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The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the start of military exercises in the country

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the start of military exercises in the country

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced today the start of military exercises in the country, as part of measures to increase the combat readiness of one of the missile units.

As clarified in the Belarusian defense department, the personnel will work out a set of measures aimed at equipping the area of ​​​​starting positions along with bringing equipment into readiness for combat use. Data on the place of combat deployment of units were not disclosed.

In this context, it is worth mentioning the statements of President Alexander Lukashenko that the country will give a quick, decisive and tough response if any aggressive actions are taken against it. According to the Belarusian leader, all this is caused by an arms race using nuclear blackmail by some European states, and it is precisely for this reason that Minsk should exercise maximum vigilance so that the army of the republic can work ahead of the curve.

Earlier, according to information provided by the military department of the country, a significant grouping of Ukrainian troops was deployed near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, while intelligence activities against Belarus do not stop, which indicates the continued likelihood of armed provocations against the republic.

Recall that the next joint Russian-Belarusian exercises called "Union Shield - 2023" will be held on the territory of the Russian Federation from September 22 to 26 this year.

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  1. I dare to_notice_
    I dare to_notice_ 24 February 2023 13: 06
    How can?..
    No, I understand learning is always good...
    But sometimes, knowledge must be put into practice, otherwise... why?
    Money to the wind.
    1. Alien From
      Alien From 24 February 2023 13: 13
      So, the Belarusians said, until they are attacked, they will not fight feel
      1. Luka Nord
        Luka Nord 24 February 2023 13: 40
        Quote: Alien From
        So, the Belarusians said, until they are attacked, they will not fight feel

        They want to attack Pridnestrovie there .. The Old Man is afraid, but he will have to hi
        Stop wagging your tail to the west and east!
        1. Normann
          Normann 24 February 2023 16: 26
          The Republic of Belarus stands on the defense of the western borders, the number is about 50 thousand, you offer the entire, so-called. bare the western front???
        2. d.zacharith
          d.zacharith 25 February 2023 21: 36
          Transnistria, in the event of an attack on it, will not be helped by anything ... Unless it is to break through the corridor for the troops with nuclear strikes and go there along the scorched, glaring land
      2. kind
        kind 24 February 2023 15: 09
        The USSR in 1941 thought the same ...
        As a result, millions of lives of our people.
  2. Siberian 66
    Siberian 66 24 February 2023 13: 22
    There is no need to involve Belarus there. The Poles will stop the blow from this side with their actions against Belarus, they will cross the border, and the conflict will take another step towards WW3. And not a step, but a jump. NATO really wants to win with the hands of the Ukrainians, then the Poles, they are not sorry, but they will pile on as much equipment and consumables as they need. You can't give them a reason. Here the PMR would be dealt with ...
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 24 February 2023 13: 34
      Who is interfering with Belarus? The RF Armed Forces are on the territory to PROTECT precisely Belarus and its western flank. The history of the PMR is completely different
  3. 1erWahrheitsMinister_1984
    1erWahrheitsMinister_1984 24 February 2023 13: 31
    "Die Übung mit dem Titel "Union Shield - 2023"

    "Union Shield" sollte auf dem neu-russischen Territorium der westlichen
    "Neu-Sankt-Petersburg" und den endgültigen Triumpf der russischen Streitkräfte mit dem Sieg über die ukrainischen Faschisten, kurz nach der HINRICHTUNG von Zelensky und dem größten Teil
    seines fascistischen Kabinetts stattfinden...!!!

    Bis September 2023 sollte DAS zu schaffen sein...!!!
    1. KolVisin
      KolVisin 24 February 2023 18: 07