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The countries of the GXNUMX and the collective West intend to develop a mechanism to tighten control over the effect of sanctions against Russia

The countries of the GXNUMX and the collective West intend to develop a mechanism to tighten control over the effect of sanctions against Russia

The countries of the GXNUMX and the collective West intend to develop a mechanism to tighten control over the effect of sanctions against Russia. This was reported by Bloomberg news agency. As the source of the publication clarifies, the members of the GXNUMX will have the opportunity to more effectively exchange data in relation to those states, individuals and companies that will assist the Russian Federation in bypassing these restrictions.

It is expected that the purpose of the tool under the unapproved name "Enforcement Coordination Mechanism" is to improve the process of information exchange in this direction.

As EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said earlier, despite the fact that Brussels has not yet been able to agree on the 10th package of sanctions against Moscow, on February 24 all disagreements on this matter will be eliminated. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, also clarified this issue, noting that the main restrictive measures have already been introduced, while the new anti-sanction packages will definitely take into account all the gaps and stop all attempts to circumvent them.

As Senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Sergei Tsekov has already said, all the heated debates regarding the next package of sanctions occurred due to the awareness of many European states that all these economic restrictions will, first of all, hit them harder than Russia. He also did not rule out a complete severance of all trade and economic ties with the West if the situation with sanctions continues to worsen. In turn, this can lead to serious consequences for the EU itself in terms of trade operations with Asian countries, if only for the reason that bypassing huge Russia in transport terms means losing a lot of money.

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  1. Nexcom
    Nexcom 23 February 2023 09: 29
    Just to spoil us all, no, what kind of people are there, in these Europs ....
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 23 February 2023 09: 34
      a mechanism that tightens control over the effect of sanctions against Russia
      They have already done so many nasty things to us and planned that they themselves are already confused! fellow So they invent control over sanctions what
      1. Nexcom
        Nexcom 23 February 2023 10: 51
        laughing crap. and arrange control over nasty things - whether nasty things are performed correctly. laughing
    2. Warrior with machine gun
      Warrior with machine gun 23 February 2023 10: 57
      At the helm there are bastards ready for grandmas and their exaggerated status to spoil their own mother if they order ...
  2. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 23 February 2023 09: 29
    Everything returns to NATO's economic blockade policy against the USSR.

    This means that the Russian economy should also return to the self-sufficiency of the USSR economy in the main industries.

    Putin should clearly set the task for the Government of the Russian Federation of accelerated reindustrialization - over the next 10 years (over two five-year plans), the Russian Federation should produce from 100% domestic components at enterprises with 100% Russian capital the entire range of industrial high-tech products that are produced today by the USA, Germany , Japan.
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 23 February 2023 09: 36
      yeah, only the social orientation of the leading forces is not the same as in the USSR ...
      1. DefenderofTruth
        DefenderofTruth 23 February 2023 09: 58
        So the choice in power of the Russian Federation is very simple and small - either social justice or a socialist revolution.
        Not a single regime in the history of mankind has sat on bayonets with the mass discontent of the people.
    2. Warrior with machine gun
      Warrior with machine gun 23 February 2023 11: 00
      And who will do this, the camarilla does not pull, it pulls more back to give, and not to achieve serious goals and results
    3. Hagakure
      Hagakure 24 February 2023 20: 59
      Where are you going to get that many people? Or do you just shout?
  3. Silver99
    Silver99 23 February 2023 09: 32
    It is more correct to call them not "seven", but a gangster and his sixes.
    1. Ulan.1812
      Ulan.1812 23 February 2023 13: 30
      Quote from Silver99
      It is more correct to call them not "seven", but a gangster and his sixes.

      The godfather and his sixes .....
    2. Hagakure
      Hagakure 24 February 2023 21: 00
      As an alternative - F 7........ ........
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 23 February 2023 10: 09
    The "Group of Seven" is the countries of the "Six" + the USA. The owner said to hang himself. Maybe give them a rope with soap.
  5. Ulan.1812
    Ulan.1812 23 February 2023 10: 31
    When the cat has nothing to do, he .... well, and further in the text.
    How else can these numerous euro officials justify their useless existence. Salaries need to be worked out. Here they invent all sorts of garbage.
  6. Boris Ivanov
    Boris Ivanov 23 February 2023 10: 33
    The mechanism for monitoring the sanctions of the West .. for countries such as China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, etc.?? Wait and see.
  7. Tusv
    Tusv 23 February 2023 10: 38
    Europe. Aren't you tired of being Biden's appendage? No, the United States economy is growing. But! Taki at your expense and for your money
    1. Warrior with machine gun
      Warrior with machine gun 23 February 2023 11: 03
      What appendage ?, this has long been a brown hole that a zaluzhny gopnik with a Colt uses when he wants and how he wants ...
  8. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 23 February 2023 10: 41
    Wait... why "monitor states" that do not comply with sanctions? Or is this bald scarecrow in round glasses (and this whole gang of euro-fools) seriously believe that since they have introduced some kind of bans, then the whole world is obliged to comply with them?
    You entered - you and perform. And track your local businesses if you want. And demand fulfillment from YOURSELF! Not from OTHERS! And to demand from other states the implementation of their own small-town sanctions is at least ridiculous.
  9. alexey_444
    alexey_444 23 February 2023 10: 42
    The United States defeated the USSR in the 70s when they hooked the whole world on the petrodollar, therefore, during the Cold War, our artists walked the red carpet, including receiving an Oscar, the United States did not see us as a real threat, analysts do not eat their bread in vain. Now the West has really kicked its pants from the awareness of the power of the third world, an example of the collapse of the USSR when the elites of the union republics grew up and did not want to live under the Kremlin. Now even Africa is sending the West, not all of it yet, but it is the elite of these countries that is consolidating and does not want to be like Kazakhstan, where only 10-20% comes from the fields of the oil and gas sector, but Kazakhstan is only 30 years old, in a couple of decades and it will do like we are on Sakhalin was taken away from the west of the field. And the West, instead of sharing part of the income, controlling it as a whole, went to cut off all channels, not listening to analysts, this is their choice of their end. Even in the era of digital control, there will always be businessmen cooperating with us, there will be channels, business, like the mafia, is overlimited.
  10. Glagol1
    Glagol1 24 February 2023 21: 01
    The USSR was under sanctions from 1918 (even before its formation) until 1991 (with the collapse in December, the sanctions were not lifted!) - then the sanctions were transferred to the Russian Federation. Yeltsin, under continued sanctions, during a visit to the United States broadcast in Congress "God bless America." The people there wrote with boiling water, the head of a great country, under sanctions, kowtows before the country that imposed these sanctions and forced others. Oh, Yeltsin, what a simpleton and drunk you were ...