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Ukrainian soldier of the future wears a comfortable suit, helmet and super glasses

Ukrainian soldier of the future wears a comfortable suit, helmet and super glasses

New armor for the future Ukrainian soldier began to be forged in the Armed Forces, attracting domestic and foreign defense enterprises for this. The first samples of experimental combat equipment were demonstrated at the recent military exercises "Perspective-2012".

“Although in many armies, research and practical work on shaping the image of a“ soldier of the future ”has been going on for more than a year, earlier in Ukraine they avoided this urgent task. Only the current leadership of the Ministry of Defense has taken this area under personal control, say representatives of the national defense industry. - And the first results are already there.


Paradoxically - but a fact: at all times the set of weapons and equipment carried by infantry and equipment was almost always at the limit of human capabilities.

Today, at least four dozen countries are implementing national programs to create their own "soldier of the future." Thus, individual combat kits systems are developed in the USA (Land Warrior and Mounted Warrior), in Germany (IdZ), Great Britain (FIST), Spain (COMFUT), Sweden (IMESS), France (FELIN) Russia (Warrior), China, India , South Korea, Japan, Norway, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries. Almost everywhere, soldier equipment is a complete solution from 5-10 subsystems, including means of protection, destruction, communications, control, as well as life and power supply, and others. A fighter dressed in combat gear becomes a unit of a single command and control network capable of conducting two-way data exchange with the command.

Ukraine is no longer aloof from world military trends. At the beginning of 2012, Andrei Artyushenko, Director of the Development and Procurement Department of Defense Weapons and Military Equipment, carefully lifted the curtain over our “soldier of the future”:

- The Ministry of Defense together with special exporters pay great attention to this area. Minister Dmitry Salamatin personally supervises this issue. In the Weapons Development Program for the period 2012 - 2017. This section is provided, it is divided into several stages. The project involves an integrated approach with the development of small-scale weapons, night vision devices, communications equipment, body armor, controls, etc.


Already in September, 2012 showed an experimental batch of new uniforms on Perspective. This revolutionary "Gorka" suit MK-2 gained popularity among employees of various special forces. Now it is tested and our military.

Comfortable fit and materials used in the composition, make it ideal for field conditions. High wear resistance of the suit has been achieved thanks to the newest profit-on material (composition: 65% cotton, 35% polyester), which has successfully passed laboratory and field tests, in the production of which an innovative approach to the structure of knitting fibers and fabric reinforcement is used.

The head of the military during the exercise "Perspective-2012" commented on the novelty:

- This clothing is qualitatively different from previous samples. It is very convenient, does not interfere with the movement, the soldiers really like it.

During the exercise, the military were equipped with body armor and helmets of Ukrainian origin, and protective plates were used to protect the knee joints of the legs.

- Equipment - a prototype of weapons, protection and ammunition of a soldier of the future. Over time, the kit will be supplemented with a combat helmet with built-in night vision device, micro-video camera, as well as reliable personal protective equipment - light anti-splinter vest. An ordinary soldier will have a GPS receiver so that the commander can see and orient where the soldier is located, ”added Anatoly Gurnovich, head of the development of weapons and military equipment of the Ground Forces. - There is also a microcomputer with a display, which will receive information from the commander, a portable radio station for targeting, sensors that measure the body temperature of the soldier, pressure, pulse and allow him to monitor his condition.

Sniper pragmatism

New models of small arms were also shown on large-scale exercises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Perspective-2012". It is still unclear what a nominal small family will be able to replace the Kalashnikov assault rifle. But the Ministry of Defense has already decided to combine work on the creation of individual equipment with a new sniper complex caliber 12,7 mm. Snipers with such weapons will also be equipped with optical-electronic surveillance tools - small reconnaissance devices, means of determining the source data for firing, and other necessary equipment. Sniper groups capable of hitting targets, including lightly armored ones, at a distance of up to 2 km will significantly increase the combat potential of the Ukrainian special operations forces.


The Ministry of Defense has begun the purchase of satellite navigation systems receivers, which are developed and manufactured by one of the domestic state-owned enterprises. For individual use by the fighter, a wearable navigation kit has been created that solves both navigation tasks and performs calculations for firing. The location is determined both by signals from the American GPS satellite system, the Russian GLONASS, and by autonomous navigation tools (magnetic compass and micromechanical sensors). It can show the scheme of the battle, determine and transmit the coordinates of the target, receive and display commands. It weighs such a smart pencil case 600 grams.

Also created a simple, reliable and effective means personal infantry tactical intelligence. The transmitting device is a simple digital video camera that, if necessary, is fired by a soldier over the battlefield from a device that looks like a flare gun. The signal from the video camera in encoded mode is fed to the fighter’s hand-held receiver (any communicator from leading manufacturers of mobile equipment can be used). A video camera is operating under a descending parachute for about one minute.


Modern equipment for the soldier, equipped and prepared for participation in the "high-tech" war-to the highest standard, is not cheap.

“But no one is going to equip our soldiers, from helmets to socks, to everything in the corps.” Something will be bought, something will be created in our enterprises, - they say in the Ministry of Defense. - At the forefront of the approach is "efficiency - cost." The integral result is important for us, which at the first stage will satisfy the requirements of the most combat-ready units and units, and then at the already established base will increase the capabilities of this combat equipment - taking into account new technical solutions and finances. This is the concept of the so-called "open architecture". We can analyze the foreign experience of creating a "soldier of the future" and avoid the mistakes that others have made.

The military department recognizes that only the first steps have been taken to solve the ambitious task of creating a national "soldier of the future". But this is the beginning of the road to a new look of the new army - effective, modern and competitive. Ukraine simply does not need another army.

- We have the technology. It is necessary to use all these developments - navigation tools, digital communication. As soon as we do this, we will qualitatively change the face of our Armed Forces, - Dmitry Salamatin is convinced.

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 20 November 2012 08: 21
    Well, it is gratifying that Ukraine has taken care and is solving this problem!
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 20 November 2012 09: 19
      Cool! There is a trifle left. Wait for the future to come. But practice has shown that promise and fulfillment are two big differences for the Ukrainian authorities. Traditionally it will be "like Chernomyrdin" - we wanted the best, it turned out, as always.
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 20 November 2012 12: 03
        That’s even kill, but after reading Ukrainian soldier of the future wears a comfortable suit, helmet and super glasses- I represent only James Andrews Bond.
      2. Gluxar
        Gluxar 20 November 2012 16: 18
        Ukraine has one advantage, almost nowhere is worse. So well done.
        1. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 21 November 2012 20: 56
          Ukraine has one advantage, almost nowhere is worse. So well done

          How naive! Any "bad" somewhere in the frightening dark depths has a bottom, and underneath it opens the next even worse layer "it turns out that I was happy before."
          Hmm ... of course natural limit all this suffering is
          But in this case, too, one should not flatter oneself, and what if the "churchmen" are right and real circles of hell await an unlucky soul there?
    2. Maks111
      Maks111 20 November 2012 09: 38
      It would be better if they cooperated with us. And then they have less money than ours and it will be very difficult for them to do something worthwhile.
      1. Goodmen
        Goodmen 20 November 2012 13: 07
        And we have a bobla under a saw cut and Yudashkin is !!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
      2. Hans grohman
        Hans grohman 20 November 2012 13: 21
        Quote: Max111
        It would be better if they cooperated with us. And then they have less money than ours and it will be very difficult for them to do something worthwhile.

        It will be harder to arrange the allocated funds because there are fewer of them, yes. But in general, I like your idea, only if you combine efforts, then not in such trifles, but, say, in the field of construction of ships for the Navy, etc.
        On this topic. I want to believe in the good, only age does not allow it.
      3. Gluxar
        Gluxar 20 November 2012 16: 21
        The article is not about exoskeletons, but about new uniform standards. Most of what they want to dress their military has long been created and applied, including PMCs. The question is what exactly to choose from this list and at what price.
  2. YARY
    YARY 20 November 2012 08: 25
    And "primus" is Lala!
  3. d1m1drol
    d1m1drol 20 November 2012 08: 32
    In such a difficult time for Ukraine .. it is necessary to try to let the Fed allow Ukraine to spend money on such fun ... but I'm glad for the Slav brothers ... hard times in Ukraine now. And the defense should develop .. should.
  4. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 20 November 2012 08: 32
    fresh tradition - I can hardly believe it ... sorry - rare stuff - more precisely, noodles ............... I have nothing against the update, but - it's like in Russia the reform of the armed forces, the form of haute couture, and wherever else the men in boots still go .... There is no money in Ukraine for this, the elections have passed, the money has been spent, pockets full - even kill - not bullshit .... (although of course - I would like that -b really took up his head and brought order to the country - but, no, I do not believe it)
    1. Splin
      Splin 20 November 2012 10: 51
      Oh, Vasya look what clowns ...

      But seriously, no one will immediately switch to a new form. Although the "Afghan" will be transferred to this color. In general, the landing forces will be transferred to a new uniform for 2013.
      1. askort154
        askort154 20 November 2012 13: 07
        The shape on the top photo is not expensive, but the most lethal. At the sight of such
        a miracle is a warrior, the enemy will die of laughter, not having time to use weapons.
        Splin Thanks!
        1. Splin
          Splin 20 November 2012 13: 55
          We laugh, but remember ourselves. In my first year, too, an Afghan woman sat like a saddle on a cow. Only skin and bones. Another thing is that he did not participate in this photo shoot. The oath was enough for me when after KMB some ears from under the caps stick out!
      2. leon-iv
        leon-iv 20 November 2012 13: 09
        Do they have super glasses?
        this is ESS ice2 1500 rubles. Gyyyy
      3. gladiatorakz
        gladiatorakz 20 November 2012 14: 15
        You can see in the first photo proof that this is not a "show", but an ordinary unit. smile And second: a serious warrior has now become associated with a pile of meat, a bulging beard and a dull bulldog look. American image inspired by American "filmmaking". I think everyone can remember at least a couple of funny, lop-eared guys who were in something of a pro. RB, FP, sniping, cost center, optics, reconnaissance, communications, etc. (began to list and recalled)
      4. Dart weyder
        Dart weyder 21 November 2012 02: 44
        Well, yes - of course, I lived in Ukraine not long ago, there are many acquaintances in the army, oh, sorry, that it was more profitable for "the bloody forces", who went through the term, who was a personnel officer, the uniform was already introduced when they went to Iraq, the quality - it was just super wassat , it’s true then the situation was better in the country, and there was more money .... here - again dust in the eyes ... I understand that it causes blind delight, but I’m not 17 years old, and they’re unlikely to find money for anything worthy - they just held the elections - it’s necessary to repay debts, accumulate pockets ... of course - it’s time to change the outdated Bhutan long ago (if it is not clear to anyone - Dubok), because it was invented in 84 more - almost 30 years already .... you can on a foreign machine gun (excuse me - an assault rifle) to give out as in the 2nd photo ... only the top military-political leadership has neither money nor desire — except that they will equip a couple of ostentatious units ... it's like with tanks and other weapons - really all the weapons are outdated - there’s no one to fight, because the exercises are for showing off in Ukraine - and not for practicing skills, and they hang noodles about uniforms, and outfitting - laughter.
        In the first photo - that there was not enough money for the hat and boots of the Moscow Region !? and in the second photo - what kind of weapon in the Ukrainian army !? why the crest of a different color !? unload why black !? - Well, tactical groups in an urban environment are understandable, but showing a new form is somehow awkward in your head ... can it be airsoft players! ??????? laughing and in general they should be in the best traditions - if in Russia - from Yudashkin’s form, then in Ukraine Andre Tan can get involved! ???????))))))
        P \ S instruct minuses as much as you like - I’m not stuffing the rating, but describing the realities laughing
  5. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 20 November 2012 08: 35
    I read the article and just laughed. Well, what are our constantly soaking well, these naturally clowns)))))))
  6. Hunghuz
    Hunghuz 20 November 2012 08: 42
    I didn’t understand sho there in terms of Svidomo ........ ???
  7. understudy
    understudy 20 November 2012 08: 49
    And personally, I liked the colors of the field uniform. Unlike our "figure" ... Ukrainian colleagues worked with their heads.
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 20 November 2012 10: 01
      This is amerskiy commercial camouflage.
      1. Splin
        Splin 20 November 2012 17: 27
        Quote: leon-iv

        This is amerskiy commercial camouflage.

        There is another color option:
        [img] [/ img]
  8. AAA
    AAA 20 November 2012 08: 50
    I hope that they will succeed, only let Yudashkin not order a form.
  9. kopar
    kopar 20 November 2012 08: 50
    If they realize at least half of the ideas, then I will be happy for the neighbors. Time will tell whether this was another nonsense or a competent approach to the development of their own aircraft.
  10. tun1313
    tun1313 20 November 2012 09: 14
    And what kind of "Gorka" MK-2 is. I know Russian Gorka, but what kind of animal is this?
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 20 November 2012 10: 00

      like a prototype
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 20 November 2012 12: 15
        How would I myself wear the one on the left and surrender that it is "Hill R"
        I don’t like some people, but for myself I would also take this thing P1G-Tac Mount Trac MK-2
  11. Aeneas
    Aeneas 20 November 2012 09: 23
    unfortunately, these are only projections ... winked
  12. black_eagle
    black_eagle 20 November 2012 09: 44
    the main thing is that the fighters themselves would not buy a uniform, otherwise they can do it, they will give out some rubbish to conscripts, and contract soldiers and officers as you like
  13. Hamul
    Hamul 20 November 2012 10: 04
    Quote: Dart Weyder
    but where or where fighters in boots still go ..

    Dear, what do you have against boots? Boots are a very good and comfortable thing, especially with footcloths and for long transitions.
    In addition, in some branches of the armed forces - for example, at the border guards - they are simply irreplaceable - how long do you put on a boot with berets ?????

    You can also more in detail about the Gorki-MK2 ??? What kind of beast? or is it just plagiarism?

    PS - in the photograph fighters in all gloves - somewhere I saw similar ones ???????? It seems that they sell in any store in Russia - are they called gymnastics? If water gets in, just like leathers there, the hands very quickly become blue-black - the paint there is like that. As far as I remember there are special gloves - with pads - the color of camouflage.
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 20 November 2012 10: 12
      Dear, what do you have against boots?
      modern high boots look with a misunderstanding

      You can also more in detail about the Gorki-MK2 ??? What kind of beast? or is it just plagiarism?
      see above a small commercial company for ball players.
      PS - in the photograph fighters in all gloves - somewhere I saw similar ones ???????? It seems that they sell in any store in Russia - are they called gymnastics? If water gets in, just like leathers there, the hands very quickly become blue-black - the paint there is like that. As far as I remember there are special gloves - with pads - the color of camouflage.
      In any airsoft store you can boil an order of magnitude more suitable mechanics 5,11 blackhawks and so on and so forth.
      1. Hamul
        Hamul 20 November 2012 10: 19
        Quote: leon-iv
        In any airsoft store

        I’m also talking about them too - I didn’t just indicate that they are used for airsoft, many specialists buy such ones from us.

        Quote: leon-iv
        modern high boots look with a misunderstanding

        There have already been topics

        Now I wear Bertsa in my daily routine, I also had good boots - but unfortunately they ordered a long life. For the Caucasus, boots are the most
        1. leon-iv
          leon-iv 20 November 2012 10: 28
          Here is a discussion -
          which confirms my opinion.
      2. IRBIS
        IRBIS 20 November 2012 10: 51
        From my many years of experience in military service, I can say that boots are more practical and versatile.
        And further. When detonated on a mine like "Petal" in such beautiful boots, the leg rips off somewhere just at the level of the tight lacing. In boots it is still possible to "get off" with half a foot, but in these "wheels" it will not work. This is from practical observation, not from the Internet.
        Everything has its pros and cons, the scope should be divided.
        1. leon-iv
          leon-iv 20 November 2012 12: 35
          that boots are more practical and versatile.
          Do you have modern trekking shoes or berets?
          In boots it is still possible to "get off" with half a foot, but in these "wheels" it will not work. This is from practical observation, not from the Internet.
          Right now he called his colleague on the team, he rattled in an airmobile hospital with business trips.
          He answered so literally
          it's all hh. It all depends on where you step and the presence of arch support and shoe models. There was a case that a fighter escaped with severe swelling and 2 fractures.
        2. Dart weyder
          Dart weyder 21 November 2012 03: 29
          half of the foot just tears off in light shoes, that's why partly they wore krasovki, and it’s easier to move in berets along the relief terrain, there are 40 grams of explosives in total .... of course - you can tie a steel plate to your legs - then you need sappers will fall away ... you see the incredible humanist)))) - get off in boots - wow, tear off your foot - get off ... incapacitated and that's it ...
    2. gladiatorakz
      gladiatorakz 20 November 2012 12: 30
      Quote: Hamul
      how much time do you put on a boot with berets ?????
      A boot with a combat footcloth is put on instantly. Training business. However, like a boot too.
    3. Dart weyder
      Dart weyder 21 November 2012 02: 58
      about the boots - let's all the same be more precise - I didn’t talk about the border guards, but if I also talked about them, I can give them a three-line - she has a better length and a hefty bayonet, but seriously - not at that time - there is a quick lacing , and other innovations, and even without that - for boots - for lunch 300 years) and legs are cramped (only without snots about footcloths are poorly wound, in warm climates, or rather in moderate ones, legs do not breathe - nails deteriorate - my not mine), and as far as I know - on alarm everyone should be quickly equipped, not border guards apart, so good boots - they are good boots in Africa too .. well, for aesthetes - even though they can make new boots with modern materials ..... come in handy.
  14. leon-iv
    leon-iv 20 November 2012 10: 14

    and here’s a video review of the form.
  15. USNik
    USNik 20 November 2012 10: 18

    ... Yeah, and this is in exchange for the air defense units that are already disbanded and are in the "dispersal" procedure ... We will shoot down enemy aircraft with 12.7 rifles ...
  16. Nasty
    Nasty 20 November 2012 10: 23
    and fat is where to put?
  17. Mostovik
    Mostovik 20 November 2012 10: 52
    The Americans have been running in such uniforms for 20 years. And with us this is still the equipment of a soldier of the future.
  18. biglow
    biglow 20 November 2012 10: 56
    In Ukraine, now all the money is being poured into the internal troops, and what will remain of the army. In the Ukrainian army, the soldiers really buy uniforms with their money because there are no sizes in the warehouses, but everything is in the store
  19. revnagan
    revnagan 20 November 2012 11: 46
    M-yes, show off for visitors ...
  20. Gakkoga
    Gakkoga 20 November 2012 12: 19
    Some "Wishlist" and "Promise", but in fact the entire military-industrial complex and the Army of Ukraine have taken away flocks of ravens and wolves and gnaw at the remains. You go across Ukraine and think as if the war has passed, hundreds of abandoned military townships, mothballed and plundered factories for a long time. The technique is in a frightening state, the fleet is the same. I'm ashamed to talk about the aircraft fleet. Of course, I want to believe in what the next "Bravy" Minister of Defense promises. But my dear compatriots are hard to believe.
    1. Splin
      Splin 20 November 2012 12: 44
      I do not put cons, although I really wanted to. Why such confidence and knowledge, as if he personally participated in the Deriban!
      1. Dart weyder
        Dart weyder 21 November 2012 04: 00
        yes you are an optimist !!!!!!!!!! no - everything itself went like that, and then everything will work out, they will take a couple more trenches)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    2. Prospector
      Prospector 20 November 2012 13: 32
      hold on!
  21. Astartes
    Astartes 20 November 2012 12: 25
    In general, the development of innovative equipment is the right and necessary thing, only when they write about the soldiers of the future in the headlines of the policy, you immediately realize that it’s just someone cutting money.
  22. gladiatorakz
    gladiatorakz 20 November 2012 12: 38
    Well done! It's nice that there is a movement in the right direction - towards the development of the Army. The idea is right. A competently set task is half the success. It is disgusting, of course, to read comments filled with bile, unbelief and pessimism. The impression that I mistakenly went to the women's site. They probably knock epaulets near avatars.
  23. Centaurus
    Centaurus 20 November 2012 12: 46
    It would be better if the money was sent to amend the country's domestic economic situation. But just any cheap PR.
    Miles-Pardon and I ask Probachichi, from my compatriots, but probably not only I know that we have a pricing policy for products, a living wage and new working conditions with 6 days about to be prepared for us.
    And they tell us about the super-soldier ... well, right. So that they don't think about any "nonsense" about their life, but drooling what they say are powerful ... No.
    1. Splin
      Splin 20 November 2012 12: 51
      You must be able to work, and not sit out your pants! And how much money do not pour into the economy, with the careless approach of the employee himself. all the same, everything will go to the toilet. with waste from eaten foods.
      1. Dart weyder
        Dart weyder 21 November 2012 04: 04
        the worker also eats hunting, because someone abroad and on Mercedes with corteges adds pensions to himself, they buy factories - they are called politicians, and how many jobs will not work - life will not be better for people, but in someone else’s pockets oh how to increase! ( question to you
        Splin - you definitely live in Ukraine! ???????????????)
        1. Splin
          Splin 21 November 2012 04: 42
          Quote: Dart Weyder
          Splin - you definitely live in Ukraine!

          I know what I'm really writing about. Yes, I am an optimist, but living in a different way will not work. To the state employee it’s sucks, do not be it. I am a disabled officer. I wouldn’t have enough of my gratification pension. The only help from the state. an apartment the size of a doghouse and even in an elite micro-district. and a stroller that I refused,
          Now I have a family, my own home, business + my own mini-gym, 2 cars and a dog-horse. And not a penny of credit! I traveled half of Europe, was Africa and even Venezuela. And all at his own expense. Complain about life can only be defective soul
          1. Dart weyder
            Dart weyder 22 November 2012 03: 54
            Well - from the state of pensions (as well as the military man \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ up up Up DOOST) it generally tries to disown itself in every possible way from the army - over the past 10 years in the ZSU - there have been no positive changes, I would even say it is getting worse and worse - I’m glad for your optimism - but rearmament is not real request
            1. Dart weyder
              Dart weyder 22 November 2012 04: 34
              So, the ZSU reform 2011-2015 involves a staff reduction of up to 160000 (this is not the first time, I wonder if they have enough money to pay reduced benefits !?), let the proportion of fighters (for example) who need their duty (infantry, infantry, Airborne Forces, Marines) equipment of a 21st century fighter
              a third of the number (roughly considered) - 40000 people, the price of the FELIN kit is about 45000 cu = 1800000000 killed raccoons .... we multiply by 8 = 14400000000 UAH ... - many zeros! ??? State budget expenditures are set at 358 billion 050 million 376,4 thousand UAH The volume of public debt as of December 31, 2012 is set at 415 billion 565 million 120,9 thousand UAH
              (even if it’s not FELIN, even cheaper, but do not forget that the tanks and planes with helicopters are out of date, if tanks can be riveted in Kharkov, then making a Fighter or attack aircraft is a problem ... and so on - in the end, it’s necessary to stretch even more if it’s for 20 years, then NATO will go on this equipment until the 20th year, and Ukraine, as in Zimbabwe, is sorry only in 2030-40! ?????)
              1. Splin
                Splin 22 November 2012 10: 55
                Let's start with the fact that I was indignant at the Centaurus commentary. so that money is not for the army, but for feeding.
                As for the army itself, there are positive changes. Maybe they are not so visible and not so operational, but eo is still a push from the bottom. Even it seems to me that I raised my pension 2,5 times (I need to see for my own interest).

                And about the super-system of the future. Where are these prices taken? We are not hvrentia somehow.
                All the soldier’s outfit costs a piece of bucks (winter summer uniform, boots and tactical equipment). You immediately set the TTX parameter as in the Terminator.
                As they said in "Wedding in Malinovka! Do not rush!"
                No one will do this right away. Yes and whether it is necessary.
                To have something like the French system, you must at least have an extensive network of satellites. In Ukraine there are only TWO!
    2. Gluxar
      Gluxar 20 November 2012 16: 41
      Better, worse, you need a balance. All the while kicking that military people are eating away ... those pennies that are needed for this decision will not help the whole population to heal richly.
  24. VadimSt
    VadimSt 20 November 2012 13: 23
    Quote: biglow
    In Ukraine, now all the money is poured into the internal troops

    Well, that’s right! Those in power are primarily interested in ensuring internal security, since phantom external aggression is just fairy tales for fools and a way to cut the budget.
    Like it or not, but the main threat to the elite is the people of Ukraine - therefore, their accounts abroad, and their children there, and their real estate there, etc.
    There is no hope for the army - it will not go against the people, and history has confirmed this, but the Internal Troops, the Ministry of Internal Affairs can always, at the right time, "sweeten" it with increases in salaries, pensions, etc. - the main thing is that they are sufficiently equipped to fulfill the task set by the elite, even against the rebellious military units.
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 20 November 2012 15: 14
      History says otherwise. With serious internal stirrings, first of all, ripping off uniform trousers and trinkets, the police, gendarmes, policemen and policemen scatter, realizing that the people will not show humanity towards them, but will experience an outrage for "faithful service" to the authorities against the people. And families must be protected from the wrath of the people. So which side will BB be on is a big question. There will be individuals_ scumbags, without clan and tribe, but only a few. But God forbid this should not be allowed. In addition, the authority of the bandyukovichs in power is slowly but surely creeping downward.
  25. aspirin02
    20 November 2012 15: 33
    But the order of the ray than the one that is now))
  26. in reserve
    in reserve 20 November 2012 19: 31
    Ukrainian soldier of the future wears a comfortable suit, helmet and super glasses

    It looks somehow ridiculous in the sphere of the complete collapse of Ukrainian industry.
  27. Klimentij
    Klimentij 25 November 2012 01: 27
    There is a shift and this cannot but rejoice, I would like to see the final stage of the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And about the form, I prefer the GPS-shnaya form.

    PS: I think that any reform should begin with an increase in the monetary security of the soldiers. which also began in the APU. (pah-pah-pah so as not to jinx it)
  28. Machingver
    Machingver 1 December 2012 17: 24
    Banderlog Clowns. - Unhook ... laughing

    [img] [/ img]

    [img] [/ img]

    [img] [/ img]