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Repairable armor plate with a universal repair kit

Repairable armor plate with a universal repair kit

Armor protection, along with weapons, is the most important factor for every military involved in an armed conflict.

One of the most modern means of protection today is armor plates of the 5th class, consisting of ceramics or representing a kind of "sandwich" of several layers of different materials.

Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic armor plates, the host of the Lazarev Tactical YouTube channel, Konstantin Lazarev, highlighted the following.

The advantage of such protection is that it is almost impossible to “break through” it from a conventional firearm. weapons. At the same time, the minus of such armor, according to the expert, is its "disposability".

However, the latter is easily solved due to the appearance of armor plates with a special structure, which can be “repaired” in the field without any problems.

The whole point is that the stove itself consists of small square-shaped ceramic elements. After a bullet hits one of these elements, it can be easily replaced with a similar one.

To do this, it is enough to remove the top cover of the plate, “pick off” the damaged element with a knife and install a new one in its place.

Lazarev in his video conducted "combat experiments" with similar armor plates and showed their reliability and maintainability.

At the same time, the expert noted that despite the large number of elements in the slab, the latter fit extremely tightly to each other. This eliminates the "breakdown" of the plate in the event of a bullet hitting the joint.

Importantly, a Chinese company produces unique plates with a “repair kit”. On the Russian market, this protection is available in several form factors. At the same time, they all consist of the same elements, which makes it possible to use the same “repair kit” in any of the configurations without any problems.

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  1. Bingo
    Bingo 20 February 2023 20: 51
    This eliminates the "breakdown" of the plate in the event of a bullet hitting the joint.

    Because it is not necessary to punch - to move apart or turn - it is enough. There is no joint without gaps - many elements = many gaps, i.e. elements walk in a wide range
    1. cpls22
      cpls22 20 February 2023 21: 01
      overlapping arrangement may help.
      1. Bingo
        Bingo 20 February 2023 21: 04
        There will still be horizontal joints. And what is even worse - the impact from the bullet falls on the area of ​​​​1 tiny element, if it overlaps, then generally on its edge. You don’t even need to pierce here, this element will work like a bullet on its own
        1. Jcvai
          Jcvai 20 February 2023 21: 45
          If you use the lungs in two layers, it will take off quite well.
    2. Max2022
      Max2022 20 February 2023 21: 49
      Not quite so, the elements can partially overlap each other with grooves, conditionally one is larger from above, the other from below, or according to the lining principle
    3. Diger
      Diger 20 February 2023 22: 02
      Because it is not necessary to punch - to move apart or turn - it is enough.

      Who will "push and turn"?
      elements walk in a wide range

      Nothing is walking.
      Do not make a larger size (there is a press, this area is its limit)
      Here is a half-pitch after the press

      But before getting into the oven

      Then annealing, and then grinding (medical products are also polished) or ... Or not.
      Then the ceramic block

      White is almost pure alumina, if dark with additives (to reduce temperature), then a composite substrate of a multilayer aramid fabric

      The probability of a bullet accurately hitting the micro-gap, compared to the area of ​​the armor element, is negligible.

      If you want to put together several cells of the same shape and size so that they fill the entire plane, only three regular shapes (with equal sides and angles) will do: equilateral triangles, squares and hexagons.
      And hexagonal honeycombs will require the smallest overall length of partitions, unlike triangles and squares of the same area.
      Ask the bees, they will confirm

      GOST 34286-2017 Br5: Armor elements provide survivability at the level of at least 3 test shots per 1 dm², (the distance between the impact points of firearm bullets is at least 70 mm, the distance from the edge of the armor element is at least 20 mm.

      Plasma of 3000-4000 K and a flow velocity of 8000 m/s did not enter the slots in the Buran TC
      Quote from clps22
      overlapping arrangement may help.

      Look at the thickness of the tile (1,2-2,3 cm), wearing armor will increase in volume by 20%, a barrel will look like a prone field + again, the mass will increase by 15-25%
  2. Alien From
    Alien From 20 February 2023 20: 51
    The Chinese are ahead of the rest ....... would you have thought about this 60 years ago ...
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 20 February 2023 20: 57
      Quote: Alien From
      The Chinese are ahead of the rest.

      And for the price too. Our hucksters ask for more for one plate than the Chinese for two.
      1. Diger
        Diger 20 February 2023 22: 20
        The plant is not coping (they realized it).
        And Avito is fullкласс
        For every taste and color.
        Up to 60₽ belay per plate
      2. 1razvgod
        1razvgod 20 February 2023 23: 36
        Hucksters are not ours .... This is a separate "nationality" .. In every nation these devils ....
    2. Jcvai
      Jcvai 20 February 2023 21: 47
      So there is nothing new: as the plates changed when damaged, they change.
      Only according to "new technologies" instead of one big one, one small one changes. The main thing is that the tolerances at the joints are done as for themselves, and not “according to GOST”
  3. leks
    leks 20 February 2023 21: 03
    As I understand it, this is a Chinese stove, there are tests for shooting this stove and other similar stoves. The Chinese had a good result of 7,62lps from 10 meters withstood, and 7,62 b32 through
    This is an option for replacing and repairing tiles in the field, but I think it will not give a 100% guarantee that it will withstand the next hit, although it holds a second shot on the video. It is not clear what ammunition is used.
    If it is not possible to replace the entire stove, this option is good, the main thing is that a repair kit is at hand. Well, the best slabs are Br5 slabs produced by the Shchelkovo Silk Weaving Factory (Russia).
    But these plates are now very difficult to buy.
    1. agond
      agond 20 February 2023 21: 40
      Quote: leks
      Plates Br5 produced by the Shchelkovo silk-weaving factory (Russia).
      But these plates are now very difficult to buy.

      In the Middle Ages, when knightly armor "worn out" it was cut into plates, then they were leveled and used in brigantines for simple wars, maybe broken ceramic plates can be reused somehow, since they are such a shortage
      1. Hagakure
        Hagakure 20 February 2023 22: 42
        There was no such thing. The brigandines arose much earlier and on their own. But these armor here is already the end of the era of chivalry. Before the advent of armor, there was nothing to cut. And the brigandines were perhaps already two thousand years old. Except that's what they were called. But lamellar armor, in principle, is still the time of bone pre-metal armor, when animal bones were sewn onto skins for body armor, or tied together to form a helmet to protect against an arrow or spear with a bone tip. Such people met, if I am not mistaken, even in the 19th century among the Chukchi and other Siberian peoples. And their history is several thousand years old.
  4. cast iron
    cast iron 20 February 2023 21: 32
    All modern individual infantry armor is an extremely weakly protected structure. Resuscitation of medieval infantry armor "three quarters" from new materials with the possibility of fitting to the figure is necessary. The main defeat factor in modern warfare is artillery fragments and secondary fragments. As well as a blast wave and a thermobaric volumetric explosion. And this means that a tiny fragment of 3-5 mm does not incapacitate a soldier, it is necessary to cover the entire body and part of the limbs. And also cover your head in a closed armored helmet so that close to different artillery ammunition does not burst the soldier’s head. It is necessary to reincarnate, with new technologies and materials, a cuirass, an armored helmet like an arme or a visored bascinet, protection of the limbs covering the elbow and knee joints at least.
  5. Evgenijus
    Evgenijus 20 February 2023 21: 43
    If there are many ceramic elements in the armor plate, then the area of ​​​​one element becomes smaller. All the energy of a bullet that hits a ceramic element goes to this element, creating significant pressure on a small area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthis element. A blow to the bones of the chest is more sensitive. The fighter will live, but the bones may break. This is my guess, it would be better if there was no need for these armors. Or is the armor plate a one-piece element? How does a tank have turret armor with dynamic protection elements?
    1. leks
      leks 20 February 2023 22: 07
      A blow to the bones of the chest is more sensitive. The fighter will live, but the bones can break

      In order to avoid this, they put "CAP" between the armor plate and the body.
  6. Gagarin77
    Gagarin77 20 February 2023 23: 40
    It's the same with a car. Cut out the damaged piece and weld in a new one. All problem solved....
  7. Amateur
    Amateur 21 February 2023 06: 44
    After a bullet hits one of these elements, it can be easily replaced with a similar one.

    Imagine. A fighter in such armor is on the attack. A bullet hits the armor. The fighter stops, takes off the armor, takes out a spare module from his pocket, inserts it into the place of the broken one and runs further into the attack? This is an obvious sur.
    Another variant. A fighter in such armor is on the attack. A bullet hits the armor. The fighter does not pay attention to this and runs further into the attack. If the bullet does not hit the broken plate a second time, then the fighter will run and win. Well, if it hits, it means fate.
    Conclusion: 1. armor should protect the fighter as much as possible and be comfortable for him.
    2. It is better to repair armor in the rear in the workshop.
    1. Diger
      Diger 21 February 2023 14: 03
      1. For the sake of one hit in the armor element, he will not do anything
      "The projectile does not hit the same funnel 2 times"
      2. After completing the bz, smoking Marlboro in the trench, he will replace the armor element. Comrades will help.
      3. Take it to the workshop, you need to give it in return (suddenly an attack, retreat, shelling? Will he cover himself with a “withdrawal”?), And this is not a royal (masterful) business.
      2-3 minutes of work for a fighter or 1-2 days with delivery to the workshop?
      So you will send cleaning / lubrication of personal weapons to the station, or to the manufacturer ...
      1. agond
        agond 13 March 2023 19: 18
        The maintainability of the plate is a plus (although it contains Chinese ceramics), but on the cover of the armored plate there is an inscription in a foreign language, why is that?