Bloomberg: US Secretary of State will travel to Central Asia and India, where he wants to influence the position towards Russia

Bloomberg: US Secretary of State will travel to Central Asia and India, where he wants to influence the position towards Russia

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will travel "into Russia's sphere of influence" next week in an attempt to bring some of Moscow's traditional partners closer to the US position on the Ukraine conflict.

A senior US diplomat will visit the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for meetings and participation in a regional summit of the five Central Asian states, and then travel to India for a meeting of G20 foreign ministers.

The publication notes that the United States hopes to achieve global support for Kyiv by other countries, as well as strengthen sanctions against Russia. However, Moscow's influence remains steadfast, as evidenced by the fact that all three countries Blinken plans to visit abstained from Thursday's UN vote calling for Russia to withdraw its troops.

According to Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu, Washington understands that the countries of Central Asia and India have a strong relationship with Russia.

I don't think they will end this relationship anytime soon, but we will be talking to them about the role they can play.

Lou said.

As the authors of the publication note, it is obvious that Blinken will also use the G20 summit in New Delhi to bring together the foreign ministers of the so-called Quartet, which includes the United States, India, Japan and Australia. With them, he will probably discuss not only Ukraine, but also China.
  • Bekhan Uzhakhov
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  1. +2
    February 25 2023
    Kazakhs will start to stagger .. Threatening them with sanctions to their bays and juzes ..
    The Anglo-Saxons need a second front in the underbelly of Russia Well, well!
    The borders are open with Kazakhstan and some gangs can seep in. This is the main danger for us!
    PS well, biolaboratories operate both on the border of China and on the borders of Russia .. I wish all this would bang
    1. +1
      February 25 2023
      Kazakhstan opposing Russia and China can last a couple of years maximum. I think the Kazakh leadership understands that only Russia and China can guarantee the republic's sovereignty.
    2. 0
      February 25 2023
      Quote from Luka Nord
      .Threaten them with sanctions to their bays and juzams ..
      The Anglo-Saxons need a second front in the underbelly of Russia Well, well!

      Well, the sanctions should be worse than getting fabulous profits for re-export. Well, many companies faded just to Kazakhstan. I feel it will not be easy for Blinken
    3. 9PA
      February 26 2023
      What can Kazakhstan do? His fate is unenviable in the event of a war with the Russian Federation, this is not European Ukraine
  2. +2
    February 25 2023
    It would be happiness and misfortune helped. In Central Asia, they are now rubbing their hands, how many gifts can be demanded from Uncle Sam to local princelings, there is some kind of wish tree. I hope I have enough brains not to fall for beads (safety of accounts of embezzlers in London). The Kyrgyz were able to turn on the brain by driving the Americans from their airfields, there are doubts about Rahmon and Tokarev.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. +3
    February 25 2023
    And then the brownie Kuzya will again mutter with her mouth that does not close from braces - that "the United States does not put pressure on anyone. The countries that join us do it voluntarily, demonstrating unity and solidarity with the position of the United States."
  5. +2
    February 25 2023
    Well, the Kazakhs will polish his tail to a shine, with rough tongues laughing
  6. 0
    February 25 2023
    The East is a delicate matter, and where it is subtle, it breaks there. But it will be, as always in the east, grandmothers will take from amers, nod their heads, and then again cling to Mother Russia's chest.
  7. 0
    February 25 2023
    The US Secretary of State will travel to Central Asia and India, where wants to influence in relation to Russia
    Here fool then, for this you need such a bag of buns ...., and he has only sanctions on his mind. fool
  8. 0
    February 25 2023
    Of course, you can influence, only the influencer has already broken. Most of them just put their tails between their legs and wait to see who will win. The fact that they just turned their tails between their legs and didn’t run to lie down under America is already good, it means they don’t see a leader in America and are waiting for Russia to become the new leader.
  9. 0
    February 25 2023
    PHOTO: Yes, and Blinkin's muzzle, like that of a puppy who has peed, even Zelya smiles. request
  10. 0
    February 25 2023
    Who will let you sniff a pancake from under a camel?
  11. 0
    February 25 2023
    It is a pity that Bashirov with a stinger MANPADS is not near the airfield when this one visits a dangerous region on an airplane!
  12. 0
    February 25 2023
    That is symbolic at the front door Negotiations, extortion and bribery are already taking place through the back door

    Again old news! I think journalism is death!
  13. +1
    February 25 2023
    Blinken will go to do his job. His American work can weaken the influence of Russia in the world. But where does the photo of Blinken and Zelensky in the headline of the news?!?!

    What side is Zelensky here?

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