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After the air raid, the Ukrainian media reported an explosion in Sumy

After the air raid, the Ukrainian media reported an explosion in Sumy

Recently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have been inflicting pinpoint strikes almost daily, and periodically massaging strikes. drones-kamikaze and missiles of all types based on military and critical facilities in the territory of Ukraine controlled by Kyiv. At the same time, representatives of the Kyiv regime complain that the Russian command is constantly changing the tactics of attacks in order to confuse the Ukrainian air defense. And they immediately add that, despite this, the anti-aircraft gunners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot down almost all targets, then repeating the mantra about the imminent depletion of Russia's stock of missiles.

As you know, the last attack of the RF Armed Forces was last night on objects in Kharkov and the region. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in today's summary reported that all designated targets were hit. In Ukrainian social networks, despite the ban, there are publications and even official reports of the authorities about explosions and fires, however, fairly flavored with pictures of alleged hits on civilian objects and residential buildings.

From the latter, today local publics in the afternoon reported an explosion in Sumy in the north-east of Ukraine. There were no official reports about this, but an air raid alert was declared in the city.

Later, air raid signals sounded in the Poltava, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk regions of Ukraine and in the occupied territory of the Luhansk Republic. A few minutes later, an alarm was announced in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, as well as in the west - in the Volyn region. After that, the interactive air raid map turned red throughout Ukraine.

The press service of the Ukrainian Navy reported that three ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy are on combat duty in the Black Sea, capable of launching Caliber missiles with a total salvo of about 24 missiles. Yesterday there were two launch vehicles in the Black Sea with 16 Caliber.
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  1. Bingo
    Bingo 17 February 2023 16: 01
    That the missiles ran out - did they already say today?
    1. ARIONkrsk
      ARIONkrsk 17 February 2023 16: 09
      Quote from Bingo
      That the missiles ran out - did they already say today?

      They have every attack from our last missiles, they said.
    2. Ilya-spb
      Ilya-spb 17 February 2023 16: 09
      A comrade ensign had several hundreds lying around in the warehouse)))
  2. Novik225
    Novik225 17 February 2023 16: 02
    that's right. And then they took the habit - to turn off the power supply for the duration of the air raid, thus reducing the damage from striking de-energized transformers. So it is necessary now - let the attacks be fewer, but more often. Let them sit with the electricity turned off all the time.
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 17 February 2023 16: 17
    In the meantime, electric transport has entered the roads in Kyiv. So, for reflection, we must accept the work of repair teams.
  4. Irek
    Irek 17 February 2023 16: 28
    It is necessary to monitor the serviceability of air conditioners so that they do not explode .....
  5. Carlos Hall
    Carlos Hall 17 February 2023 17: 40
    Well done keep hitting industry and energy
  6. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 18 February 2023 08: 11
    There is little point in these strikes if the entire energy and transport infrastructure of Ukraine is still intact and works for the Armed Forces of Ukraine - all 25 road and rail bridges across the Dnieper are safe and sound, hundreds of thousands of tons of military equipment, fuel, ammunition, mercenaries and cannon fat.
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 19 February 2023 09: 55
      Sumy has a large railway junction. He was probably the target.
  7. Soul of Russia87
    Soul of Russia87 18 February 2023 13: 28
    It seems that the dill is being bombed not for the systematic destruction of targets and achieving the desired effect, but for "internal" consumption, they say the patriots wanted to get it. Already a fact on the face, the collapse of industry and the massive lack of light does not lead to the desired effects. Banderstan is located on the life support line from Poland, you can take out whatever you want, thousands of imported portable and diesel generators give them light. Fuel for them in the country comes from Turkey and Poland. What's the point of wasting ammo? Wouldn't it be better to send a rocket to the data center of local Internet and telephony providers ??? At least in the comments there would be fewer calls from scammers who have already shod gullible pensioners for millions of rubles.
    1. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 19 February 2023 09: 59
      Providers also screw up. Objects are restored. Then they are destroyed again.
      Technology is also destroyed. They bring her back. Living force is destroyed. New ones are being recruited. No other way request
  8. alexey_444
    alexey_444 18 February 2023 20: 43
    The work is in progress, I would like more, but this is not skeet shooting, the enemy is also maneuvering, hiding, creating decoys, this is not a movie.