The Ministry of Defense of Poland signed a contract for the supply of a batch of domestic assault rifles GROT

The Ministry of Defense of Poland signed a contract for the supply of a batch of domestic assault rifles GROT

The Ministry of Defense of Poland signed a new contract for the supply of domestic assault rifles GROT. This was reported by the press service of the Polish military department.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak signed an addendum to the 2020 contract, thereby increasing purchases of the GROT assault rifle in the interests of the Polish army. There is no information yet whether the Polish Ministry of Defense intends to transfer part of the rifles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but it is stated that in the hands of the Ukrainian military, these machine guns have shown themselves to be "effective weapons".

They have proven themselves in the war. In the hands of Ukrainians, they are an effective weapon

- said Blaschak.

In total, under the contract, the Polish army should receive almost 2026 thousand GROT C88 FB-A16 rifles of 2 × 5,56 mm caliber until the end of 45. The total volume of the order is 184 weapons. In addition, the Polish Ministry of Defense is purchasing 7,62x51 mm MSBS-7,62N sniper rifles to replace the SVD sniper rifles left over from Soviet times.

The Polish assault rifle GROT was originally created as a weapon for territorial defense units. It first appeared in service in 2017. To date, the Polish Army has received only 17 thousand GROT assault rifles, designed to replace small arms in the troops, created under the NATO cartridge on the basis of the Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle.

In 2021, the GROT machine got into a scandal. As it turned out, the quality of the produced weapons leaves much to be desired, and the rifle itself turned out to be very capricious. The machine is extremely unreliable due to many technological defects, it can spontaneously stop firing and even fall apart. GROT is very sensitive to moisture and dust, which also critically affects its performance. Later, the developers from Fabryka Broni "Łucznik" announced that all "shortcomings" had been fixed.
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  1. +3
    February 27 2023
    What didn't they buy from us? There, the Ukrainians raised a screech that they say a tanker with a diesel engine unloading in Odessa is not Egyptian, but of a Russian type. In general, we went cuckoo. What difference does it make to them whose diesel. Hope it's fake of course. But the tanker in the gum corridor is periodically visible on the radar.
    1. +3
      February 27 2023
      Quote: Foundling
      that they say a tanker with a diesel engine unloading in Odessa is not Egyptian, but of the Russian type.

      Goryuchka? And why? The talk was only about ships with grain, and then about the export. And here is such a mess. And our crap.
      1. +3
        February 27 2023
        So for grain, two or three tankers no no yes slip through.
    2. +1
      February 27 2023
      I can’t understand at all why some tankers are unloading there? It's not grain! And officially tankers from Norway go there with a trekker, for example. Strange.
  2. +3
    February 27 2023
    Somehow, figs on their machinations. Someone will warm their hands, on these deliveries.
  3. +2
    February 27 2023
    It's not about guns, it's about ammo. It is very difficult for any state to switch from one caliber to another. For Ukraine, by the way, too.
    1. -1
      February 27 2023
      and why is it hard for sharovarniks to cross? they are on almost everything imported. Including ammunition. What the Westerners bring is what they fight.
  4. -2
    February 27 2023
    So that they, these Pshek rifles, continue to fall apart, for no reason! ...
  5. +2
    February 27 2023
    We should keep quiet if the GROT machine is so unfinished. And then with our advice we will help bring it to condition. Why were Kalashnikovs made under a NATO cartridge? Pure sabotage, if not betrayal. We arm our enemies ourselves. soldier
  6. 0
    February 27 2023
    Yes, the possibilities of shooting are already at the limit. Two concepts two of the best automatic rifles. The rest is a compromise. They will shy away to the Arisakovsky caliber and into a new circle
  7. 0
    February 27 2023
    The author deliberately writes nonsense, or that ignoramus who has no idea what I am writing about. The weapon has been improved after the elimination of childhood glitches. Therefore, this is the A2 version. The weapon disintegrates only in the minds of the Germans who invented it, who write articles in Poland in their newspapers and Internet portals. Maybe they expected us to buy weapons from them. This is not an AK-based design.
  8. 0
    February 28 2023
    At first, the Czechs made their own SCAR (Bren 805), now the Poles made the Grotto, which is also a SCAR L, but had been ill in childhood. And both crafts, as practice shows, are only crafts, the rifle from FN is also not ideal, but it is a cut above them.

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