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"Admiralty Shipyards" received a contract for the construction of a research expedition vessel for the Russian polar fleet

"Admiralty Shipyards" received a contract for the construction of a research expedition vessel for the Russian polar fleet

The shipbuilding plant "Admiralty Shipyards" will build a new research expedition ship of project 23680 for the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI). The future flagship of the polar fleet will be named "Ivan Frolov" in honor of the famous oceanologist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ivan Frolov, who headed the AARI for 20 years.

"Admiralty Shipyards" received a contract for the construction in the interests of the AARI scientific expeditionary vessel "Ivan Frolov" project 23680. The Russian government allocated funds for the construction of the NES back in December last year. The delivery of the vessel is scheduled for December 2028. Service life - not less than 30 years.

The Arc7 ice-class vessel will have a length of about 165 m, a displacement of about 25 tons, and a deadweight of about 000 tons. Up to 9 laboratories will be placed on board, as well as a hangar for 200 helicopters and a platform that can receive Mi-20, Mi-2 or Ka-8. The number of crew and special personnel of the new NES will be 38 people

- said Andrey Veselov, Acting General Director of Admiralty Shipyards.

The research expedition vessel "Ivan Frolov" in the future should replace the current flagship of the Russian polar fleet, the R/V "Akademik Fedorov". It will serve Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, simultaneously conduct scientific research under the programs of dozens of scientific projects from research of the ocean floor to the upper atmosphere and outer space, depending on the need and priority of research in the polar latitudes.

During its development, the experience of building a self-propelled ice platform "North Pole", also built by "Admiralty Shipyards", was taken into account. The vessel is capable of disembarking an expedition on ice or an unequipped shore from two sides, as well as loading/unloading large equipment weighing about 50 tons at a distance of about 25 m from the side.
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  1. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 7 March 2023 14: 51
    If you look, it’s a very beautiful project. Even my position is there. But 25 thousand tons, marine, who will build it. We practically have nothing of our own except for the hull, DEG and azipods.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. bayard
      bayard 7 March 2023 21: 36
      Quote: tralflot1832
      If you look, it's a very beautiful project.

      A really beautiful project, and even a displacement ... We have taken the Arctic seriously. The oil and gas deposits there are huge, the conditions for extraction are extreme, and capital investments are already underway. Apparently, the scientific support of all these projects was required at the level in order to carry out all the necessary research and expertise on the spot ...
      Let it be so . For the Arctic is ours.
  2. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 7 March 2023 14: 59
    A very beautiful project ... It is necessary to foresee at least some kind of defensive weapons on it in advance. Now our people will be provoked all over the world.
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 7 March 2023 15: 36
      Quote: Peter_Koldunov
      It is necessary to foresee at least some defensive weapons on it in advance.

      Interestingly, how many packages with "Caliber" fit into the bow holds for "oversized cargo"? And where there are two cranes on the aft bridge, the "shell" of the sea will definitely stand up, as it was here !!! good
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 7 March 2023 16: 22
    Yes, there will be nothing military there, otherwise this "military" miracle will have to be protected from the invasion of "penguins".
    1. tralmaster
      tralmaster 8 March 2023 07: 26
      It may not be in peacetime, but there will be foundations and fasteners with guides. In Soviet times, this was laid down on all even fishing vessels.
  4. Nross
    Nross 7 March 2023 16: 44
    Well, they could provide some kind of AK-630 from the Antarctic pirates. The calculation, however, would have to be kept, but the combination options, I believe, are quite appropriate. Far from the idea that expeditionary! the ship will not have on board the military, in civilian clothes, of course.
  5. opposite28
    opposite28 7 March 2023 19: 44
    Another incentive for import substitution, job creation, development of the domestic design school for the construction of civil medium-tonnage special-purpose ships. I hope that the contractors will be able to provide special equipment of domestic production within the terms specified by contractual obligations without resorting to the banal theft of public funds.
  6. Jonny_Su
    Jonny_Su 8 March 2023 22: 32
    Great. An earlier project, 22280 Akademik Trifonov, launched in 2011, is said to have been weak in the ice and did not meet the needs of all the Antarctic stations in Russia for fuel and lubricants in one flight. Now everything seems to have been corrected and the displacement increased by 1,5 times, they made it possible to receive normal helicopters such as the Mi-8 and 38. It should be a good project.