A prototype of the Ukrainian BTR-60XM Khorunzhiy, created in a single copy, was spotted in the area of ​​​​the contact line

A prototype of the Ukrainian BTR-60XM Khorunzhiy, created in a single copy, was spotted in the area of ​​​​the contact line

The Ukrainian army is experiencing a shortage of armored vehicles, attempts by the West to solve this problem by supplying armored vehicles and MRAPs have failed, the replacement turned out to be unequal. In addition, the Russian army quickly destroys the transferred equipment. So the Ukrainians are driving to the front line everything they have, including prototypes created in a single copy.

A video appeared on Internet resources with a Ukrainian BTR-60XM "Khorunzhiy", filmed somewhere in the area of ​​​​the contact line. In a short video, an armored personnel carrier drives past AFU servicemen walking along the road. On which part of the front and when this video was filmed is not reported.

It is known that the BTR-60KhM "Khorunzhiy" was created in a single copy and, in fact, is a prototype. This armored personnel carrier was presented in 2021 along with a deeply modernized BMP-1M infantry fighting vehicle. The developer is the Kiev NPO "Practika".

"Korunzhiy" is a "deep modernization" of the Soviet BTR-60. The "native" suspension was left on the car, but the engine was replaced. Instead of two engines, one Deutz diesel engine with an Allison automatic transmission is installed, moreover, in the front of the car. The troop compartment has been enlarged, and an increase in armor and mine protection is also announced. Initially, it was planned to install a fighting compartment from the BMP-1, or the Turkish combat module SARP KPVT with a 14,5 mm machine gun. As a result, the armored personnel carrier received a machine-gun turret mounted on the roof. The video does not clearly show what kind of weapons this vehicle carries.

Previously, the developers of the "Khorunzhy" stated that this armored personnel carrier is capable of speeds on the highway - 100 km / h, afloat - 10 km / h. Power reserve -750 km. Crew - XNUMX people + landing six. It was also claimed that the armor protection was increased, the armor of the Finnish brand Millux Oy was used.

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  1. +6
    21 February 2023 08: 29
    It is known that the BTR-60KhM "Khorunzhiy" was created in a single copy and, in fact, is a prototype.
    No weather)) this piece of iron will not do. Apparently the Ukronazis are raking out everything that moves. RPG to him, or some kind of anti-tank mine. (I agree with The Lancet)
    1. 0
      21 February 2023 08: 48
      What is "raked out" is not just "apparently" - it is obviously. What kind of "weather" can we talk about .... In a single copy!
  2. +3
    21 February 2023 08: 35
    Experimental and museum samples went into action. This means that the German MP 38/40 will soon go
    1. +1
      21 February 2023 09: 04
      Quote: APASUS
      German MP 38/40 coming soon

      roll up their sleeves and like Vladimir Semenovich: ".... they are walking through Ukraine, the soldiers of the Center group"
  3. 0
    21 February 2023 08: 35
    Created in a single copy of the prototype of the Ukrainian BTR-60XM "Khorunzhiy"

    looks like a gesture of desperation, the next step is to use weapons from the excavations of ancient burial mounds
  4. +1
    21 February 2023 08: 42
    BTR-60XM "Khorunzhiy"
    And were they named in honor of the Cossack rank, or did they sweeten the Poles with their "lieutenant"? The use of single and even museum specimens of equipment and weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not new for a long time. He arrived at the front, but it is unlikely that he will be able to leave.
    1. -1
      21 February 2023 20: 19
      As small children repeat - museum exhibits! Your Nokhchi brothers removed WWII equipment from the monuments and went into battle against them! And you are sitting on sofas singing Putinka, hiding behind the backs of the soldiers!
      1. 0
        23 February 2023 10: 32
        "Your Nokhchi brothers removed WWII equipment from the monuments and went into battle against them!"
        What did you see? From the cradle, go. I’m something not like BA, I didn’t even see the T-34. In general, get up from the couch, take your great-grandfather MG and "halt", "halt fortfahren".
  5. +1
    21 February 2023 08: 51
    Quote: rotmistr60
    sweeten the Poles

    And ..., the Ukrainians, that ... they were going to have a snack with the Poles. Let it be better to "salt the Poles". winked
  6. +2
    21 February 2023 09: 15
    At 404x in peacetime, designers worked well. In the Russian Federation, for example, did someone think about a "budget" armored personnel carrier with a front MTO and protection against 14,5mm? Let me remind you that the 404e and BTR 3 were produced ... and we were left with the BTR82 (without additional reservation systemically). More serious modifications with the front MTO did not go further than exhibitions. You can also go the Serbian way and make MCI 8x8 (not floating, but with protection)
  7. +1
    21 February 2023 09: 17
    I wonder why some NGOs work in Kyiv? No matter how order must be destroyed
    1. -2
      21 February 2023 20: 20
      So go ahead, what's stopping you! Or are you just theoretical patriots warriors!
  8. -2
    21 February 2023 10: 28
    BTR-60XM "Khorunzhiy" created in a single copy
    And the letters HM, I wonder what they mean? Khanty-Mansiysk? then why without AO? Or Chubaty Modernized? laughing
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. 0
    21 February 2023 12: 09
    Boxer never came out of it, no matter how hard the elves tried. Apparently, they didn’t have to study language, but German
  11. 0
    21 February 2023 12: 56
    With such a height, additional protection is of course needed.
  12. +2
    21 February 2023 15: 40
    People are jumping in the comments like this is the last armored personnel carrier for Ukrainians.
    1. 0
      21 February 2023 15: 43
      Jump vashchet ukrointsi. And people don't care if you have your last armored personnel carrier or not. The main thing is that your violent ones have been specifically thinned out, but the women have not yet given birth
      1. +1
        21 February 2023 18: 55
        Nyash-myash Kyiv will be ours tomorrow))) those who inflate an elephant out of a fly jump and turn any news into a win. And there are plenty of such figures on both sides of the special operation.
        1. +1
          21 February 2023 20: 43
          Jumping is a trademark of ukrov. It is not necessary to blame a healthy head from a sick head.
  13. 0
    21 February 2023 20: 37
    An interesting concept. The existing armored hulls should not disappear.
  14. 0
    22 February 2023 10: 20
    It’s a paradox, as soon as a novelty appears in the Russian army, Skomorokhov immediately vigorously pours mud on it. As soon as the enemies have something, he incognito sings odes and diferambs to them