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German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius personally checked the training of the Ukrainian military at the Bundeswehr training grounds

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius personally checked the training of the Ukrainian military at the Bundeswehr training grounds

It is becoming fashionable for leaders and politicians of Western countries to personally monitor the training of Ukrainian military personnel undergoing training at training grounds in European countries. No sooner had King Charles visited the training camp for military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the UK than in Germany, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius rushed to the training center. This was reported by the press service of the Bundeswehr.

The head of the German military department visited the armored school of the Bundeswehr in Munster, where Ukrainian military operation is being trained tanks Leopard and Marder infantry fighting vehicles. He got acquainted with the training process and talked with the military, whether there were Ukrainians among them, the press is silent. At the military training ground, the Ukrainian military undergo practice after training on simulators. As noted in the German Ministry of Defense, the training of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine takes place within the framework of the European mission, Germany only provides training.

The training of tank crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take only six weeks, not two months, as previously thought, in Europe they are in a hurry to train as many Ukrainian military as possible before the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, scheduled for the spring.

The day before in Great Britain, the new King of the United Kingdom, Charles, deigned to visit a camp in the south-west of England, where British instructors create "the best warriors in the world" from Ukrainian recruits. At least that's what they say themselves.

Charles arrived at the camp accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff of the British Armed Forces, General Patrick Sanders. The king personally spoke with some of the Ukrainian military, wishing them good luck in future battles with Russian troops.

While in the southwest of England, the king witnessed how instructors teach the Ukrainian military to attack enemy positions

- said the press service of the British Ministry of Defense.

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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 21 February 2023 14: 59
    German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius personally checked the training of the Ukrainian military at the Bundeswehr training grounds
    belay Question: What does he understand about this? fool
    studied political science at the universities of Münster and Osnabrück, and studied briefly at the Catholic University of the West.
    Cork passed the exam, the Ukrainian military peed in delight.... request My congratulations.
    1. Thrall
      Thrall 21 February 2023 15: 08
      Well, Scholz examined the turbines for the joint venture - and there are no turbines, Pistopus examined the sheltered ones - and these will not be.
      1. ivan1979nkl
        ivan1979nkl 21 February 2023 15: 17
        Pistopus inspected the ukrovennyh - and these will not be

        Biden surrounded Zelensky with care, strokes, touches in all sorts of ways, nurtures - and Zelensky, tell me, will not be? What then, and this theater will remain?
      2. Myths
        Myths 21 February 2023 15: 20
        Germany, of course, is not a party to the conflict, we supply weapons, we train personnel, we say that the solution is only by military means ...
  2. voice of reason
    voice of reason 21 February 2023 15: 01
    Here, all the same, they changed the Minister of Defense in time! Imagine how the gynecologist Ursula could check....
  3. Uprun
    Uprun 21 February 2023 15: 05
    What one, what the other, well, they didn’t stand next to military affairs at all, it would be better to start right away from the kitchen, like a can from eating pizza with their fighters. It cuts a lizka on a tank, then a Schmolz climbs a ladder along the Cheetah .... Grandpa doesn’t climb anywhere, he ate with soldiers - a beautiful picture, a Hollywood smile, everyone is happy and happy.
  4. antivirus
    antivirus 21 February 2023 15: 08
    About matriculation: now the ambassador yuu was told about the need for withdrawal, but what was 7 months ago?
    ???? Cancellation of a volley of a sunflower or a tornado if you heard Amsky English in that square?
    But "Kyiv was not bombed," because there the non-belligerent Amts transmitted the exact coordinates to Bandera?
    Several million rubles for our dead - cheaper than the United States pay for their + insurance. Did the bankers keep parity?
    1. Uprun
      Uprun 21 February 2023 15: 11
      And what is this about and why?
  5. blackGRAIL
    blackGRAIL 21 February 2023 15: 10
    Tank crews are trained by the thousands. In addition to the Germans themselves, the Americans are already preparing the second batch of tankers (600+ people in the batch), 3 courses will be released by April. This is to the question that the promised tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will still receive ...
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 21 February 2023 16: 25
      There was no doubt that they would receive them. The only question was who would be behind the levers - Vushniks or Germans with Poles hi
  6. Roma 1977
    Roma 1977 21 February 2023 15: 14
    I present the dialogue of the thief with Pistorius:
    - And why are you looking at me like a small-minded from Hitler's headquarters? What don't you like?
    You are my fifth...
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Fitter65
    Fitter65 21 February 2023 16: 24
    The head of the German military department visited the Bundeswehr armored school in Münster, where the Ukrainian military is training to operate Leopard tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles
    To the reporter's question, well, how? He answered honestly and in detail - ".. of course, not that much, but considering when then of course, because nothing else is foreseen. As we understand, and of course it is very necessary, but it does not depend on us, although we and not everything we can apply ... Yes, and American LNG, although expensive, is democratic ... "
  9. opuonmed
    opuonmed 21 February 2023 19: 23
    Well, he came to show that he is with Ukrainians for one thing that they support and will give everything and everything! end !
  10. Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov 21 February 2023 20: 07
    The owner came to see how his tame dogs make a rack.