Zelensky: Now there is a battle between David and Goliath

Zelensky: Now there is a battle between David and Goliath

The head of the Kyiv regime was invited to the Munich Security Conference. But online. Zelensky traditionally decided to use the next provided broadcast for pathos speeches, this time with a reference to mythology. The Ukrainian president said that "there is a battle between David and Goliath, where David is everyone who fights for freedom." "Freedom", in the understanding of Zelensky and his Western curators, of course.

That is, David, according to Zelensky, is no longer one frail guy, but many of those who are certainly “freedom-loving”, but for some reason are delighted with the fact that everyone is under the American yoke.

As Mikhail Leontiev notes in his author's program "However", in fact, the Western "Davids" are not eager to fight directly with the "Goliath", which, of course, designates Russia. They strive to push the Ukrainian “Davids” ahead of them, so much so that really to the last Ukrainian in this “righteous struggle” against Russia and Russians.

Mikhail Leontyev:

And Zelensky was given the mission to be that very last Ukrainian.

In fact, Zelensky’s speech patterns, if you study them carefully, completely fit into the fact that Ukraine is something eternally offended, small, which someone from the outside is simply obliged to protect and feed. As soon as the "food" becomes scarcer, the Ukrainian "Davids" begin to scream with a squeal in their voice, striving to declare that if the "food" does not become better and fatter, then "Goliath will come and kill Western souls."
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    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +2
      19 February 2023 22: 14
      He is Philistine, not a Jew ... And Goliath has long since fallen off the ladder, we are waiting, we miss them)
      1. +6
        19 February 2023 23: 35
        Latest News:
        Russian Aerospace Forces attacked concentrations of Ukrainian militants in Avdiivka with FAB-500 air bombs
        It shook great, it must have.
    3. 0
      19 February 2023 22: 15
      Quote: Zelensky:
      Now there is a battle between David and Goliath

      I would say otherwise
    4. +2
      19 February 2023 22: 20
      And what do you want, PR is a whole science of mind control based on NLP, and not just advertising.
      And his Russian is agitation, image creation, etc., only we put a bolt on it for some reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    5. +1
      19 February 2023 22: 30
      History, they say, repeats itself twice? And now - in the form of a farce ...
    6. +4
      19 February 2023 22: 34
      David was the chosen one of God. And who is this clown?
      1. +3
        19 February 2023 22: 42
        Quote: Glock-17
        And who is this clown?

        devil's chosen one
        1. +3
          19 February 2023 23: 01
          Um ... Do not flatter them both, just the beloved wife of the old zombie Bidon who generally forgot, why the hell do you need a wife back in the middle of the last century wink
        2. +2
          19 February 2023 23: 14
          He is pumped up with popularity in the West to the fullest, but somehow he is also not suitable for the role of the Antichrist and the world ruler.
      2. -5
        19 February 2023 23: 07
        You'll see, he will be re-elected next year by a majority... A good actor is brainwashing the population, not without the help of Western PR people. And from our telegram talkers and those who like to wag a finger, there is only melancholy - goals are changed every two months, in the West they laugh at them, and they don’t believe their own because they talk one thing, but do the opposite!
    7. +1
      19 February 2023 22: 42
      This is a battle of white powder with a clown.
    8. 0
      19 February 2023 22: 46
      Strike on Poland and England with nuclear weapons. I don't see any other option.
      1. 0
        21 February 2023 13: 23
        Why do you need Poland? That there is no one to replace her? They are not fanning the fire, you need to look further, over a hillock with a puddle.
    9. +5
      19 February 2023 22: 52
      Well, as it is quite rude and clumsily written. For VO, at least.
      Zelensky, although an adversary, or rather the president of an enemy state, is still not. He does what he thinks is right. Even if the correctness appears after the "track". It is unlikely that anyone present at the VO personally saw it.
      Next to him there are no those who understand that peace with Russia is better than war with Russia.
      Such is the result.
      Personal opinion: I was next to Zelensky Arestovich. Also an enemy. But at least he could express his poisonously aggressive thought in Russian.
    10. +3
      19 February 2023 23: 10
      I'm wondering what would be the best way to make that moron die... Hopefully slowly
      1. -1
        20 February 2023 04: 45
        sure. Only slowly. very slowly.

    11. +1
      19 February 2023 23: 59
      Goliath - The United States bought the Davidics in bulk. And the "Davidics" were pushed to where even the Kabbalah and the Talmud were completely forbidden to go. Speaking of NORTH...

      PS: Goliath is not interested in the opinion of the Davidics.
    12. +1
      20 February 2023 00: 10
      Zelensky: Now there is a battle between David and Goliath

      David Zelensky is fighting against Goliath Zaluzhny for the place of the new king of Ukraine?
    13. 0
      20 February 2023 01: 18
      The clown compared himself with myths! As mentioned above, "sick of PR"
      1. +1
        20 February 2023 01: 52
        For some, myth, for others, Scripture. As a believer, I am greatly outraged that this fighter for the freedom of non-traditional values ​​has threatened to play the role of God's anointed one. I've gone too far in my comparisons.
    14. +2
      20 February 2023 02: 39
      "Freedom", in the understanding of Zelensky and his Western curators, of course
      The freedom to be a person of non-traditional orientation, the freedom to change gender to any of the recognized ones, I don’t remember how many, or finally invent a new gender for yourself, patent it, and close it with copyright. Freedom to smoke weed or some other shit. Freedom to speak obscenely and gesticulate against traditional religions. Freedom to kneel before blacks oh sorry, African Americans.
      In general, what freedoms, such and fighters for them.
    15. +1
      20 February 2023 03: 28
      David and Goliath you say? Well, well ... And although the text of my comment does not carry a semantic load, the picture characterizes everything very well.
    16. 0
      20 February 2023 03: 51
      Most likely, the NWO is a battle with goats because stubborn animals, if they resist, then it is difficult to move, but it is necessary. They also look like donkeys. After all, if you do not tie the tail of the donkey to the leg, then he starts yelling and does not budge. So donkeys go to the EU without a tied tail and yell there, and the same donkeys listen to them there and also yell.
    17. 0
      21 February 2023 08: 53
      Not snobbish, he; right " Brothers and sisters, adherents of Satan, as happened before, started a battle against us, Russians, in ancient prophecies it is called Armageddon. The forces of Evil were led by the one whose grandfather was a man, and he, his grandson, sold his soul to Satan. He already opened all the seals of the Apocalypse he could, only one remained. His name is Ze..."
    18. 0
      21 February 2023 12: 56
      Hmm .... they forgot the experience of F. Ushakov. He said: "The main thing is to knock out the flagship at the right time and with the adoption of related factors or their organization." Then the enemy squadron will crumble like a house of cards. And we are messing with Ukraine, "grinding" all the capabilities of NATO, and human reserves on both sides, to exhaustion. Isn't the question too dumb? Well, yes, you can report on the excellent training of artillerymen in an artillery duel. And someone prays earnestly, beating his forehead on the floor in bows, so that nothing bad happens and says the right words. Isn't it the commander in chief?
    19. 0
      25 February 2023 15: 14
    20. 0
      26 March 2023 14: 14
      David has gone to the other world for many centuries. And the number of Goliaths has increased, now there are three of them in the USA, Russia and China. If Ukraine wants to be David, then a king is needed who will send him to battle. But until David grows up, there will be little left of Ukraine.
    21. 0
      29 March 2023 19: 55
      150 million against a gilded billion.
      we are in heaven - and they just die!
    22. 0
      April 2 2023 07: 48
      There is a battle of good with a goat (or rather with a boar)
    23. 0
      April 12 2023 00: 52
      Zhid - ovin fools around on Russian soil, he has a direct road to hell.

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