4

The adoption of the “necessary” for reforming the system of material and technical support of the Armed Forces government resolutions helped to eliminate fair competition in the choice of performers for various activities and eventually led to a significant increase in prices for services provided by the Ministry of Defense.

Rising prices for catering for medical rations in military medical institutions of the Russian Defense Ministry from September 1 2010 under a state contract with Voentorg OJSC, compared to similar prices set by the state contract with a previous service provider with validity of 31 August 2010 of the year, made up: in the N. N. Burdenko Federal State Institution of the Main Police Committee - up to 41,2 percent, in the P. Mandryk Federal State Institution 2 - up to 98,3, in the A. Vishnevsky Federal State Institution 3 - to 33,9.

The increase in prices for basic rations when organizing food service for military personnel under government contracts concluded by the Russian Ministry of Defense with Voentorg OJSC continued in 2011. Compared to 2010, their growth ranged from 11,2 to 24,1 percent, which, with an annual expansion of the scope of services provided, led to significant additional budget expenditures for these purposes. Paradoxically, this happened under conditions when the government contracts of the Ministry of Defense with Voentorg OJSC were, in fact, previously very loyal, to put it mildly. For the duration of the contract, the Ministry of Defense of Russia transferred to Voentorg, OJSC, for free use, the facilities of the recipient’s service’s food service, equipped with the necessary equipment, tableware, and inventory. The objects had to meet the requirements established by the regulations for the relevant category of property complexes, including sanitary-epidemiological and sanitary standards. In addition, the military department took upon itself the obligation to replace and (or) overhaul the failed equipment and property in accordance with the provisions of the collateral.

Voentorg OJSC, in turn, has undertaken to independently acquire the material and other resources it needs to provide services, with the exception of utilities, technological, refrigeration and non-mechanical equipment, weighing equipment, table and kitchen utensils and equipment, to carry out routine repairs of equipment.

Of the total volume of catering services for military personnel (within the framework of government contracts concluded for 2011 year), subsidiaries of Voentorg OJSC provided less than two percent of the above services. Almost all of their volume (more than 98%) was carried out by other co-executives attracted by Voentorg in accordance with the conditions of government contracts concluded with the Russian Ministry of Defense. At the same time, the cost of day loans for the main rations for co-contractors in accordance with the specification to the concluded contracts was established by Voentorg OJSC by one percent lower than the cost of these days determined by government contracts concluded with the Ministry of Defense (planned profitability of Voentorg OJSC). The amount of this commission in 2011 was about 230 million rubles. Thus, only one clearly redundant intermediary structure — Voentorg OJSC, operating in parallel with the central military authorities, “took away” almost a quarter of a billion rubles from the military budget.

And it is not by chance that the volume of budget allocations allocated to the Ministry of Defense for the organization of catering for soldiers on outsourcing in 2010 and 2011 years (according to the Chamber of Accounts) is characterized by the following data (table 4).

The table shows that the increase in expenses is obvious and is due to a large extent to the expansion of outsourcing services for the organization of catering for military personnel.

And what is real with such an increase in costs the quality of food and food? Here are some examples from life. Catering LLC, a co-executive of Voentorg OJSC, which deals with the food supply of troops (forces) in Primorye, in December 2011 of the year, twice delivered to the dining room butter and fish with expired shelf life and covered with mold. Only the decisiveness of the command warned the poisoning of the personnel. The counterpart of Voentorg OJSC, Fud-Kompleks LLC, purchased food imported, ice-cream, produced in the USA under the name Okovalok and produced in Brazil - Fat Land, to supply food to vacationers in the sanatoriums of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Below this “edge”, apparently, only dog ​​food remains. Fruits and vegetables in the Caucasus were imported. Fish with a smell was repeatedly bought, bread (often unfit for consumption) was brought from the city of Nalchik, if there were local bakeries in the cities where the sanatoriums were located. And this “supply” and “food” is organized under conditions when the average cost of a voucher from 12 111 rubles in 2008 increased in 2011 to 23 905 (almost twice), and in 2012-m to 26 000 rubles.

The organization of food in sanatoriums proposed by outsourcers actually eliminated all the good things that had been accumulated earlier, when local farmers were, as a rule, the suppliers of basic products - bread, meat, milk, fruits, etc. Seasonal harvesting of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, as well as bulk harvesting of products of long-term storage — pasta, cereals, sugar — was made on the ground, which significantly reduced their cost and cheapened the price of the stay of the guests. If at the time of the transfer to the outsourcer in 2010, the cost of day-time was 220 – 260 rubles, then the merchants managing this business began to pay 503 rubles 88 kopecks (including 313 rubles 90 rubles). If earlier food complaints were a rare case, then with the advent of outsourcers they became permanent.

The organization of the provision of clothing property, keeping the premises clean, cleaning the territories is far from the requirements of the time. The fault of Avesta LLC (counterparty of Voentorg OJSC) at the warehouse of the Chita Production Plant at the end of 2011 accumulated about seven tons of dirty laundry, due to which the remnants of clean linen in parts of the Chita garrison turned out to be almost exhausted. About two tons of linen from the infectious disease ward of the 324 District Military Hospital were also stored there.

Serious shortcomings were made by commercial structures engaged in the capital construction of real estate and the repair of military equipment. Especially a lot of violations were in their activities on the use of public funds (overpricing, additions to the volume and cost of work performed and other abuses with waste and embezzlement of material values ​​and money).

The real situation with the expenditure of budget funds allocated by the Ministry of Defense to ensure the vital activity of the troops was reported in his submission to the Minister of Defense 25 in January 2012, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation - Chief Military Prosecutor Sergey Fridinsky (see document on page 05).

Problematic issues

The decision to introduce outsourcing for logistics, apparently, was dictated by the desire of reformers to copy this system in the US Army. However, they should have been aware that any reforms in the West are carried out taking into account the criterion of “cost-effectiveness”. In the circular A-76 of the United States Department of Defense it is recorded that the decision to introduce commercial practice for a particular activity is primarily related to obtaining the highest return on budget expenditures, and therefore private companies are allowed to compete and can only win with the cost of their work at least 10 percent lower than that of government agencies. The use of competitive contracts allows the US military to save up to 30 percent of funds.

At the same time, which is not unimportant, the military leadership of the US Army does not seek (as we have done) to replace the civil servants employed in military structures with representatives of the private sector, since experience and skill levels of such officers are generally higher than personnel from potential contractor structures.

Thus, an analysis of the use of outsourcing in the Ministry of Defense convincingly shows so far the inability of this system to positively solve the tasks of material and technical and other types of support for the Armed Forces. Objective attempts to find positive examples of the practice of commercial companies, and especially to ensure the quality of the work and services performed, were not crowned with success.

The main serious shortcomings in the organization of the activities of outsourcing were:

  • a sharp increase in budget expenditures in all areas of provision and maintenance of troops (forces) in size from three times and even by an order of magnitude, including transport, utility expenses, payment for electricity, food, clothing, repair of weapons, military equipment and others;
  • the quality of work performed, services, while cost increases significantly deteriorated. The number of staff poisoning products increased
  • power, maintenance, maintenance of buildings and territories, utilities in many cases are in disrepair;
  • Often, work on various types of services and support was not carried out at all; military personnel are diverted to perform them;
  • caused significant harm to social protection of personnel. Prices for virtually all services provided by commercial enterprises to servicemen, their families and civilian personnel were on the rise. For example, the prices for hairdressing, meals in canteens, hotel accommodation, treatment and rest in sanatoriums and rest houses have significantly increased. Increased tariffs for housing and communal services, etc .;
  • the organization of control by OAO Oboronservis over its constituent companies Slavyanka, Voentorg, REU and others due to the lack of thoughtful and carefully developed levers does not correspond to the importance of the tasks being resolved in the field of defense. When their branches and counterparties of joint-stock companies are located in the territory from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and if there is no real influence on their work by the commanders of units, heads of institutions (except for the right to sign acts of quality of work acceptance), these structures are left to themselves. Responsibility in all areas of their activities is blurred to the level of its absence;
  • the heads of the OJSC and the "necessary" people from among their subordinates are set a high salary disproportionate to the results achieved, bonuses are paid on the principle of "their own master". Open joint-stock companies strive to perform the most expensive types of work - take “fatty pieces”, while low-paying jobs do not interest them at all;
  • due to the liquidation in the military units and institutions of the apartment-operational bodies, there is no proper engineering and technical control over the work performed by the outsourcers. The commanders of military units are forced to sign acts of acceptance of work without analyzing their completeness and quality by the relevant specialists. As a result, the possibilities of additions are unlimited, in which, as a rule, there is an obvious interest of commercial organizations, which naturally leads not only to an increase in the expenses of the Ministry of Defense, but to their corrupt component;
  • the armed forces lose their autonomy of life support in the conditions of warfare, emergency situations and emergency situations. It is difficult or impossible to use outsourcing outside the place of permanent deployment of a military unit, during exercises, ship launches, military training and combat tasks, as well as military units deployed in remote, sparsely populated areas that lack any civilian structures with which it would be possible to conclude relevant agreements.

The above list of problematic issues in the implementation of outsourcing is far from exhaustive. The practice of transferring a number of functions to civil or commercial organizations should be carefully and comprehensively investigated. To rely in this matter only on “creative” reformers means to cause serious damage to the Armed Forces.

There are positive examples.

Turn again to the experience of the US Army. There are clearly defined functions in which private entities can participate. These include, for example, the remuneration of civilian personnel (about 800 thousand people), payments to military retirees (approximately 2,2 million people), the provision of services to the employees of the Ministry of Defense (education and training of military and civilian personnel, training for military service), the sale of surplus property and national stocks, management of leased property, work on the maintenance of warehouses. Only due to these works during the financial years 1997 – 2014 it is planned to save about 2,6 billion dollars. Opponents of the transfer of auxiliary functions to the private or civilian public sector fear that this will reduce the combat readiness of the Armed Forces due to the lack of potential contractors' interest in maintaining it at the required level and due to the loss of control over this activity by the US Department of Defense.

And the main problem in the organization and implementation of the outsourcing system, which should always be taken into account by the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry, is that all commercial structures are not interested in improving matters in the military units, organizations and institutions they serve and, of course, in ensuring combat readiness troops (forces). Their main task is to extract profits and reduce their costs by supplying products to consumers of services purchased at the lowest (often bargain) prices. By attracting, as a rule, unprepared professionally foreign labor to perform work, they are unable to ensure their quality even if they tried to strive for it. All this led to uneconomical, often aimless, expenditures of budgetary funds, including abuse, which amounted to huge sums than caused considerable material damage to the state.

That is why it can be stated with confidence that the task of qualitatively reforming the logistics of the army and navy has been unfulfilled. The commander (leader) was not exempt from unusual functions, but on the contrary, created a situation where he is not able to properly lead subordinate teams, because before raising them, teaching them to fight, they need to create appropriate living and living conditions for this. If earlier, before these reforms, the commander could solve the issues of providing personnel, having power, material and monetary means, then today he acts as a petitioner, an observer, but continues to be responsible for everything. This, unfortunately, undermines the principle of unity of command, which has always been the fundamental principle of building the Armed Forces.

At the same time, there are quite a few good examples in the practice of organizing the logistics of the armies of Turkey, Great Britain, etc. For example, in the Turkish Armed Forces, this system was built on attracting military personnel for one reason or another unfit for military service. For this, the Ministry of Defense carried out their training in civilian specialties (courses from three to six months, etc.). After receiving the specialty, they were sent to the appropriate army support structures, where they were kept as conscripts and under the guidance of officials involved in logistics, served in the service of high quality work, services and minimal cost to the state.

In the same place, on the basis of the relevant government decisions, the contractor services were engaged in the structures of the insurance organization Oiak, which as a preference was delegated the function of selling the defective equipment and weapons, the surplus and unnecessary movable and immovable property of the Ministry of Defense. Therefore, the soldier sold goods and services at prices substantially lower than state prices, and the quality of services was not in doubt (catering, accommodation in hotels, sanatoriums, dispensaries, provision of transport, purchase of goods, and much more). For example, the system of the Turkish military trade union had the right to establish a trading margin of only 10 percent, while it regularly existed due to a large turnover of goods. Such provision of army personnel cannot be called anything other than a genuine concern of the state for military personnel. Apparently, such a system is quite possible to create in the Russian army.

From the editors of "MIC"

After the resignation of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the number of critics of his reform suddenly jumped to dizzying heights. "MIC" recalls that the main theses of this material were set out by General Vasily Vorobiev six months ago in the book "Reforms in a Circle or Money for the Wind."

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  1. YARY
    YARY 22 November 2012 07: 31
    The idea is good, but in practice ...

    It's like with traffic rules, they wanted to force drivers to drive by the rules, not by the oncoming traffic.
    The idea is certainly true!
    But! Immediately, by "magic" and SSS .... at the pike's command, the whole country turned into a "continuous" line!
    Laws and regulations are good only when -
    1-thought out to a speck of dust
    2-carried out under the supervision of those who are responsible for them
    3 and most importantly, they are for those who live on them, and not from them !!!
    1. soldat1945
      soldat1945 22 November 2012 08: 26
      And in practice, the soldier sweeps the chalk parade ground, and they demanded from the commanders for the cleanliness of the barracks and the territory, only now you run from the prosecutor's office so that you don't get the prosecutor's office for not using the soldier for the intended use, but when asked why you don't ask from outsourcing, see but that they are not doing anything, these "friends" say and they obey Moscow there and contact, maybe now they will disperse all this shobla !!
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 22 November 2012 07: 37
    I recalled the cartoon, where one son was escorted by his relatives to the army, mom, dad, grandfather, aunts, uncles. Do you remember? He (son) in the army - they are behind him. He is in the army for training - these are again behind him. He is in bed - and they are right there.

    I did not have the pleasure of serving. But what is happening now is finally the atas.

    Hello to everyone. hi
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 November 2012 07: 48
      Quote: Vanek
      But what is happening now is finally the atas.

      Hi Ivan, and believe me, nothing will change until they are squeezed in batches. Everything that was created was created for theft and for that. There is a president in Russia, but no master hi
      1. predator.3
        predator.3 22 November 2012 08: 04
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        There is a president in Russia, but no master

        Indeed, after Brezhnev and Andropov, the landlord has been absent for 30 years in the country, just a tumbleweed!
  3. Normal
    Normal 22 November 2012 07: 41
    "Landscaping work has begun - these works are not for landscaping"
    30 years have passed, and the phrase is more relevant than ever. Not for this, these people came to power to do something for the country, the armed forces and society. The main task is personal enrichment, and providing cover for this task can be called whatever; restructuring, privatization, optimization or outsourcing.
    1. YARY
      YARY 22 November 2012 07: 50
      "Landscaping work has begun

      You did not understand -
      GREENING $$$$$$$
      1. Normal
        Normal 22 November 2012 08: 14
        Quote: Ardent
        You did not understand -

        Ahhh ... That's where the dog rummaged ... laughing Therefore, this phrase is outdated. Now it should be like this: "The work on landscaping has begun - these works for the $$$ greening" Thank you ... I will know. yes
      2. bask
        bask 22 November 2012 13: 31
        A play on words. That's right. But, something is not fun. This money is stolen, and I have the highest Yary, Vladimir. The future of yours and my children !!!! And I think that these huge funds will never return to the state ... I’ll be punished, and the switchmen will be punished, which will be released in 2-3 years. And there’s not any confiscation of property. call it corruption, ???? And who will answer when there will be an END to all this berry ???? 15-20 years. ??? Or to complete ,, exhaustion ,, and the collapse of Russia .....
  4. arkady149
    arkady149 22 November 2012 08: 07
    The crook is degenerating, and this is a fact. If earlier, to steal, a dodgy mind was needed, now in the foreground is commonplace impudence and greed. Maybe for the better, the snake will devour itself.
    1. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 22 November 2012 14: 47
      Quote: arkady149
      The crooks are degenerating, and this is a fact. If earlier, to steal, a dodgy mind was needed, now in the foreground is banal arrogance and greed

      Now the State itself creates conditions, and legal ones, for enrichment at the expense of the treasury. An example is in the article with Voentorg, and not only. And "sophisticated minds" - in the State Duma, which by their laws improve the management structure towards the structure of uncontrolled use of targeted funds, i.e. .e banal embezzlement.
  5. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 22 November 2012 08: 22
    In the next (!!!) time, the power woke up ... crap. Pros, yes ordinary people, SCREAMED that it is harm. The leaders reassured us - everything is calm in Baghdad ..
    Thousands, millions ... now, we are no longer very surprised ("thank you", taught!) And billions of DAMAGES. Soon, apparently, we will approach the trillions ... Absurd ...

    Here we are constantly trying to hammer in, saying that there is no money in Russia - no ...
    I’ll look at damages, but on a speech ...., I’ll look recently, right away the thought - there is FULL money. The owner, yes - no ...
    All this is very sad ...
  6. volcano
    volcano 22 November 2012 08: 30
    The big question is not how it was ...
    And what will happen now? Which way will Shoigu go.
    The rear of the Army has already been destroyed.
    Will Shoigu venture to object to it, or stay in the suck .... sorry outsourcing ???
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 22 November 2012 08: 44
      Quote: volkan
      Which way will Shoigu go

      Yes, for no reason, the OJSC will change its name and its owner and everything will remain as it was, mark my word.
      I will be glad if I am mistaken.
      1. Z.A.M.
        Z.A.M. 22 November 2012 09: 40
        old rocket man
        Quote: Old Rocketman
        I will be glad if I'm wrong
        Similarly ...
        But ... I do not believe it. I don’t believe Putin. And after the appointment of pro-bonding adviser to the MO ... And Shoigu stopped ...
        And here is what is interesting. Everyone understands everything. But they can’t do anything. Everything is so rotten that the authorities are simply afraid to even touch the existing corruption system. She became the core of the state power vertical and the merging of state power and large business.
        1. military
          military 22 November 2012 11: 52
          Quote: Z.A.M.
          the authorities are simply afraid to even touch the existing corruption system.

          domino principle ... feel power has long been associated with well-fed pigs, grunting pretty at the trough ... request
  7. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 22 November 2012 08: 44
    I still can’t understand how the civilians in the army raise their defenses? In the field, in battle? Explain who can. The army, in my opinion, should be able to serve itself. And feed, and wash, and restore order .... In my time it was like that. From PCBs, defense capability does not fall. A soldier gets used to respecting other people's labor.
  8. IRBIS
    IRBIS 22 November 2012 10: 00
    Money was lost on all this disgrace - a lot! The sense of all this is zero! And as always - there will be no guilty! There are only a dozen or two newly-minted millionaires, but no perpetrators!
  9. baltika-18
    baltika-18 22 November 2012 10: 15
    Outsourcing with outsourcers ....... The army is out, sorsers with money ...... If we go further at this pace, 3,14zdets country.
  10. v53993
    v53993 22 November 2012 10: 40
    But Tolik listens and eats.
    With that kind of money, who will plant him?
  11. Alekseev
    Alekseev 22 November 2012 11: 29
    It kills that the whole truth about sucking and perdyukov with his thieving women was written, shouted by generals and admirals, officers and ensigns, sergeants and foremen and, in general. just sane citizens for more than one year while he was hovering over his brainless and wasteful reform.
    In vain ...
    Okay, far from all the fools protecting him: de no need to whine, just whine, what did the farts bad? He raised the de-salary (from his pocket), etc.
    But where did the state men look?
    Or did you think that everything around was mossy retrograde, opponents of change, and a bit progressive and effective?
    The mere fact that he appointed serious links to incompetent posts should immediately alert ...
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    1. military
      military 22 November 2012 12: 00
      Quote: Alekseev
      But statesmen where did you look?

      what kind of "statesmen" among "specific boys"? ... feel
  12. Mishael
    Mishael 22 November 2012 12: 38
    Quote: Alekseev
    generals and admirals, officers and warrant officers, sergeants and foremen, and generally, wrote and shouted. just sane citizens for more than one year

    And who examined these complaints? they didn’t fall above the minister, and if they did, they were sent to him for consideration ... damn subordination!
  13. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 22 November 2012 12: 56
    What is the effectiveness of outsourcing? Still do not understand…

    For example (already wrote about this):
    Previously, the army itself washed the soldier’s bedding at the cost of 20 rubles. per set.
    Now she is his ... (phew, what a fuck, this dirty soldier's underwear) ... gives a third-party civil organization to wash for ... 50 rub !!!

    And so is the rest.

    I see absolutely no benefit to the army from such an effective use of allocated Finnish funds, except for a specific and arrogant sucking !!!

    Maybe this is a good idea, but Russia loves extremes ... and officials love money.

    It would be better if they bought equipment for this money or built apartments.
    1. military
      military 22 November 2012 13: 33
      Quote: Aleks tv
      What is the effectiveness of outsourcing?

      here, it seems ... to understand, one must be in proportion ... recourse
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 22 November 2012 13: 52
        Quote: military
        you have to be in proportion ...

        Do not "let go" to share that ... laughing laughing laughing

        And if suddenly happiness falls from the sky and ... "they let you in" ... It's somehow not possible to get dirty, the old army education does not allow, all this is dirty - sucking.
        1. military
          military 22 November 2012 14: 16
          Quote: Aleks tv
          Do not "let go" to share that ...

          so it’s understandable ... they themselves there, like hungry chicks in a nest ... ready to pluck feathers for each other for an extra worm ... wink + + + drinks
          1. Aleks tv
            Aleks tv 22 November 2012 14: 45


  14. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 22 November 2012 14: 54
    Sometimes all kinds of imported isms are absolutely intolerant. Kind of the same "outsourcing". Is the Russian language so poor that there are no Russian words ...

    And taperich kag-be on the case ... And after this document (I mean the presentation of Fredinsky), let at least some "kind person" tell me that our former "good" Minister of Defense Anatol Serdyukov (popularly nicknamed not otherwise, as "feld-furniture Taburetkin") was that they say "not in business", "did not know anything" and "did not guess at all" ...
    You need to plant him. Moreover, thoroughly and for a long time. And not "sixes" and "scapegoats" ...

    And can we, my dear colleagues on the site, raise a grandiose kipish aimed at the speedy and thorough landing of the ex-Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov on prison bunks ...
    I understand that you can say - but nothing will come of it. Perhaps that is so. And it is possible that as a result you will be right, but ... But it is in our power to try to do it! ..
  15. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 22 November 2012 17: 24
    I offer THIS word to call which I will not - consider abusive and in a decent society not to use!
  16. lilit.193
    lilit.193 April 13 2013 15: 55
    And that there are no Russian words left and it is imperative to clog our speech with all sorts of "outsourcing" and some kind of "team building" ?! angry