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CPC Central Committee Secretary Wang Yi Agrees with Russia to Oppose Western Policy of "Unilateral Intimidation"

CPC Central Committee Secretary Wang Yi Agrees with Russia to Oppose Western Policy of "Unilateral Intimidation"

Yesterday Wang Yi, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, head of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, arrived in Moscow on an official visit. He held a meeting with Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev in the Russian capital. The meeting discussed the most important issues of global politics, as well as the situation in Ukraine.

Following the meeting, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reports that the parties came to the conclusion that it is necessary to further strengthen cooperation in multilateral formats. In particular, China and Russia agreed on the importance of maintaining peace and stability in Asia and the Pacific region and criticized the model of bloc confrontation.

The Chinese and Russian sides reiterated their adherence to the principles of a multipolar world and opposition to any form of unilateral pressure and intimidation. This is a direct allusion to the policy of Western countries, led by the United States, which is becoming more and more negative towards not only Russia, but also towards China. For example, the American leadership does not hesitate to directly threaten the PRC with consequences if Beijing helps Russia in a special military operation.

By the way, the issue of the Ukrainian conflict was also discussed by Wang Yi and Patrushev. It is not reported what practical decisions the representatives of China and the Russian Federation came to during the discussion. The Chinese press, in turn, writes that China is not a party to the conflict, but a force in favor of an early peaceful settlement. As for Russian-Chinese relations, Wang Yi called them very strong, "like a rock."

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  1. Argon
    Argon 22 February 2023 08: 31
    Are afraid together not so scary? laughing ..........
  2. The popuas
    The popuas 22 February 2023 08: 32
    This is a more serious approach to business hi I approve good
  3. bravo77
    bravo77 22 February 2023 08: 36
    Yes, China needs to support Russia without options
    otherwise goodbye taiwan dreams and hello hong kong 2.0 inside the mainland

    but it is also beneficial for China that the Russian Federation distracts NATO in Ukraine for as long as possible
    all this for a long time
  4. Fangaro
    Fangaro 22 February 2023 08: 37
    China is ready to help Russia. Everything that he considers beneficial for himself. And the price of help will never overestimate. Only what we have. Under the promise of help will not.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 February 2023 08: 55
    confronting any form of unilateral pressure and intimidation.
    Could this mean that China, despite the threats of the United States, if the need arises, can supply any weapons or weapons to Russia? To what extent this opposition to "any form of unilateral pressure and intimidation" can be consistent with real actions, because China has an iron principle of watching from the outside, trying not to aggravate relations with those it is watching.
  6. evgen1221
    evgen1221 22 February 2023 09: 00
    Until they come up with an attractive idiology as opposed to capitalism with the corresponding mechanisms and institutions different from. The whole world will run in circles from war to war.
  7. Kaufman
    Kaufman 22 February 2023 09: 17
    We have a long and complicated history of relations with China. It is clear that for no reason they will not help us. But, it seems to me that the strengthening of the West and the weakening of Russia is not in the interests of China.
  8. Vladimir Mskvchev
    Vladimir Mskvchev 22 February 2023 09: 47
    China is wisdom and restraint, and they should understand that having provided assistance to Russia today, in the future China can count on Russia to help it.
    1. Qas
      Qas 23 February 2023 10: 33
      Yes, we already decided the border issue for China in their favor, and we pump oil through the Power of Siberia pipeline at a price lower than for domestic consumers. This is what we remember and what we know. What do we not know?
  9. Boniface
    Boniface 22 February 2023 13: 12
    Although the Chinese are cunning, without personal gain, they do little! But even so, well done "shoulder" Russia - this is very handy!
  10. Scott Liang
    Scott Liang 22 February 2023 13: 30
    The Russian political elite and Europe will soon accept China's plans and, of course, will negotiate. The continuation of the war is not beneficial for Russia, because Russian finances cannot support a long-term war, not the supply of weapons.
  11. Danila Rastorguev
    Danila Rastorguev 23 February 2023 05: 28
    It is good that there is an open dialogue with China. China's neutrality will also suit us. Although their diplomatic support is very valuable.