The Polish government during a meeting with Biden plans to raise the topic of the supply of combat aircraft to Ukraine

The Polish government during a meeting with Biden plans to raise the topic of the supply of combat aircraft to Ukraine

Deputy head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Pavel Yablonsky said that Warsaw is striving to increase the volume of arms supplies to Kyiv, while at the same time continuing to strengthen the Polish army.

The Polish Foreign Ministry reported that during a meeting with US President Joe Biden, they intend to raise the issue of supplying the Ukrainian army with combat aviation.

In addition to meeting with Biden during his visit to Warsaw, the Polish authorities also plan to raise this issue at the summit of the countries that make up the eastern flank of the NATO military bloc - the Bucharest Nine. The Polish government intends to discuss further military support for the Ukrainian authorities.

The representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry stressed that his office would take any steps to ensure that the Ukrainian army received any weapons that they deem necessary. However, Yablonsky added that such actions should be coordinated with other NATO members.

According to the Polish Deputy Minister, among the members of the alliance there are countries that can do more than Poland, which has already supplied the Armed Forces with significant amounts of weapons. However, for example, the head of the German Defense Ministry, Boris Pistorius, said that the Bundeswehr did not have combat aircraft at its disposal, which the Ukrainian authorities are asking for.

There is a lack of consensus within the NATO military bloc, which was shown by the recent position of the Turkish authorities on the issue of expanding the alliance by admitting Sweden and Finland there.
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  1. -4
    February 21 2023
    Stupid Poles stubbornly kindle as much fire as possible in the neighbor's house, not thinking that in the end this fire will easily spread to their own house and they themselves will burn in the flames of war.
    They didn't forget anything and they didn't learn anything.
  2. HAM
    February 21 2023
    The Poles set several goals, and the main thing here, oddly enough, is to get rid of obsolete Soviet aircraft, and get, preferably for free, more modern American ones. True, no one will give them F35 for a hat of crackers. like them and pull the blanket of the "beloved wife" of the pope from Germany onto himself. Only now the cunning of the Psheks will break against the cynicism of the Saxons and the Poles will receive what is destined for them - shame and war ... and, perhaps, a new section.
  3. Two
    February 21 2023
    hi Poleniev is warmed by the idea of ​​returning the "Shidnye Cresses" and the creation of another version of the "Commonwealth". Alas, if you change your underpants back to front, especially worn ones, about 80 years old, then apart from the collapse of the underpants themselves, due to dilapidation, nothing shines for them! And the striped ones obviously won’t harness for them ...
  4. Two
    February 21 2023
    hi Yes, let them get it! The territory of Poland is smaller than the territories of the adjacent (conditionally!) regions of Russia and Belarus! They stick out - they grab it!
  5. -1
    February 21 2023
    But Kanashenka and the Urya-patriots have already destroyed them three times a long time ago, why were they going to transfer there ???)))))

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