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Ukrainian drones dealt another blow to Energodar, after which a fire started in the city

Ukrainian drones dealt another blow to Energodar, after which a fire started in the city

Ukrainian drums Drones attacked the embankment of the city of Energodar, dropping incendiary ammunition on it. As a result, a fire broke out on an area of ​​4 hectares.

City officials said the fire was spreading along a power line that feeds the city and supplies it with water. Despite the threat of a second strike, firefighters, the National Guard, and military personnel are fighting the fire. It is also noted that nothing threatens the work of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

Such attacks are purely terrorist in nature and are carried out to destabilize the situation in the city, as well as to sow panic among the population of Energodar.

The militants of the Kyiv regime are constantly shelling Energodar with Western-made artillery systems. Often, munitions end up in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant, which poses a danger to the functioning of a nuclear facility and threatens the safety of civilians throughout the region.

The Kiev regime does not stop trying to militarily regain control of one of the largest nuclear power plants in Europe, located in Energodar.

Such actions, however, are not condemned by the IAEA and other international organizations whose functions include ensuring control over nuclear facilities. The West gave Kyiv full freedom of action, including the commission of terrorist attacks at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.
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  1. Rumata
    Rumata 8 March 2023 17: 48
    And the Rivne nuclear power plant is puffing and at least fuck it.
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 8 March 2023 17: 56
      they don’t listen to Putin at all. Sorry, I’m not smart enough to write a normal comment
  2. Pulkovo1942
    Pulkovo1942 8 March 2023 17: 54
    fire on an area of ​​4 hectares

    Most likely - they hammered a bolt on dry grass. And here it does not matter, incendiary or ordinary ammunition.
  3. parabyd
    parabyd 8 March 2023 17: 56
    It is on such trifles that Western "friends" should be trained.

    In a calm tone to some Shoigu, publicly ask Mr. Grossi to comment on the incident within 24 hours.

    After 24 hours, also publicly declare that since there was no answer, we believe that the IAEA allows strikes near nuclear power plants. And then gasp defiantly at some outbuilding next to a nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

    Then repeat this combination.

    After the n-th number of times, the shelling will stop, and the red lines will shine with new colors.

    We must already become obligatory people and responsible for our words, well, maybe a little with a twist and without brakes
    1. D. Gorodensky
      D. Gorodensky 8 March 2023 20: 16
      Aha, as they say, do not make my hooves laugh, that is, Shoigu. They will be a little perplexed in the Kremlin and will continue to play a guessing game.
  4. Nicola
    Nicola 8 March 2023 17: 57
    As long as we tolerate this state of affairs, it will only get worse. Impunity breeds irresponsibility.
  5. bombaher
    bombaher 8 March 2023 18: 11
    As they say, we have long understood that international organizations are indifferent to our indignations. But why doesn't our Defense Ministry respond to the objects of the Ukrainian fascists, as it should be? And here are some stars only. It's time to write in the media the specific names of our leaders, who do not allow us to answer their terrorism.
    1. topol717
      topol717 8 March 2023 19: 33
      Well, they answer at the front, the length of which is more than 1000 km.
      How else can they answer?
  6. kind
    kind 8 March 2023 19: 19
    It is not clear to me how a handful of subhumans have seized the rule of the peoples (who are against war) and are trying to unleash a world slaughter. Where do these necromancers live and who are they?
    1. topol717
      topol717 8 March 2023 19: 37
      Quote: Good
      I do not understand how a handful of subhumans seized the rule of nations

      Well, read the works on the device of color revolutions. And let's see how to distribute cookies. Well, for some reason, the protests in Tbilisi are supported, and they tried to imprison all the protesters in Washington and who broke into the Capitol for long periods, but the Tbilisi parliament is different.
    2. crownn90
      crownn90 9 March 2023 08: 50
      Just like in 1917 a small handful of Bolsheviks seized power.
      Just like in 1991 a small handful of people seized power.
      If you list other countries - the list will be huge. Manuals do not change, they are in the public domain. You can read the writings of Sharpe, Bernard Henri-Levy and other rabid idiots who are itching.

      In 2014, there was not enough political will to disperse the fucking crowds of raging hamadryas, shoot down outright spies, plant all this riffraff that is now in power for long periods with confiscation.