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Russian diplomat Polyansky commented on the preparation of a UN resolution on the anniversary of the special operation: “The Ukrainians were put on a muzzle”

Russian diplomat Polyansky commented on the preparation of a UN resolution on the anniversary of the special operation: “The Ukrainians were put on a muzzle”

The coming week promises to be a particularly busy one for the United Nations (UN), as Western countries will submit a resolution on the anniversary of the Russian special military operation to the General Assembly for discussion. This was stated by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN and the UN Security Council Dmitry Polyansky.

As the Russian diplomat noted, the West wants to turn the anniversary of the special operation into another new information occasion. It is very important for Western states to create the illusion of Russia's isolation in the UN, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Understanding the true causes of the Ukrainian crisis and its acute phase in the form of a special operation is coming to developing countries.

Since a too harsh statement may not be supported by most countries of the world - Asian, African, South American states, the West is trying to make the text of the resolution as streamlined as possible. This will allow him to enlist the support of more UN member countries.

The Ukrainians were simply “muzzled” so that they would not blur these efforts and scare no one away, and they watch with longing as the text becomes more and more blurry.

Polyansky emphasized.

In addition, the United States can use its favorite practice of blackmailing and threatening sovereign countries to win their support. In any case, already on Thursday, February 23, a vote on the resolution of the UN General Assembly will take place. It will be preceded by a special session on Ukraine. Russia also requested the convening of the UN Security Council on the issue of sabotage on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. It is now very important for the Russian side to prepare for the upcoming meetings of the General Assembly and the Security Council.

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  1. Stas157
    Stas157 18 February 2023 10: 46
    . Ukrainians put on a muzzle

    Still need a collar and a chain.
    1. Myths
      Myths 18 February 2023 10: 49
      They are already sitting on a chain, sometimes they release it and say face, with the words that they have nothing to do with it.
    2. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 18 February 2023 10: 51
      Put the mad dog to sleep. And all the business
  2. voice of reason
    voice of reason 18 February 2023 10: 49
    Yes, we must generally finish with these illusions about the significance of the UN! long ago turned into the League of Nations. Nothing can be solved, not a single conflict can be prevented or stopped. It is also located on the territory of the United States, and they can sometimes give visas, sometimes not. Only our right to "veto" is valuable there. But I want to remind you that our country achieved it not thanks to senseless diplomatic transfusions from empty to empty, but the victory of the Soviet Union by military means in the Great Patriotic War. This war, too, must be won and, as a result, new international institutions must be created.
    1. blackGRAIL
      blackGRAIL 18 February 2023 11: 03
      This is precisely the reason for the UN crisis. The organization was created by the winners, in fact the masters of the world. The right of veto was given to the Soviet Union. Russia in terms of its capabilities (power and economic) is many times weaker, but at the same time it legally takes the place of the USSR. The winners can, in fact, act as they want (they have the resources and capabilities for this), but legally there is Russia with its veto (which does not have the resources and capabilities of the Union to obstruct the West).
    2. yuriy1863
      yuriy1863 18 February 2023 11: 14
      Quite right! Most likely this is the UN in a muzzle and on a leash from the States. This international "talking shop", born as a result of the Second World War, has long been a relic. It is necessary to create something new, in accordance with modern realities. It would be nice if China, Russia, India and someone else united and created, for example, the Euro-Asian forum, which would become an alternative to the UN.
  3. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek 18 February 2023 11: 03
    The resolution will be anti-Russian. There is nothing to even think about and be upset about. Fight and prepare for war. We have no other choice. Although, as always, there is the option of betrayal. And not at the forefront.
  4. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 18 February 2023 11: 05
    Some kind of strange article.
    "They put a muzzle on the Ukrainians," said Polyansky
    "the text of the resolution is becoming more and more streamlined"
    How streamlined? Where is the text?
  5. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 18 February 2023 11: 12
    In my opinion, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation were muzzled with grain deals, humanitarian corridors, ammonia pipelines, gestures of goodwill, regroupings from Kyiv, Kharkov, Kherson.
  6. Soul of Russia87
    Soul of Russia87 18 February 2023 11: 13

    Here are the results of the last vote. As you can see, islands of red (supported) drowned in a sea of ​​green and yellow of those who categorically condemned the NWO, or those who simply mumbled something incomprehensible about world peace (China, India and Co.)
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 February 2023 11: 20
    The Ukrainians were simply "put on a muzzle"...
    If so, then that's good. After the muzzle, it may still be time to drive them into the far corner of the yard and put them on a short chain so that they don’t shine and scatter fleas throughout the yard. And then the flea mongrel felt like a thoroughbred and well-groomed dog, that she even began to yelp at the owner. But by and large, the Americans have long put on a muzzle on Guterres and his secretariat and lead them on a leash.
  8. solar
    solar 18 February 2023 11: 23
    And what does Polyansky himself do to make this UN resolution pro-Russian?
  9. Vladimir Postnikov
    Vladimir Postnikov 18 February 2023 11: 27
    If the United States is going to put pressure on Russia through the UN, then Russia should constantly and tirelessly put pressure on all UN members with a reminder of 1999 and 2003. The number of victims of the war in Iraq is still very far from the number of victims of the war in Ukraine. For each heard cry, present the same question: "Is this different ?!"
    1. Soul of Russia87
      Soul of Russia87 18 February 2023 11: 34
      Unfortunately, Russia has not grown a crusher for 30 years. Who will seriously listen to and perceive a country with 3% of the world's GDP, with a stupid and corrupt thieves' elite? The authorities cannot even put pressure on their own oligarchs who openly support Ukrainian Nazism by pulling the Azov people out of captivity in business class with oysters.
      1. Andrey Andreev_2
        Andrey Andreev_2 19 February 2023 20: 03
        Yes, even supplying oil with oil products to the Nazis through their refineries in Bulgaria-Romania .. ...
  10. megadeth
    megadeth 18 February 2023 13: 17
    In my opinion, Polyansky and Safronkov look much more confident than Nebezia at the UN ... IMHO
  11. Andrey Andreev_2
    Andrey Andreev_2 19 February 2023 20: 01
    Israel has been putting all sorts of UN assemblies on these resolutions for half a hundred years))) and nothing, calmly continues to put pressure on Palestine ...
  12. Sith
    Sith 20 February 2023 09: 00
    The impotence of the UN has been shown before ... a strange and essentially useless organization