Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya accused European countries of hiding traces of US involvement in blowing up gas pipelines

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya accused European countries of hiding traces of US involvement in blowing up gas pipelines

Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya accused European countries of improperly investigating the Nord Stream explosions, aimed at hiding the traces of the crime, and not detecting them. He stated this at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

Speaking at the meeting, Nebenzya directly pointed to the United States as the organizer and executor of sabotage on Russian gas pipelines. According to him, the motive and perpetrator of blowing up gas pipelines "do not raise doubts." At the same time, the three European allies of the US - Germany, Sweden and Denmark - are "covering up the traces" of the crime, dragging out the investigation and preventing Russia from getting involved.

Those investigations carried out by the Scandinavian states and Germany (...) are aimed solely at covering the tracks and shielding the older American brother. We are not allowed to see them, all our requests are arrogantly ignored

- said the Russian diplomat.

The US categorically denies any involvement in the sabotage, hypocritically stating its "concern" about this fact. At the same time, the Chinese representative stressed that such statements about the "non-involvement" of the United States are not enough.

The United States is deeply concerned about the sabotage that occurred on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines in September. Targeted damage to critical infrastructure is unacceptable

- said adviser to the US envoy John Kelly.

At the moment, the UN Security Council has not adopted a Russian resolution on sabotage at Nord Stream, its draft is being discussed and is unlikely to be adopted this week. As Vasily Nebenzya said earlier, Russia demands payment of compensation for the damage caused from the perpetrator of the sabotage.
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    1. +9
      22 February 2023 08: 07
      Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya accused European countries of hiding traces of sabotage on gas pipelines
      Yes, they put these
      European countries
      and on Nebenzya ... and on the opinion of Russia ...
      For no matter how you investigate - everything is one on Matrasia!
      1. +3
        22 February 2023 08: 09
        "and the elephant, all yeast, sat on a hedgehog ..." (I remembered something, I recently read it to my grandson)
      2. +5
        22 February 2023 08: 09
        "they take their word for it" for the United States, this has become an axiom that does not require proof (((but the saddest thing is that even with all the irrefutable evidence from the United States, nothing will happen ((((they, like a cherry on a cake, simply can not let the Russian delegation to the UN meeting, without issuing a visa and the UN will again wipe out.
        1. +1
          22 February 2023 08: 30
          "Gentlemen take their word for it"
          so the question is not in expression, the question is in the search for these gentlemen! Gentlemen, like mammoths, died out a long time ago, but the expression has been preserved. A convenient expression, if so.
        2. 0
          22 February 2023 09: 08
          Quote from Silver99
          they can simply not let the Russian delegation to the UN meeting without issuing visas and the UN will again be wiped out.

          Has there ever been such a precedent in history?
          1. +4
            22 February 2023 09: 15
            On September 22, 2022, the United States did not issue visas to a number of members of the delegation accompanying Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the UN General Assembly in New York.
          2. +1
            22 February 2023 11: 54
            Was, and more than once.
            United Nations, 15 October. /TASS/. In total, the United States has not issued visas to 18 delegates from the Russian Federation since the beginning of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. This was announced on Monday by Russian Deputy Representative to the UN Gennady Kuzmin, speaking at a meeting of the Committee on Legal Affairs.

            On Thursday, September 1, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that the United States had not issued a visa to Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, and therefore he would not be able to take part in a meeting of the heads of police services at the UN.

            Two out of ten members of the official part of the Russian delegation to the UN General Assembly (GA) did not receive a US visa, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. According to her, several other members of the Russian delegation also did not receive a visa. She did not name the exact number of people.
        3. +1
          22 February 2023 09: 38
          Are there gentlemen among politicians in the USA???? As they say, don't make my socks laugh!
      3. +1
        22 February 2023 08: 33
        It's time to change the Nebenzya, there is no wartime enthusiasm in it. Monotonous bubbling and constant hesitation in one's own scribbles can only impress a deep sleep. A light is needed now, to hit the table with a slipper, to impose a cultural diplomatic obscenity with feeling, etc.
        1. 0
          22 February 2023 08: 43
          So he is not a politician, but a diplomat. Tantrums in diplomacy are a sign of weakness. This is the lot of politicians.
          But the point is different. He is just a performer.
          And not regular diplomats decide everything. And what to say, and what line to build, etc.
          1. 0
            22 February 2023 09: 09
            Yes, hysteria is generally a sign of weakness. It's cool, of course, to watch dignitaries putting their shoes on the stands and yelling whatever comes into their heads, but nothing more.
        2. 0
          23 February 2023 22: 13
          Quote: Pilot
          and constant hesitation in their own scribbles

          Pauses deliberately for simultaneous translation to other members of the Security Council
    2. +7
      22 February 2023 08: 16
      From the United States to demand (to anyone, not just Russia) payment of compensation for the damage caused is a deliberately deaf number. It is necessary to act "mirror" and then, perhaps, the Yankees will understand that it is dangerous to pull hands to someone else - it can even tear off
    3. +4
      22 February 2023 08: 26
      Germany, Sweden and Denmark cover up the traces of the crime
      And what remains for the accomplices to do so as not to fall under the distribution in the event of an independent (if this is now possible?) investigation, only to cover up the main organizer and the criminal.
    4. +2
      22 February 2023 08: 40
      These are the words...
      And where is the requirement to create a commission of inquiry?
      What's the article? 34th? About the creation of commissions under the control of the UN Security Council.
      If only to speak, without referring to the documents, then you can send any VO commentator instead of the Permanent Representative. Maybe it will be better.
    5. +3
      22 February 2023 08: 41
      Russia demands payment of compensation for the damage caused by the perpetrator of the sabotage.

      It is required to officially recognize the country of a terrorist as a terrorist, and our compensation is required. How does this fit into the minds of our leadership?
      1. 0
        22 February 2023 08: 48
        Until they finally recognized us!
    6. +3
      22 February 2023 08: 43
      "... Nebenzya accused European countries of hiding traces of US involvement..."
      Well, how can they not hide something ?! Just imagine, the most important bandyugan in the area piled a bunch of carifans on one of their own porches at night to scare them. And the sixes of this gangster - bam! and they laid him down and told everything to everyone.
      It doesn’t happen, because then they will have to gobble it all up ...
      It's amazing that there are still truly courageous people left in this rotten Western world, like this American journalist who investigated and published the truth. I understand that there are some forces behind him that have their own interests, so be it, but the truth - it justifies this fact.
    7. +1
      22 February 2023 08: 47
      Diplomacy has outlived its usefulness, we need retaliatory actions and blame everything on Zeleny with the words that he wants to intensify confrontation ....
    8. +1
      22 February 2023 08: 54
      cover your tracks and shield older american brother

      About the "brother" Vasily got excited. Between the lowered sixes in the person of the European Union and the owner, the mention of "brotherhood" somehow cuts the ear.
    9. +2
      22 February 2023 09: 35
      With the Nord Streams, everything is according to our Karl Marx: the capital will go to ANY crime if it senses the opportunity to snatch a profit of 300 percent or more. Here the shtatovtsy went for it!
    10. +1
      22 February 2023 09: 41
      The UN will create a commission to investigate explosions on gas pipelines, consisting of: - Chairman-representative of the FSA; - vice-presidents representatives of England and Canada; commission members representatives of Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Italy (the FRG is not trusted). In short, the investigation into the Malaysian Boeing is resting ...
    11. 0
      22 February 2023 12: 11
      First you need to blow up the Norwegian gas pipeline to Poland, and only then will there be an investigation.
    12. 0
      22 February 2023 12: 44
      Quote: Kostadinov
      First you need to blow up the Norwegian gas pipeline to Poland, and only then will there be an investigation.

      If we act like them, we will become like them.
      It would be nice if the permanent representative did not read out in a boring voice at the UN, but demanded. And not just like that, but on the basis of documents, incl. UN documents stating that the UN has the right, what decisions it is obliged to take when a representative of a country that is a member of the UN Security Council applies.
      Our opponents may not give a damn about our reasoned statements. But you have to spit in writing. For the whole world. All countries that are members of the UN will be able not only to listen to the exchange of permanent representatives, but to read the documents.
    13. -1
      23 February 2023 12: 37
      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation before the SVO was sincerely indignant that the German prosecutor's office was ignoring our requests, and especially Maria Zakharova was indignant that the prosecutor's office simply "let down" the request to the prosecutor of the city of Berlin. Lawlessness in relation to Russia is observed in all international organizations, starting with Kamilla Valieva and the pseudo-investigation of the Malaysian Boeing and ending with an outright farce of sabotage on the northern streams. The flagrant inefficiency of international law and the degradation of the institution of the UN Security Council.

      However, if we look at the legal situation INSIDE the country, the state of the rights of ordinary citizens in Russia, we will see an amazing parallel. In the field of resource-supplying organizations, electricity and tariffs, housing and communal services, we will see blatant MASS violations of the rights of citizens not only as consumers, but also violations of basic rights - illegal power outages in gardens, residential buildings during the heating season that do not have any other source of energy, lawlessness on heat tariffs , and most importantly - not only INACTION, but also the promotion of natural monopolies of all supervisory authorities and authorities. The Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Prosecutor's Office, the Investigative Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the courts - all sided with the monopolies against the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. Complaints are simply sent to the same person you are complaining about, contrary to the federal law directly prohibiting sending a complaint to the one who is being complained about, all this is covered with instructions for working with citizens' appeals, but these instructions SHOULD NOT contradict Federal laws. Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have long established a vicious system throughout the country - a statement about a crime of any complexity immediately goes through the department of precinct officers with the sole purpose of taking out rejected material without checking. The district prosecutor's office advises the super-competent department of precinct officers - how to correctly take out the rejected material

      If you want, at least downvote me all, but I'm not surprised that our "rulers" are now treated in the international arena exactly as the authorities treat their own people - there is some justice in this! It would never have occurred to anyone to attack the USSR either in terms of infrastructure or in any other way. Wiping our feet on us is the result of many years of "work" of our government ...
    14. The comment was deleted.

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