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The signing of contracts for almost 12 billion dollars ended the international air show in Zhuhai

The signing of contracts for almost 12 billion dollars ended the international air show in ZhuhaiThe signing of 30 contracts for the supply of 202 aircraft of various types for a total of 11,8 billion dollars ended in the Chinese city of Zhuhai 9-th International Aviation and Space Salon. This was reported by the organizers of the exhibition "Airshow China-2012".

The current review of the achievements of the global airline industry in the south of the Middle Kingdom has become the most ambitious history It was held with 1996. 650 companies from 39 countries and regions of the world, including such giants as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, took part in the air show. It was presented more than a hundred aircraft, a third of which made demonstration flights.

The greatest interest of the public was caused by the performances of the Russian Knights aerobatic team on heavy Su-27 fighters, which had not appeared in Zhuhai for six years before. Chinese and European aces from squadrons "First August" of the PLA Air Force and the Brightling Jet Tim also demonstrated mastery in the sky.

China - the largest exhibitor - presented combat fighters and civilian aircraft, its first modern attack helicopter WZ-10, the latest UAV "Ilun-1" ("Pterodactyl"), various types of launch vehicles and other equipment.

During the exhibition, the Chinese Commercial Aircraft Corporation "Comac" (COMAC) received another 50 orders for the C919 passenger aircraft being developed in the country, which is to be commercially operated at 2016. Thus, the total order book of this type of aircraft has already reached 380 units. Featuring two turbines and one aisle in the cabin, this aircraft must compete with the narrow-body Boeing 737 and A320.

China also presented its other promising project at the air show - the regional aircraft ARJ21. However, its certification and entry into the market is reportedly delayed until 2013-214.

The Russian exposition united about 30 enterprises and organizations. At the stand of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) were demonstrated models of the multifunctional fighter Su-35, the front bomber Su-32, combat training Yak-130. And on a static parking lot, a sample of the Sukhoi Superjet-100 medium-haul passenger plane in the coloring of the Yakutia airline made its debut. Russia is in talks with a number of Chinese companies about the possibilities of supplying these cars to China, President of the UAC Mikhail Pogosyan told Corp. ITAR-TASS at the air show.

According to experts, with a passenger growth rate of about 7 percent. per year, China will become the largest civilian market over the next 10 years aviation technicians in the world. According to the forecasts of Komak, in the next two decades, China will need almost 5 thousand new aircraft with a total value of 563 billion dollars.

The number of visitors to the current exhibition, held from 13 to 18 in November, was a record and reached 338 thousand. The next air show will be held in Zhuhai at 2014.

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  1. YARY
    YARY 20 November 2012 20: 19
    Even somehow creepy - PLA and KLA as sigments
  2. Engrim
    Engrim 20 November 2012 20: 20
    The amount of news from China has been growing very rapidly lately.
  3. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 20 November 2012 20: 29
    It seems that China is trying to shift the aerospace region in its direction. The fleet is increasing rapidly. The supply of armored vehicles is also growing not weakly. It would be time to determine the limit of their development beyond which the potential will begin so that there would be no unpleasant surprises in our direction
    1. Skiff
      Skiff 20 November 2012 21: 04
      Yes, and China leads in the number of illegal seizures and sales of organs
      1. bart74
        bart74 21 November 2012 00: 23
        There are a lot of them there, even the data is classified!
  4. not good
    not good 20 November 2012 20: 38
    If SukhoiSuperjet will be delivered to China, it’s good, better fall there.
    1. Skiff
      Skiff 20 November 2012 21: 05
      Everything falls sooner or later, even if you bet you fall too, it's a matter of time.
  5. dimon-media
    dimon-media 20 November 2012 20: 42
    The growing and arming army of China makes you nervous, even being an ardent optimist .. You need to strengthen the borders in all directions.
    1. Guun
      Guun 20 November 2012 21: 23
      If China invades Mongolia and Kazakhstan, then with a 15206 km line of the southern border, Russia will have to dodge as a recently bankrupt businessman with a bunch of loans with a house on bail.
  6. Prosto vovochka
    Prosto vovochka 20 November 2012 21: 28
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 20 November 2012 22: 16
    Yes, I got this non-flying super jet, even the name is not Russian, I propose to rename the new masterpiece by the name of the chief aviation designer of the Russian Federation, for example, "Pogost 2012. I think this corresponds to the essence
    this project
  8. Rossmk
    Rossmk 20 November 2012 22: 56
    And not dumb to buy passenger aircraft from China. They do it all ... well, you understand. sad
  9. Lissyara
    Lissyara 20 November 2012 23: 32
    Hmmm, that's how I appreciate the manager of Poghosyan. Unleash - this is how he pushes the Po-2 regiment to the Chinese under the guise of "invisibles" of generation 6 +++ wassat
  10. bart74
    bart74 21 November 2012 00: 21
    I heard about combat training, they were registered in several countries, but do we have any other positives from this exhibition in our military-industrial complex? Or did the Chinese take off all the cream?
  11. suharev-52
    suharev-52 21 November 2012 00: 55
    Yes, I didn’t find anywhere else information about our successes at the exhibition in China. So we showed what they can already do. And the Chinese thought that we would bring something new. Hopes - did not materialize. Sincerely.