Syria: New Prospects of the West

Francois Hollande knows how to keep his word. In late August, he appealed to the Syrian "oppositionists" with a proposal to create a transitional government - and declared its readiness to recognize it. Monsieur Hollande сказал:

“France demands from the Syrian opposition to create a transitional government, representative, which could become a legitimate representative of the new Syria. We recognize the government of new Syria as soon as it is created. ”

Syria: New Prospects of the West

Hollande, this Western European political leader, thought out everything in August: according to him, the French will help those who create liberated zones in Syrian territory. Hollande also hinted that France is not alone: ​​the Turkish initiative to create buffer zones in Syria is already being worked out.

As for the formal reason for the intervention, which the world community is waiting for, there is one: the threat of chemical weapons from Syria.

Basically, Hollande followed in the footsteps of Obama, who publicly on the night of August 21 said:

“... the issue of chemical and biological weapons is critical. It concerns not only Syria. It affects our interests. We cannot allow weapons of mass destruction to fall into the hands of villains. For us, this is a red line. As soon as we see that chemical weapons will start to be hauled around the country, we will reconsider our position. ”

Another formal reason, which will be easy to use if the international community turns off the chemical weapons tale, is the need for “humanitarian intervention”: the number of refugees is increasing inside and outside Syria. By the end of the year, notices Vladimir Khrustalev, an expert of the international organization "Lifeboat Foundation", that the number of displaced persons can reach 4, then 5 millions.

“This,” he writes, “creates a wide range of problems for the current authorities of the country. After all, the very situation of a “humanitarian catastrophe” actually arises - a rather suitable reason for intervention. And in this case we are talking about a very real humanitarian catastrophe ... "

12 November, as soon as the so-called Syrian National Coalition reported on its birth (what happened on November NNXX in Doha, Qatar) and as soon as it became clear that America supported it ideologically (because participated in the negotiations on the creation of this “authority”), Monsieur Hollande kept his word: he recognized this very coalition as the sole legal representative of the Syrian people. France was the first EU country to recognize the CPC.

Not only Monsieur Hollande сказалthat the CPC should be the future government of democratic Syria, which will make possible the end of the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

So, the government is appointed, it remains to deal with Assad. And in order to deal with it, Paris plans to supply weapons to the "rebels".

The French president noted that Paris will consider the issue of arms supplies for the SNK as soon as the opposition members form a legitimate government in Syria.

“Strange enough, - notices analyst Boris Dolgov, - reckless support of the Syrian rebels by Paris also looks - if only because of the incompatibility of radical Islamic dogma and social democratic doctrine, which the French leadership, as represented by the leaders of the socialist party, profess. Probably, the perverted picture of what is happening in Syria, created by the global media, plays its role ... "

There is another "incompatibility", which Hollande, as it were, does not see.

Democratic journalists at a briefing at the French Foreign Ministry asked how there could be parallel plans for the arming of Syrian rebels and an arms embargo imposed by the EU. Spokesman for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Philippe Lalliux confirmedthat journalists are right, not French authorities:

“With regard to the supply of weapons to the Syrian opposition, they are now affected by the European embargo.”

Monsieur Lallier tried to explain further how, in fact, the official Paris would implement the aggressive doctrine of Hollande and supply the Syrian opposition with weapons. He thought and referred to the statement of the President of France about this very supply. It’s like a joke about the head’s correctness: the first paragraph is that the boss is always right, the second paragraph is if the boss is wrong, see the first paragraph.

Analysts speculate on what strategy and tactics the SNK will adhere to - an organization that, in fact, does not exist in Syria yet, it all roams abroad: France, Turkey, Qatar ... Syria expert Sergey Filatov says:

“Now this coalition, shot down in Doha, will appear on some part of Syrian territory, declare this section a“ free Syrian republic ”or call differently, declare that a new government is sitting there, and this will be a signal for Paris to send support for this“ government "All forces".

Hence the task of Hollande is clear:

“... to find a piece of Syrian land for implanting“ the government of free Syria ”there.

The head of SNK is Islamic preacher and scholar 52-year-old Ahmed Muaz al-Khatib, and his deputies are human rights defender Suheir al-Atasi and former deputy Riyad Seif, who served out several years in prison for criticizing the government of Syria. In coalition has entered Syrian National Council, previously refused to merge with other groups.

“We submitted to the pressure put on us and agreed to be part of a new education in exchange for international promises, but without any guarantees,” said Ahmed Ramadan, a high-ranking SNC member.

12 November SNK was recognized as the legal representative of the interests of the Syrian people by the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The Council of the Syrian National Coalition should include 60 people representing both political emigration and warring “rebels”. The council will then elect a transitional government as part of the 10 ministers. The goal of “coalitioners” is to get weapons and military aid in general. They do not hide it.

“We need military assistance: anti-aircraft complexes, anti-tank missiles. I hope the world will reconsider its position, ”said the newly elected head of the SNA, Georges Sabra.

On the same day, November 12, the US State Department announced support for the opposition coalition.

The United States declared the CPC "the legal representative of the Syrian people" and said that they would actively assist it. At the same time, however, America does not plan to supply weapons to the opposition. This was announced on November 13 by State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

Election of the new leadership of the Syrian opposition, he call “A positive and constructive step forward,” but warned that Washington expects concrete actions from this body. As the American diplomat said, coalitions should “complete the creation of organizational structures,” including various “technical committees,” in order to “prepare for a political transition period” in Syria.

Answering a question from journalists whether France was in a hurry, declaring SNK “the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people,” Toner said that “he is not going to evaluate the actions of the French government.” He stressed that Washington “would like to see more concrete actions” of the new leaders of the Syrian opposition before drawing conclusions.

It can be briefly summarized: the traditional friend of the “Arab Spring” is still France. Whatever president rules it.

By the way, the Syrian authorities called the “immoral” recognition of the SNK by France the only legitimate Syrian government. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mikdad сказал:

“Let me use this word, it’s an immoral position, because it allows the killing of Syrians. The French support the killings, the terrorists and encourage the collapse of Syria. "

November 14 Syrian National Coalition recognized the legal representative of the Syrian people is Turkey. True, that SNK is the only legitimate authority in Syria, Ankara chose not to speak - and this very much surprised Qatari, Saudis and other anti-Syrian companions.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said:

“Turkey wholeheartedly welcomes this important achievement and reaffirms its recognition of the CPC as the legal representative of the Syrian people and encourages partners in the organization of the Islamic Conference to do the same.”

Explain why Turkey did not follow the example of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and France, who recognized the CPC as the sole legitimate authority in Syria, the minister did not.

At the same time, Ahmet Davutoglu assured the Syrian rebels of support:

"Syrian citizens and the revolution now need not sympathy and beautiful speeches, but effective and real assistance."

And he called on the entire world community to render this very help.

Against the background of the creation of a “transitional authority” in the media, rumors were spread about the preparation by the British of a special operation to eliminate Assad. A likely source of rumors - the TV channel "Al-Arabia". It can be assumed that these rumors are intended both to frighten Asad (this is unlikely) and to make it clear to SNK that there is some active force behind them, but they need to hope in God, but not themselves.

According to rumors, British special forces at this very time deal training fighters of the Syrian opposition, who will have to eliminate the president of Syria, and at the same time, representatives of his entourage. The instructor group supposedly includes representatives of the Air Force Special Forces (SAS), Marine Special Forces (SBS) and Paratroopers. And as if a British government statement had already been made that after the re-election of President Obama to the United States, the governments of Britain and America decided to put an end to the Syrian “bloody bacchanalia”.

November 17 on readiness to work closely with the Syrian National Coalition said British Foreign Secretary William Hague. This is an opposition alliance, according to Mr. Haig,

"Is a representative of Syria, to which Britain has confidence."

He did not forget about Western democratic values:

"But before starting cooperation, we must make sure that the people of Syria accept the coalition as their legal representative and that it stands for a democratic future for Syria."

In general, everything looks very noble.

This nobility fits in with the campaign to eliminate Bashar al-Assad from power, which is also planned in Britain. No, we are not talking about a detachment of liquidators, to whom the material of the Al-Arabiya channel is dedicated, but about an international conference that took place on November 16 in London.

The event brought together representatives of Arab and Western countries (EU + US). Their goal was to discuss how it is better and more convenient from the point of view of democracy and the interests of the people of Syria to overthrow the bloodthirsty Assad. British correspondent ITAR-TASS tried to find out in the Foreign Office the personal composition of the meeting participants, but no one was named to him. The correspondent had to buy newspapers. According to media reports, the head of SNK Muaz al-Khatib, his deputies Riad Seif and Suheir al-Attasi participated in the event. The conference was opened by the head of the British Foreign Ministry, William Hague, and it was chaired by John Wilkes, the British envoy for relations with the Syrian opposition.

Abdel Seyda, one of the newly-minted leaders of the Council of People's Commissars, specifically formulated three main requirements that the coalition poses to foreign powers: diplomatic recognition, financial assistance, and the supply of portable anti-aircraft systems to combat aviation Syrian government forces.

If all Western countries, add on our own, behaved like “gallant” France, the Syrian opposition would have been armed and replenished at the same time by recruits eager to make money and shed Alawite blood - and, quite likely, in the Middle East, in the place Syria, the semi-state enclaves of Druze, Sunni, Shiite, Christian, Kurd, and Wahhabi would appear. All this would be more like Yugoslavia than Libya.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, following his president, said that Paris is going to appeal to the European Union with a request to lift the ban on the supply of “defensive weapons” to Syria. France recognized the CPC, and is already ready to provide direct military assistance to opposition groups.

Thus, France would have created another hotbed of Islamism in the Middle East, that is, it would have achieved what the United States recently achieved - with the “Arab spring” and then the “elections” in Egypt. Obama even got the title “naive” from the media.

London is not as hot as Paris. And not so dumb.

Last Thursday, a meeting of the National Security Council was held in London, at which Prime Minister David Cameron chaired. They discussed possible measures to promote the Syrian opposition with ships, airplanes and the supply of anti-aircraft systems, but no decisions were made. London will wait for the signal of Washington - this is definitely.

And Washington is also slow. Barack Obama, who before the elections showed some peacefulness, cannot stun his own people with a sudden war in the Middle East. In addition, the White House is busy with a host of internal problems: first, the e-government website collects signatures for the separation of states (primarily southern ones), and the government will have to give people some answers; secondly, there is a campaign in the United States to legalize marijuana and "blue" marriages, which is a big step for the country's citizens to democratize their homeland, and this is more important than Syria, about which they know little; thirdly, there is already a fight in the Middle East - between Israel and Hamas, entrenched in the Gaza Strip. “Set on fire” in such a situation even Syria is tantamount to an explosion of the entire region. The White House won't go for it right now.

In this connection there is an interesting opinion. Vyacheslav Nikolaev считаетthat the Israeli-Hamas crisis, which arose in November, is not accidental. The author refers to an article in Time magazine where journalists asked themselves the question: “Why did Netanyahu decide to attack Hamas right now?”

If we reject the fact that it is Israel (elections in January, the necessary fight against terrorism), Hamas (election of a new leader and political bureau), Palestinian autonomy (actions of Mahmoud Abbas in the UN recognizing a Palestinian state) and Egypt, with its radical Salafi groups, operating on the territory of the Palestinian Authority, then we get what Netanyahu had said earlier. And he declared that in Syria there are “jihad groups dangerous for Israel” and that “the government of Israel will give a decisive response to aggression from their side.”

V. Nikolaev comes to the conclusion that the essence of the emerging intrigue will be revealed in how events will develop further. If the current conflict between Israel and Hamas does not end in a few days, then it may well be the beginning of a wider armed escalation that can cover the entire Middle East.

And Israel, willy-nilly, will be opposed to the West and the Arab world in their confrontation with Syria.

Once the operation "Cast Lead" was the beginning of a break in relations between Israel and Turkey. What will the operation "Cloud Pillar" result in if Turkey not only recognized the CPC, but also pursues a neo-Ottoman policy? And Qatar and Saudi Arabia, supporting the Syrian "opposition"? And Egypt? After all, the open support of the Palestinians and Hamas by this country was quite predictable. Last month, the Israel Project interviewed public opinion in Egypt. 74% of respondents were in favor of breaking the Camp David agreement with Israel - three times more than during the 2009 survey of the year. And 87% of Egyptians would be “happy” if their state got an atomic bomb (three years ago only 41% of respondents supported their own nuclear project). Cairo recalled the ambassador from Tel Aviv.

17 November in Cairo, in the mosque of Al-Azhar, a prominent cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has not been in Egypt for a long time, read a sermon in which he compared the attack of Israel with the violence that. according to him, creates Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

“We tell the tyrant to Israel: the day of your end is approaching,” he told the crowd.

Israel has enemies on all sides, and it is advantageous to ensure that Islamist radicals do not come to power in Syria. With this behavior, Tel Aviv will probably soften even one of its regular critics - comrade Ahmadinejad from Tehran, who is sleeping and sees how to erase the "Zionist state" from the map of the planet.

It turns out that Israel had to start the operation before the West, the Arabs and the Turks did away with Syria. To say only that Netanyahu needs a small, victorious war before the elections means to underestimate the Israeli prime minister. Many people don’t like his rhetoric, his Iranian “red lines”, even Washington, but he is quite an experienced politician. He is well aware that Assad, in which the Golan Heights was calm for many years, is much more preferable than the gang of Islamists inveterate.

In the meantime, Israel’s operation has only increased instability in the region. 16 November Syria strongly condemned the hostilities that Tel Aviv took in the Gaza Strip.

Syrian government urged the world community "put pressure on Israel to force it to stop its aggression" and appealed "to all honest people in the world" with a call to "speak out against the arbitrariness perpetrated by the Israeli authorities." In a government statement, the Israeli army commits "atrocious crimes" in Gaza. Expressing solidarity with the "just struggle of the Palestinians", official Damascus confirmed that it "remains true to its obligations in defending the right of the Palestinian people to return the lands occupied by Israel and create an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."

What, in fact, will be the end of November, Comrade Abbas will seek at the UN General Assembly.

And what is interesting here is this: relations between Syria and the Hamas in power in Gaza became complicated when the Arab Spring began in Syria (March 2011 of the year). Hamas supported the "rebels", most of whom are Sunnis, that is, the co-religionists of Palestinians from Gaza. Hamas leaders who had previously settled in Damascus, left the city.

As for the Syrian President, Bashar Assad считаетthat the West will not decide on military intervention in Syria, since "the price of such an action will be very heavy." He states:

“I think the price of a foreign invasion of Syria - if it happens - will be more than the whole world can afford. This will entail a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific. I don’t think that the West will take such a step, but if it does, no one knows how this will end. ”

However, it is possible that the West will fight with the hands of others. On Monday, November 19, a meeting of European foreign ministers is scheduled. She will be is devoted including the issue of lifting the arms embargo to the Syrian opposition.

As is known, the EU imposed a ban on the export of weapons and military equipment to Syria in May 2011. The reason for the embargo: "Weapons can be used for internal repression." But, although France raised the issue of supplying “defensive weapons”, and not the “bloody Assad regime,” but democratic oppositionists, one high-ranking EU official who wished to remain anonymous, said to the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star, that the arms embargo on Syria can hardly be changed so that the weapon goes to the rebels, and not to the "regime": it is almost impossible to track. Therefore, the EU is unlikely to change the embargo.

As for Washington, its specific plans for Syria are difficult to determine. One thing is clear: the White House will not back down from Syria. Renowned Analyst Eric Dreitzer says:

“... It must be remembered that the completion of the American adventure in Syria defeat would be the end of US hegemony in the Middle East. If the States are not able to continue their campaign from Syria, then this means that their attempt to destroy Iran is unlikely to be developed. This means that their deadly grip on the Persian Gulf and oil reserves weakens, so when it comes to Syria, they spread all their cards on the table, and all their stakes are at stake. ”

On According to The media in the Syrian conflict have already killed more than 39 thousands of people.

Russia adheres to the same position on Syria. Hearing about Western conversations about the recognition of the SNK and supply, Russia warnedthat the supply of weapons to the rebels will violate international law. Vladimir Putin said that the overthrow of Assad would plunge the country into chaos.

Returning “on the ring” to the theme of the boiling Middle East, it should be added that the wise President of Israel believes that it is Russia that can stop the bloodshed in Syria and bring peace to the Middle East. About this Shimon Peres сказал 8 November, after negotiations with Vladimir Putin:

“For many years, there was silence on the border with Syria, and we would like this to continue. I believe that Russia and you have an important role - you can stop the bloodshed in Syria and bring peace and security not only to Syria, but also to the Middle East. ”

But as long as the “world hegemon”, he is Israel’s first ally, does not stop putting pressure on Syria, and with it the EU states, the Saudi-Qatari oilmen and neo-Ottomanists Erdogan and Davutoglu, who are now forced to feed 120 thousands, will stop yapping at her Syrian refugees, Tel Aviv will not be able to live in peace. This may be a paradox or someone's “naive” plan, but Europe and the United States are doing everything so that Israel in the Middle East is surrounded by Islamist enemies. If Syria, according to the plan of Western and Turkish strategists, is divided into “buffer zones”, then Muslim radicals will come to power. And Shimon Peres is well aware that Russia in the Middle East plays the role of a geopolitical deterrent. A crucial factor for the security of Israel.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +5
      19 November 2012 08: 13
      Oleg prvet, you got excited with Washington, here from mail infa across the USA and Turkey hi . Following France, the NSOCs have already been recognized by the United States, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Italy and Turkey. What was previously hiding will now be done openly. Weapons to Syrian militants will flow from the West as a river and without shame. Well, the operation of information cover will go more and more actively, when the townsfolk (whether in America or Europe) are not informed and not shown what you see now.
      1. +8
        19 November 2012 08: 50
        In principle, Hollande followed in Obama's footsteps

        A typical example of how "popularly elected" works off the money invested in it, there is no difference Sarkozy or fagot Oland, or anyone else, they will all fulfill the unyielding will of capital being puppets
      2. +4
        19 November 2012 09: 33
        Hello hello to Alexander. Well, to be surprised, in Syria they are now ceasing to actively push the Libyan script and are doing it stubbornly and brazenly, in fact in the spirit of brazen-Saxons. All other pugs are always on the hype, they have the right to open bread slicers only by order of the big dad.
        Since the elections in the most "crappy" country were held, one should expect the completion of a concert entitled "The Syrian Revolution" soon.
        1. Kaa
          19 November 2012 10: 24
          Quote: Sakhalininets
          Since the elections in the most "crappy" country were held, one should expect the completion of a concert entitled "The Syrian Revolution" soon.

          And has Europa already restored stocks of cruise missiles and guided aerial bombs after the Libyan mess? In the same place last year they quickly remained without it, apparently the US companies want to get a contract for the supply ... for France. To each French president - in the peacekeeping operation, Sarkozy-Libya, Hollande-Syria, two "musketeers", who will be the third? Otherwise, the secret services are already interested in Sarkozy, and soon it will come to Hollande ...
          1. +4
            19 November 2012 15: 21
            the French will throw Syria from the air with croissants and snails, Italians will throw combat spaghetti into battle ....)))

            but seriously, the situation is deplorable.
            there’s no reason to bomb there either. Syria is almost in ruins. as usual, at the invasion stage they will throw a couple of lyamov into the accounts of the generals, they will wash off for a natural reason and that’s all .... they simply enter the country, as it was in Iraq.
            and the possible reasons were correctly indicated: either chemical weapons, or refugees.

            it is clear that there will be a lot of combat-ready equipment, but when the "head" is cut off from the "torso", then nothing will help!

            Good luck to the Syrians in this vile and vile hour for them. I hope our "generals" can find some worthy way out or an answer to the insidious plans of the padlo-Saxons !!!
        2. +3
          19 November 2012 10: 36
          Hi to you Sergey, the elections were held ?????? And where were the US elections and who chose whom there wink
      3. beech
        19 November 2012 14: 31
        In Libya, everyone shouted the cheers of democracy, but right now they are struggling with this very democracy: the oil depot is protected by the West, the country is ruined, there is no power, there are mercenaries and criminals armed to the teeth. Thank you, no one in Syria is shouting the cheers of democracy, and the West is climbing and climbing. I am an 11th grade student and I understand that the people are not ready for such radical reforms, the country is not ready for bankruptcy))), and the West is climbing and climbs like a blind !!!
        1. 0
          21 November 2012 14: 35
          Exactly, I wrote somewhere, at some forum, everyone needs hydrocarbons. The fact that the Libyans were deceived by the fact, but from which no one says that there are countries where democratic principles have long been introduced for the sake of hydrocarbons (for example, Nigeria). All things are in place and mercenaries with schmeisers around fields and oil refineries and democracy in full glory, etc. That's just for the trillions of petrodollars that people are pumped out, they don’t get anything (since 1967, no schools, no higher education institutions, no factories), only robbery, hostages, refugees, murders, that is, a complete set of the necessary democracy. Now it will be in Libya, then in Syria (if merged), etc. for all countries except some layers of some countries angry
    2. PISTOL
      19 November 2012 08: 31
      When Russia finally finally begins to react harshly over Syria, because there are levers
      1. Volkhov
        19 November 2012 11: 17
        The Russian Federation has already overwhelmed the terrorists with weapons, up to tanks and Eagles, it remains only to directly help them, but they fear some misunderstanding of the Orthodox Russians inside the country. The debate goes on whether it will work or not. They also need here and there, not exchanging Russia for Syria, sending all the "democrats" there.
      2. vpm
        19 November 2012 15: 11
        In the Middle East, there is no shortage of hot heads anyway; on the contrary, there is simply an overabundance due to young demography. The states with their possessed secretaries of state are still pouring oil on the fire, do not feed the next war to unleash - for them, all sorts of tough reactions are just an excuse for another escalation. What is lacking is a balanced and calm approach, which Russia is practically the only one that demonstrates.
      3. dusha233
        20 November 2012 05: 32
        It’s necessary not to react, but to deliver weapons and air defense to Syria soldier
    3. +7
      19 November 2012 08: 41
      Something, for me personally, are beginning to strain the "frogs". Really, too, finally, they decided to take part in big world politics. History teaches nothing. The West has always been solving its geopolitical problems with someone else's hands, surreptitiously. And these heirs of Charlemagne ...? In modern history, they could not do anything worthwhile in military terms. The "banana" republics of Central Africa only strained. In the First World War - zero, until the Russian Expeditionary Force arrived; I'm generally silent about the Second MV - a shame, if not for our fugitive prisoners, the Resistance Movement was never born; from Indochina they kicked out, from Africa too.
      Now the old song begins. Recognize CHC and "create". I just won’t understand, what is their interest in Syria?
      1. SSR
        19 November 2012 11: 19
        Quote: piter-tank
        Something, for me personally, are beginning to strain the "frogs".

        And not only the paddling pools .....
        Quote: GUN
        When Russia finally finally begins to react harshly over Syria, because there are levers

        How do you think Russia should react, hit a shoe on the podium?
        Russia can, with its "tough" answer, again on its fingers **** like, for example, with the Korean Boeing ... though ours later proved that it was overboard .. but the West has already raised such a fuss and such a hubbub .. that instantly promoted a global brand Empire of Evil I think that if Russia should act then it is purely on the contradictions of others and exclusively with surgical accuracy so as not to get involved ...
        Israel - Turkey is bad
        Turkey - Syria is bad
        Iran - Israel is bad
        Iran - Syria is good
        but in the end: (IMHA) it would be great to form an "alliance" Israel - Syria - Iran - Iraq and someone else who will adhere against Turkey - Egypt - Qatar and the Saudis (and minus the one who falls off, for example, Egypt)
        plus use the internal discontent of the French in France itself .. let them start engaging in their own revolutions
      2. YARY
        19 November 2012 11: 22
        Uw Mark!
        Anyone who is now lit up in arrogant-Saxon aggression against Syria will be allowed to divide our country, If there is such a thing!
        The scenario in Syria is zealously approaching Russia.
        Just put “Russia” instead of the word “Syria” and all the “pro” and “contra” will be the same. angry
    4. IlyaKuv
      19 November 2012 09: 01
      The most key preparations for a big war began (the recognition of the "free Syrian" army as the only representative of Syria, the operation in the Gaza Strip, and before that the orange revolutions in the Arab countries). Amer. Democrats hastened to bring freedom, their people to too "big democracy" in the country complains.
    5. Dimon Lviv
      19 November 2012 09: 01
      That’s all the duplicity of the West - they support a handful of bandits whom the Syrian people did not choose, but themselves have the audacity to condemn minor violations in elections in other countries ...
      I hope Russia will find a way to counter the West.
    6. +2
      19 November 2012 09: 14
      An interesting situation is developing in the Middle East. Is the scenario all against everyone?
      1. +1
        19 November 2012 12: 28
        Or "heap is small" as in a yard fight! An incredible amount of predictions, analysts and foreshadows about the unfolding drama in the Middle East give vague ideas about the specific actions of the persons involved in the case. The surgically cautious actions of our Foreign Ministry now, designed to resolve the conflict, can be overnight canceled out by large-scale and treacherous intervention in the situation of the "big gamblers." When will the account for making decisions go down for minutes and it will not be necessary to voice appeals for peace, what does Russia have in its "homework"? I hope smart heads have thought about this for a long time
    7. +3
      19 November 2012 09: 15
      It seems that not only the French were mistaken in the choice of the President, but Hollande himself was also mistaken in the choice of the party, its place among the extreme right, and not socialists.
      1. +3
        19 November 2012 09: 27
        Quote: VadimSt
        his place, among the extreme right,

        Hi namesake, but they don’t need fagots
        1. +5
          19 November 2012 09: 45
          Hello! Yes, for me, all Western politicians, sheer fagots, defending the interests of transnational clans and companies. There, personal position and conviction, never existed. Bullshit - Alphonse.
    8. +7
      19 November 2012 09: 36
      Europe resembles the old smelly "grandmother of easy virtue"
      1. merkel1961
        19 November 2012 10: 56
        ... and with a "grandfather" - a homosexual, he is more and more inclined towards lesbianism, it remains to find out who is the number 1 parent and who is number 2. But seriously, when the EU lifts the embargo on the supply of weapons to bandits of all stripes, the Europeans will soon get what Hollande's "blueness" implies under the encouragement of an overseas girlfriend - a boomerang blow.
    9. +2
      19 November 2012 09: 36
      Hehe, it means these thugs in Syria chewed popularly and were told how to do it (about SNK). It’s already even a no brainer that Western intelligence agencies (coordinators, advisers, instructors) are behind the SNK. Legalized so to speak. Oh well.
    10. Footmansur86
      19 November 2012 11: 16
      A little scheme is familiar !!!! Gentlemen from the West do not even try to come up with new moves, what has happened in Libya is used in Syria, in a word deja vu. I’m scared for the people of Syria, judging by Libya, if the West succeeds, they will face chaos and decline in the coming decades, Libya to this day is washing the blood of its citizens and is in a state of humanitarian disaster, but now they have democracy (the right to be killed in any moment)
    11. +2
      19 November 2012 11: 51
      This may be a paradox or someone’s “naive” plan, but Europe and the United States are doing everything to ensure that Israel in the Middle East is surrounded on all sides by Islamist enemies. If Syria, according to the plans of Western and Turkish strategists, is divided into “buffer zones”, then Muslim radicals will come to power there. And Shimon Peres is well aware that Russia in the Middle East plays the role of a geopolitical deterrent. A factor crucial to the security of Israel. - It would be nice if Israel in some way joins the countries supporting Syria. As stated above, in the event of the fall of Syria, Israel will receive another headache on the border. But this, of course, is unlikely. Big Brother (USA) will not allow ...

      Does anyone know what a peasant has written in Arabic script on his hand?
      1. Region65
        19 November 2012 14: 49
        this is not Arabic, this is Pashtun, it is written something like "Allah controls this hand" ..... well, or Allah guides it, whatever you like :) well, in short, the point is that everything that this hand does is the will of the Almighty: )
        1. +1
          19 November 2012 16: 33
          a very convenient excuse :) but if you chop off the head, will the almighty handle everything with the handle Alah?
          1. Region65
            19 November 2012 16: 37
            Well, I don’t know this, I just translated it and what about where he climbs with these little hands is not a question for me :)))
    12. botur2013
      19 November 2012 11: 52
      That's just the people of Syria forgot to ask if they need this democracy
    13. Region65
      19 November 2012 14: 46
      Francois Hollande .... what else is who his mother is for fruit? another frog? even the Fritz in the 40s called the French cowardly dodges :) Nicolas SRakazi leaked it for his debts to Gaddafi, now this Monsieur Hollande is trying to merge Assad? What is France driving recently? or someone steers her hands? they would suck themselves their Eiffel Tower, plopped into the gums and wouldn’t climb into the war .. the Kuyev warriors ....
    14. not good
      19 November 2012 15: 10
      People, when it comes to big money, no one asks whether it is the people of Syria, the Russian Federation or any other country. The elections were held, the people in the field.
      As for Turkey, its west has also divided, only Turkey does not know this yet. Although the blind can see that the west in FIG does not need a regional leader where Turkey is trying to put itself.
      As for France, this European harlot, or rather her leadership, hopes to catch a new redistribution of the world. Say, we’ll muddy the water and catch the fish that will run away, they themselves will not reach them. When the Arabs fly, they’ll even reach them. They don’t understand that the east will explode and in France there will be many more Arabs than now.
      And Israel, for all its dislike of Assad, should be on the side of the secular Syrian government, because although it is a sworn friend, it will not predictably come to Israel, but if radical Islamists come to power in Syria, then another Iran is at hand the sons of Israel are guaranteed.
      We all understand that the West will not calm down until Syria is independent. But unfortunately, sooner or later Syria will be crushed if Russia and Kitai do not defend it in every way possible.
      1. Region65
        19 November 2012 16: 25
        by the way, despite the fact that Turkey is a member (not big but still) of NATO, it is a very remarkable moment that in 2008 Turkey in its strait delayed the NATO fleet for a long time allowing the Russian troops to break down the rotten Georgian military machine and return home ...... I held it for about 10 days, and when ours was faded, I let Amers go to the Black Sea ... so I think, whose Turkey is an ally? maybe she still remembers a bunch of wars when she got lyuli from Russia, or maybe among the countries of the Islamic world a really far-sighted and civilized country .....
    15. Yankuz
      19 November 2012 16: 09
      Quote: Footmansur86
      A little scheme is familiar !!!! Gentlemen from the West do not even try to come up with new moves, what has happened in Libya is used in Syria, in a word deja vu.

      Whether there will be more ... In fact, this is a war of attrition, exhaustion, first of all, of the Syrian army and most importantly of the Syrian people. A little more and the people themselves tired will rise up against Assad - Westerners with Americans and Qatari / Saudis are just waiting for this. Look - what is happening now - the army is scattered across almost the whole country! There are much fewer militants, but they have tactics on mobility and surprise, they constantly open new points somewhere, and the army is practically impossible to control the entire territory of Syria. This is the whole catch! Unfortunately ... It is necessary for the army to urgently change tactics, only for which - no one knows yet.
      1. Sergh
        19 November 2012 18: 34
        Quote: Yankuz
        There are much fewer militants, but they have tactics on mobility and surprise, they constantly open new points somewhere, and the armies control the entire territory of Syria

        So it’s not only the army, but the patience of the Kurds has ended, although it can be seen in the video, the Turks pass by not small groups of terrorists.

        November 15th:

    16. +1
      19 November 2012 16: 29
      "... Russia has warned that supplying weapons to the rebels would violate international law. Vladimir Putin said that overthrowing Assad would plunge the country into chaos."
      Of course, I'm not very strong in diplomacy, but compared to the aggressive, furious drooling, barking of jackals from "democratic" countries, the statements of our politicians are somehow more like bleating ... Well, add something like "what shouldn't be allowed" to the speech or "such a policy will receive an adequate response," or something even tougher ... Otherwise, eyes will turn down at a piece of paper .... Steel should ring in your voice, gentlemen diplomats. Well done, of course, that Syria is not being surrendered ... but how long will they be enough ...
      But it’s interesting that the Turks wouldn’t stir our can do anything? Surely there is Turkish capital in the Russian Federation ... is it possible to use it, as in the conflict with Georgia, Georgian business was blocked off oxygen? Or affect other interests of Turkey, and so affect that they quietly shut up. Maybe this is not entirely correct, but as long as the Syrian borders are not covered from the entry of any hired scum into the country, the war will continue ... and sooner or later Syria will fall even without the military invasion of the Americans with the European Union ...
    17. bart74
      19 November 2012 16: 33
      About the duplicity of the West, what's the use of speaking! We must not retreat from our position in Syria!
    18. dusha233
      19 November 2012 18: 06
      The people of Syria are the people of Russia with you !! The victory will be ours (Syria) !! And let all the two-faced bastards burn in hell !!
    19. 0
      19 November 2012 19: 50
      I wonder how the situation is nearby with our naval base ...
    20. +1
      19 November 2012 20: 57
      That's how it turns out, any ethnic gang can be recognized as the legitimate government of France !!! and she will negotiate with the world, from all the people of France ......... it looks like nonsense !!
      But in Libya it was so possible, now it is possible in Syria, and why it is impossible to recognize the gang from Lagny-sur-Marne as the legal representative of Paris! because the West can ..........?
    21. Prospector
      19 November 2012 21: 46
      Syria soon kapets (((and there it went off ... like a house of cards
    22. sania1304
      19 November 2012 23: 12
      Hypocrisy, hypocrisy and hypocrisy ... negative recourse
    23. Arsen
      19 November 2012 23: 29
      IN ISLAM, you can’t apply tattoos to your body, but here you have tattoos on your arm. They just hide behind faith
    24. Scholarships
      20 November 2012 14: 07
      something the Iranians are mysteriously silent. didn’t mean anything)) the breakthrough of the militants in Syria must be expected from the Turks, this is understandable. patience and perseverance to the Syrian president and his people.
    25. Bars90
      20 November 2012 23: 00
      Hollande plays his role perfectly ... I would like to say that he takes on a sufficient burden that he will carry himself. We (Russia) need to react appropriately, but carefully ... Moreover, the "Magnitsky list", which replaced the Far East, will significantly aggravate relations with the United States, because this list is not acceptable to us. We, as before, remain a profitable enemy for the United States ... What does this list give us? And is it possible to combine, or is it better to say logically to compare it with the aggravation of the situation in the B. East and Syria?
    26. 0
      21 November 2012 12: 48
      Greetings to all, noted Dear, that it was after the US elections that Hollande declared that he would recognize the "oppositionists as the only legitimate representation" of Syria? And Assad to attribute to the bandits or what?
      They are completely overgrown, tearing the country apart, they themselves violate one of the main principles of democracy, the will of the people. The people of Syria want to live in peace and tranquility, it is their will, and they themselves decide how to live, and under which ruler.
      In a word - SHOOT SHIT !!! Now they will openly supply weapons for thugs.

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