Ukrainian prime minister called the Armed Forces of Ukraine “NATO army”

Ukrainian prime minister called the Armed Forces of Ukraine “NATO army”

The Kyiv authorities do not abandon their intentions to "squeeze" their country into NATO in the near future. These plans significantly complicate the resolution of the current conflict, since one of the reasons for the start of the Russian NWO was precisely the desire of our “western neighbor” to join the alliance as soon as possible.

At the same time, according to the NATO charter, a country cannot join the bloc if there is an armed conflict on its territory. This is well understood in Ukraine, as Prime Minister Denys Shmygal confirmed in his interview with the Spanish publication Confidencial.

According to the head of the Ukrainian government, Kiev is aware of all the difficulties and obstacles that are now on the way to joining the alliance. Meanwhile, even despite the fact that Ukraine does not have the status of a member of the bloc, as Shmyhal put it, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are de facto already a NATO army.

The Ukrainian prime minister explained that the standards used by the armies of the bloc are being actively implemented in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, Ukrainian servicemen continue to master Western models of weapons. However, some of them are already in use today.

Finally, according to the old tradition, Shmygal asked his “Western partners” for even more weapons, including Tanks, aircraft and artillery, promising not to use it to strike at Russian territory. True, in his last statement he made an amendment that Ukraine would not attack Russia within the 1991 borders.

Consequently, in Kyiv they do not hide the fact that they are preparing to attack the Crimea, the republics of Donbass, as well as the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.
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  1. -6
    24 February 2023 15: 59
    Recall the previous armies armed according to NATO standards and even NATO weapons. And trained in tactics by Western instructors. This is the Army of Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, where are they? Did NATO weapons and instructions help them? Well, it's a failed system. It's good that the Sumerians only know the history of digging the Black Sea and the nuances of the Svidomite harvesting of dinosaur fat. They don't know any other story.
    1. +3
      24 February 2023 16: 03
      Ukrainian prime minister called the Armed Forces of Ukraine “NATO army”
      It's called: no soap trying to squeeze in...! fool
      1. 0
        24 February 2023 16: 19
        Quote: marchcat
        Ukrainian prime minister called the Armed Forces of Ukraine “NATO army”
        It's called: no soap trying to squeeze in.

        Well, let's dream ... even in a dream ...
      2. +1
        24 February 2023 17: 03
        Quote: marchcat
        It's called: no soap trying to squeeze in...!

        As in Yesenin's song - "Oh, how you want, you want, you want, to press your cheek against someone else's ass."
      3. 0
        25 February 2023 09: 00
        If it were not for the means of space, air reconnaissance and communications, then the price of all these instructors and weapons would be worthless.
        I hope for the expected offensives we have prepared our own adequate means of effectively suppressing them.
    2. +3
      24 February 2023 16: 10
      Previous NATO armies were a bunch of "natives". Which, in principle, did not differ in stamina and combat readiness, no matter what instructors taught them (Soviet or Western). Ukraine is us, the same Eastern Slavs with the same mentality (first of all, representatives of eastern Ukraine are thrown to the front). And their brains are thoroughly washed (starting from the school bench, and not just a TV). This is the only one of the NATO armies (including its European representatives) that intends to stand to the end.
      1. +1
        24 February 2023 16: 17
        If they don’t come to their senses and don’t go to the world, then they will have to be destroyed.
        Hopefully without the use of nuclear weapons!
    3. +1
      24 February 2023 16: 10
      Did NATO weapons and instructions help them?
      So they weren't Russians.
      1. -8
        24 February 2023 16: 58
        oh well, stop this chauvinism. The Koreans and Vietnamese are also not Russian, but they hit the mattress pads so that their ass still hurts!
        1. +3
          24 February 2023 17: 35
          North Korea, without the support of China and the USSR, practically lost the war. At the time of the entry into the war of China and the USSR, the Korean People's Army was defeated and the occupation of the entire territory of the Korean Peninsula by the US-South Korean troops was only a matter of time. The entry into the war of the USSR and China stabilized the situation in the form of a stalemate.

          In Vietnam, the American army lost the war no more than the USSR lost the Afghan war. The decision to withdraw was political. The American elites have been fighting among themselves for the withdrawal of American troops for many years.
    4. 0
      24 February 2023 22: 53
      NATO is the USA.
      It's about money...
      They have...
  2. +4
    24 February 2023 16: 01
    More precisely, the army is fighting for the interests of NATO. The NATO army is in the house as long as there is cannon fodder drugged by nationalism in Ukraine.
  3. +3
    24 February 2023 16: 02
    And did the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine immediately stop at the front? NATO countries more accurately consider mutual losses and are well aware that Russia does not use everything. But it saves it for NATO.
  4. +3
    24 February 2023 16: 06
    NATO is playing for a long time by introducing its standards into the Ukrainian army in the future, the war will end sooner or later, and the West expects that Russia will still retreat from its narratives about the further expansion of the alliance, which is not so accepting under the current government, because Putin, unfortunately, is not eternal.
    1. +3
      24 February 2023 16: 10
      Can you tell me how the army ended up according to NATO standards in Georgia, Afghanistan, Iraq?
      It's time to play NATO for a long time - especially when the US was finally kicked out of the Middle East and Africa, they are finishing it off in the Far. And NATO itself is cracking along the Turkey-Sweden and Poland-Germany lines
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +8
      24 February 2023 16: 14
      Putin unfortunately is not eternal.
      Putin in 2000 and Putin in 2023 are two big differences.
  5. 0
    24 February 2023 16: 17
    These geeks amaze their own with cannibalism. Ordinary people are driven to the slaughter, like according to NATO standards, as if it changes something.
  6. +3
    24 February 2023 16: 34
    It seems that in case of failure of the NMD, the logic of the development of events over time (sooner or later) will unambiguously lead Ukraine to NATO, to our great regret...
    1. 0
      24 February 2023 22: 48
      And at the speed of light!
      No candidates, immediate membership
  7. 0
    24 February 2023 16: 39
    Neither the NATO army, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine strives for NATO standards. Again, now Ukraine will push Putin to optimize the Crimea. And most likely, everything will be decided this year, since it is beneficial for everyone that Putin is the president of the Russian Federation. And they will not miss this chance.
  8. +1
    24 February 2023 22: 47
    All true.
    NATO weapons
    NATO equipment
    Officers (well, almost) NATO again
    Brains in natoo
    What is wrong?
  9. 0
    24 February 2023 23: 07
    Jste armada fašisty Bandery, Zelený komik je onuce USA.
  10. 0
    25 February 2023 06: 39
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine are the “NATO army”, as well as Denys Shmygal and the army of Darkness! laughing With his appearance in a mediocre car service, he would sniffle in the winter. Or rap on the street.
  11. -8
    25 February 2023 19: 24
    APU - the native army of NATO.
    All true.

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