British Army Women in Afghanistan

In May, the British Royal Legion 2012 sponsored a photojournalist Alison Baskerville's visit to the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan to study the changing role of women in the military. Alison was given unprecedented access to the British army of female combat officers (FEOS) and women at the Afghan National Army Training Center in Kabul.

British Army Women in Afghanistan

1. In the photo above, Captain Anna Crossley is a female officer participating in hostilities in the Upper Gereshk Valley of Helmand Province. She is going to join the soldiers from the "Three rifles", who are sent to the patrol to help Anna gain access to local unions.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

2. The FEOS organization works to build relationships with Afghan women in some of the most dangerous parts of Helmand province. Since the interaction between women and male soldiers is strictly prohibited in these small communities, FEOS recruits female volunteers from across the army, who subsequently receive special cultural and language training to fulfill their role.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

3. The exhibition was called “White Photography”, as this term was used to describe how information for an enhanced intelligence collection contributes to a picture that is outside of normal military objectives, but plays an important role in the battle for hearts and minds.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

4. Anna's language training helped her gain access to the associations, and the residents were intrigued by her. In many cases, she pretends to refer to someone whom she calls the “Helmand husband” in order to get help in strengthening relationships with women who do not understand her position to remain unmarried.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

5. The images taken by Alison show how women, British and Afghan, respond to the often harsh conditions in which they find themselves and how they maintain their morale and personality in the face of difficulties. Captain Alice Homer, officer of the Royal Electricians and Mechanical Engineers. She spent six months in a row in a small military unit at Camp Bastion.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

6. The photos are exhibited at a unique and thought-provoking exhibition in support of the Royal British Legion - Poppy Appeal 2012. Where: Gallery @ Oxo, Oho Tower Shipyard, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH. When: the exhibition is open from 11 to 18 from October 25 to November 11 2012.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

7. The patrol base in Helmand province is limited in shower facilities, which often consist of a hose in a tent and exist in one copy for men and women. Only a small hand-made sign ensures privacy.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

8. Most often they ask friends and family to send their favorite toiletries.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

9. The pelvis is the only way to keep your clothes clean at the advanced operational base in the Upper Gereshk Valley, Helmand Province.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

10. Non-unified underwear is a way for a woman to preserve her individuality and the ability to add color to the world around her.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

11. Young Afghan women go to the headquarters of the Afghan National Police in Lashkar Gah, where they hope to receive training and basic literacy skills. One day they hope to graduate and get some measure of independence.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

12. It all starts with education. If we can teach these young girls that they have the right to be free, then maybe we can change things for the next generation of women in Afghanistan. Commented Gullali, Head of the Department of Women’s Affairs in Gereshk, Helmand Province.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

13. “When I meet with such soldiers as Jess, I hope that women from Afghanistan will see her and also want to put on her uniform, get a job and learn to be independent,” says Gullali.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

14. At a military training center in Kabul, Afghan female recruits participate in the 20 week course in the hope of becoming officers of the Afghan National Army. Captain Susanna Wallis, the Royal Officer, volunteered to become a mentor to these women.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

15. Women rest after practicing marching. Despite the fact that the training is held separately from men, Susanna pushes women to get an education along with men.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

16. Exercise is a key part of the course, and women train daily.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

17. At the end of his tent, Jess and the other girls created their own "living room". This is a place where girls can plunge into a completely different world from Doughton Abby.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

18. Most women will write messages to their families, informally called “letters of death,” which will be kept in a safe place and will be delivered only if the worst happens.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

19. There are few ways to preserve privacy at checkpoints and patrol bases in Helmand Province. Women use mosquito nets to provide some kind of personal space, often decorating them with gifts from loved ones.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

20. Jess will return home to his boyfriend and family. She is also looking forward to returning to her favorite sport - parachuting.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

21. Jessica French uses the time between patrols to clean up her personal weapon, 9 millimeter sig sauer. Photo: Alison Bascreville

22. Jess often works with women in other roles. Harriet (pictured left) is a qualified army vet. They are preparing to go on joint patrols with local Afghan families to teach them the basics of veterinary care. Very often it is the responsibility of children to care for goats for the family.
Photo: Alison Bascreville

23. Anna returned home to RAF Breeze Norton at the end of seven months of service, and she was met by her father Alan and mother Carol.
Photo: Alison Bascreville
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    1. +7
      21 November 2012 08: 31
      Where do they climb? And then everyone wonders why there are so many queers in Europe, probably because there are not women, but men. Okay, I understand if you are defending your country, but they do what! Nonsense, to be honest.
      1. Inzhengr
        21 November 2012 08: 52
        Monsters in sheep's clothing
        1. +13
          21 November 2012 09: 20
          Guys, where does this bile come from? Who doesn’t know, ours, while staying in Afghanistan, also trained Afghans as military personnel. And in the 40 Army there were also a lot of women (attendants). And women from the Muslim republics of the USSR were attracted as translators-facilitators of relations with the local population. NATO’s stay and activity in Afghanistan causes only obscene and malicious comments on the forum, although it would be worthwhile to think about where the front line will go after the 2014 year? It seems that many members of the forum sincerely empathize with the Taliban, who bring the light of true doctrine and progress (haha three times (sad) sad sad The Chinese have a saying: "Those who do not think about distant difficulties are in for near troubles." Think ...
          1. +7
            21 November 2012 13: 22
            And in the 40th army there were also a lot of women (attendants)
            Attendants, translators, signalmen, nurses are one thing. But when they run in the field with a gun, it is immoral during local conflicts. Well, if the men are not enough for the service. But when the husband sits at home with the child, and the wife fights, this is some kind of perversion.
            World has gone mad!
            1. +1
              21 November 2012 14: 11
              What is immoral, dear? That does not fit into your picture of the world? The personal qualities of a particular person must decide, not age, gender, skin color
              1. thatupac
                21 November 2012 16: 09
                In Israel, women serve so that when the Arabs from Hamas come to them to cut off their heads, the women did not raise a screech, but put up some kind of resistance. And it fits very well into the propaganda of the unification of the Israeli people against the "Arab plague".
                1. -2
                  21 November 2012 16: 12
                  Another try? 8)
              2. +2
                21 November 2012 22: 31
                Quote: Pimply
                What is immoral, dear?
                In my opinion, a woman should give birth, not kill. Nobody attacked her country, the enemy does not stand at the walls of her city, so this is purely her initiative.
                1. -1
                  22 November 2012 00: 24
                  Modern wars have changed dramatically.
                  A woman should have the right to choose - go to fight, or go to give birth. Or combine. One another is not a hindrance.
                  With this sauce - should give birth and sit with the family, you can serve anything. Then let's lock her at home - it will be even easier
                  1. Inzhengr
                    22 November 2012 10: 15
                    When a man has a choice whether to give birth or not to give birth, then the woman will also appear to go to war or not.
                    1. +1
                      22 November 2012 15: 19
                      Yeah. Anything else - plz. Equally "genius". Then why not women in general to work, talk, etc. To give birth is just that
        2. predator.3
          21 November 2012 16: 51
          Alison Baskreville , Recalled Sherlock Holmes and the Baskervilles dog laughing
      2. Lucky
        21 November 2012 12: 17
        Totally agree with you nonsense !!!!!
      3. +1
        21 November 2012 14: 09
        Fagots, Oleg, are everywhere. And from whether they are hidden or not, their number does not change. And from the fact that women go to serve, their number is also not growing - it is just that women have the opportunity to be more independent. And they often serve better than us men, believe my experience.
        They defend their country. Are you condemning those who served in the Soviet contingent in Afghanistan? Something I don’t think so.
        1. Inzhengr
          21 November 2012 17: 07
          Who is this who defends his country for 5730 km from its borders? What people brains to powder then. The purpose of the article is the only one, with the help of a female image, to wash away the dirt from their NATO-fascist actions in Afghanistan.
          1. 0
            21 November 2012 22: 32
            Quote: Engineering
            Who is this who defends his country for 5730 km from its borders? What people brains to powder then.
            I agree!!! Israel has a different setting.
        2. -1
          21 November 2012 23: 57
          I don’t think you have any such experience at all. Don’t be assured
      4. vikontas56
        22 November 2012 02: 52
        To meet such a woman at night and a month of stuttering is guaranteed! Is it any wonder then that they have so many fagots! There they come across to the peasants every night! Someone will look at them and think - "What is a vagina, better a friend's ass!" And a man will disappear for family joys! Yet our women are much more beautiful!
    2. +1
      21 November 2012 09: 06
      She sits over a disassembled gun, swallows tears and thinks, “Why the hell did I fit in here?” crying
    3. Brother Sarych
      21 November 2012 09: 28
      Of course, cowards in the form of a military flag of the Navy are so patriotic, especially when they are "accidentally" dressed - a war, after all ...
      Interestingly, and on a fig to recruit women in the Afghan army? Is it like their version of "death battalions"? It seemed to me that there were no problems with the men either ...
    4. +3
      21 November 2012 09: 30
      The attitude of Afghans to this garbage can be seen on photo №4. Grandfather with a stick is ready to hit backhand.
    5. Oles
      21 November 2012 10: 06
      it’s strange that there is such a pig in one photo ... because there the db loads are very significant ......
      1. Lucky
        21 November 2012 12: 26
        Pig sits at the base, girls are fighting there, gypsy canons are cultivated there)))
    6. +2
      21 November 2012 10: 26
      english flag underpants are cool fellow
    7. Fox
      21 November 2012 10: 31
      yes there is no action there ... they are patrolling the field ... we also had a herd of officers in our unit, there were only a little sense.
    8. Skavron
      21 November 2012 11: 00
      By the way, somewhere I already saw this post ...
    9. +2
      21 November 2012 11: 11
      Very peppy pictures. For contrast and reality, one could add such
      1. +1
        21 November 2012 14: 13
        And what a contrast. Meets. There are pictures and men crying after separation from their families after the war. What is tsimes?
        1. +1
          21 November 2012 16: 41
          What kind of "tsimes" can you look for in a war? This photo reflects pain, separation and questions - why and why she needs it. But in the photo in the reportage this is not visible. If you know what war is, it is strange that you use "tsimes"
          1. 0
            21 November 2012 16: 48
            In the photo story we are talking about an ordinary, specific person, right? And this man meets his family just as it is in that photo. This mother meets her daughter differently. Everything is different for everyone.
          2. Inzhengr
            22 November 2012 10: 20
            How is it necessary not to love your child in order to voluntarily go to war from him ???
            1. +1
              22 November 2012 15: 20
              Or how to love him, so that for the sake of his future to go to war - you can look at it from the other side. And how do fathers leave? Do you also think they don’t like children?
      2. +4
        21 November 2012 16: 43
        Here such compassionate mothers in Agan protect poppy fields and local aboriginal women are taught how to protect drugs, and then other mothers cry around the world, but not from the joy of meeting, but over cooled children
        1. -5
          21 November 2012 16: 47
          I love prejudice and ignorance. Usually, they say a lot about a person.
    10. +2
      21 November 2012 11: 15
      I didn’t make an assessment, because on the one hand the affair is being done positively as regards the essence of what was mentioned in the article, but the Americans tarnished the Middle East so much that even lovely photos of a girl teaching local girls.
      All this causes ambiguous feelings, and given what and why shaving and stripes are done, the attitude towards what is happening is negative.
      Although this British woman can believe that she is doing a good deed, but for some reason it seems to me that the locals are taken into account last.
      For some reason, there will be no plus, but I will not put a minus either.
    11. +6
      21 November 2012 11: 32
      Unpowered cowards - he failed the service. But seriously, the authorities’ desire to withdraw an asexual creature causes only ignoring the authorities.
      1. +2
        21 November 2012 12: 29
        Well, do not say that power promoting asexual principles causes hatred only for those who have sex, for asexuals only pleasure.
        1. 0
          21 November 2012 12: 44
          Yes, I talked about people)
          1. 0
            21 November 2012 15: 03
            No, I'm talking about cars in skirts, you might think!
            1. 0
              21 November 2012 16: 22
              Yes, what kind of people they are (asexual). And not women and not men - middle gender)
    12. -2
      21 November 2012 12: 08
      Quote: Greyfox
      And in the 40th army there were also many women

      Maybe then we should remember the "military name" of most of these women? "Chekists". And not at all because they belonged to the glorious tribe of the "heirs" of the Dzerzhinsky case.
      1. 0
        21 November 2012 12: 42
        Yes, one of the motivations not only for the 40th Army, but also for many Soviet people was the "Vneshposyltorg checks". So what? Is it their fault? Would you like to say that fartsa at Moscow hotels and "Berezoks" of that period, from which the "economic elite of modern Russia" grew up and who speculated with these checks earned them more deservedly?
      2. borisst64
        21 November 2012 13: 03
        Female doctors saved our guys, do not insult them. But in the mountains they didn’t drive them with a gun, it’s not a woman’s business.
        1. 0
          21 November 2012 14: 15
          Why is this not a female affair? Did a female doctor treat you for sure? And the teacher at school - also a woman, surely was? And relatively recently, it was a purely male prerogative, and a female doctor and a female teacher were nonsense.
          1. 0
            21 November 2012 15: 01
            Well, what are you talking about, women always taught and healed, you just probably grew up in Sparta? there are other relationships :))
            1. 0
              21 November 2012 15: 08
              I recommend to teach a story. For example, about the first female doctor in Russia.

              In tsarist Russia, the doors of all universities were closed for women. In the Medical and Surgical Academy alone, some professors (I.M.Sechenov, S.P. Botkin) in 1862 allowed three women, including N.P. Suslova, to attend their lectures. However, in 1863, the government banned women from studying at the academy.
              N.P.Suslova left for Switzerland, where, as an exception, she was admitted to the medical faculty of the University of Zurich, which she brilliantly graduated in 1867.
              1. +1
                21 November 2012 22: 35
                Quote: Pimply
                In tsarist Russia, the doors of all universities were closed for women.

                They were content with the role of nurses, midwives, sisters of mercy, etc.
                1. -1
                  22 November 2012 00: 26
                  And even earlier - sorry, dear, you cannot be a doctor, you are a woman. They were not content with their choice. Personal qualities must decide, not gender, race, or anything else.
          2. 0
            21 November 2012 17: 12
            As the doctors do, acquaintances say.
            woman is not a surgeon
            female surgeon is not a woman)))))
          3. 0
            21 November 2012 23: 59
            Just because it’s not female, that’s all. Even detailed explanations are not required. Take for the postulate
            1. -1
              22 November 2012 00: 26
              And it’s not a female doctor to be. Or own property.
      3. -3
        21 November 2012 14: 14
        It was possible to become a "Chekist" even in more comfortable conditions. A cook on a ship, for example.
    13. thatupac
      21 November 2012 12: 50
      Well done, woman. I went to make money in the Army, and not on the panel. I respect you.
    14. 0
      21 November 2012 12: 53
      Quote: Greyfox
      So what? Is it their fault?

      Who talks about "wine" anyway? There is an assessment of the fact that women are in the war. And nothing more. The most where they are needed is in hospitals. In other places of residence they are a factor of "decay" and conflict. It is necessary to clarify in which area of ​​the sex relationship is this happening?
      1. 0
        21 November 2012 14: 16
        It's fine. Can you explain why they are a "factor of decay and conflict"?
    15. +1
      21 November 2012 13: 38
      I agree with Greyfox. Guys why so much bile? After all, doing evil, I do not argue, they still keep within certain limits no less evil, terrible, dense-medieval. It is clear that after the departure of NATO, the current puppets will not last long, and the question arises: where will they go Taliban and other spirits? Read Viktor Strogalshchikov's novel "The Edge", think about the future. About our shitty future. And do not say that we have passed the point of no return.
      1. +1
        21 November 2012 15: 05
        You know, there are wasps and they live in nests, if you don’t stick with a stick, but in general everything is fine, but something tells me that someone is doing just that, but the goals are not very clear to me !!!, I hope I’m not a very complicated analogy muddied :))
    16. +3
      21 November 2012 14: 38
      Not an article, but a propaganda tale. They say they are there pushing women of the East to education. Yeah. And the Germans in the Second World War taught us order. You can easily "weaken" such an article. And I am sure there will be suitable photos.
    17. MilaPhone
      21 November 2012 16: 58
      In the average Russian view, the young lady lives an unusually eventful life. In my opinion, she is driven by adventurism coupled with missionary work.
      And she still has children to give birth.
      Although there in their States after 40, life is just beginning.
    18. +1
      21 November 2012 17: 11
      Even some dumb apples did not blow)))).
    19. +3
      21 November 2012 18: 50
      God forgive me for commenting a la YouTube, but ...
      What the hell did these women forget there ..?! There are no words.
      1. -2
        22 November 2012 00: 27
        The same as the Russian women who were there from 1979 to 1989y have forgotten.
    20. Lustrator
      21 November 2012 23: 43
      Something thick soldiers next to the girl - in the photo washing the thong :) Well-groomed, well-fed boars ...
      Quote: Milafon
      And she still has children to give birth.
      Although there in their States after 40, life is just beginning.

      After 40 women are recommended to abstain from pregnancy.
      And life begins when there is a goal.
      1. +1
        22 November 2012 00: 25
        40 women are recommended to abstain from pregnancy.
        Chit you are not stuck in the 19th century
    21. +4
      22 November 2012 03: 16
      Again about the women, well, what else to talk about! A woman in war is only when there is nowhere to go! Well, God forbid, in the year when Brezhnev died, somewhere in December, near Herat, we fell under a mortar raid. We drove on the BTR-60, well, which is without a roof. The area was considered the rear, I didn’t even have weapons and here there are mines from above. Jumped to the sidelines, with a fright, the spirits threw a dozen mines and everything stopped. I don’t remember whether there were losses, but the translator girl was traveling with us, I don’t remember whether she had a title or not, but the gun was definitely there. So, a splinter hit it, and it hit the inside of the thigh, just below the groin. She sits on the ground, on cotton pants, a spot of blood grows at the site of the wound. Medical officer, a healthy senior sergeant to her, she's behind the barrel - do not come, shoot! He told her: she’s a fool, now she will throw away all the blood and everything, she’s in no way. Someone realized, cracked her from behind, the pistol was taken away, and she fights not allowing herself to be bandaged, in general they broke her, she cut her pants, she carefully cut some kind of vein, well, they put a tourniquet there, and she just had critical days, well, she and probably shy ...
      And about life after 40. In order to give birth to healthy children, a woman must give birth to the first between 19 and 23 years old, any educated obstetrician will tell you so that physiology is determined not by what age we live in and if under the guise of liberalism we do not care about it, then it certainly spits on us, of which you can all clearly see. The uniqueness of a woman is not that she serves in the army and shoots from a grenade launcher (by the way it would be interesting to look), but that no man is able to give birth to a child, at least for now ....
      1. 0
        22 November 2012 04: 54
        Quote: motorized infantryman
        in order to give birth to healthy children, a woman must give birth to the first between 19 and 23 years

        Now there is the possibility of a normal birth with a sharp decrease in dangerous situations and at a much older age. It is desirable - yes, less rumors and tests. Is it obligatory? Not
    22. Dikremnij
      22 November 2012 03: 36
      When I was in school, we also had girls, so to speak. So a more or less normal girl will not join the army. Second, if you take the girls into the army, it’s only for non-combat positions, so to speak: telegraphists, financiers, doctors, etc. Third women should serve only in the state and should not take part in conflicts outside the state, for example, in French Legion - the most warring alliance of the French army are only men.
      1. 0
        22 November 2012 04: 55
        Why doesn’t it? They're coming, quite normal. Like normal men.
    23. +1
      22 November 2012 09: 12
      Quote: Pimply
      why are they a "factor of decay and conflict"?

      It is strange, for all your "enlightenment", you do not know the common truths ... after a while of being in a purely male team, the very last and already overgrown little girl turns into a written beauty. Who was in the "hot spots" will confirm ... the young guys fell for the "free-spirits", who were not only suitable for them as older sisters, but also for their mothers. My reconnaissance friend became a clear confirmation of this.
      I don't want to offend anyone, but it was so. And the fact that the "medics" saved the lives of our soldiers cannot be taken away either.
      Good luck to everyone in a peaceful life! And if you fight, then let's go without women. As they say ... "War has no woman's face."
      1. 0
        22 November 2012 15: 22
        I was in hot spots. AND? Does this somehow greatly affect how a person fights? And, like, in a civilian way, he will only fuck young people - and then this will not be considered decomposition?
    24. +3
      22 November 2012 19: 43
      However, let us recall the exclusively biological side. (I warn you right away in this comment that there is no sentiment of any kind. Pure biology. So I will especially ask those who are especially impressionable and susceptible to avoid reading it in order to avoid an inadequate reaction to what I wrote.) ...
      A woman, that is, a human female (whether you like it or not, but it is), is the weakest link in a biological species called "homo sapiens". Demographic losses associated with the death of nulliparous women of childbearing age are restored (according to statisticians) not earlier than 50 generations ...
      Conclusion - to dramatically reduce the number of females, and humanity will die out. For the rest will not be able to restore the population decline, both natural and artificial ...

      So, my dear colleagues on the site, all the talk about whether a woman should fight or not, amorally or vice versa is nothing more than an empty pastime ... Well, do not blame me for being rude, but ...
      The female should be primarily concerned with what she was born for - reproduction of the population. If she stops doing this, the biological species (and in this case humanity) is doomed to disappear ... Everything else is trifles, like a soap opera ...

      As for these English women ... Yes spit! These are their sexual difficulties. They are already big girls and let them decide how and how to earn a living ... But I have more respect for them than for our effeminate dippers, who by hook or by crook try to squander from the army ...
      1. -3
        23 November 2012 00: 09
        Ingenious. What for females then do generally something other than this. Well him. I think women should be denied access to education.
        1. +2
          23 November 2012 10: 46
          I warned you - it’s not worthwhile to read my commentary especially ...
    25. +2
      23 November 2012 00: 43
      Quote: Pimply
      Now there is the possibility of a normal birth with a sharp decrease in dangerous situations and at a much older age. It is desirable - yes, less rumors and tests. Is it obligatory? Not

      Yes, I'm generally talking about healthy children, and not about normal childbirth. Sorry, we need a normal birth if a woman gives birth to a sick child! This refers to serious abnormalities at the genetic level. Modern medicine allows for a safe birth, it even allows sick children to produce offspring themselves, but no matter how vile it sounds, from the point of view of the biology of a species, the artificial shutdown of natural selection leads to its (kind of) physical degradation and extinction! It is clear that a person having read what has been created in the image and likeness, wants to become like some people, and even giving birth a little, considers any posterity valuable, relying solely on his own ego. Nevertheless, the laws of the development of the species are based on the reproduction of healthy offspring, with a sufficient quantitative supply of births and in this, no matter how shocking, the person is no different from dogs or excuse me, bed bugs. In this case, if the task is to reduce the population (free or not free), then the less healthy the offspring is born or the less it is born, the faster the species disappears and (or) as an option, if it is not possible to fully influence health, then you can act to the brains, for a healthy idiot is essentially no better than a sick wise guy. So stop, that already went the wrong way ...
    26. lilit.193
      April 15 2013 15: 52
      And what is it that women serve in the army? This is normal. Women fought in the war. There were tankers and pilots and snipers. Many were awarded orders and medals, became Heroes of the Soviet Union. And this means that women fought no worse than men.

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

    “Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"