China-U.S. trade surplus hits record, but U.S. companies have begun to "shift" investment elsewhere

China-U.S. trade surplus hits record, but U.S. companies have begun to "shift" investment elsewhere

China-U.S. trade report published. The data in this report shows that in 2022, the trade surplus of China and the United States increased to a record high of $877,6 billion. At the same time, direct investment increased. The growth was 8%, and the total figure was almost $190 billion.

However, the same report claims that since about the second half of 2022, American companies have become less active in investing in the Chinese economy. To date, data has been published that foreign investors are ready to reinvest in the Chinese economy in 2023 about $18 billion from their profits received in China. And this is about 31% less than it was in 2022.

It is also reported about the reduction in the total number of foreign companies that are going to invest in the financial and economic system of China in 2023. The rate of decline is expected to be around 4 percent.

A report published in China says that none of the US companies operating in the Chinese market are ready to reinvest more than $2023 million in their business in 250.

So far, according to the same report, China continues to be the world leader in terms of attracting global investment. However, the volume of these investments has now fallen to a five-year low in annual terms. Approximately 26% of the companies that participated in the study that invested in China decided to “move” their investments to other countries. This is a record figure in recent years.

Thus, on the one hand, trade with the United States reached a record positive balance, on the other hand, under pressure from the US authorities, an outflow of foreign capital from the Chinese economy began.
  • Mikhail Khamin
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  1. -4
    February 27 2023
    The Chinese market is very capacious, the Americans will leave, other investors will come ... the world of capital does not tolerate emptiness.
    1. +6
      February 27 2023
      It's not about money, they don't peck at them themselves. Only the annual trade surplus with the US is 877,6 billion. What to do with them? But, investments in China are expressed in the import of technology - and they accept this with joy.
      1. +3
        February 27 2023
        "But, investment in China is expressed in the import of technology."
        You can invest in technology, not technology. The "import" of technologies is not an investment, and in the article, investment is understood as investment in the classical sense of the word - financing.
        1. +3
          February 27 2023
          Investment in China is precisely the import of technology, and nothing else. That is, the financial component is only auxiliary. What is so hard to understand? Don't be fooled by terms.
    2. +5
      February 27 2023
      Interesting, but what about the debt to China?! Want to start a war so as not to pay?
    3. +3
      February 27 2023
      Americans will come other investors

      Other investors from Nibiru or Anunnaki? Such a volume is not generated on this planet. Actually, this is the main advantage and vulnerability of China. The US and the EU are irreplaceable for him even by the rest of the world at once. And the growth of the economy, the fundamental processes in the shift of incomes of the population and changes in consciousness, the record growth of the middle class in the world, lead to the fact that they are no longer ready to sit on a bowl of rice in a hut for the sake of high ideas, but rather they will take the heavenly mandate from power.
      1. 0
        February 28 2023
        I remember how in March 22nd they predicted a 20% fall in GDP for us in Russia. And so .... Just look at the forecasts for GDP growth of the same IMF (yes, let it) and everything becomes clear. And possibly in the longer term. The numbers are terrible. If the West does not have the potential for growth, then it will not.
  2. +9
    February 27 2023
    Approximately 26% of the companies that participated in the study that invested in China decided to “move” their investments to other countries.
    "Listen, I don't like the local regime. My heart feels that we are on the eve of a grand nix!" ©
  3. +4
    February 27 2023
    The news background shows that the struggle for China has begun, with such an ally you can move mountains. Now they will begin to offer buns to the Chinese. It's interesting what we can offer them.
    With what But father flies to China.
  4. +7
    February 27 2023
    The billion-dollar market is not just left.
  5. +6
    February 27 2023
    Rising prices for goods are signs of an ongoing financial crisis, during which a decrease in investment is the most natural thing that can happen on the market. So the American media is again stuffing misinformation to domestic users. This must be borne in mind and such noodles should be removed from the ears.

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