Data is being received from the front line about the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Dubovo-Vasilyevka, northwest of Artyomovsk

Data is being received from the front line about the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Dubovo-Vasilyevka, northwest of Artyomovsk

Literally every day, the territory controlled by Russian forces of the territories of the Artyomovskaya agglomeration is expanding, Ukrainian troops are losing territories. After the liberation of the settlement of Berkhovka, which is north of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), Wagner units began to actively advance to the north-west with the support of artillery. The enemy units, which were trying to create a line of defense in the area of ​​the village of Dubovo-Vasilyevka (Dubovo-Vasilevka), fell under attack.

It is located a few kilometers from Artemovsk to the south of the highway to Slavyansk.

According to forward information, Ukrainian troops, having fallen under artillery fire, retreated from Dubovo-Vasilyevka. The assault groups occupied those positions in which the enemy tried to gain a foothold.

To prevent the Armed Forces of Ukraine from regrouping and counterattacking in this direction, the work of Russian artillery continues with the simultaneous advancement of assault groups.

With the complete transfer of Dubovo-Vasilyevka under the control of our troops, an additional opportunity arises for access to the Artyomovsk-Chasov Yar highway, and without the need for the so-called frontal assault on Khromovo.

There is also the weather factor. If recently the Armed Forces of Ukraine used not only asphalt, but also frozen dirt roads, which, albeit under fire, still made it possible to maintain transport links with the Bakhmut garrison, now the situation is changing. Today in the agglomeration it is about +5, the forecast for tomorrow is +11. This means that dirt roads will become limp, which means that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have only one road from Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) under their physical control. And this road is to Chasov Yar through the aforementioned Khromovo.
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    25 February 2023 15: 14
    If Ivanovskoye / Krasnoe is taken, then it looks like the bowler hat will slam shut.
    Kiev is also well aware that the situation around Bakhmut is deteriorating sharply, and the Russian troops "created pincers that began to close before the upcoming warming." -channel "Resident", known for its insides from the office of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. - Now the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is trying with all its might to hold the Yagodnoe line - the Stupka area in Bakhmut until a new line of defense is built at Chasov Yar. In Bogdanovka, strongholds are being prepared to hold the fields and maintain control over the only road. An insider reports the beginning of the transfer of Ukrainian reserves from Liman, who were supposed to participate in the counteroffensive on Svatovo. Chasov Yar, - admits the "Resident". We also note that the Russian fighters entered the battle for the village of Dubovo-Vasilevka, increasingly expanding the zone of control on the northern flank. "Wagnerites" occupied the dominant heights near the village, which complicates the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, fighting continues at the Zaliznyanskoye-Vasyukovka line and in the direction of Orekhovo-Vasylivka. The enemy is trying to counterattack from Minkovka and regain control of part of the route to Slavyansk.

    Meanwhile, the Spetsnaz Archangel Telegram channel reports disturbing news from the border of Transnistria, citing a personal verified source:
    That night, about 20 military trucks drove into the villages of Topaly and Sagaydak from Odessa. Let me remind you that these villages are located near the border of Pridnestrovie, the enemy hid his equipment there, the message says. - Militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hide equipment near residential buildings where civilians are located.
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      25 February 2023 15: 23
      Data on the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are received from the front line

      Do not let go and destroy .. Yes, tough, but there is no other way!
      They will again be thrown into the assault
      They are on fear and NATO drugs .. Prisoners are being changed and they are again a rod.!
      1. +5
        25 February 2023 15: 46
        LukaNord ..... Don't let them leave and destroy .. Yes, it's tough, but there's no other way!

        Yes, there is no one to feel sorry for. The criminals must be overtaken by a well-deserved punishment.
    2. +3
      25 February 2023 15: 24
      Svidomitov is still unfortunately "extracted" later - you'll see.
      Sort of humanism...

      And one oligarch will then roll them up for treatment and give out iPhones for free. Yeah.
      1. -1
        25 February 2023 15: 57
        And one oligarch will then roll them up for treatment

        profits from Russian companies allow, apparently
  2. +2
    25 February 2023 15: 16
    Prigogine said. In Bakhmut, the garrison has 40 thousand bayonets. So it will continue, then only useless scrap metal will remain
    1. +3
      25 February 2023 15: 58
      the garrison has 40 thousand bayonets

      for a small town this is a huge army
      1. -1
        25 February 2023 16: 31
        And all this is collected in a relatively small area. A double-edged sword. You can cover everyone in a crowd, or get a sickly blow from a compressed spring.
    2. +1
      27 February 2023 05: 31
      Forgive me, who said what, it’s not the point, just imagine at least two divisions (I’ll forgive the old habit) in such an area, this is doubtful.
      It is not worth believing in the stupidity of the enemy.
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    25 February 2023 15: 21
    Tg. Military informant posted a video on his channel. The swineherds blew up the dam, trying to slow down the offensive. Looks like there is a shuher brewing for vsus.
  4. -2
    25 February 2023 15: 38
    Assault groups moving forward, as if they themselves were not trapped, how is it with the filling of troops in the recaptured areas, is there anyone there to defend grandparents, to hold the front? Ali is empty behind his back, in the beginning, after all, they even reached Kiev, but it’s empty ... empty ... 40 thousand bayonets can turn into a shock fist, after all, they’re not some kind of French ...
    1. +4
      25 February 2023 16: 01
      can turn into a shock fist

      they can, if there is ammunition, otherwise - the fate of the 6th army of Paulus
    2. +1
      27 February 2023 05: 34
      Come on, what 40 thousand bayonets there and from where? When supplying along one road, it is doubtful to step on the edge.
      Yes, and losses and wounded, so the issue with bayonets is slippery.
  5. +5
    25 February 2023 15: 42
    Wagner, advance, give Prigozhin everything he needs, and expand the size of this military group.
  6. +4
    25 February 2023 15: 45
    Is it possible to remotely mine this road with MLRS. Or is it really ultra-high military technology? What does the plywood commander think about this? No, hasn't he heard of this?
    1. +2
      25 February 2023 16: 05
      plywood commander

      Count Dubai is not up to the VSUK - he is passionate about the fight against the Wagnerites
    2. +2
      25 February 2023 16: 11
      If you dream up, then you can do it even easier. If the road is under fire control, then it is possible to slow down and increase the effectiveness of mortar fire by damaging the roadway with aircraft or large-caliber artillery. And repairing or passing slowing down vehicles should be thrown with 120-mm mines.
  7. +1
    25 February 2023 17: 17
    When their road is blocked for hours, this will be the beginning of the end of the fascist invaders in Artemovsk.
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    26 February 2023 23: 10
    This is their only chance to be saved. Taking into account the information on the advancement of musicians to Bogdanovka, a variant is emerging in which Dubovo-Vasilyevka will be surrounded faster than Artemovsk...