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So did or not Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov accomplish the feat?

So did or not Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov accomplish the feat?"A quarter of a century ago, Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov saved the world from thermonuclear war, but Russia still prefers not to notice the hero's feat" - such is the leitmotif of the Western press speeches of the representatives of the so-called "international public organization" - the Association of World Citizens.

In New York, at the headquarters of the United Nations, a retired lieutenant colonel was awarded a crystal statuette "A Hand Holding a Globe" engraved with the inscription "A Man Who Prevented an Atomic Catastrophe."

According to the president of the association Douglas Mattern, 26 of September 1983, Lieutenant Colonel Petrov, while serving as an operational duty officer at the command post of the Serpukhov-15 air defense missile attack warning system, decided to ignore the readings of automation on the launch of five American ballistic missiles from the United States towards the USSR Minuteman missiles with ten nuclear warheads each. Screens blinked, an inscription appeared on the map display: "Rocket attack!". All data was immediately rechecked - no signs of error. And then Petrov accomplished not a military, but a human feat - despite all the evidence of electronics, with his power he declared the alarm false. And it turned out to be right: the warning system failed.

Approximately a couple of years ago, Petrov told American journalists who were trying to find out from which base the Russian satellite spotted the start. "
What difference does it make to you? - he said then. “Anyway, America wouldn't exist."

At the end of May, 2004, according to Trud, the representatives of the American Association came to Moscow specifically to thank Petrov and give him a memorial sign "Honorary Citizen of the World" and a prize of ... a thousand dollars.

RIA correspondent "News"asked Stanislav Petrov in New York: was he awarded or punished for his deed at that time?
“Neither one nor the other happened,” the retired lieutenant colonel replied. “At first, of course, they said:“ We will represent a reward. ”But then they appointed a state commission to investigate the causes, which, as usual, found flaws in my actions. that its members included people who were responsible for this failure. "

“Foreigners tend to exaggerate my heroism,” said the former officer in another interview. “What to take from them - well-fed, apolitical people. Sometimes half of the addresses are written on envelopes:“ Fryazino city, a hero like that ”- and it comes. And I just did my job. "

Incidentally, the former night of 83 and Petrov himself was declassified by his former chief, Colonel-General Votintsev, telling Western journalists about this. And it started - articles in the most famous foreign publications, television, trips. In Europe, Stanislav Evgrafovich was once driven by a certain Karl, a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, who is known to be the owner of a funeral home network.

The Labor correspondent contacted the UN headquarters in New York and asked the representatives of the information center about the Association of World Citizens. To our surprise, little is known about such an organization.
“You have no idea: hundreds of organizations use our platform for self-promotion,” UN officials said. “And the name of almost every one of them begins with the word 'association.” As for the organization you named, it seems that it is known ... for its loud promotions for the protection of human rights in China. "

Military reviewer comment

- All this история It looks very doubtful and looks like some kind of PR campaign. If the destinies of the world would have depended on the sole decisions of operational on-duty missile attack warning systems (EWS) on both sides of the ocean, the nuclear apocalypse would most likely have come a long time ago. At least because during the half a century of strategic confrontation between the United States and the USSR in the cold war, computers have repeatedly failed. It happened, for example, in 1980, with the American early warning system. Information about the mass launch of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles appeared on its screens. Lieutenant Colonel Petrov was not there, but the war, as we know, did not happen. The Pentagon managed to hold an emergency conference call for the command headquarters and the White House staff. At the same time, airplanes equipped to command centers of strategic forces and command repeater planes were raised into the air to remove them from the possible strike. Own nuclear forces were brought to the highest degree of combat readiness for a retaliatory strike. Meanwhile, experts have figured out everything and the alarm was canceled.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the well-known Russian expert in the field of strategic nuclear forces, missile defense and military space, in 1993-2001, the head of the 4-th Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense, Major-General Vladimir Dvorkin was brief in the comments:

- I know about this case. Petrov did not save anything and could not save. All this bullshit.

Lead Research Fellow of the IMEMO RAN, Major General (Ret.) Vladimir Belous, believes that this is political speculation, one of those that arise in the West every time they try there once again to exacerbate the issue of the “Russian military threat” and the need to strengthen control over our nuclear forces. Something similar, according to Belous, happened in 1995 year. Then our systems recorded a sudden launch of the American research ballistic missile from the Norwegian island of Andoj. The warning about starting to Russia was supposedly sent, but it did not reach the addressee. The signal from the EWS system passed to the President of Russia, but there was no preparation for a retaliatory nuclear strike. With the incident quickly figured out. Nevertheless, in the West they immediately began to talk about the fact that the world through the fault of Moscow was again on the brink of precipice.

Opinion of the eyewitness (served from 1976 to 1988 for a year, first as an engineer, then as a senior engineer-chief of the combat crew, retired major Klintsov):
I just served at this time at this facility, went to b / d and I know about this fact. There was no hysteria, everything went smoothly, except for the work of the computer. If then the decision about a mass start was made by Lieutenant Colonel Petrov, then this information would be received by the Politburo (General Secretary), the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff at the same time and what decision would be made known only to God. The fact that even now we "walk along the razor's edge" is no secret to anyone, but such officers as Petrov - who can make a decision and hold the answer for that I respect, they are pressed from above and humiliated, and they are and will be. Therefore, how to protect the Homeland is their profession and vocation.

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    AIR ZNAK 23 November 2012 16: 07
    Someone who served in the Strategic Rocket Forces would comment. They are more literate. And so ......
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 23 November 2012 17: 17
      If a simple operational attendant on duty can decide to launch an attack - does a prez carry a nuclear case with it?
    2. Dr. No
      Dr. No 23 November 2012 17: 45
      He served in this unit (03340) for several years, interceded on the database (KP). For all the time that I lived there I have never heard this story. My opinion is the story of a duck, things of a different plan depend on the calculation there, and all the information goes upstairs at the same time. Moreover, I will say that false extraditions happen (I saw it with my own eyes), this is known, and this is part of everyday work. In any case, the fate of the world did not depend on him, for the simple reason that the SPRN is the first echelon, there are also other means of detection. I completely agree with the opinion of retired Major General Vladimir Belous.
      1. ikrut
        ikrut 23 November 2012 18: 40
        I served in the Strategic Rocket Forces. He was on duty at the missile regiment control post. The start command is duplicated many times over several communication channels. Similarly. I am sure that the information about the threats is being checked. It is unlikely that the operational duty officer in Moscow has the authority to issue commands for combat launch to the missile regiments. Before this happens, standby modes must be entered. So simple - for no reason, to carry out a combat launch - this is from the realm of fantasy.
        IMHO, the situation is far-fetched. And more focused on populism and an audience that does not know the essence. An article for the yellow press.
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 24 November 2012 10: 26
          Black is written in Russian ...
          Colonel Petrov made a decision - that this was a program malfunction.
          ".. made a decision to ignore the readings of the automatics about the launch from the USA ..."
          We checked again - the failure was confirmed.
          What can I say.
          Everything is clear enough.
          An experienced officer made the right decision and did not raise the kipzh. He didn’t disturb the authorities.
          And the fact that the decision on mutual destruction can be made (but rather - not made) only after endless negotiations was proved by the Caribbean crisis.
          Well, if a skiff comes to everyone - ... well, the "Dead Hand" is to blame.
        2. Ascetic
          Ascetic 25 November 2012 02: 26
          Dr. #,

          I agree. I had a chance to serve both in the Strategic Missile Forces and in the missile defense and the Central Command and Control Commission. The situation is regular, it is not known why someone has inflated and picked up by amers. in September 1983
          our satellite system PRN (US-KS "Oko") issued a message about the launch more missiles from the United States. It so happened then that the reflected sunlight from the clouds, the satellite took for the work of propulsion engines. Quite a common situation (the Americans had such things as well). Petrov, who was on duty at the CPRN at that time, had to assess the situation according to instructions and UNDEFINITELY REPORT the situation upstairs immediately. And if he decided not to report as they usually describe his "feat". .well then you can only shrug your shoulders ... well, this cannot be, in principle, and it never happened ... but this is how the group looked at that moment (Oko-! was not yet)
      2. Sgt1950
        Sgt1950 26 November 2013 19: 32
        Sorry, but stumbled upon your comment a year later. This is the story of Petrov (military unit 03340), who saved the world ...
        But in fact it was. A week before the prevented apocalypse, annual routine maintenance (RR) was carried out on a computer complex (VK) for intelligence processing. At the finish line, the VC is tested using special blocks that simulate the mass launch of an ICBM of a potential enemy. Insert then these blocks - inserted, even the test was conducted. But to pull out - forgot.
        Because the urgent information that the beginning of department handing out, saved during the PP, SP P R T !!!
        They grabbed their flasks-eggplant and to the source ... When the liquid gurgles pleasantly in your pocket - there is nothing to it.
        We put VC in "Reserve 2" and left to celebrate the end of the RR.
        After a couple of days, the "Leader" VK fails. VC, which was in "Reserve 1", automatically becomes
        "Leading", and OUR "Reserve 2" becomes "Reserve 1". Well, when a few days later this "Leader" also "failed", then OUR set had to join the battle. I remember that the nix was a major ... Mass start on the screens of the Central Command Post of the early warning system. A lathered algorithmist popped into the hall of control cars. Says: at the command post - the mass start is shown by the reconnaissance screen. I asked - Did the "leader" in intelligence change? (Such precedents took place) In short, the algorithmist ran away to the operational duty officer. In general, they stood on the horns for about five minutes. Of course, the bosses moved in, they didn't let me sleep ...
        What they came up with there so that they wouldn’t put everyone in - I did not know.
        And now I found out.
    3. Dart weyder
      Dart weyder 24 November 2012 11: 16
      even without it - a literate officer (in the old fashioned way - because I don't know the rank) did his job .............. just - chuyka - or I don't know - but - it's good that ends well ................... and the "scapegoat" of the vehicle is not worth it ...
  2. predator.3
    predator.3 23 November 2012 16: 08
    The former head of the department of property relations of the Russian army, Yevgenia Vasilyeva, who is considered the closest associate of the former defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov, was detained today by the FSB. This was reported by the Kommersant newspaper with reference to its sources.

    According to the newspaper, the high-ranking defendant in the Oboronservis case was charged today with large-scale fraud committed by a group of persons (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code). The investigation plans to petition the court for the house arrest of E. Vasilyeva today.

    Investigators incriminate E. Vasilyeva with 3 episodes, including the theft of property of 31 state design institutes for special construction in the amount of 81 million rubles. and shares of this institution for 190 million rubles, as well as the theft of funds of OJSC "Material warehouse of the Moscow Air Force and Air Defense District" in the amount of about 6 million rubles.

    Read the full story:
    1. Sleptsoff
      Sleptsoff 23 November 2012 16: 15
      I thought she had been in London for a long time.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 23 November 2012 21: 49
        Quote: Sleptsoff
        I thought she had been in London for a long time.

        You see ........................ London is for those "who disagree", and then there is direct criminality !!!!
        Despite the fact that the prosecutors will not have problems with evidence !!!
    2. Manager
      Manager 23 November 2012 16: 19
      Quote: predator.3

      Former Head of the Property Relations Department of the Russian Army Evgenia Vasilieva,

      At the apartment of the head of the Oboronservis company - 33-year-old Evgenia Vasilyeva - 1500 jewelry were seized

      On the walls of Vasilyeva’s apartment were the originals of Repin, Aivazovsky, Vasnetsov

      Serdyukov began his activity by putting in key positions ... young women

      The dirty story with Oboronservis and Slavyanka was superimposed by a scandal involving the theft of government funds allocated for the development of the GLONASS system. But this was also an order of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

      The former Minister of Defense is officially unemployed. There was a rumor that he was hired by the Russian Technologies company, which is engaged in the production of weapons, but its leadership officially denied this information. “Mr. Serdyukov does not work for us,” company representatives said. Meanwhile, Anatoly Serdyukov is going through the case of Oboronservis as a witness. This was personally confirmed by Vladimir Putin. The president also emphasized that he sees no reason that could prevent the former minister from finding a new job. “We are not the 37th year!” - said the head of state.
      1. gmajor
        gmajor 24 November 2012 06: 49
        Too bad not the 37th
    3. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 23 November 2012 17: 55
      Quote: predator.3

      predator.3 (1)

      They have already read it, and are satisfied with the arrest, albeit at home. Now the guys from the military prosecutor's office know where she can be interrogated with bias, both day and naturally at night. Well, Sir Duke can say goodbye to a companion in a human way and not through the bars.
    4. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 23 November 2012 19: 00
      Quote: predator.3
      in the amount of 81 million rubles. and shares of this institution for 190 million p
      Air Force and Air Defense "in the amount of about 6 million rubles.
      Everything is in accordance with "democracy," we are put in jail if the amount stolen is more than 5100 rubles, but here only 190 + 81 + 6 = 277, and even not enough for arrest! Ra-s-seya however! But seriously, house arrest does not mean anything, with such "grandmothers" and connections you can be washed away, they can be removed as a witness (like "conscience" tortured).
      1. chehywed
        chehywed 24 November 2012 08: 21
        Panov, then I promoted you, because the comments are not in the subject of the article.
    5. SlavakharitonoV
      SlavakharitonoV 23 November 2012 20: 55
      Here is the womanizer of Serdyukov.
    6. valokordin
      valokordin 24 November 2012 11: 18
      A GOOD woman is hard to resist the Minister
  3. Manager
    Manager 23 November 2012 16: 14
    It is difficult now to talk about what happened. In fact, yes, he saved the world. Well, if you imagine that the alarm would not be false? .......
    1. Talgat
      Talgat 23 November 2012 16: 37
      Butts calls someone in a weak voice, but the dark southern night responds with a mysterious silence. Starley begins to think logically. Once the weapon on the belt, then there was a combat alert. Once he is at the remote control, then he got to his place, according to the combat schedule. Since there is no one else, then they didn’t have time before the automation blocked the bunker shaft. And since the automation blocked the mine, it means there was a nuclear strike !!! This explains the headache and unconsciousness. Gamma - irradiation - you don’t donkeys in the neighboring village.

      And suddenly the senior lieutenant of the Strategic Missile Forces, Roman Obukhov, realizes that he is the last and only line of defense on the entire southern border of the USSR. Filled with a sense of responsibility and imbued with a serious fighting spirit, Obukhov decided to hold on to the last. Connects the remote. The curriculum naturally starts. Starley is looking - yumm! On the green screen crawl marks of enemy rockets. He briskly enters the coordinates, presses different buttons and pulls the knife switches and knocks one missile after another, yelling at each hit: “What the fuck ?! Fucked? !!! Fuck you, I will burst! Hooray!!! For the Motherland !!! Defend Moscow !!!! " and other heroic garbage. Which in the end attracted the attention of a passing patrol. Quite justifiably worried about the well-being of the elder, the soldiers decided to find out the reason for this revival in the control room. And they knocked on the door.

      It’s good that they didn’t come in.

      Starley orgasmed at the height of the battle. He had already heard the Valkyrie songs and saw the approving glance of the god of all battles. And then there was a knock. Inflated by the battle, Obukhov instantly understood everything: the American green berets! Enemy generals realized that they could not capture the USSR until Roman Obukhov, senior lieutenant of the Strategic Rocket Forces, was on guard of the frontiers and they sent the butchers and special forces to eliminate him.

      Having made a decision instantly, Starley grabbed the time sheet PM and started firing at the door. Then of course the whole part rose.

      The duty squad tried unsuccessfully to call the senior lieutenant to the voice of reason, but he laughed demonically and continued to shoot at the voice. The soldiers could only count the shots and wait until the defender of the Fatherland ran out of ammunition. When the second and last clip began to come to an end, Obukhov decided to commit suicide in order not to let the adversary live. But fortunately I remembered about top-secret equipment, which according to the instructions needed to be destroyed. Pulling the last bullet at the enemies, he grabbed a chair and began to destroy the remote control. The soldiers went on the assault.

      During the neutralization of starleys, he managed to break someone's jaw and slightly cripple two more servicemen.

      You think this is all over ... Horseradish. It is completely impossible to predict the logic that guides the command in making decisions.

      While the starleys languished in the guardhouse in anticipation of their fate, the higher ranks looked at the printout of the training desk. It turned out that Obukhov did not miss a single missile of the enemy. And also taking into account the heroism and consciousness shown during the performance of the combat mission, they decided: to reduce the starling in rank for drug addiction and the destruction of valuable equipment. And for the excellent training, shooting and hypothetical salvation of the Fatherland - to assign an extraordinary military rank.

      So we can say that Senior Lieutenant Roman Obukhov escaped with a slight fright and a few marks in the personal file ...
  4. old rocket man
    old rocket man 23 November 2012 16: 15
    Well, well done, I made an independent decision and it turned out to be correct. On the one hand, and on the other, he was obliged to report on any, because if he made a mistake, the time to make a decision, and the decision to launch would be taken by the Supreme Commander, would be significantly reduced,
    From the point of view of the staff (careerists), it’s a very bold act, bordering on recklessness (that’s why they pressed it), and the guy did his job, what’s the feat?
    But for conscientious work, in general, it is customary to reward. Unfortunately, NOT WITH US. fellow
    1. 416494
      416494 23 November 2012 16: 30
      Here is the question, what kind of work did he have?
    2. Talgat
      Talgat 23 November 2012 16: 34
      Few people know, but World War III was won by the Soviet Union back in 1986. Moreover, it was single-handedly won by the senior lieutenant of the Strategic Rocket Forces Roman Obukhov.

      Here's how it happened.

      This secret part of the Strategic Missile Forces was located in one of the republics of Central Asia to cover the USSR from a theoretical nuclear attack from Iran, where the US position was very strong. In addition to the terribly classified and tightly guarded strategic missile launch console, there was also a complete duplicate of this remote control on the surface. It was used for training alarms, training new recruits and misleading a potential adversary. Naturally, the ground control panel was not connected to the guidance system, and there was only one training program that simulated the launch of nuclear warheads.

      The main enemy of a soldier in such a wilderness is boredom. And if the rank and file can be distracted by antisocial-useless work, then the middle and senior command personnel fog their heads off than they can. In particular, a certain secret broth made from condensed milk, everywhere growing wild hemp, spring water and craftsmanship was especially popular. This potion was remarkably “invigorated and strengthened the body” ©.

      So, before entering into the outfit, the senior lieutenant of the Strategic Missile Forces, Roman Obukhov, received a ground-to-air cocktail, received a service weapon, instructed the outfit, and went looking for a warmer and more comfortable place to indulge in a well-deserved rest. And the educational control room seemed to him to be the most suitable place for this. In short, it so happened that our starley dozed off in a chair, legs tossed on the remote. In a dream, Obukhov jerked awkwardly, fell off his chair, crazy opened his eyes and ...

      It looks like starley that it lies in complete darkness near the remote control panel for launching strategic missiles, there is nobody around, the head hurts, there is a weapon on the belt. AND DO NOT REMEMBER ANYTHING !!!
    3. alexng
      alexng 23 November 2012 16: 34
      In fact, under any circumstances, he should have informed the one who is subordinated above. And so, if the attack turned out to be valid, then he would have turned out to be a traitor, and it’s kind of like a hero. But with the case of a submarine in the Caribbean, a heroic act was definitely committed there and a nuclear war did not happen, because one of the three who had to confirm the torpedo attack with a nuclear warhead took responsibility and did not give it done.
    4. lelikas
      lelikas 23 November 2012 17: 24
      old rocketmanis it true? -
      In 1980, the inspectorate visited the central command post of the Strategic Rocket Forces of the USSR, and the general on duty was asked what he intends to do if, after the missile launch command, the code lock of the safe with combat documents does not open after three attempts. The officer replied that in this case he was keeping a sledgehammer behind the safe, with which the castle would knock down. Most members of the commission outraged such an answer, but the chief of the eighth Directorate of the General Staff convinced them that this combat order should be delivered to the troops without delay and the availability of a backup option in the form of a sledgehammer is justified. Then the sledgehammer was legalized, and since then she is necessarily on the post of commander of the Strategic Missile Forces on duty.
      1. old rocket man
        old rocket man 23 November 2012 18: 04
        Quote: lelikas
        old missile, is that true? -

        This is a joke, you can’t open the code lock with a sledgehammer (you’ll knock down a panel or a pen and nothing more), usually in such cases they use autogen or through the back wall, it depends on the safe laughing
        1. lelikas
          lelikas 23 November 2012 18: 05
          I knew it, everyone is trying to trick me sad wink
        2. d.gksueyjd
          d.gksueyjd 23 November 2012 22: 54
          Everything is much simpler. A safe with a combination lock is opened using the ramrod from the AKM and the mounting paddle within 1 minute. Who is interested in the process, write in a personal.
      2. ikrut
        ikrut 23 November 2012 23: 37
        A joke, of course. As far as I understand, there are no combination locks and no safes for launches. Well, maybe they store some kind of ZAS codes in safes. And through the ACS systems, the commands go automatically. All secrecy is provided by hardware. Why are there any safes? Start-up is performed by people at the command of their immediate superiors. And then on command. There are certain commands that mean one or another degree of readiness for start and the start itself. The real launch is performed by the missile division. He receives a command from the command post of the regiment. Remotely, the command post of the division and the regiment are relatively not far apart. The regiment's command post can receive a command from any higher level command post. In this case, the commands go simultaneously through all communication channels. ACS systems (there are at least 2 of them), ZAS system, telegraph channels, telephone, radio and radio relay. There are certain teams at the checkpoint constantly, every day, but the teams are different. If the CP missed some team - serious showdown and punishment. If you "caught" something that others did not catch - honor and encouragement. This is an ongoing practice. There are teams of the highest readiness. There is - it's easier. I am sure that the decision to launch is certainly not made by the operational duty officer. Just as in the regiment, the command officer on duty, even on a training command, will not lead the battalions to launch without notifying the regiment commander and without receiving a command from him. The fact is that there should be practically no accidents here. And the other side will find out about the upcoming enemy launches in advance through different channels. Then, at our command post, for example, "the readiness of a military danger" is announced, the group and the beginning of the day take over on constant duty. headquarters and everything is already in earnest. And just like that - from the bay-flounder to start? The operative duty officer was just an adequate man. Which is the vast majority. I think they immediately realized that the alarm was false. Well, reporters hyped everything to the public. There was no heroism there. IMHO.
      3. Captain45
        Captain45 24 November 2012 19: 43
        Quote: lelikas
        Then the sledgehammer was legalized, and since then she is necessarily on the post of commander of the Strategic Missile Forces on duty.

        But what about Russia without a sledgehammer and someone else’s mother there. Not in Russian somehow.
    5. s1н7т
      s1н7т 23 November 2012 22: 35
      Quote: Old Rocketman
      well done, made an independent decision

      The duty officer of any level can make an independent decision only in relation to the forces and means subordinate to him. Strategic Rocket Forces on duty on the warning system did not obey Petrov. What is the argument about ?! Clearly, reported to the top. The decision was made there on the basis of information not only from the SPRN.
  5. Middle-brother
    Middle-brother 23 November 2012 16: 19
    Is such information not duplicated in any way? Surely the man somehow contacted colleagues who could confirm or deny information about a possible launch. Well, I made the right decision.
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 23 November 2012 22: 40
      Surrenders, he does not make decisions at all - he stupidly informs the command about the results of the warning system. It is in the General Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces that decisions are made. But when there is no longer the General Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, the "nuclear briefcase", etc., the decision is made by the "doomsday machine" at the "Perimeter" facility - it does not consult with anyone. If still alive, of course (.
  6. Vadivak
    Vadivak 23 November 2012 16: 20
    May God grant you health and long life, bow to the Hero

    then, in Serpukhov-15, still not really understanding the technology, the commission set about living Petrov. And in a big way: Colonel General Yury Votintsev personally commanded the missile and space defense of the USSR. Which then officially was not at all - just air defense, and all.

    - What's interesting: having arrived at the object, Votintsev promised to introduce me to the promotion. And a little later he clung to: "Why is your combat log just not full at that time?" - recalls the lieutenant colonel. - I explain to him that in one hand I had a tube through which I reported the situation to the authorities, in the other - a microphone, which amplified my commands for subordinates. Consequently, there is nothing to write with. And he is not appeased: "Why didn't he fill it in later when the alarm ended?" Yeah, now ... so that you can sit down later when the first investigator picks up the same receiver and microphone and tries to keep a log in real time? This is a forgery of the purest water ...

    In short, Colonel General Votintsev received no encouragement for the prevention of World War III. And he received only the bossy scolding. What is personally clear to the lieutenant colonel:

    - If you reward me for that case, then someone for him should have suffered very big. First of all, those who developed SPRN. Big academics who were allocated huge billions. Therefore, it’s still good that I didn’t completely rake the magazine ...
  7. Num lock U.A.
    Num lock U.A. 23 November 2012 16: 20
    but such officers as Petrov, who know how to make a decision and hold an answer for this, respect them, they are pressed from above and humiliated, and they are and will be. Therefore, how to defend the Homeland is their profession and vocation.

    this is the main thing
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 24 November 2012 01: 04
      but such officers as Petrov, who know how to make a decision and hold an answer for this, respect them, they are pressed from above and humiliated, and they are and will be. Therefore, how to defend the Homeland is their profession and vocation.

      Num lock U.A.
      this is the main thing

  8. Khabarov
    Khabarov 23 November 2012 16: 33
    The first "nuclear suitcase" appeared in 84 under Chernenko, in 83m they were not yet available, but even then the alert system operative could and was only obliged to report on command about a missile attack, and the decision on a retaliatory strike was made elsewhere and by others people.
  9. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 23 November 2012 16: 35
    Another quite smelling story - a sensation from scratch ...
    Probably a feat and a reward - a piece of bucks ...
  10. sanych
    sanych 23 November 2012 17: 21
    Yeah, it’s unlikely that the launching of retaliation missiles depends on the decision of the duty officer feel But what about the president's "black suitcase"? The launch codes are also not his (lieutenant colonel I mean) business! Strongly, after all, it draws on PR ...
  11. baltika-18
    baltika-18 23 November 2012 17: 22
    The first time I heard today, without comment.
  12. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 23 November 2012 17: 52
    XZ nonsense, IMHO would not even have thought of a false alarm, I would have prayed and START
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 23 November 2012 22: 44
      laughing Therefore, there are not "Kirghiz" serving there, but specially trained people! laughing They don't pray and they don't have a start button laughing
  13. bremest
    bremest 23 November 2012 17: 52
    Most importantly, Stanislav Petrov, following his leader, Colonel-General Yu. Votintsev, divulges state secrets protected by law on the system - the SPS. Its weaknesses and strengths, which will allow us to analyze the order of actions, the psychology of the actions of personnel, and develop a missile attack plan under the guise of missile attack detection errors.
    But who really deserves gratitude is the spouse of Rosenberg illegally executed in the USA, learned humanists who deliberately transferred atomic secrets to the USSR. It is to them that humanity should be grateful for peace.
    1. s1н7т
      s1н7т 23 November 2012 22: 47
      For the Roenbergs - I agree! + !, but about Petrov and Votintsev - it's ridiculous, right. Democrats (and they have different surnames) surrendered the whole country along with the SPRN, etc., which we do not know.
    2. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 23 November 2012 22: 59
      20 years have passed and this system is no longer there, and the USSR is gone, and all this infa and much more is not a secret and has long been passed on to the teachers of "democracy"
  14. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 23 November 2012 18: 10
    It's just that when we compared the coordinates of the launch with a real map, and this is done instantly, it turned out that there could not be any mines there, and the conclusion was made that the trigger was false. My cousin brother told me, he then served on "Yuri Gagarin" and was closely in the subject.
  15. Rus2012
    Rus2012 23 November 2012 19: 39
    Quote: lelikas
    old rocketman, is it true? -, it's not true...
    True, as a rule, it can be boring and unpresentably breech ...
    Seals, sealing wax, packages, codes, "prayers" ... and while all this is being done - the missiles themselves go where God told them (i.e. ordered from above :)))
  16. patriot2
    23 November 2012 20: 15
    And here is an excerpt from the article "Ballistic Ghosts" in Popular Mechanics magazine:
    In general, the Soviet Union used a slightly different method for detecting missile launches. Russian satellites, unlike American devices, were aimed not at the earth’s surface itself, but at the edge of the earth’s disk. Observation of the United States was conducted from an elongated elliptical orbit, which simultaneously had at least 4 satellites. At the moment when the rocket launched from the American plains reached a height of 15-20 km, it became quite clearly visible against a dark cosmic background - thanks to infrared radiation from a working engine. At the same time, the light reflected from the snow cover and clouds underwent significant scattering (due to the sharp angle under which the observation was carried out), which made it possible to significantly reduce the probability of false alarms of the system.
    Nevertheless, on September 26, 1983, the cloud illumination turned out to be so strong that one of the Soviet satellites transmitted a signal about the launch of several missiles from the continental territory of the United States. It was impossible to verify this information with the help of ground-based radar stations, since the launch area was outside their coverage area. Information from satellites entered the underground command bunker Serpukhov-15, located near Moscow.
    The operational duty of the command post that night was Lt. Col. Petrov. According to the order, he was to immediately inform the leadership of the country, which decided on further actions, about the alleged missile attack. However, in violation of all the rules, Stanislav Petrov did not raise the alarm, attributing the signal to the account of a hardware failure. Quickly analyzing the situation, he came to the conclusion that the Americans would hardly start a war by launching just a few missiles - a massive attack with the simultaneous use of hundreds of warheads looks much more logical. In 2006, Petrov was awarded a special award given by the UN together with the "Association of World Citizens" - as "a man who prevented a nuclear war."
    The last incident, which in principle could have ended in a nuclear nightmare, occurred in the relatively recent 1995. This time it was not about a false, but a very real missile launch, which was successfully detected by Russian tracking systems. On January 25, 1995, the largest meteorological rocket designed to study the northern lights was launched from the Andoya Norwegian training ground. Moving toward Russia, the rocket rose to a height of about 600 km, while its trajectory turned out to be very similar to the trajectory of the American strategic missiles Trident. The result of such a launch could be a high-altitude nuclear explosion capable of temporarily blinding Russian detection stations and serving as a prologue to a massive nuclear attack.
    Of course, the missile forces received an order to be ready for return launches, and the interceptors prepared to take off. Fortunately, everything worked out this time too, largely due to the fact that by that time the United States did not really believe in the possibility of a nuclear attack. The next day, Boris Yeltsin said that on January 25 he had to use the famous nuclear suitcase for the first time - for emergency consultations with military advisers and the leadership of the General Staff.

    It is hoped that the world will continue to be on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe, balancing on it no less successfully.

    I would very much like a decision to be made by a person, not a machine, even the most perfect one!
    1. uizik
      uizik 23 November 2012 21: 00
      It is in all likelihood true that it was a scam .. But there are still other means of detecting the launch of missiles and they are duplicated.
    2. arkady149
      arkady149 24 November 2012 02: 49
      Quote: patriot2
      The next day, Boris Yeltsin said that on January 25 he had to use the famous nuclear suitcase for the first time - for emergency consultations with military advisers and the leadership of the General Staff.
      It is interesting how reliable the "nuclear suitcase" is if now, due to corruption, missiles do not fly, satellites replenish the Pacific, underwater grouping, missile parts are made in garages. They are appointed to leading positions not on the basis of competence, but only because the candidate for this post is "the cousin of the deputy prime minister's nephew."
  17. Egoza
    Egoza 23 November 2012 23: 09
    “Incidentally, the September night of 83rd and Petrov himself was declassified by his former chief, Colonel-General Votintsev, telling Western journalists about this. And it started - articles in the most famous foreign publications, television filming, trips. Stanislav Evgrafovich was once driven around Europe by a certain Karl, a German citizen who is known to be the owner of a network of funeral homes. The Trud correspondent contacted the UN headquarters in New York and asked the representatives of the information center about the Association of World Citizens. To our surprise, there is little about such an organization. what is known. "
    Explicit bullshit for PR.
  18. v53993
    v53993 23 November 2012 23: 15
    The Pentagon managed to hold an emergency conference call of the command staffs and the White House. At the same time, airplanes equipped at the command posts of strategic forces and command relay aircraft were raised into the air to remove from a possible strike. Own nuclear forces were brought to the highest degree of combat readiness for a retaliatory strike. Meanwhile, experts figured out everything and canceled the alarm.

    Petrov, without even understanding, made a decision to disarm our state before external aggression. And if the blow turned out to be real. He is just a coward. God forbid us from such Petrovs in the future.
  19. georg737577
    georg737577 24 November 2012 04: 41
    Quote: v53993
    And if the blow turned out to be real
    Shoot for failure to perform direct duties ....
  20. taseka
    taseka 24 November 2012 07: 53
    "And then Petrov did not a military, but a human feat - despite all the testimony of electronics, he declared the alarm false with his authority. And he was right: the warning system failed." - For fun, if really 50 "Herosim" would be booze in Russia and you would be Petrov in response for 100 million dead Russians !!!
  21. escobar
    escobar 24 November 2012 13: 33
    Bullshit is complete. It just had to do its job. The retaliatory strike system is much more complicated than the start and start key. Dozens of data are collected in all global tracking systems in a short time and then the decision makers make the final decision. Yes and five starts it doesn’t look like an attack, if dozens of launches seems like the truth. I served in the Strategic Missile Forces (87-89). Not for nothing that all this show off to save humanity cost 1000 bucks. Well, this uncle has one more chance to save the world - December 21 2012)))
  22. patriot2
    19 December 2012 18: 33
    Winners are not judged. Judged by the vanquished.
    Who Lost the Cold War?
    There is only one answer: USSR.
    Who do we judge? ...