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American press: The head of the CIA in the fall called on Kyiv for military success under the threat of cuts in aid

American press: The head of the CIA in the fall called on Kyiv for military success under the threat of cuts in aid

The Ukrainian authorities are worried about the possible termination or minimization of financial tranches and supplies weapons from the USA. Politico writes about this, referring to the words of some officials of the Kyiv regime.

According to the publication, back in the fall of 2022, the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for military success on the battlefield under the threat of falling military aid.

Before Burns contacted Zelensky, the United States was predicting that the Republican-majority US House of Representatives would begin to reduce support for the Kyiv regime. There are also influential figures in the administration of US President Joe Biden who would like to curtail aid to the Kyiv regime. But they want the initiative to come from Congress.

Under the threat of curtailing aid, Washington may try to force the Ukrainian leadership to abandon completely global military goals, such as the seizure of Crimea. After all, these goals are practically unattainable in the current conditions, and the need to provide comprehensive support to Ukraine for more than a year significantly depletes the American budget.

Many American citizens are dissatisfied with such an active participation of the United States in Eastern European politics and would like these funds to be spent on goals and objectives that are closer and more understandable to the American population.
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  1. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 21 February 2023 13: 18
    Politico: Kyiv authorities fear that the US will force them to make an agreement with Russia
    The same news, but only under different headings. But the essence is the same.
    1. Myths
      Myths 21 February 2023 13: 41
      The loot is invested, and the result is more likely to be in the minus now they will drive everyone and everything to complete the task, urgently rake the people for it. The Americans miscalculated in only one thing, it is impossible to invest in a black hole and expect results like from others. Although this threat is more likely for this regime, it doesn’t cost them much to change it.
      1. Jafar
        Jafar 22 February 2023 00: 01
        Although this threat is more likely for this regime, it doesn’t cost them much to change it

        That's right, now there is a movement that "we have dissenters in the United States, we even held a rally, so the image of the United States is not particularly threatened by anything, so in which case they will simply merge Ukraine, the grandfather of the can and the cookie dispenser together with the administration and everyone is happy.
    2. ABC-schutze
      ABC-schutze 21 February 2023 13: 57
      On the head of the CIA, and his "calls" to the Kyiv Bandero-Nazis - spit. The only thing worthy of a cursory comment is that the hands, these "military", being in the ranks (sort of like ...), are somehow not "military" ...
  2. HAM
    HAM 21 February 2023 13: 23
    Recording photo-plebeians on a thump .....
  3. oleg-nekrasov-19
    oleg-nekrasov-19 21 February 2023 13: 28
    The Biden administration puts Zelensky before a choice: advance, show the result, cut the Russian land corridor to Crimea, NATO provides everything for you, and if you can’t do this, then why do we need you like that?! Let's see what happens next, but in any case, it will not be better for the Kyiv regime.
  4. Uprun
    Uprun 21 February 2023 13: 36
    The combat stance is taken on the command "STAND" or "STAND UP". At this command, stand straight, without tension, put the heels together, align the socks along the front line, placing them the width of the foot; straighten the legs at the knees, but do not strain; lift the chest, and the whole body slightly forward; pick up the stomach; expand shoulders; lower your hands so that the hands, palms facing inward, are on the side and in the middle of the thighs, and the fingers are half-bent and touch the thigh; keep your head high and straight, without exposing your chin; look straight ahead; be ready for immediate action - in the photo, the servants did not align their socks along the front, their hands generally "got lost", not combatant.
  5. Igor Borisov_2
    Igor Borisov_2 21 February 2023 14: 05
    Quote: HAM
    Recording photo-plebeians on a thump .....

    The same thought. And in general it is strange - why are they not on their knees?
    APASUS 21 February 2023 14: 36
    Gorgeous photo!
    Does Zeliboba have only one smart woman there, or were there no NATO rags on her?
  7. solar
    solar 21 February 2023 17: 19
    Politico writes about this, referring to the words of some officials of the Kyiv regime.

    For some reason, this particular article was not found, but, as it turned out, this Politico contains a bunch of articles about Ukraine, but their content is radically opposite to that stated by the author - they are more of an anti-Russian content.
    For example
    Why Crimea is the key to peace in Ukraine
    ...the huge sacrifices and hard-won military successes of the people of Ukraine have already dealt the Kremlin an epic moral and strategic blow. Russia's military defeat may now be on the horizon if the West continues to give Ukraine the support it needs....
    We must support Ukraine on a cold-blooded calculation of our interests—we must be willing to stop Russia before it is tempted to intimidate or take over part of a NATO country in a far more dangerous gamble; to see how the pernicious influence of Russia in Europe is decreasing rather than growing; send a signal to China that the West will unite and prevent territorial expansion; and to counteract the efforts of the de facto Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance to undermine the power of the West. At the same time, Ukraine is not an aggressor in this war; it is the victim of an unprovoked, calculated act of gross aggression....
    There are also quite fresh ones - on the initiatives of the Russian president on strategic offensive arms. In this Politico, they have already written that Russia is not fulfilling the START treaty. It seems that they wrote literally at the same time as the President's speech
    ...Russia does not comply with the provisions of the treaty aimed at limiting strategic offensive weapons....Earlier this month, NATO urged the Kremlin to stick to its obligations.
    "NATO Allies agree that the New START Treaty promotes international stability by limiting the strategic nuclear forces of Russia and the United States," the allies said in a statement ... and to facilitate U.S. inspection activities on its soil since August 2022 prevents the United States from exercising important rights under the treaty,” the allies said.
    “We call on Russia,” added the allies, “to fulfill its obligations”... “In recent years, Russia has violated and withdrew from key arms control agreements” ...
    It is doubtful that this Politiko could contain an article described by the author. Or the author did not cite something important about this article.
    This Politiko is clearly an anti-Russian newspaper.
  8. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 23 February 2023 11: 14
    This is their last and decisive battle...