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Mikhail Leontyev: Body - tobacco

We used on the cover the image of the respected Gennady Grigorievich Onishchenko - Chief Medical Officer - not so much due to his growing personal danger (which even Duma deputies noticed now), but rather because this image most clearly and accurately embodies the last trends in Russian politics.

The opinion is spreading before our eyes that, as a result of various toughening and invasion of legislation, Russia becomes almost a totalitarian state in the moral and ethical sphere and is about to fall into the Middle Ages. It is obvious to any unbiased observer that this is utter nonsense. Both the state of society, and the state of the state and its institutions absolutely exclude any “toughening” that is significantly tangible at the household level. Even if the mentioned law-making and the truth would contain any signs of a real tightening. It is impossible to tighten the liquid jelly. The matter is much worse: literally before our eyes, the whole process of state-building, which has noticeably intensified recently, covers an increasingly dense veil of paranoia and idiocy. It seems that someone specifically wants to make senseless and caricature the whole, even quite rational, activity of the current government.

The starting point, perhaps, can be called the abolition of the ppm, that is, the allowed blood alcohol limit for drivers. We will not repeat the arguments of kefir, kvass and autogenic alcohol that have not been refuted by anyone. One thing is certain: a person with these permissible ppm is certainly not drunk. From the point of view of a normal person. From the point of view of the manic fighter for sobriety mentioned Onishchenko, a person who drank any dose of alcohol is drunk for a month, and a person who drank once a year, the next eleven months may not be drunk, but should be considered a drinker. When such concepts form the basis of regulation, this can be regarded solely as a mockery. Not to mention that this concept completely excludes the possibility of harsh punishment for really drunk drivers. It is characteristic that attempts at a completely official level to return the situation from a manic to a normal plane did not have success.

The next step in the chosen direction was the introduction of the annual time. I remember that it was motivated by the problems of adaptation of people and cows, who allegedly could not understand when to milk them. After the blessing was not appreciated even by the happy cows, attempts were made to return time to its natural state. However, for some reason, they again did not result in any result.

In the current political season, even a certain fashion for idiocy suddenly appeared. Lawmaking has acquired a reflex character. The creators simply read a summary of the incidents and initiate tightening prohibiting measures for each. The fashion for idiocy leaves an imprint on everything, in principle, sound actions, be it a law on the protection of the feelings of believers, control over criminal activities on the Internet, etc.

However, compulsory labeling of information products by age restrictions became the height of insanity. This seemingly harmless and harmless event with completely ridiculous and absurd designations on old cartoons and Soviet film classics, on concert posters of classical music, flickering daily and every minute in front of the eyes of the population, gives reality a smack of light but constant idiocy. The easiest way to make sense news a program? It’s pointless to stick an age restriction on it. At least 15+, at least 90–. In this atmosphere, any phenomena of reality, minor incidents and domestic incidents, acquire new and far-reaching meanings. What is the campaign to combat the Dagestan-Azerbaijani wedding shooting in the air? Domestic hooliganism takes on the size of almost an inter-civilizational conflict. And then the lawyer of the deceased Agafonov in the Mirzaev case, in response to a legally correct sentence, states that this, they say, is a signal that now Russian guys can be killed with impunity. I wonder how the defense line would be built, if Agafonov were, for example, a Jew? Or an Armenian? Though the Zulus? It was worth the “lawyer of the year” psychopath Vinogradov to carry out a massacre in the office, immediately followed the initiative to strengthen control over the legal weapons. Comrades do not know that the murderer, even if he is a psychopath, absolutely useless to legalize their weapons. Just as it is no secret that getting the left barrel in Russia is not a big problem. A legal weapon is needed just for those who are going to use it in self-defense. Including from a psychopath like Vinogradov.

The anti-tobacco bill is in this series separately. More precisely, it stands a separate boulder. To repeat: we have nothing against sensible sound measures to limit the spread of smoking, especially among children, and to protect those who really want it from the unpleasant effects of tobacco. However, a legislative repressive ban on smoking by smokers where it does not violate anybody’s rights is an unacceptable and unacceptable interference with a person’s personal space. To which no one and no one gave the right. This is a precedent, and extremely dangerous, the possibility of such intervention on all other occasions and grounds. As for the content of the anti-smoking project, it will be more detailed here. The points.

The first. In its current form, the project is a tribute to the Western politically correct fashion. Actually, the reason for the revitalization of activities in this direction was Russia's accession to the WHO convention on tobacco control. It is no secret that WHO, an organization under the complete control of a powerful pharmaceutical lobby (which is certainly more powerful than a tobacco one), systematically organizes senseless and scientifically illiterate campaigns about pseudoepidemias, avian and swine flu, and mad cow disease. multi-billion sums and, accordingly, the same profits are derived to the sponsors of WHO. The Russian anti-tobacco law was written by the hands of these foreign lobbyists specifically for the Bloomberg Foundation’s money, and there is no reason to exclude that it is progressing in much the same way.

The second. Statistics - first of all, statistics of the same WHO, to which fighters with smoking operate, known figures of death rates from smoking are an absolute ungrounded falsification. Such statistics simply can not be: there is not a single death certificate, where in the column "cause of death" would be smoking. No one claims that smoking is beneficial. But when a notorious lie is cited as evidence, should this raise any questions? The same nonsense from a scientific point of view is the harm of so-called passive smoking. It is possible to agree that foreign smoking is unpleasant for many people, and definitely harmful for some patients with lung diseases or allergies. But paranoid calculations about the dangers of passive smoking, which lie at the base of draconian prohibitions, are not based on anything other than paranoia itself.

Third. The law is economically dangerous. The common place is that it creates problems of survival for small outlets. And this is quite a significant part of our aspiring small business. A sharp inadequate increase in excise taxes is just as dangerous as their underreporting. By the way, in normal economies, harmful human habits, such as smoking, alcohol, or, for example, gambling, which are unrealistic and counterproductive to eliminate bans, serve as a source of budget replenishment. This, in fact, is the genetic essence of excise.

Fourth. Russia is a smoking country. We have most adults smoke, whether someone likes it or not. And people will not be able to quickly abandon this habit, and many will not want to. Are we missing tobacco riots? In general, the escalation of material repression, fines, excise taxes in a socially, to put it mildly, heterogeneous country is the best way to update this “heterogeneity”. In the form of social conflict.

The fifth. A complete ban on smoking in all modes of transport, including long-distance vessels, makes the authors of the law people who suffer from sadistic hatred of smokers. In many points, this is not a law on combating smoking, but on combating a hateful, vile, smelly smoker. If you look at the famous pictures on the packs, it becomes clear with what sadistic pleasure the author invented it all. In the current political correct society, it is indecent, and it is technically impossible to hate the Negroes, Jews, Caucasians, even Russians in public and in law. All this unrealized hatred can be sublimated and turned into a stinking smoker.

The sixth. This is the densest plaque of paranoia that gives out the motives and intentions of the authors. When people forbid tobacco not only to smoke, but also to chew and sniff. When the hookah is subjected to repression, which by definition does not give way to tobacco smoke. When the law forces to hide tobacco under the counter and issue it only at the insistent request of the buyer, when you have to run off the 10 meters from the station door, when you want to cut out smoking heroes from film classics, it means that people hate tobacco as a product. With the same passion you can hate milk and semolina. I would like to see the relevant bills.

The point is not specifically in tobacco, not in promille and not in them. Notice, all these idiotic initiatives do not seem to affect the main substantive aspects of politics and economics. But they are totally domestic. They touch everyone every minute. They penetrate and fill the current life of each person. Fill with this very touch of idiocy. And fill the top - the legislator. It discredits, devalues, turns the state itself and its institutions into an indecent anecdote. This is really, without exaggeration, very dangerous.

As for the direct and obvious threat from Gennady Grigorievich Onishchenko. We wrote about this exactly three years ago (see 10 No. from 16.11.2009). I will quote myself beloved: “Gennady Onishchenko is a Russian socio-political phenomenon. This is an experiment - what a dedicated, extremely able-bodied ideological maniac can achieve. ” During this time, the head sanitary department has noticeably advanced. Today, he directly threatens to dissolve parliament in the event of a refusal to adopt a manic anti-tobacco law. Further - more: Onishchenko demanded to protect children from the church, because there is unhygienic, the water in the font is not boiled and the icons are not disinfected. Not only is communion with wine! At the same time, he is a cunning beast who spoke separately about Islam, in the sense that he has no complaints about Muslims. I would like to see what would happen if he formulated such claims. Therefore, it does not formulate. In fact, Onishchenko has the formal authority to take full control of power in Russia. These powers are sanitary and hygienic. Moreover, unlike many others, he even has an idea. True, it is also sanitary. But, as we wrote three years ago, “according to the degree of abstract humanism, it has almost no equal. And do not be surprised if Gennady Grigorievich takes power and declares the dictatorship of clean hands. And no one will stop him. ”

So, three years later, with a much smaller share of humor, I state: in an atmosphere of light paranoia that envelops the process of state-building, the chances of Mr. Onishchenko are growing. The experiment continues. In humans.

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  1. YARY
    YARY 19 November 2012 11: 32
    This discredits, devalues, turns into an indecent joke the state itself and its institutions

    And what has not done so recently from the decisions of this "state"?
    The fight against corruption?
    Military stool reform?
    Education Reform?
    Health care reform?
    1. PISTOL
      PISTOL 19 November 2012 11: 46
      It was high time to introduce a partial ban on smoking and increase excise taxes, and we are only now thinking about this ...
      P.S. I am a smoker)
      1. Manager
        Manager 19 November 2012 12: 02
        Quote: GUN

        It was high time to introduce a partial ban on smoking and increase excise taxes, and we are only now thinking about this ...
        P.S. I am a smoker)

        I am joining. (PS I smoke once a week with alcohol)
        1. alexng
          alexng 19 November 2012 12: 27
          I don’t smoke, but I’m against this law, because prohibitions never decide anything at all and it’s unlikely to be decided. It is easier to ban than to conduct propaganda and educational work. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is where all the efforts should be directed. And this law is just an excuse for the problem, i.e. a rag screen, and as Zadornov used to say, "they made the event"
          1. Homo
            Homo 19 November 2012 13: 24
            Propaganda and education without prohibitions is ineffective. Look back at the USSR - "non-traditional" sex orientation, drug addiction, prostitution, parasitism, homeless people, street children, etc., all this was banned. And already on top of the ban, propaganda and education was carried out (starting from kindergarten age) - it was very effective!
            1. aksakal
              aksakal 19 November 2012 15: 01
              Quote: Homo
              Propaganda and education without prohibitions is ineffective. Look back at the USSR - "non-traditional" sex orientation, drug addiction, prostitution, parasitism, homeless people, street children, etc., all this was banned. And already on top of the ban, propaganda and education was carried out (starting from kindergarten age) - it was very effective!

              - you twist something, dear. And to the detriment of common sense. There was an article for sodomy, but I don't remember its application at all. Neither public nor among acquaintances. Moreover, in my presence one high-ranking official was "burned" on this inclination in the central apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, when Plataev was still the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kaz SSR - and nothing, they flooded the party and a comradely or officer's court, I don't remember, but not that in prison - left at work! So your ban was a fiction, and this article of the USSR Criminal Code is, in fact, legally dead.
              You'd better remember the ban on drinking from Ligachev! That was the song! How did the so-called so-called, who were in poverty before that, flourished. "shanghai", low-rise building areas. That's for this
              Quote: Homo
              - it was very effective!
              - here I agree with you, dear.
              I am generally against prohibitions. This is a disgusting practice. There is a ban on "drinking" - it means that someday there will be a ban on "living." If there are undesirable phenomena, they must be dealt with intelligently, which implies
              a) the high professionalism of employees and managers in charge of this problem of state departments;
              b) sufficient development and complexity of the structure of state bodies and
              structures of government. This development and complexity involves synergistic (mutually agreed) actions of various and related departments in solving the problem. To illustrate, when carrying out, say, an anti-alcohol company with NON-PROTECTIVE MEASURES, simultaneously with the introduction of the same excise tax, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the fiscal authorities should work in an agreed mode by the Ministry of Mass Media - organizing mass propaganda and Culture Ministers - organizing the same propaganda through the mouths of very popular people. This is an illustration, just an example of synergy, of course, these measures are not enough, there should be a bunch, but AGREED.
              So far, I have not seen evidence of the presence in state institutions of either the first, or even the second point, either in the authorities of Russia, or in the bodies of the more so in Kazakhstan. Wasserman in the next branch walked hard through the civil servants of Moldova, alas, I have to state that civil servants deserve such an assessment ALL WITHOUT EXCLUSION of post-Soviet states. The only difference is that someone has a clinical picture, and someone else has a latent one.
              And prohibitions are a diagnosis. A very good diagnosis of professionalism of power. And very good diagnosis to those who support such idiotic initiatives of power.
          2. soaring
            soaring 19 November 2012 13: 32
            alexneg, I agree with you completely !!! I won’t say too much ... Respect to you, article +++ good drinks
          3. Botanologist
            Botanologist 19 November 2012 18: 28
            The worst thing in the army is a fool with initiative.
            In civilian life, however, too. As we see on the example of Onishchenko.
        2. predator.3
          predator.3 19 November 2012 15: 46
          Most adults smoke here, like it or not. And people will not be able to quickly abandon this habit, and many will not.
          I myself have not smoked for a year (experience 26 years), quit after a course of acupuncture, and I do not regret quitting - not quitting it all depends on the person!
        3. datur
          datur 19 November 2012 16: 39
          Manager, and I drink alcohol every 3-4 months and alas, smoke, so what? we sometimes pass laws, it feels like the guys who receive them are deeply dumbfounded by any dope without measure !!!
      2. Civil
        Civil 19 November 2012 12: 08
        Leontyev AGAINST Onishchenko

        bully betting comrades! Onishchenko is a chatty performer, Leontyev is a chatty idler, and here comrades from the back rows suggest that Leontyev’s children study in the USA, and Onishchenko forbids drinking beer and smoking
        1. virm
          virm 19 November 2012 15: 14
          Leo is a substance that somehow leaks somewhere. And Onishchenko will go away. Such a forecast.
        2. A. Yaga
          A. Yaga 19 November 2012 21: 37
          I got this Leontiev with my nausea. And I quit smoking a year ago with the help of an electronic cigarette, which is what I wish for everyone. 38 years of experience.
      3. papas-57
        papas-57 19 November 2012 18: 17
        Let the stupid people vote. This is just the beginning. Further it will be more fun - a ban on alcohol, cars (and of course, harmful emissions), food, sex, etc. Let's all be like a `` orderly ''
      4. starshina78
        starshina78 19 November 2012 18: 24
        You're not right ! This is not meant in terms of promotion and prohibition, but in terms of general thought. Smoking has always been fought, but in different ways. In the USSR, they also fought against smoking by means of posters calling to quit smoking and showing the dangers of smoking, the release of short films and "Wick" (whoever remembers "Wick" should remember the video where the names of cigarettes were changed, such as: "Java" into "Ulcer", "Astra "to Asthma, etc.). I myself am a former smoker (I have smoked for more than forty years, and now I have quit "Thank God!"), But I am against this law, which supposedly should reduce the number of smokers and protect non-smokers from smokers. We live in Russia, where every action of the authorities leads to opposition by the people, Gorbachev forced us to stop drinking, and we began to drive more moonshine and drink surrogates, and in this case the people will find an antidote. Will begin to grow tobacco in summer cottages and household plots. Russian people are a lot of inventions. You cannot force a person to quit smoking by prohibitions alone. It is necessary to give a person an incentive, but there is none. By the way, in many companies and factories those who quit smoking are rewarded and salaries raised. This is the incentive. Our power always goes from one extreme to another, like an old senile.
        1. s1н7т
          s1н7т 20 November 2012 10: 49
          Quote: starshina78
          In the USSR, too, fought with smoking

          And I remember the compartment cars with ashtrays. If no one objected, they smoked right in the compartment, sometimes they went out into the corridor (not into the vestibule), there were also ashtrays in front of each compartment. It didn’t really affect the health of the people, probably. But it's not about smoking, it's about principle - 1. "tolerant" impose new objects of hatred on us, distracting from such problems as the spread of "homophilia", the imposition of juvenile justice, etc .; 2. Slowly legalizes interference in personal life down to everyday trifles - this is a direct path to "manual control", ie. to veiled slavery!
          And some here also assent, dunce!
      5. NICK
        NICK 19 November 2012 18: 51
        Quote: GUN
        It was high time to introduce a partial ban on smoking and increase excise taxes.

        Yeah, and immediately enter the permission for the short-shoot, and for those who are allergic to animals, allow them to destroy all animals, then take care of the car and the remaining plants (such as smoke)!
        But seriously, I'm seriously allergic to this power,
        1. Felix200970
          Felix200970 19 November 2012 21: 58
          Quote: NICK
          Yeah, and immediately enter the permission for the short-shoot, and for those who are allergic to animals, allow them to destroy all animals, then take care of the car and the remaining plants (like smoke)! But seriously, I have a serious allergy to this power,

          I fully support hi . And also to issue a license in ZHEK to shoot idiots in power. Although, knowing our ZHEKI, there will be stress with this angry
    2. Cynic
      Cynic 19 November 2012 16: 58
      Quote: Ardent
      And what has not done this lately

      Oh well .
      As a friendly point-blank we do not want to see:
      The situation is much worse: literally before our eyes the whole process of state building, which has been noticeably activated recently, is covered by an increasingly dense veil of paranoia and idiocy. It seems that someone specifically wants to make sense and caricature all, even quite rational, activities of the current government.
    3. Sasha 19871987
      Sasha 19871987 19 November 2012 17: 10
      winter is coming, so it’s more expensive for me to go to the skating rink than to drink beer ... that’s the problem, you can generally forbid alcohol, went through it .... now the sports sections are almost all paid, that's the point ... themselves allowed it ...
  2. Northerner
    Northerner 19 November 2012 11: 41
    Gennady Onishchenko is well done and clever! He is the only one among this Caudla in the Duma who cares about the health of the nation and is not afraid to make loud statements, and these upstarts who lobby the interests of transnational corporations are promoting poison and poison for OUR CHILDREN !! THINK! WE HURT OURSELF FOR OUR MONEY! Can't you people see the obvious !? I do not deny that Onishchenko could have gone too far with Borjomi, but you yourself must understand that there is an element of politics here and, unlike our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its economic levers are much more effective than the timid statements of our diplomats, which the whole of Europe and the State Department laugh at!

    P.S. I have already commented on a similar article and once again I recall that smokers behave towards non-smokers in the ranks of which I am very disgusting! Smokers normally smoke and throw a cigarette butt, or even the contents of the ashtray from the car window onto the roadway, in the porch, in the underpasses, in the subway halls, in the courtyard, at the porch, in the playground, etc.! It is not possible to be in public places, kids, expectant mothers will tar so that tears come from the eyes and then wonder where the ancology is from! It is impossible to breathe normally in the city, but here are these bydlyaks who poison themselves, others and crap! Where a smoker smokes, everything will surely be charred, burned, it is impossible to breathe, and our children remember, take an example from us from their parents and what they see daily ?!
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 19 November 2012 11: 53
      Quote: Northerner
      He is the only one in this Duma who cares about the health of the nation
      , however, all that he does is an appearance of struggle and believe me - CHILDREN can be protected from TOBACCO, but it is impossible to protect from supposedly "products" from the store. Counterfeit vodka is dangerous, but falsified products is fatal. DO NOT FIGHT "gentlemen" United Russia request
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 19 November 2012 15: 25
        Quote: d.gksueyjd
        it is impossible to protect against supposedly "products" from the store. Counterfeit vodka is dangerous, but counterfeit food is deadly. DON'T FIGHT "gentlemen" unicorns request

        Just one example for Mr. Onishchenko, which is really NOT FIGHTED:
        "Dioxin and a large group of dioxin-like substances - these are substances (xenobiotics) that are alien to living organisms and enter into animate and inanimate nature with products or waste from numerous technologies. dioxin toxicity is higher or at least comparable to the toxicity of anticholinesterase toxic agents such as herd, sarin, soman and VX. Thus, the assertion that dioxin is the most toxic of the substances synthesized by man, in principle, cannot be considered an exaggeration of enthusiastic researchers or journalists, although, as already mentioned, there are more toxic compounds of this class. Dioxin-containing products of various industries, appearing in the practical turn of civilization, are diverse: Car exhaust - An example of the use of fuel, accompanied by the appearance in the combustion process of a diffuse source of dioxins. Dioxins found in filter (including filters for coffee and tea) and wrapping paper, paper napkins, baby diapers, cosmetic fabrics, etc. PCDD and PCDF are especially high in recycled paper. As far back as 1980, it was indicated that a serious source of dioxin neoplasm in plumbing communications could become drinking water disinfection process by treating it with molecular chlorine. In the air of residential premises, dioxins come from burning in house stoves. wood, coal, fuel oil, especially when burning polyvinyl chloride and plastics (e.g. in a landfill). In emissions of power plantsworking on coal, 1 pg of TCDD / kg and 8 pg of TCDF / kg of ash are formed. An additional source of airborne dioxin pollution is wood products, pretreated with polychlorinated biphenyls. From food 50% of dioxins are supplied with meat, 27% - with milk, 10% - with fish and 11% - with other foods. It was established that the level of dioxins in milk is 40-200 times higher than in the tissues of the body. Calculations show that from 1 liter of milk, the body receives a 12-fold higher dose of PCDD than due to inhaled air in one day. Significant amounts of dioxins may come from root crops (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.), because most of them are delayed in the root systems of plants and only 10% - in the ground parts.
        It is easy to fight smoking and everyone can see the semblance of concern for health, and a much more serious danger is hushed up - with all products we receive huge doses of orange-type substances used in Vietnam as defoliants. Here I would show concern ...
        1. Yura
          Yura 19 November 2012 19: 42
          Quote: Kaa
          Here I would show concern ...

          It is said in full, as far as this comment allows, plus you are big, although you read your calculations and it becomes creepy.
      2. Yura
        Yura 19 November 2012 16: 10
        Quote: d.gksueyjd

        Exactly, the priorities are wrong. For example, I don’t know a single person who would have gone and smacked someone after smoking a cigarette, and after the pile that served as a prelude to the following examples, there’s more than enough. I think that a cigarette is by far the most harmless thing a person does. I will not list with what you can fight in order to live more useful, it will take a lot of time. I would just like to ask our lawmakers that there is nothing more to do?
      3. s1н7т
        s1н7т 20 November 2012 10: 52
        Quote: d.gksueyjd
        DON'T FIGHT "gentlemen" United Russia request

        Heh, they are fighting with us, is it really not clear? In any case, all their laws speak about it!
        And to themselves - green numbers drive. Separate, the chosen one goes, damn it ...
    2. Averias
      Averias 19 November 2012 12: 07
      A little question, why then this "holy" man, a fighter for the health of the nation, does not ban McDonald's? World statistics say that fast food is evil (look at the pictures of overweight children, victims of fast food), and GMO, and disgusting quality products on store shelves (I'm not talking about re-gluing labels, and about restoring spoiled products). And an alcoholic surrogate, and many hours of corks that stand and smoke, and we walk past and breathe it. A leftist system of materials (with phenol and other byaka). Houses under construction near power lines, spontaneous dumps. Does all of the above contribute to the health of the nation? So I understand you. To the question to Mr. Onishchenko: Do ​​your children eat burgers, since you say they do no harm? He lowered his eyes and said no, we eat healthy food. And all the rest means you can vparivat so it turns out. So you are talking nonsense, and complete.
    3. Ustas
      Ustas 19 November 2012 12: 35
      It seems to me, Mr. Severyanin, reading your angry lines in the direction of smokers, you do not hate them so much, but all the inhabitants of our vast Russia, because all the arguments that you give (smoke and throw a cigarette butt, in the porch, in the underpasses, in the lobby subway, in his yard, at the entrance, de smoker smokes, be sure everything will be draped charred) it is a matter of education and culture. Therefore, not with prohibitions and punitive laws, but only with the education of culture in every citizen, we can get rid of tobacco and dirt in cities and towns.
      And regarding "It is impossible to breathe normally in the city" I advise you to pay attention to industrial and transport emissions, to smoke from the pipes of boiler houses and ordinary houses. And in this mass of all emissions, tobacco smoke occupies a negligible percentage.
      1. Northerner
        Northerner 19 November 2012 12: 46
        Eustace, the flag in your hands! If you are so cultural then think of a way to teach your fellow citizens not to smoke (you or cultural smokers will be told where to go at best, or they will simply scratch their turnips uncultivated). And it’s funny to hear from you a modern person an example about boiler pipes, etc. the days of coal industrialization are long gone. I agree with examples of car exhausts, but this is a problem of megacities and it will be gradually solved with the use of high technologies, but even high technologies cannot do anything with tobacco smoke! And do not compare without exception all the inhabitants of our vast Russia with smokers; believe me, there are also cultural people who care about the environmental problem and the health of the younger generation. hi
        1. Ustas
          Ustas 19 November 2012 13: 06
          Quote: Northerner
          And it’s funny to hear from you a modern person an example about boiler pipes, etc. the days of coal industrialization are long gone.

          Northerner, congratulations on your high-tech society. Where are we, Siberians, to you. After all, in our country boiler rooms are still drowned with coal. Gas, it’s in Europe.
          Quote: Northerner
          And do not compare without exception all the inhabitants of our vast Russia with smokers, believe me, there are also cultural people who care about the environment

          There are also cultural people among smokers who do not allow to throw cigarette butts past the urn and spit. But even among non-smokers there are those who allow themselves to throw wrappers, chewing gum and other garbage right on the street.
          So I repeat, this question lies in the field of education and culture.
    4. lelikas
      lelikas 19 November 2012 12: 56

      Gennady Grigoryevich- we recognized you, you can write on your own behalf.
    5. A. Yaga
      A. Yaga 19 November 2012 21: 44
      Sometimes I don’t understand our people. The northerner is right in everything! but it was heavily bombarded. What is not to your liking? The former smoker herself, 38 years of experience, fully confirm his words, I behaved just like that. Not out of harm, but because this shit has nowhere to go and I want to get rid of shit as soon as possible. I don’t think about other people at all - all my brains are smoky.
  3. arkady149
    arkady149 19 November 2012 11: 54
    To show the absurdity of outwardly logical and reasonable attempts to use common sense, our pocket is the signature sign of Mikhail Leontyev. Thank you for the ironic and accessible presentation.
  4. andrey9031
    andrey9031 19 November 2012 11: 56
    Onishchenko is a man a parody of an official full
  5. vagabo
    vagabo 19 November 2012 11: 58
    The diagnosis of M. Leontiev is a heavy smoker. The new law is the next and right stage in the fight against this poison. It sets those who smoke and poison others to safer norms of behavior in society for others.
    Onishchenko honestly talks about real problems. Yes, it’s cutting the shoulder, but you don’t want to expose him to it as a clown.

    2 Severyanin: what does the Foreign Ministry have to do with it? This department works very effectively, because "diplomacy is the art of the possible." If you have a powerful economy, army and navy behind you, there will be desired results in foreign policy.
    1. Ustas
      Ustas 19 November 2012 12: 41
      Quote: vagabo
      The diagnosis of M. Leontiev is a heavy smoker.

      Not so long ago, in the program "However," Leontyev denied your diagnosis.
      I officially declare that I am not in contact with the tobacco lobby. And I don’t smoke or smoke at all.
      1. virm
        virm 19 November 2012 13: 47
        And you wanted him to admit on TV that he is a kept woman in the tobacco lobby. As well as other interested organizations. Type of edra. This mouth foam tip guarded Serdyukov and Serdyukovschina. I myself remember how on the radio he and a couple of some magazines discussed the correctness of the reform of divisions into brigades. According to the NATO model. (I personally undertake to discuss things that I am familiar with by the type of professional activity.) And here are people who have nothing to do with the army. Not even serving a single day. They say with aplomb - the Soviet military organization is a scoop. Well, this is a brief squeeze from their verbal flow.
        And on Onishchenko, real persecution is open. Who only from zhurnalyug and deputies did not respond about him as an idiot. The same leont demanded a certificate from the fool from Onishchenko many times. In absentia, the truth. On the air.
        And this is just a proposal to adopt an anti-tobacco law. A completely disproportionate reaction of different scum to a simple proposal under the law.
        1. Ustas
          Ustas 19 November 2012 13: 50
          Quote: virm
          Did you want to ...

          Actually, I didn’t want anything. For what I bought, for that I sell it.
    2. vadimN
      vadimN 19 November 2012 13: 10
      Quote: vagabo
      The new law is the next and right stage in the fight against this poison

      There is nothing more harmful to the legal system than knowingly unenforceable laws. It is the combination of "unenforceable law" that gives rise to legal nihilism, and in simple words - an indifferent attitude towards any laws.
      I am an opponent of smoking (and I do not smoke myself), but to fight smoking with such methods is nonsense.
      Advocates of the law, answer the question: who and how will monitor compliance with the law? (well, at least its individual provisions, for example, on the prohibition of smoking in public places). In parks and squares of our cities as smokers sat on benches, they will sit. You can’t put a policeman to every shop. And there are a lot of such locks in the law. Take the same ban on smoking on long-distance vessels. Who will stop smoking on deck? Team members (often smokers themselves)? And how to stop? Will they be given the rights of administrative bodies with the right to impose a fine?
      In general, as always, their ideas were made correct by a delusional, populist law, on which all smokers have already "put" ...
  6. Manager
    Manager 19 November 2012 12: 07
    Smoking is evil!
    And I'm like a person who has been trying to quit smoking for 4 years (now I have come to the point that I smoke only when I drink alcohol, and this is not more often 1-3 times a month).
    I really want the state to help me in this matter. If tobacco is much more expensive and smoking bans appear in public places, I’ll be even less tempted to smoke! All who are against this law are enemies of the people! They poison themselves and others! As long as 80 people smoke in our country, we will not become great!
    1. Rezun
      Rezun 19 November 2012 12: 24
      ... And your son smokes, smokes, smokes ....
      _What,so often?
      _Yes, no, when he drinks.
      _He also drinks?
      _When loses the cards ... hi

      And on Seryoz-Onishchenko performs its task by virtue of their opportunities- safety engineers, too, no one appreciates, for the time being (both "from above" and "from below")
      1. Rezun
        Rezun 19 November 2012 12: 56
        This is not Me, gentlemen, s ___ This is Hazanof-f
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 November 2012 12: 36
      Quote: Manager
      And I'm like a person who has been trying to quit smoking for 4 years (now I have come to the point that I smoke only when I drink alcohol, and this is not more often 1-3 times a month).

      The main thing in your position is not to finish the handle, fasten, hold on, fight wink He drank, smoked and rolled, if there is no desire to become the same, go to the gym hi
      1. Manager
        Manager 20 November 2012 10: 45
        Do you think the person in the photo brought alcohol to such a life? You freak =)

        With regards to me you will not wait. And by the way about the gym-powerlifting 3 years doing.
      2. s1н7т
        s1н7т 20 November 2012 11: 07
        Heh laughing Daily 150 gr. brandy and a couple of bottles of beer for dinner do not interfere with going to the gym and feeling great laughing
    3. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 19 November 2012 12: 41
      In order not to smoke, stop abusing alcohol. "The power is, the will is, but there is no willpower!"
    4. omsbon
      omsbon 19 November 2012 14: 17
      Quote: Manager
      All who are against this law are enemies of the people! They poison themselves and others! As long as 80 people smoke in our country, we will not become great!

      Are you completely crazy? Can offer to shoot smokers, no matter how "enemies of the people."
      About the greatness of the country. I never thought that a great power is determined by smoking.
      1. atomic
        atomic 19 November 2012 18: 36
        "it is necessary to reduce the Slavs to sign language, no hygiene, no vaccinations, ONLY VODKA AND TOBACCO" Adolf Hitler. Occupation policy.
        They couldn’t conquer the Indians with weapons, they simply got them drunk.
        WHO in1975 recognized alcohol as drug No. 1, tobacco-drug No. 6
        So you are crazy. Manager looks at the root.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 19 November 2012 19: 23
          Quote: atomic
          They couldn’t conquer the Indians with weapons, they simply got them drunk.

          And the Indians, in retaliation for the Old World (and the New), planted tobacco, do not remember where it came from? So, it turns out, even ... drinks
    5. atomic
      atomic 19 November 2012 18: 16
      Manger, you're right. +
  7. baltika-18
    baltika-18 19 November 2012 12: 21
    And here I am sitting and thinking: what could be worse, suppose an idiot is free? I come to a conclusion, only idiots are in power. What is there, that there is unpredictability of actions.
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 19 November 2012 14: 30
      Absolutely fair remark! +++
      Little was Gorbachev and the vineyards cut down under the anti-alcohol company. !
      Insanity of Onisch
      Enko is getting stronger! It's time for him to retire.
      1. atomic
        atomic 19 November 2012 18: 49
        sergoOOOO, you have a typical drinking position.
        In 1985-89 (Prohibition), the healthiest generation was born, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 1,8% of conscripts were found unfit for combat training !!!. And now 50-60%. You can continue to cry over the vine.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 19 November 2012 19: 27
          Quote: atomic
          In 1985-89 (dry law) the most healthy generation was born, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense

          I don’t know how, according to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, but according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, the transition to substance abuse (acetone, BF, even chlorophos with beer) belay ) and the opening of "transport corridors" for the derivatives of poppy and hemp, here is the "substitution therapy" of drunkenness and alcoholism ... what
        2. Was mammoth
          Was mammoth 20 November 2012 07: 02
          Quote: atomic
          In 1985-89 (Prohibition), the healthiest generation was born

          Almost every second of the young generation is an allergic, this was not the case with the older generation. And this is not statistics that the authorities will make public as they need it. Our standard of living has risen, and the birth rate, and less began to die ....

          "In the current political season, even a certain fashion for idiocy has suddenly formed." In my opinion, you can not say more precisely.
  8. Northerner
    Northerner 19 November 2012 12: 36
    Quote: vagabo
    2 Severyanin: what does the Foreign Ministry have to do with it? This department works very effectively, because "diplomacy is the art of the possible." If you have a powerful economy, army and navy behind you, there will be desired results in foreign policy.

    To be honest, it’s not very effective if we justify ourselves all the time and are glad when they just don’t even say bad things about us! And about the criticism of what I praised Genadiy Onishchenko only in part of his intentions to fight at the state level with TOBACCO POISON! Duck here and life is not enough to prove something to those who with foam at the mouth can only talk about the negative! Onishchenko is an odious figure in the political arena, I agree with the statements that he is not a politician but his words, unlike political intrigues, are not at odds with the job, and this characterizes him on the good side!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 November 2012 12: 48
      Quote: Northerner

      Northerner, but minus for what, really I myself did not know your photo posted on the site laughing or don't you like sports?
      1. Northerner
        Northerner 19 November 2012 13: 03
        Alexander, what sport? Admit to yourself that you just stoned at the person who told the truth about yourself and I understood him.
        I have been friends with sports so far for more than 25 years, and among my friends there is not a single smoker or drinker.
        Anyone who is here ranting about higher matter, criticizing the "model of prohibition on poison", can not offer anything alternative. Look what is happening here except for your grandiloquent speeches about the fact that it is impossible or it is not demacrotic, no one said anything smart!
        As a result, the country needs a law like air (even if it’s not quite right from the point of view of office plankton), but a law will be, and whether or not smokers will abide by it, then this is your opinion about cultural people, and let’s see who is right!
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 19 November 2012 14: 13
          Quote: Northerner
          Admit to yourself that you just stoned a person

          And the meaning of admitting was clear from what was written. I myself smoke and drink beer, so what? Minus for banter, yes, please hi
    2. vagabo
      vagabo 19 November 2012 13: 17
      In foreign policy, there is a tough confrontation, but at the same time it is not necessary to squabble or spoil relations with partners who can be useful. You need to "concentrate", to accumulate strength, to win time, if you want.

      As for Onishchenko, claims against him could have been made if he had been silent. I think its capabilities are small. He is just the chief medical officer and does what he needs in the form that is available to him.
      1. Northerner
        Northerner 19 November 2012 13: 29
        That’s the point, he is not silent! And everyone knows that he is a performer as he is told from the top, so he will do it, but so far he will do more good than words and if he can curb a cultured society in the understanding that smoking and alcohol is the norm, this is Friday for many, and some seven days a week! Remember that until a fine was imposed for an unfastened belt of 500 r. everyone went and neighing those who fastened! And in the event of an accident at a speed of more than 60 km per hour, a projectile flew through the windshield and for no reason was not in the house, what’s for their own good (Security)! The same thing with the law! Yes, it’s tough, but tough with respect to those who didn’t care about the health of those citizens who, because of their upbringing, culture and morality, didn’t choose this POISONING smoking and drinking life and I agree with those who write that if you drink, you want to smoke and vice versa! So there are just two scales on one health and culture, and on the other, smoking, drinking and boiling! So choose on which scale you are!
  9. merkel1961
    merkel1961 19 November 2012 12: 45
    Those who were especially striking, fastened to the backs of the beds, paranoid in the foam, beating like a witcher on the sabbath ... towels were freaked out by shitty monsters, everyone was bermutorny in their hearts and bermutorny in their souls. Return the sicknesses to Kashchenko!
    1. arkady149
      arkady149 19 November 2012 13: 02
      .Back sicknesses to Kashchenko!
      Stuffing is impossible to turn back.
  10. Normal
    Normal 19 November 2012 12: 52
    Tobacco! But tobacco is not the issue, and not Onishchenko, and not even the idiocy of legislators and government executives.
    "If the stars are lit, then someone needs it." Here are the "stars" and "light up" The question is why? The answer can be seen between the lines and more;
    It seems that someone specifically wants to make sense and caricature all, even the rational activities of the current government
    Right! Caricature and make senseless! But. Who wants? Where are all these idiotic initiatives coming from? Yes, from the party in power and from officials! And who is formally the head of "EdRa" and the head of all officials? That's right - the Prime Minister. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. He is also a member of the "tandem". He has recently been the unofficial leader of the liberals.
    This is where the "dog rummaged" All the idiocy will be attributed to Medvedev (remember ?; "Chubais is to blame for everything!") And one fine moment this ballast will be dumped, and GDP will again begin to rise in the eyes of the electorate.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 19 November 2012 13: 08
      Quote: Normal
      This is where the "dog rummaged" All idiocy will be attributed to Medvedev (remember ?; "Chubais is to blame for everything!") And one fine moment this ballast will be dumped, and GDP will again begin to rise in the eyes of the electorate

      You in my opinion quite rightly noticed this, Vladimir. Plus.
      1. Normal
        Normal 19 November 2012 14: 21
        Greetings, Nikolay.
        In support of the above, one can cite the following citations:
        It is characteristic that attempts at a completely official level to return the situation from manic to the normal plane were unsuccessful.
        .... attempts have been made to restore time to its natural state. however, for some reason they again failed to produce any result.

        What is it like?
        This is how GDP is seen pulling the clock back, but this titanic feat is beyond its power.
        What "attempts at the official level" does the author write about here?
        On TV, you can lie fearlessly, but why publish Leontiev's lies on the site? Well, except as a humorous note. laughing
  11. donchepano
    donchepano 19 November 2012 12: 55
    Yes. Smokes in latrines .. there is nothing to poison youth
  12. not good
    not good 19 November 2012 13: 17
    Onishchenko is a man of the Team and without "good" from this command will not step. All his initiatives are lowered from the top. As soon as there is dissatisfaction at the top with something concerning Onishchenko, he immediately conscientiously fulfills it. It is said "harmful" and Onishchenko grabs the saber , at the top they changed their minds and Onishchenko announces that all the shortcomings have been eliminated. An exemplary performer. "The initiative team would have long ago leaked, and he is a long-liver. As in the Bible:" by their deeds you will recognize them. "
  13. Forget
    Forget 19 November 2012 13: 18
    The Soviet Union also ruined insanity. The CPSU brought everything to dogma, all common sense vanished and the USSR collapsed. We were taught philosophy at school; it turns out to be a very good and useful subject. In particular, we were taught that there is unity and the struggle of opposites and bias in any direction leads to problems. In principle, Leontiev's article about this.
    1. Northerner
      Northerner 19 November 2012 13: 39
      I can’t argue with you! You have correctly described everything! True, sometimes dogma is much better and kinder than “Not dogmatic”: same-sex marriage, legalization of drugs, duality of standards and other liberal-democratic nonsense!
      But as practice has shown, the forbidden fruit is sweet and "Not Dogma" very quickly corrupted the "Intrigued" inhabitants of the USSR.
    2. virm
      virm 19 November 2012 13: 53
      The article of this brow about that - smoke further and more. That’s the whole point of the 2-page opus.
  14. zavesa01
    zavesa01 19 November 2012 13: 21
    Can alcohol win too. Having smoked a cigarette, the person remains adequate, but after drinking vodka, as a rule, there is no longer any. I agree with those who, for the fact that the person himself must decide whether he needs it or not. Bans will not lead to anything. There was already a dry law, it’s the same.

    Do smokers throw garbage in the porches? laughing
  15. IlyaKuv
    IlyaKuv 19 November 2012 13: 22
    The old man (Onishchenko) completely defeated morality, it was time for him to retire to the home of the elderly and mentally ill, as well as other officials well-known for their dementia. (Serdyukov, Mutko, the minister generally need to be identified in a mental hospital, etc.)
    1. atomic
      atomic 19 November 2012 19: 19
      Exactly, and instead of putting Onishchenko to put IlyaKuv, he will allow him to sell tobacco, beer in kindergartens, and let the Russians have rotten offspring and they will all rest, but in a democratic, tolerant way.
  16. sergant89
    sergant89 19 November 2012 13: 27
    Himself quit smoking six months ago, the smoking experience is about 24 years old, but still 1. As stated in the article above, the well-known smoking deaths are absolute falsifications based on nothing. Such statistics simply cannot exist: there is not a single death certificate where smoking should be in the column “cause of death”. No one claims smoking is good. But when a deliberate lie is given as evidence. 2. In the history of the state there has already been a struggle against drunkenness, the results: ruined vineyards (loss of jobs), an increased number of deaths from poisoning, home brewing (that is, the absence of excise tax and budget replenishment), etc. etc. 3 God forbid !!! but at the start of the war 90% .4 will increase smuggling (again budget loss) and so on ad infinitum, SIMPLY THE REASON TO ELIMINATE THAN TO SOLVE IT, all the same applies to Demography, Level of Life, Price for Housing and Gasoline. Thank you, an official of Russia, you will ruin this country faster and more destructive than any war.
    1. virm
      virm 19 November 2012 14: 06
      To deny that smoking increases the mortality rate of a population and reduces the life expectancy of an individual is foolish. Excuse me.
      The fight against alcoholism is also needed and useful.
      Even a mid-80s company. Felling vineyards is an excess, of course. But life expectancy has increased. Fertility has increased. Poisoning from a surrogate - in particular. Not overlapping the overall positive effect.
      In the United States, Prohibition was 18 (!!!) years. Are the Yankees - so stupid - that after a year, two, three did not see that the dry law is bad and did not quickly abandon it. And they pressed it for 18 years !!!. So far they have not received the desired result - namely, the population that has learned to ferment with and without it. And movies about bootleggers are Hollywood. Picture. In fact, America’s populism has sobered.
      And it’s not that it’s time for us to think about it. We are talking about the physical existence of the Russian people. and Yakut and Buryat and ...
    2. carver
      carver 19 November 2012 14: 17

      In the death certificate, cirrhosis of the liver is written or related diseases nobody writes alcoholism, this does not tell us that there are no statistics on mortality from excessive alcohol consumption. Well, we will not mow tobacco plantations; well, there is no tobacco in cigarettes, jobs ??? 100 factory workers and national health in the future, because the dilemma is I don’t know what to choose !!! God forbid the outbreak of war, it is clearly not in the presence of a smoke there will be a problem. Smuggling is what will be cheaper than a chtol store ???? Nobody introduces a ban on the sale ... Rather, they will go to plant a samosad, and this, in principle, is more useful than the chemistry of smoking this cigarette.
  17. bubla5
    bubla5 19 November 2012 13: 49
    Yes, these Putin’s reforms and promises got thrilled, the thieves’s power, others did something at least - the humpback ruined the USSR, Yeltsin sold all the resources, and these two clowns 20 years, one and the same, neither forward nor backward, every year increase
  18. montemor
    montemor 19 November 2012 13: 56
    Several years ago a similar law was adopted in Portugal, there were many cries, but the results were mostly positive. The ban on smoking in public places brought the eternal smell of tobacco from shops, cafes and restaurants, it became purely humanly pleasant to be there. The owners of these establishments, so as not to lose customers, made a fuss, set up condos, allocated special zones for smokers and that’s all, the problem has been solved. So it will be in Russia, at first they yell, then they get used to it. Smoking himself, long experience laughing
  19. old rocket man
    old rocket man 19 November 2012 13: 57
    The law on smoking is a test, a test to test the Duma’s controllability and to test society’s tolerance for power, a more idiotic law only on the alcohol content in the blood of drivers.
    Found and indicated the main enemy ofurilshchika, attack him, let out steam. drug addicts sorry, they are sick, sorry for the murderers, not humanely executed, let them sit on people's money, and smokers, by the way, the majority workerof the population, it’s not a pity, we must finish it to the end, so as not to rock the boat am
    PS my grandmother smoked and died healthy at 96 years old, I smoke from 8 years old and don’t complain about my health at 66 and my children are healthy because I did not drink more than half a liter at a time laughing .
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 19 November 2012 19: 35
      Quote: Old Rocketman
      my grandmother smoked and died healthy at 96 years old, I smoke from 8 years old and do not complain of health at 66 and my children are healthy, because I did not drink more than half a liter at a time

      - Shota Shalvovich, you are 110 years old, how did you manage to do this? “I haven’t drank all my life, I haven’t smoked, I have lived with my wife for 80 years, and health.” “And who is making noise behind your wall?” dying! drinks
  20. carver
    carver 19 November 2012 14: 08
    That damn thing was crazy, let him go to America there marijuana will soon be allowed.
  21. Busido
    Busido 19 November 2012 14: 17
    What does the personality have to do with it? Why emotion? When there is a simple glance, it’s the answer. Look at the essence of the situation, not at the wrapper. Anyone who does not smoke or smoker understands perfectly well, especially on his last deathbed. That tobacco is a drug. A plant substance that has no tangible positive effects on the body. .But the effects of destruction, slow self-destruction abound. Ask every smoker with experience, everyone will answer - "I want to quit", "I smoke, but less." Arguments to quit not only their health, but also such as "a bad example to their children." And it is true that prohibitions cannot eradicate this, absolutely! Only by increasing the culture of society, your culture, you can get rid of this dependence. But this is not a one-day occupation.
    Begin with yourself!
    Ps Smoked for 17 years. Quit. Then he looked around and many acquaintances also threw. Asked, how ?, why? I heard the answer - you're an example !!! bully
    1. carver
      carver 19 November 2012 16: 46

      Well right, that threw. And at one time I had the strength not to succumb to these pontic stains, they say try, all the boys smoke, etc. etc. This does not mean that I didn’t try, it’s a hookah or a pipe when I’m on vacation and I’ll raise it up, but I tried it almost at the time when I was definitely aware that it would not grow into my habit and I tried just real tobacco and not chemistry because even by smell I understand that one big difference is different. And for me this has already turned out not to be addictive: 1-2 times a year and not chemistry, but a natural product and not so as not to freak out if you do not smoke, but to supplement the taste sensations since they are still present in non smokers. But after all, not all of them may not succumb to the mass pressure of those around them in their youth, telling me I don’t give a damn about show-offs, I will not smoke. But these strict laws will give the effect of reducing the coolness of smoking, because now basically young people hang out not in the yards but in various institutions: clubs, discotheques ... and if they forbid smoking there, they don’t smoke cigarettes in the corner under the fence it will look so attractive, because in principle it’s not forbidden to smoke, just go out into that sump and that’s all, and it’s not on a soft sofa with your legs crossed. Yes, I understand that the current smokers will not quit smoking for the most part, but if the number of young people involved in this matter is reduced, especially the female sex, is this not the main thing that the PATRIOTS of their homeland should understand. And it turns out I’m a PATRIOT, but my pacifier for the sake of the Motherland still does not touch.
  22. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 19 November 2012 14: 31
    They continue to poke Russian society on all fronts ... Separation is under way on ethnic and religious grounds, on sexual orientation, while pederasts are equated with normal people, women are set on men, and men are set on women, people are set on law enforcement agencies, demanding that this observance of order in the country .... They knocked the whole country .. Now it remains only to push the foreheads of the patriotic part of the population, smashing them into smokers, drinkers and absolute teetotalers .... The country does not need sensible patriotic-minded citizens, they have many problems, but non-smokers and non-drinkers are quite happy with them ... I agree that it is necessary to fight smoking among young people, but what about those who have smoked all their lives? With those who sat in the trenches with a cigarette in their teeth, calming their nerves and thinking each time that this was his last puff? What about those who started smoking when they found in a cigarette, albeit temporary, but salvation from all the shocks that officials bring us from the government? Personally, I take a cigarette when I see Medvedev, Chubais, Gorbachev on TV, parades of pederasts and other wise men instilling us their will .... And I can not do anything about it ... Protect us from irritants of our consciousness and very many slowly they will abandon this habit .. But they will abandon it themselves, and not because they were forced to ... Young people cannot be forced either, they perceive everything with hostility, but work with them must be done, providing an alternative to smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. .. Adopting such a law is not an option, it will only further fragment our society, which is very beneficial for the adherents of Western ideology, whose principle is: Divide and Conquer, as relevant as ever in their circles ....
    1. virm
      virm 19 November 2012 15: 04
      "Personally, I take a cigarette when I see Medvedev, Chubais, Gorbachev on TV"
      You will be broadcast around the clock face of the Sun. This will protect you from the stimuli of consciousness. )
      But seriously, in our country one of the lowest excise taxes on tobacco in the world. There is a proven practice pattern: increasing excise taxes - reducing the number of smokers. Take a look outside. Smoke 15-year-old boys, girls smoke. Cigarettes are too cheap. It should not be so. Onishchenko is right.
      1. papas-57
        papas-57 19 November 2012 18: 41
        Our salaries are not western (I do not consider the island of capitalism - Moscow). You calculate how much for a salary you can buy a pack in the west and with us (10-15 thousand)
  23. upasika1918
    upasika1918 19 November 2012 14: 48
    The person respected by me falls into conspiracy theology. It’s sad.
  24. Ppsh
    Ppsh 19 November 2012 15: 48
    Are you smoking !? Do you drink vodka and beer !?
    You are an accomplice of Tel Aviv !!!
    1. virm
      virm 19 November 2012 16: 34
      The grain of truth is here.
      From folk art (inscriptions on fences along the railway):
      "Vodka is the weapon of the Jews."
      "Daddy don't drink Jewish vodka."
  25. Helizer
    Helizer 19 November 2012 16: 15
    Bans are ineffective, and permissiveness is even more so.
    Of the two evils, choose the lesser.
  26. pav-pon1972
    pav-pon1972 19 November 2012 16: 33
    And who canceled the inscription "contains GMO" on food if there is GMO in the product? Isn't it Onishchenko?
  27. virm
    virm 19 November 2012 16: 49
    Another article by the author is a rare example of Edro hypocrisy.
    "We didn't have enough tobacco riots?"
    Do not rock the yacht (Abramovich). After all, we are so good and comfortable. Profits from the sale of everything and everything (including tobacco) flow in a river. And you smoke in three throats, drink cheap vodka, and even better cheesecake (just 20 rubles per bottle). Drink cocktails that are banned worldwide. See home2 and football-russia-forward. What else is needed?

    And further:
    "In general, the escalation of material repressions, fines, and excise taxes in a socially, to put it mildly, heterogeneous country is the best way to actualize this" heterogeneity ". In the form of a social conflict."

    That is, when they raise housing prices by 1000 rubles per month - this is not an escalation of material repression. When liquidating free medicine is not the way to social conflict.

    Maybe it’s better to broadcast about shale gas? AND?
  28. robinson
    robinson 19 November 2012 17: 06
    Something, somehow wrong, it seems to me that collective thought is moving.
    The point is not the struggle for healthy lifestyle, the point is the stupidity of the law.
    Teenagers smoke here, but how do they do it? Sale is prohibited until the age of 18, not their parents buy it! There is already a ban, and instead of focusing on its implementation, they come up with some kind of crap. What is the problem with smoking in restaurants and cafes? For a long time there are separate places for smokers and non-smokers, what is the problem then? How can a smoking ban on a ship be implemented at sea? Throw overboard smoker? It’s not difficult to organize a smoking area where the smoker will not bother anyone!
    Not uncles, Leontyev is right here, a base is being created for a bunch of minor conflicts that we do not need. And in the asset, as with the police in the broth, the broth from cooking eggs.
  29. homosum20
    homosum20 19 November 2012 17: 37
    I do not smoke or smoke. I am neutral towards smokers. Due to the presence of allergies, getting into a room where there is a smell of smoke, a severe runny nose begins.
    Moreover, separate halls do not change anything - the air still circulates the general.
    In no way encroaching on the right of smokers to smoke, I want to note that recently it has become easier to live.
  30. sergant89
    sergant89 19 November 2012 17: 44
    Quote: carver
    100 factory workers and national health in the long run because the dilemma I do not know what to choose !!! God forbid the outbreak of war, it is clearly not in the presence of a smoke there will be a problem. Smuggling is what will be cheaper than a chtol store ???? Nobody introduces a ban on the sale ..
    I DO NOT NEED LA-LA before my eyes, thousands of hectares of vineyards were destroyed; whole collective and state farms remained unemployed, because on such soil vegetables and fruits would not give a normal harvest, but literally six months later, royal alcohol appeared and people began to die, and you were at war , in order to argue whether tobacco is needed there or not, yes, this puff seems to be the last and wonderful communication between people, as well as 50 grams, well, about smuggling, an example from Latvia (special with a small letter) goes to Kaliningrad, gasoline and cigarettes buy and I will surprise you "marlboro" in latvia 124 rubles, and in Kaliningrad 60 as in advertising feel the difference and another example of a utility payment for an apartment in Berlin (140 square meters) -120 euros and in Tyumen (44 square meters) -140 euros., price 1 liter of gasoline in the UAE for 8 years unchanged - 9 rubles, Russia-31 rubles because we have no oil, as well as gas, land, electricity and everything else - but there is a handful in power that, apart from their loved ones and hangers-on, is nobody and nothing sees.
    1. carver
      carver 19 November 2012 22: 14
      Yes, I told you about the vineyards and didn’t sing here la la. I told you that there is no tobacco in cigarettes, so people will probably not mow and plant a samosad because the chemistry will be expensive, but its natural from the garden is cheaper.
      And this extravaganza, with the departure from the main point, were you ... the point is that war is the most terrible thing that can happen, and not that it will limit access to smoking, and the technology is not great so as not to provide this rubbish all who want, in which case, but to fence off children from drawing into this habit is important.
      At the expense of counter-gang, do you happen to trade in the cigars yourself in Kalina on the border? Well, the prices in Latvia and in Russia will be equal, and what will the contraband come from? Obviously, all of Russia will not be dragged into Europe for cigars, especially the same children, and the domestic price will not be cheaper from this smuggling.
      As for gasoline, it is one of the lowest in Russia in cost, but before you compare it with Saudis or Venezuela, first compare how much they produce this oil per capita, then you can discuss prices in Russia.
  31. atomic
    atomic 19 November 2012 18: 12
    The problem is accessibility. Take all the vodka and tobacco shops to the area of ​​city dumps, let the afflicted go there. But for our children this disgust will not flicker before our eyes. (Prof. Zhdanov V.G.)
  32. Magadan
    Magadan 19 November 2012 18: 12
    This time I can’t understand something Leontyev! That is, Mirzaev killed Agafonov and one year for the murder, albeit by negligence, is this normal or what? What does a Caucasian or Russian? !!! We really have a human life in the year of prison evaluated ?!
    I guys looked in the water as I mistakenly wrote a couple of months ago that they let Mirzaev go. What can now kill people with impunity. Great !!!! Judges and scum prosecutors spread fear among us. It’s a pancake, pedophids around which you’ll get horseradish, juvenile justice, murders unpunished from traumatism, cops drunk at the wheel who kill women with children without an answer, then these faces snickering from a bureaucratic clique that don’t do anything at all, and now , then drunk, you can kill a person and get off with one year in jail? Do you yourself think that our women will want to give birth to children in our country in such circumstances ?!
    1. Was mammoth
      Was mammoth 20 November 2012 07: 13
      Quote: Magadan
      ... That is, Mirzaev killed Agafonov and one year for the murder, albeit by negligence, is this normal or what?

      I am not a supporter of young "hot" Caucasian guys. Wouldn't you kick in the jaw if you pestered your girlfriend? And here it really doesn't matter who is Mirzaev's nationality.
  33. nokki
    nokki 19 November 2012 19: 29
    Quote: Botanologist
    initiative fool

    This has always been a disaster in Russia! And now it’s just transformed into a national catastrophe! Shoot them, or what? ..
  34. Cynic
    Cynic 19 November 2012 19: 35
    Good intentions pave the way to hell

  35. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 19 November 2012 20: 51
    There are certain people in the State Duma, the so-called lobbyists of tobacco companies, what will harm them their tobacco business will be cut from bills and thrown into a stopudov’s basket, there is no doubt about it)
  36. Aleks60
    Aleks60 19 November 2012 20: 58
    The ultimate truth. Is she needed? Any absolute struggle will lead to dictatorship. AND YOU ARE A FIGHTER READY FOR THE COMMISSARERS IN DUSTY HELMES TO TILT SILENT AT YOU. end of quote.
  37. suharev-52
    suharev-52 19 November 2012 21: 27
    Watching what is happening marvel at the irrationality of what is happening. And most importantly: all the idiocy of the situation is deliberately pulled into the light and strengthened by small, not always clearly defined actions. This confrontation intensified after the advent of GDP and increased confrontation between power groups. We noticed how many laws that excite society and apply to all ordinary people without exception have been adopted recently. I am afraid that we are being intensely prepared for a social internal explosion. Well, in whose interests is it, I think it is not necessary to explain. Sincerely.
  38. aleksey
    aleksey 19 November 2012 21: 54
    Onishchenko, of course, is still a fruit, but smoking must be quit ..
    ideal laws for an ideal country are fantastic, but something needs to be done .. even so. At least, children will not be accustomed to beer and cigarettes since childhood. And those adults who smoke - well, they will adapt somehow, if you can’t quit ...
    Don't you think that Leontiev is always some kind of nervous ...?
  39. const72
    const72 19 November 2012 22: 40
    Well, I’m on the initiative, in the spirit of Onishchenko: if there are no more smokers, then no less than non-smokers, so then we should spread rot? I think it is necessary to take all those who do not smoke, tapor in the hands and cut down the forest in the taiga, there is clean air, ecological products (well, what to catch), and there is no need to pay for fitness, and we do not annoy smokers, sheer blunder. Well, to hell with me, I will ditch my worthless life to the joy of the adherents of a healthy lifestyle))))))))))))))))
  40. Marconi41
    Marconi41 20 November 2012 02: 15
    The fight against smoking comes to insanity!) Smoking is prohibited in the workplace - but what should sailors do on long trips? Or is a soldier in the war also forbidden to smoke in the trenches? Allocate a place for them for the parapet ?!))
  41. MG42
    MG42 20 November 2012 02: 19
    Prohibitions do not really achieve anything "forbidden fruit is sweet". For example, advertising of cigarettes in Ukraine was banned, alcohol is advertised only after midnight, and then as a trademark, beer cannot be drunk on the street, at least so that the police do not see it, so they sell beer in a paper bag - people still drink on the street, especially students. Profanity is solid.
    On packs of cigarettes it is necessary to place all sorts of pictures from the medicine of the consequences of smoking, except for the traditional inscription "smoking is harmful to your health", etc. I myself quit smoking and, to be honest, I do not like it when people smoke nearby. It is necessary for smokers to allocate separate places for smoking and so that they do not smoke in any case in the presence of children - children want to look more grown up - so they take a bad example from adults.
  42. bart74
    bart74 20 November 2012 02: 27
    Never smoked and not going to! All smokers should be put to the wall! And shoot shoot !!!! You fagots poison other people! Better spend money on ice cream kids!
  43. decanter
    decanter 20 November 2012 03: 22
    "Note, all these idiotic initiatives do not seem to touch upon the main substantive aspects of politics and economics. But they are totally domestic. They touch everyone and everyone every minute. They penetrate and fill the current life of every person. They fill this very touch of idiocy." - that's for sure .... you can't say more precisely .... everything was soaked with this very like snot .... I don't know how in megacities, but in the provinces, when the village reads the instructions in general, light mascaras .. we are here to connect gas certificates about the presence of farm animals and poultry, the number of heads and breeds ... while the meter is placed in front of the gas pipe along the street ...
  44. UV58
    UV58 20 November 2012 06: 18
    you don’t have anything yet, here we (in Yakutia) morons are trying to introduce a dry law
    those. stupidly: alcohol (including beer) is prohibited. and that’s it!
  45. Northerner
    Northerner 20 November 2012 12: 46
    I read the comments and understand that it’s really easier for people to live in their minks, smoke, hoot, get angry and understand that they have already smoked their lives, and others will take care of themselves!
    I also agree with such statements that promiscuity, permissiveness and the general availability of tobacco-containing products throughout our beloved mother Russia have brought to such a life. But provocateurs appear who take the subject of discussion off their rails and begin to rant on other abstract topics: power, government, the Pope, and of course Onishchenko, who is a pancake poisoning all of Russia with a specialist, and Russia still takes a pancake and poison itself! And "PIPLE HAVE"
    In general, imagine this situation in two parallel worlds:
    One world has everything cheap tobacco, alcohol, accessibility! People who are already addicted to nicotine and alcohol, they just physically cannot get rid of bad habits, but they entertain themselves with the illusion that this is the last time and tomorrow I will give up and so on until my health says "Sorry, dear, but deceiving yourself is already useless and being treated by the way, too, "In this world where all the extremes have been reached, it is proposed a way out, start all over again and try on a national scale all together to take hold of the head and start fighting what you could not do on your own! For the future of your children, for your health, for a healthy nation !!
    In another world, people grow up in a healthy society from childhood, they scornfully look at tobacco on display cases and alcohol, the prices of which are such that you need to think whether it is worth poisoning yourself for your own money, while in society there is an active social propaganda of a healthy image of life! Children who grow up in a family in which there is no smoking father or mother do not show interest in bad habits, they can safely live to a conscious age and make a choice! In such a society, if you went out for a walk with a child and sat down on a bench in the park, it would be wild to sit next to you on a bench and tighten a cigarette under a beer, as people who have not yet been clouded should have a reason to go and conscience shouts that you don’t want it right smoke get away so far that no one sees you! It's like a pee! You will not write or shit at all? Of course not, because neither you nor the more so under the noses of whom you will do it, you will not like it and you will be CONDEMNED!
    And now the bottom line: in a society in which bad habits are not only not condemned, but even elevated to the rank of completely normal and natural, it will never be good! Because such a society has deceived itself and allowed it to be enslaved by those who raise their business on the bones of people! And if a person alone cannot fight the imposed bondage, then let him at least not interfere with resisting this evil!
    P.S. to the point of absurdity you can bring any idea and turn white into black! Therefore, I ask you, let's not turn white into black and quietly admit to ourselves that many smokers of our country alas have passed the point of no return, have resigned themselves and must understand that the Law is for all not only smokers but also for those who do not smoke but are ready to give in on the advertising, weak and other influence of the tobacco lobby and join the ranks of addicts sponsoring the killers of our future generation!