The Ukrainian press reports on the appearance of a "mobilization" version of the T-72A tanks in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian press reports on the appearance of a "mobilization" version of the T-72A tanks in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In Ukraine, the so-called "mobilization" Tanks T-72, which is a simplified version of the T-72AMT MBT developed for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2017. Modernization of "ordinary" T-72s to the level of T-72AMT was carried out by the Kiev Armored Repair Plant, deliveries began in 2020.

According to the Ukrainian press, during the training of the 3rd separate tank brigade, T-72 tanks were seen in a "simplified" configuration, the so-called "mobilization". They completely replaced the basic observation devices of the commander and gunner, there is no Luna IR searchlight, an open turret with an anti-aircraft machine gun is installed, the tank is equipped with the usual standard cast tracks with a serial hinge. Some other changes are possible, but they are inside.

It is assumed that these are T-72A tanks restored taking into account the existing capabilities, which were in the sumps of armored factories. Although there is another option that is more realistic - these are the Polish "empty" MBT T-72M1, which is an export version of the T-72A.

Earlier it was reported that the T-72 tanks undergoing modernization at the Kiev Repair Plant to the T-72AMT level will eventually receive the Knife dynamic protection system instead of the Contact, the 1K13 sight for firing Kombat guided missiles. In addition, the tanks are equipped with the SN-3003 "Basalt" navigation system, night vision devices with third-generation image intensifier tubes, a more powerful V-84-1 engine instead of the V-46, chassis elements from the T-80 and modern Aselsan or Harris.

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    1. -9
      3 March 2023 12: 54
      These tanks will be used to accumulate the amount of armored vehicles that the VFU is preparing, to equip the brigades preparing for the spring offensive. Since the vaunted European unity failed to implement plans for the supply of OBI NATO models in time, and while instead of an armored stream there is a thin stream - three to four tanks arriving gradually, then they will sell all the assets that they have. In addition, the possibility is really high that these are Polish tanks. For the Sumerians, the advantage is that they have a bunch of tankers who have lost their equipment, and on such models they can confidently fight without additional retraining.
      In fairness, one must understand that any military equipment, even MRAP wheeled vehicles, pose a problem and further enhance the combat capabilities of the enemy's motorized infantry brigades. Let's not forget how the enemy was able to use these cars, for example, during the autumn offensive in the Kharkov region.
      Another thing is that, apparently, the RF Armed Forces have accumulated motorized rifle and armored units and, despite the active influence of public opinion, keep them in reserve to counter the enemy offensive and, possibly, implement offensive plans.
      In any case, using analogies with the Second World War, we are waiting for the Kursk Bulge, when, on the one hand, the German fascists brought new tanks into battle, trying to inflict military defeat on the front of the Soviet army, and the Soviet troops, having revealed the enemy’s plan, took the first blow and struck counterattack leading to the defeat of the enemy. Moreover, the tank units were the key type of troops in the offensives.
      1. -25
        3 March 2023 13: 16
        Voice, you have Godzilla on your avka .. or what? Do you know that reptiles have brains the size of a walnut ... and you have something "mind"))
      2. +9
        3 March 2023 13: 28
        At the expense of a large number of "horseless" tankers - I am tormented by vague doubts. And even highly qualified tankers, even more so.
      3. +8
        3 March 2023 13: 31
        Quote: voice of reason
        In any case, using analogies with the Second World War, the Kursk Bulge awaits us

        but I really hope that the Kursk Bulge is not waiting for us, since there the losses were measured in hundreds of thousands of people and in thousands of tanks on each side .. and in fact, there is nothing similar in the rest ..
        1. 0
          3 March 2023 14: 00
          I hope too, but it looks like something like Prokhorovka is inevitable.
          Although modern warfare requires, first of all, the ability to competently disperse and establish competent interaction between dispersed units of different types of troops.
      4. +4
        3 March 2023 13: 52
        No, it doesn’t fit with the “reason”. Have you already taken off your rose-colored glasses? Before they said that they had completely run out of mobile resources .. And then there are suddenly a lot of tankers ...
        1. +6
          3 March 2023 14: 25
          Tankers, like other specialists, do not need so much.
          There are three thousand of them in the tank army ....
          About the remaining twenty thirty thousand have a different VUS.
          As for the "autumn type" offensive, success in the Kharkov region was due not to the use of many tanks, but to the lack of timely mobilization measures and, as a result, a sufficient number of our troops at the front. There, a liquid non-continuous line of defense was broken through using a well-used tactic of seepage between rare strongholds, and there were no reserves to stop the breakthrough, they were transported by helicopters from the pine forest.
          So tankers are being gathered, even if not tank masters and others, there are still quite a lot of dill running from the military commissars.
          It is necessary to cut the roots to mobilize reserves. Those. to bring confusion by destroying Zelya and other leadership of the Banderlogs, and most importantly, to paralyze the delivery of weapons, ammunition and replenishment to the front. Not an easy task, but given that dill is now completely dependent on supplies from the West, both in the military and civilian areas, it will have to be solved. In extreme cases, up to the careful use of tactical nuclear weapons on railway lines and sidings in relatively deserted places and powerful EMP. Will there be outrage? That's for sure...
          But, most importantly, the West will have fear for its own skin and will have a desire to finish this business, instead of a desire to support dill "as much as necessary."
          1. +1
            3 March 2023 14: 57
            You noticed right. Only this may not be in reality, but in the expressions of the DAM? Not supported by anything and representing noodles on the ears for voters)
          2. +3
            3 March 2023 15: 03
            TNW is overkill.

            And the elimination of Zelya is direct sabotage! He needs to be groomed and cherished! By ourselves, not necessarily, but if someone else wants it in the well. kiss - do not interfere and encourage! For a living, healthy Zelya will do more harm! :)
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. +2
      3 March 2023 12: 58
      Well, what about plugging holes and saving imports completely, they are playing for time, until greenery and "dry" land, and there an offensive will begin like autumn 2022. My opinion is not professional, do not judge strictly. Or for the first wave in the offensive, they will also fit to knock out the B.K. and break through the defense due to the "mass".
      1. +2
        3 March 2023 13: 41
        Quote: Murmur 55
        they don’t drag out time, until greenery and “dry” land, and there an offensive will begin like the fall of 2022.

        Zelenka just interferes with the advancing, therefore - if they attack - until mid-April, the maximum is the most convenient time ..
        1. +2
          3 March 2023 16: 16
          We are waiting for spring, and then winter again, and so on until we get bored
    3. +12
      3 March 2023 12: 59
      Earlier it was reported that the T-72 tanks undergoing modernization at the Kiev Repair Plant

      It's very strange that it still works.
      1. +11
        3 March 2023 13: 14
        It is strange that after a year you still, something may seem strange
    4. -3
      3 March 2023 12: 59
      He is mobilization. Just another European trough from the landfill drove up, well, painted for the price tag of strength.
      1. +7
        3 March 2023 13: 05
        another European trough from the landfill drove up

        you need to remember that this trough can shoot
    5. +5
      3 March 2023 13: 02
      They are preparing a tank "fist", nothing good. I hope we are also preparing for this state of affairs ..
      1. 0
        3 March 2023 16: 13
        Of course, we are getting ready, how we will arrange a new Stalingrad near Liman
    6. +11
      3 March 2023 13: 03
      The question is, why do we spend missiles on transformers, while the plant continues to work? Or does it also belong to some kind of oligarch?
      1. 0
        4 March 2023 20: 42
        no one knows this, and now they have stopped spending rockets on transformers
    7. +4
      3 March 2023 13: 17
      They are strange, they don’t know that T62 is better
      1. -3
        3 March 2023 13: 59
        Quote: stels_07
        They're strange, they don't know t62 is better

        Indeed! And why do nationalists collect all sorts of shit around the world, but don’t take the wonderful T-62 tank? They have in storage (and not only them), because they should have T-62s (issued in a series of 20 thousand pieces).
        1. +2
          3 March 2023 14: 24
          No. It's a delusion. T-62 passed by historically. For units and bases with 62 kami were north and south. And there are problems with shells, because there are practically none, because warehouses with 115 mm were also to the north and south. In the 90s there were about 200 T-55s and T-62s in total. Almost everything was converted into different brams, dismantled for parts and sold in parts around the world. For example, in Gaddafi's Libya, where the Lviv residents won several contracts to maintain armored forces.

          Therefore, captured T-62Ms are often converted into minesweepers or something.

          Or they hand over to the TRO - where they introduced the staff of the company-level armored group.
    8. +7
      3 March 2023 13: 24
      Earlier it was reported that the modernization of T-72 tanks at the Kiev Repair Plant to the level of T-72AMT

      The question is why the plant is not bombed?
      1. -1
        3 March 2023 14: 06
        The question is why the plant is not bombed?

        Because the planes cannot get through the Ukrainian air defense to Kyiv. Nobody wants to send pilots and cars to their deaths.
        And against the attack of missiles around the plant, there is apparently a fairly serious missile defense system. Yes, even if one missile breaks through the missile defense system, what can it do to a plant with an area of ​​tens of hectares?
        Such damage is quickly repaired.

        But occasionally, nevertheless, it is possible to hit the rocket in that direction:

        Briefing of the Ministry of Defense of Russia
        High-precision long-range air-launched weapons destroyed the production buildings of an armored plant in Kyiv...
    9. +2
      3 March 2023 13: 27
      And no one will answer the question "why the plant is not bombed?", comrades, because the persons who, by their position, could answer it, do not visit this site and do not read the comments under the news / articles.
    10. -1
      3 March 2023 13: 57
      And what, the Kiev tank repair plant is still working?
    11. +1
      3 March 2023 16: 06
      We all observe together the accumulation of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the spring offensive and comment in unison, we do not forget that representatives of the command of the Armed Forces take part in various disputes with us and share their observations. It’s interesting, but when we were about to launch a global offensive, it seems that we already had mobilization and training, oh yes, our army is not staffed, we started when the fried rooster pecked, but then the question is why the hell did we start this mess if we don’t have anything , as always, throw people with a bang at machine guns. What kind of help can we talk about if we talk all the time about negotiations so that Ukraine fulfills our conditions. In general, what is happening, it feels like I got into a madhouse.
    12. +2
      3 March 2023 19: 19
      why are armored factories still operating in Square?
    13. 0
      4 March 2023 19: 06
      A completely dynamic tank, considering that it is in a mobilization modification, and also that nothing prevents the tank crew from turning the turret back to advance in the direction indicated in CH-3003 "Basalt" to reach the positions of the RF Armed Forces and using the Aselsan or Harris radio station to ask on the air not to shoot into the tank...
    14. 0
      5 March 2023 16: 56
      For that, the T-62 is being modernized on our own, and not only the T-62
    15. 0
      6 March 2023 14: 24
      And why has this plant not been destroyed so far?

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