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Anti-crisis fighter

The results of the domestic aviation industry over the past decade and a half show that the Su-30MK family aircraft became the most successful Russian product on the military aviation market. After the start of deliveries of the first aircraft to China in 2000, 2009 family fighters have already been sent to customers and are preparing for shipment in 269. For comparison, from 1992 to 2007. Russia delivered 437 new combat aircraft to foreign customers, with 256 of them in the period 2001-2007.

However, despite the success of the Su-30MK family in the global market, the time is not far off when the demand for 4-generation cars will start to fall. But they have already prepared a replacement in the face of the “transitional” Su-35, which should occupy the export niche of the company “Sukhoi” before the fifth generation aircraft, which is scheduled for the first half of the next decade, appears on the market. According to experts, the emergence of the Su-35 will help maintain the competitiveness of Russian heavy fighters over the next 10-15 years.

The founder of the family was a fighter, created under a contract with India. History This machine is quite remarkable, many aspects of the creation of the Su-30MKI are characterized by the word "for the first time".

Sioux 30MKI

It all began in the winter of 1991 at the Aero India exhibition, where representatives of the Indian Air Force showed interest in the Su-27. Three years later, in 1994, an active negotiation process began, during which both parties in cooperation formed the future face of the new fighter. By that time, in Delhi, they clearly formulated their requirements: the country's air forces should receive a multifunctional fighter, having the best characteristics in the world among 4-generation airplanes, capable of further increasing its combat effectiveness by the forces of Indian scientists and specialists. At the same time, there was a demand for the deployment of licensed production in India of the main number of aircraft needed for the Air Force.

Russian enterprises have offered their most advanced products, such as a radar with a phased antenna array RLSU-30MK developed by NIIP them. V.V. Tikhomirova, optical-electronic sighting and navigation complex OEPrNK-30MK developed by Federal Research-Production Center “RPKB” with optical-radar station 46ShXXUMUM, central computer BTsVM-1, modernized engine AL-486FP with a rotational nozzle nozzle developed by OAO Cradle-Saturn ", REB system developed by KNIRTI.

At the same time, according to the plan of the Indian Air Force, the new fighter was supposed to have equipment that was not produced in Russia at that time. Therefore, in avionics was proposed to introduce the system of French, Israeli and Indian production. In particular, we are talking about an inertial laser gyro navigation system with a GPS satellite navigation system, multifunctional liquid-crystal indicators, a thermal imager. And the management of the Sukhoi OKB took the risk for the first time in the history of domestic military aviation to conduct research and development in the interests of a foreign country with the direct participation of its specialists, as well as with the participation of companies from third countries. Thus, the Su-30MKI multipurpose two-seat fighter became the first Russian combat aircraft with open avionics architecture.

As a result of the painstaking work of the Sukhoi OKB team, the most successful Russian serial fighter today was born. Among the distinctive features of the Su-30MKI design, for the first time in the world, thrust vector control engines and a remote control system, which are included in a single control loop that provided the fighter with the implementation of super-maneuverability modes. Su-30KI became the first mass-produced aircraft in the world, on which a radar with a rotating headlamp was installed (“Bars” developed by the V. Tikhomirov NIIP) In addition, the aircraft was equipped with new ejection seats K-36-3,5 and a number of other new systems of domestic development. The nomenclature of Su-30MKI aviation weapons includes air-to-air missiles RVV-AE, air-to-ground missiles X-29Л / T / TE, X-31 A / P, X-59М, guided bombs CAB- 500 and CAB-1500.

At the recently held air show in the Indian city of Bangalore, the Su-30MKI program was recognized as the best program of military-technical cooperation between India and foreign countries in the field of combat aviation. Mikhail Pogosyan, Director General of Sukhoi Company, OJSC, was awarded the prize awarded by the Sukhoi Design Bureau for the development of Su-30MKI.

In addition to India, this fighter in recent years has been shipped to other countries. The batch of aircraft in the Su-30MKM version adopted by the Malaysian Air Force. Currently, Sukhoi continues to fulfill a contract with Algeria for the supply of X-NUMX fighter aircraft of the Su-28MKA modification to this country. The technical face of Malaysian and Algerian aircraft is very similar to the Su-30MKI.

In flight Su-35

The second main member of the family of the most successful "dryers" - Su-30MKK, developed from 1997 for the PLA Air Force. A plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAPO) was selected for the serial construction of this type of fighter. The new version of the two-seater aircraft was created with extensive use of a constructive reserve for the Su-27SK and the single-seat fighter Su-27М. As a result, the Su-30MKK used almost without design modifications: the center section, wing consoles, air inlets, tail beams, tail assembly and chassis from the Su-27M and the fuselage tail section from the Su-27SK.

Su-30MKK is equipped with upgraded Russian-made equipment. The avionics includes an upgraded version of the base radar - Н001М, providing target designation and mapping mode, RLM with target illumination by laser beam, satellite navigation system, color multifunctional LCD. The main purpose of modernizing the avionics (in addition to the need to update the systems created by 30 years ago), as in the case of the Su-30MKI, is to give the aircraft the ability to “work” on ground and surface targets. Su-30MKK can carry the same weapons as its Irkutsk "relative".

Further development of the ideas embodied in the design of the Su-30MKK, led to the emergence of the Su-30MK2 aircraft, which differs from the base in terms of equipment and avionics. In this configuration, KnAAPO built fighters commissioned by Vietnam, Indonesia and Venezuela.

It should be noted that the popularity of Su-30MK family of fighters on the world market is determined not only by the relatively lower, compared to competitors, cost of Russian aircraft and, in some cases, by certain political factors influencing the choice of weapon systems. “Drying” objectively are the best heavy fighters of the 4 + generation on the market. This is evidenced by the results of training battles between the Su-30MKI of the Indian Air Force and the American F-16 and F-15, conducted during joint exercises, as well as computer simulations of the air combat of the American X-NUMX fighter-generation F-5 and Su-35, held in summer 35. US Air Force experts concluded that Russian cars have a number of advantages over the F-2008. This news, got into the media in Australia, caused a whole storm of emotions on the Green Continent, where then the feasibility of purchasing one hundred F-35 worth $ 16 billion, and even opposition demands to prefer Russian fighters was discussed. This development - the purchase of Australia, one of the main military-political allies of the United States, Russian military aircraft seems completely unrealistic, but the presence of proposals of this nature and their discussion in the local media is in itself very symptomatic.

Su-30MK can be called "anti-crisis" fighter. Thanks to him, the Irkutsk aircraft factory, which is now part of the KLA, actually survived. Yes, and the rapid growth of Sukhoi AHK and its current status are also largely due to Su-30. The story develops in a spiral. The current situation in the Russian economy, due to the global financial crisis, is beginning to resemble the middle of 1990's. And Su-35, which inherited the best features of the Su-30MK family, may well become the plane that will help the UAC enterprises that have united Russian aviation enterprises.
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