Taiwanese defense company announces massive deployment of anti-UAV weapons

Taiwanese defense company announces massive deployment of anti-UAV weapons

Taiwanese defense company Tron Future Tech., which specializes in the production of anti-drone systems for the army, announced the mass deployment of anti-UAV countermeasures. According to the management of the contracting firm, it intends to produce 100 units of such devices every month due to the growing demand for them.

Although only 4 years have passed since the establishment of the enterprise, these products based on T.Radar Pro technology have already successfully proved themselves not only in the domestic market, but also abroad, in particular, in the countries of the Middle East and South Asia. The active phased antenna array allows you to detect a drone weighing up to 15 kg within a radius of up to 5 km. According to the chief executive officer of the military industrial company, Yu Jiu Wang, this is what attracted many buyers.

Here is how the leader himself commented on this situation:

The idea of ​​developing a design for a future radar for detecting drones was caused by the need to provide an effective layered air defense system of the island, thereby preventing Taiwan from threats posed by drones China

As Yu Jiu Wang explained, during their development, experts took into account 4 main criteria, including: light weight and small size of the structure, the presence of a Doppler function in 4D mode in order to distinguish multi-rotor UAVs from birds, low cost, as well as improved flight characteristics. - technical characteristics, being effective against low-flying targets in an urban environment.

According to Yu Jiu Wang, in the past week alone, Taiwanese radars detected about 100 Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles carrying out reconnaissance activities over the island.

Anti-drone systems from the specified company are capable of detecting the frequency of bandwidths up to 30 MHz, the power consumption is 250 watts.
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  1. +1
    February 25 2023
    They made a sword, invented a shield, etc., etc. up to our days. soldier
    1. 0
      February 25 2023
      The question of the technical capabilities of the country. Making the protection of troops and objects from drones is not a problem at all.
  2. 0
    February 25 2023
    Taiwanese defense company announces mass deployment of assets UAV countermeasures
    fool fool And ..... Yotas are preparing for an unfinished war. fool China in space! request
  3. +1
    February 25 2023
    over the past week alone, Taiwanese radars detected about 100 Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles carrying out reconnaissance activities over the island

    Flocks of Chinese drones fly over Taiwan. But by the way, how many shot down? Looks like none.
  4. -10
    February 25 2023
    The PRC could easily subjugate Taiwan with its fleet without a war, simply by establishing a sea and air blockade of the island, declaring a 200-mile zone around the island closed to any shipping and civil aircraft.
    Within one month, all industry and trade in Taiwan would come to a complete halt and it could be taken with bare hands.
    1. -3
      February 25 2023
      It cannot be for military or economic reasons. And yes, she doesn't need it. The turnover is growing, everything is good. China has no problems with Taiwan.
      1. -7
        February 25 2023
        Since the United States is supplying weapons to Taiwan, then there is a problem with Taiwan.
        Otherwise, the Chinese Foreign Ministry would not have been so furious at any visit by the Americans and over any US deal with Taiwan.
        1. -5
          February 25 2023
          And what is this problem for China? smile
          1. -6
            February 25 2023
            The fact that the United States has one more, besides Japan, an unsinkable US aircraft carrier at its side, and in the event of an inevitable US war against China, it will receive hundreds of US combat aircraft.
            1. -1
              February 25 2023
              Quote from DefenderofTruth
              in the event of an inevitable war between the United States and China

              Why is it inevitable? laughing why do they need a war? laughing
            2. +3
              February 25 2023
              And as a source of meat, India is spudded, pumped with money, technologies, factories. Then they will be asked to die brotherly instead of the Americans, well, like a tribute for help))))
  5. +6
    February 25 2023
    The active phased antenna array allows you to detect a drone weighing up to 15 kg within a radius of up to 5 km.

    And what, the material from which the drone is made does not matter? Dural, plastic, steel? If only 15 kg? Rave.
    Anti-drone systems from the specified company are able to determine the frequency of bandwidths up to 30 MHz

    Actually a meaningless phrase. It looks like a computer translation.
  6. 0
    February 25 2023
    But if you rewind, if the Americans didn’t start yelling about the terrible threat to Taiwan, they wouldn’t even think that they live so badly without contributions to the military-industrial complex. After all, the Americans are inflating the threat, but there is nothing new and the countries continue to fall for it.
  7. 0
    February 25 2023
    There, half of the detected drones were launched by Taiwanese children ... Where is the identification that they are Chinese? .. Some kind of Mura ..
  8. -1
    February 25 2023
    The Taiwanese have the right idea: to create a massive (and relatively cheap)
    AFAR for recognition of small drones.
    And further to this radar it is already possible to connect various
    means of destruction.
    Israel created such a radar, but it is expensive.
  9. 0
    February 26 2023
    Well, if this company develops a countermeasure against a million PLA fighters armed with primitive AK 47s who land on the coast of Taiwan. Then at least to the Nobel Committee
  10. +1
    February 26 2023
    This is going to be a battle, I'm looking forward to it. Chinese nerds on one side and Chinese nerds on the other. And all with small skillful hands... no, they don't roll balls, but collect fpv drones and anti-slingshots. Uff.
    A projectile or a 12-gauge bullet should fly directly through an active phased array, then it flies into this hole or does not fly, but it really annoys those who are waiting ... In short, there will be version 2.0 with weekly builds and hotfixes.
  11. 0
    February 27 2023
    such systems are vital at our front, but it seems that everyone has given up on this ... the topic of anti-drone guns has quietly died out due to their negligible effectiveness .. I have no doubt that right now anti-drone systems are being purchased for ukrov in droves ... a couple more three months and our troops will have a really hard time ... Taiwanese anti-drone installations will come up, American versions of geraniums will arrive and that's it, it will be possible to put out the light ...

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