And will we be afraid of the mighty Eurofighter?

And will we be afraid of the mighty Eurofighter?

Well, after the F-16 and the Mirage 2000, it was the turn of the next aircraft. Fighter RAF Tranche1 Eurofighter "Typhoon" may be the subject of consideration in the British Parliament. So announced British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who said "nothing has been cleared off the table" in response to an impassioned appeal by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a high-profile visit to the United Kingdom on 8 February.

Zelensky continues his begging voyage across Europe, knocking out wherever and whatever he can. Great Britain was no exception, and in this country the Ukrainian president was especially eloquent. In general, as they say in our country - "nanyl".

Apparently, there was something in conversations that were not available to the public, as rumors spread that the UK would provide Ukraine with some of its old Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. Moreover, the rumors began to receive not only indirect, but very direct confirmation. And "on the table" there may well be documents, according to which the UK will send its aero-barriers to Ukraine.

The British prime minister has spoken extensively on behalf of the country about supporting Ukraine's air force needs, saying the UK will begin training Ukrainian pilots to fly on "standard NATO platforms" this spring.

"When it comes to fighter combat aviationof course they (standard NATO platforms) are part of the conversation"- Sunak.

The Prime Minister's Office confirmed that British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace will be considering what aircraft the UK could potentially offer to Ukraine, stressing that this would be a "long-term solution".

But how realistic would it be to get British aircraft into Ukrainian hands? And which ones, because our air defense and aerospace forces may have to deal with them.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) currently operates two main types of fighter aircraft, the Eurofighter "Typhoon" and the Lockheed Martin F-35B "Lightning". It is clear that the second Ukraine does not shine under any circumstances, but the first - why not?

All the same practice that was discussed in the article about Mirages. Give away your old one and order new equipment instead. So "Typhoon" can easily change color and emblem. And therefore it makes sense to look at what the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can get at its disposal and how this may affect the Ukrainian theater of operations.

The Eurofighter was built by a consortium of European companies in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, and all of these countries jointly built aircraft for their air force. It is possible that some kind of general agreement will be required for the transfer of these aircraft to Ukraine. Or, alternatively, the countries-right holders can decide jointly on cooperation, sharing the responsibility for the transfer. This could facilitate both the training of Ukrainian pilots and facilitate the supply of aircraft of a similar standard, but from different sources. This could reduce both the load on pilot training centers and the technical services of the air fleets.

The Royal Air Force already has many well-described problems with the training of British military pilots, and Ukrainian ones also need to be taught. A joint plan to provide Typhoons to Ukraine could help circumvent these problems in the UK, using existing German and Italian training centres. Italy is remarkable in that it has a very good training system, which is already used by many air forces of other countries, who train their pilots within the walls of the International Flight Training School (IFTS) in Sardinia.

What is Typhoon anyway?

The plane, which according to Prime Minister Sunak, can be delivered to Ukraine, has three main models. The oldest and least capable are known as "Series 1", which the RAF received during 2003. These fighters were produced as pure air defense fighters. Armament consisted of MBDA Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) and Raytheon AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) air-to-air missiles, as well as a cannon. A good set, and such aircraft could well compete even with the F-16. Such RAF aircraft received 53 units.

Further, the RAF received 67 upgraded "Series 2" aircraft and 40 "Series 3" aircraft, for a total of about 160 aircraft. These upgraded variants feature improved avionics and a redesigned nose that allows for future upgrades to Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar (AESA or AFAR).

The second and third series were exactly what the Royal Air Force demanded from manufacturers: a truly versatile multi-role fighter with great potential for further upgrades. It was these aircraft that were supposed to replace the very good, but thoroughly outdated Tornadoes, according to the plan.

Initially created as air defense fighters, Typhoons of the 2nd and 3rd series got the opportunity to work on ground targets. This was the main modernization path carried out by the manufacturing countries and included the Israeli-made Rafael Litening III guidance system, as well as the ability to equip aircraft with the Raytheon Paveway IV guided bomb for British aviation and GBU-48 (EGBU-16) Enhanced Paveway II (EPW2) for other countries.

Around 2010, the paths of modernization of the British Air Force and the European diverged. The command of the Royal Air Force preferred to strengthen the bombing and assault capabilities of the Typhoons of the first series, until the aircraft of the next series, in which strike capabilities would be laid down from the very beginning, came up.

On 20 March 2011, the Royal Air Force deployed Typhoons to Gioia del Colle, Italy to support the enforcement of a no-fly zone (NFZ) over Libya as part of an ongoing special operation. On April 12, one Typhoon, acting in conjunction with the Tornado, dropped two EPW2 bombs on two tank, marking the combat debut as an attack aircraft.

The second and third series of the Typhoon were modernized, the MBDA Storm Shadow cruise missile, the MBDA Meteor long-range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) and the Brimstone homing missile were put into service.

In 2010, it was decided to withdraw the aircraft of the first series from the Air Force and dispose of them by 2019. This happened with the first 16 aircraft, the rest decided to leave and use them as air defense fighters, arming them with AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles, and not with Meteors, like aircraft of series 2 and 3.

Technically, the British aircraft manufacturer BAE Systems sees no problem in upgrading the aircraft of the first series to the level of the second and even third series. Such an upgrade could bring the Typhoons of the first series into the ranks of modern RAF aircraft, but does it make sense, especially in light of plans to acquire the F-35?

Meanwhile, in the European Air Force, along with the British, there are about 150 aircraft of the first series. The Eurofighter consortium built 33 aircraft for Germany, 28 for Italy, 19 for Spain and 53 for the UK, 15 for Austria. The UK plans to withdraw its aircraft from this batch from the Air Force, Germany also plans to abandon its first-series fighters. However, unlike the RAF, the German Luftwaffe are replacing their first series 38 fighters with new "Series 4" aircraft. Italy is also seeking to replace its earliest Typhoons with newer designs, and it is possible that Austria has its own plans for obsolete aircraft. Spain has chosen to purchase new Series 4 fighters, and has also developed its own upgrades for its 19 Series 1s, adding IRIS-T and AIM-120C-7 air-to-air missiles, a Litening III sighting module and a high-precision bomb GBU-48.

It turns out that European countries have something to offer Kyiv in terms of aircraft. It is difficult to assess their technical condition, but out of 148 aircraft, at least half can definitely be considered combat-ready. The UK, Germany, Italy and even Austria potentially have aircraft that could be sent to Ukraine.

At present, the Royal Air Force is actually ready to write off their Typhoons. It is planned to purchase the Czech L-159 Draken as training aircraft, and provide the combat load to the Lightnings.

It turns out that a total of 30 "Series 1" aircraft that could potentially be provided by the UK to Ukraine correspond very closely to the recent request of Colonel Yuriy Ignat, the chief press officer of the Ukrainian Air Force Command, for two squadrons of 12 fighter aircraft plus reserves. According to Ignat, such a force would be sufficient, at least initially, to help improve the situation in the sky against Russian aircraft.

Previous attempts by Britain and Italy to sell unwanted "Series 1" aircraft were unsuccessful. Other Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria considered the Eurofighter but ultimately decided against it. So now we are talking about finding the right solution for Ukraine.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Typhoon?

The most painful question is whether Ukraine will be able to maintain the expensive Typhoon. This is not only expensive, but also a very difficult aircraft to operate in technical terms. It is very doubtful that the Typhoon is suitable for operations from field airfields - Typhoons were usually based on the main operating bases, from where they came from. In addition, low-lying air intakes constantly raise concerns about the ingress of stones and other foreign objects.

In addition, Typhoon needs a serious support service for its intelligent electronic warfare and avionics system. Yes, the issue of runway condition may be less of a concern now with recent the news that Ukraine is already preparing airfields across the country in anticipation of the supply of Western fighters.

By the way, a variant with joint training of pilots is possible, as was implemented in the agreement with Qatar. They just took and created a joint British-Qatari squadron No. 12, on two-seater Typhoons, where they began to train pilots of the Qatari Air Force and train their own. Everything works fine.

Let's move on to the most important - combat capabilities.

If the stripes in Ukraine are put in order, the pilots will be trained in the UK, all that remains is to put them in the cockpit and send them to perform combat missions.

And here there will be problems of a certain nature. "Typhoon" of any series (but the first - especially) is, as it were, not very well suited for operations at low and ultra-low altitudes. The aircraft is extremely agile and powered by the same Eurojet EJ200 engines as later variants. The powerful Captor-M mechanically scanned radar is considered one of the most impressive non-AFAR radars in the world, and when combined with the AIM-120 AMRAAM, this represents a decent potential that is very much in line with the combination of missiles and long-range radars that Ukraine is so keen on.

But - the fighter asks for heights. It can be said, of course, and some foreign experts say that the Ukrainian Air Force uses outdated tactics of operating at altitudes below 500-600 meters, which is unacceptable for the Typhoon, whose engine starts to eat fuel at such an altitude, as if in itself. But what to do, either save fuel and save engine life, or get a “hello” from the Russian air defense system. The choice is very poor.

It seems that the Typhoon has a very good self-defense complex, but this has yet to be verified. If a British fighter jet can "blow off" Russian missiles, yes, it is possible that air warfare will move to high altitudes. But if it turns out differently, there is a possibility that the Typhoon will turn out, to put it mildly, incapable of any real action.

And, let's just think about two things about the Typhoon. The first thing is called S-300, the second - Buk-M3. And let's try to give ourselves, without deceiving, the answer to the question: "Can Typhoon successfully operate where these anti-aircraft missile systems operate?" And we understand that it is unlikely.

This means that you will have to forget about the heights at which the Typhoon feels comfortable. But at low altitudes, where not only is the Typhoon not really a typhoon, there is also someone to moderate its ardor.

However, in addition to the threat from Russian air defense systems and aircraft, there is another threat: the fact that the RAF, which will make such a generous gift, is one thing, but the support of Eurofighter is another. And how will it be with technical support from a manufacturer scattered throughout Europe - this is a very sore point.

Yes, spare parts. Just spare parts for old Typhoons. Provision of older spare parts, parts for older types of weapons and so on is another difficult point in stories with Typhoons.

And another awkward moment. Eurofighter produces aircraft for several countries, but only then the countries themselves “sharpen” the aircraft to suit their needs.

I translate: The British version of the Typhoon is equipped with a certain amount of secret software and hardware that allows the aircraft to be reprogrammed to counter evolving threats, which, of course, is currently not allowed for export. Although, it is likely that some of this software can be completely disabled in order to provide permission for the transfer of aircraft to Ukraine.

Of course, not everything is as smooth as the president-beggar would like. Speaking at a conference the day after Mr Zelensky visited London, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said it would be more realistic and more productive to see the UK providing Ukraine with aircraft in the long term to keep it safe after the war with Russia ends.

That is, it seems that the conversation about Typhoons is going on, but who said that this will happen when the Ukrainian president wants it? But the topic is not hushed up, the topic is clearly developing.

What else can be said about the combat capabilities of the Typhoon?

This is a machine of the same class with the F-16. But "Typhoon" is "Falcon" at maximum speed. He is faster, faster climbs to a greater height than the Falcon. Two motors provide the best speed performance. The amount of combat load is approximately the same. At the end of the article, you can follow the links to articles about the Mirage 2000 and F-16 and brush up on the characteristics.

In general, the European fighter does not pose a particular danger to Russian Su-30 and Su-35 aircraft. On the contrary, it is Russian fighters that pose a danger, which is associated with a large load of R-37M long-range air-to-air missiles (4 pcs), the ability to launch missiles at supersonic speeds, super-maneuverability and very worthy capabilities of electronic systems.

And, the main disadvantage is just the huge cost of Typhoons. $120 million is just the base package. Of course, a gift is a gift and it’s not customary to talk about the price here, but nevertheless, it’s one thing to drop an F-16 worth $45-50 million per unit on the ground, and another thing is a Eurofighter, which costs two and a half times more expensive.

Typhoon may not be the solution here and now, but it could be part of an aid package aimed at preparing the Ukrainian Air Force of the future. Then, if there is Ukraine.

On the other hand, even if the Typhoons are never delivered to Ukraine, the discussion around them - and similar thrust in France (with Mirages), the Netherlands and Poland (with F-16s) - may well help open the floodgates and lead to that NATO-standard aircraft, albeit others, not British, will finally reach the Ukrainian Air Force.

This has already happened in the case of main battle tanks, when the UK proposal for the "Challenger 2" was accompanied by provocative nudges from other allies to send their tanks.

It would be unwise to bet that fighter jets will not be next in line for Ukraine. This may happen in the not too distant future once the pilots for these aircraft are trained.

Another question is how much all this can help Ukraine in gaining air superiority.

And the question posed in the title: should the Russian Aerospace Forces be afraid of the Eurofighter in the skies of Ukraine?

Nothing more than an F-16 or a Mirage 2000. This pair, perhaps, will be even more dangerous, because although they do not have such high-altitude characteristics and are inferior in speed, they are more maneuverable and feel very good at low altitudes.

As long as our aircraft have an advantage over European and American fighters, as long as the Europeans set delivery dates, there seems to be nothing to worry about. And how it will develop further - time will tell.

But perhaps we will not be afraid of the powerful Typhoon. Even if Zelensky really asks for it.
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  1. -10
    17 February 2023 05: 14
    Russia's non-response to the crossing of the "red lines" does not mean anything yet. It's just that Russia is waiting for the best time for disarming responses so that the collective West will experience the strongest shock and stress. And he will not necessarily again hoist the Red Banner over either the Reichstag, or the White House, or anywhere else. The use of high-tech weapons will make it clear to the collective West that Russia is too tough for her again!!!
    1. +4
      17 February 2023 12: 16
      The Author probably has his own warehouse with hats ...
    2. -2
      18 February 2023 09: 49
      Oh, how the pro-Western mongrels "fussed" - there is simply no end to the minuses. And everything is very simple: "... fear has big eyes ..."! In short - they just got fooled!
      1. +1
        18 February 2023 17: 17
        Quote: kartalovkolya
        Oh, how the pro-Western mongrels "fussed" - there is simply no end to the minuses. And everything is very simple: "... fear has big eyes ..."! In short - they just got fooled!

        Like you uryakalki at one time also recorded as zapadentsy and crap all those who spoke about foreign military power.
        Then they had to retreat to Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad, and only at the cost of unthinkable losses they managed to fight back. But for 80 years, a new generation of hat-throwing uryakalkas has grown up.
        1. 0
          April 11 2023 23: 05
          Quote: Alexander Emrys
          Quote: kartalovkolya
          Oh, how the pro-Western mongrels "fussed" - there is simply no end to the minuses. And everything is very simple: "... fear has big eyes ..."! In short - they just got fooled!

          Like you uryakalki at one time also recorded as zapadentsy and crap all those who spoke about foreign military power.
          Then they had to retreat to Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad, and only at the cost of unthinkable losses they managed to fight back. But for 80 years, a new generation of hat-throwing uryakalkas has grown up.

          In order to inform you, I must object to you. The Red Army surpassed the fascist one in all types of weapons and in the number of personnel several times. At the same time, contrary to popular belief, the technical superiority of the Germans in certain types of weapons (for example, in aviation) took place, but was not overwhelming. The main advantage of the Germans was the presence of combat experience embodied in the concept of blitzkrieg (revolutionary interaction of military branches on the battlefield). That's when the Red Army gained the necessary combat experience and established proper interaction between the combat arms on the battlefield, it beat the Wehrmacht in the tail and mane with even less perfect weapons and often in a numerical minority. Now the Russian army is gaining invaluable combat experience that NATO does not have, therefore after the defeat of "ukrov" the army of the Russian Federation will defeat any army of a Western country.
  2. +4
    17 February 2023 05: 24
    A couple of notes.
    Now, probably, it is important to understand whether pilots (and tankers, by the way) are being taught or have already learned without too much noise, and if they have learned, then for what types of vehicles. The supply of aircraft is a thing decided by their speed of flight, and maintenance (serious) can also be established in Romania, for example. As well as the delivery of specialists by globalmasters there. But they have serviceable lanes, judging by the MiG-29 and Su-25.
    The second is about the S-300 and the war in the air.
    War in the air, as is obvious and right now, begins (and is real) with the suppression of air defense. And who will hold the sky with this air defense, fly in there and will not be recommended - even on a super-maneuverable one. It seems to be difficult to believe in the possibility of suppressing our air defenses - they simply riveted a huge number of them - but the example with our tanks is puzzling ...
    In any case, pretty soon we will find out what to fear.
    Unless, of course, as in the next article, the open "window of negotiations" does not lead to the announcement of what is victory and the freezing of the conflict ...
    1. +7
      17 February 2023 06: 03
      Quote from tsvetahaki
      The war in the air, as is obvious and right now, begins

      In my opinion, there will be no war in the air, at least not a classic war as we imagine it. Drones of various purposes are actively climbing into the sky, working very efficiently. And it’s very hard for me, as a former aviator, to say this, but, in my opinion, aviation is slowly dying, giving way to drones. How the cavalry died in its time ...
      1. +8
        17 February 2023 10: 10
        If we talk about assault or fighter squadrons in the context of half a century ago, then yes, this is now possible either in parades or in the modern context of "bringing democracy" against the population, which has only bow and arrows from air defense.
        But do not forget about modernization and modern developments. For example, the Yusovites are already testing the system of slave drones with might and main.
        I believe that a swarm system with a mobile control center will be optimal. The same old "Crocodile", surrounded by "Shahids", is quite an assault division on its own; the pilots of Rooks and Ducks are unlikely to refuse to escort unmanned aerial vehicles, which carry an additional shock load and, if necessary, work in the role of anti-missiles; fighters can catch up with a "personal" high-altitude additional active radar, etc., etc. There are many areas that are best addressed in the direction of management and coordination "on the spot", rather than complete autonomy. Up to the point that it is much more difficult to retarget drones already sent to autonomy in the face of severe reb-counteraction than those nearby and, in connection with this, having stable communication channels.
        And, in the end, do not forget that it is not the Air Force, but the Aerospace Forces!, which, as it were, also hints at the expansion of the habitat and, as another consequence, the presence of a number of tasks, decisions on which must be made / authorized by a person;)
        In general, write off early. Good people will always find something to do.
        1. AAK
          17 February 2023 13: 17
          Everything you say, Vladimir, is correct, but there is such a bad word "when?", we only have an attempt to tame the "Hunter" really began last year, the line of produced drones is extremely small, and in the large reconnaissance and strike segment so in general, it is practically absent, the worst thing (but they try not to talk about it) is the lack of high-quality engines for UAVs, optics, heat and ultraviolet matrices for surveillance devices, and there is a problem with the same microprocessors ... And as for Eurofighter, then he, like the same "Rafal", has a ratio of combat load to the total take-off weight that is much higher than that of the 30th and 35th, you can see for yourself in the photo - on a relatively light aircraft - 13 hardpoints, plus the most important thing - these aircraft will not fly on their own, but under the control or control of Sentry or Hawkeyes, with the participation of the EU-135 and Jistars, and this is where their main advantage will come into play - not speed or even the number of weapons - a tactic applied iya, combat controllability and providing intelligence information online ... to what extent, to our deep regret, how to friendly Beijing in the beaver pose ...
      2. 0
        17 February 2023 10: 16
        The video was posted a year ago - and it was shot, obviously, even earlier. Flying prototype with open source software made by enthusiasts. What can we say about a full-fledged budget and the efforts of the state for the same task?
        And it will be possible to connect Starlink to the device, and it will be possible to install it on an intercontinental bomber. This is the most ready-made amateur solution, as RPG grenades are now attached to FPV drones.
      3. +2
        17 February 2023 13: 04
        Doesn't die, just moves away a bit. You can't replace everything with drones.
    2. +8
      17 February 2023 09: 38
      Can the Su 35 operate in the coverage area of ​​​​the S300 or Buk. Maybe if you don't get close to the front line.
    3. +4
      17 February 2023 13: 48
      Quote from tsvetahaki
      War in the air, as is obvious and right now, begins (and is real) with the suppression of air defense.

      since 24.02.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX, the air defense of Ukraine has been suppressed only in the dreams of an android.
      And this is despite the absolute superiority of the Russian Air Force against the Ukrainian Air Force, both in aircraft quantitatively and qualitatively, in the CRBD (which Ukraine does not have at all) and OTR (which Ukarina has many times less and a range of 4 times less)

      Quote from tsvetahaki
      believe in the possibility of suppressing our air defense

    4. 0
      18 February 2023 20: 18
      Quote from tsvetahaki
      But they have serviceable lanes, judging by the MiG-29 and Su-25.

      They can also be based on unpaved strips, but Eurofighters are unlikely.
    5. 0
      23 March 2023 11: 54
      Quote from tsvetahaki
      A couple of notes....

      The main remark, this question of ownership, is very oddly worded in the BaE/RAF documents. Simply put, the RAF leases these aircraft from BaE and without the blessing of BaE they cannot move them. request I didn’t come up with it myself - the British pilots shared their sadness.
      There is no such quantity and quality of planes for freeloaders in the West, and they all have limited time, and the smut is treated
  3. -4
    17 February 2023 05: 53
    And now and in the future, fighters for the outskirts, if they are not inconspicuous, as such, are of little use, it makes sense to consider them only as carriers of strike weapons for use from low altitudes, but there is nothing about this in the article.
    1. +8
      17 February 2023 08: 39
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      And now and in the future, fighters for the outskirts, if they are not inconspicuous, as such, are of little use, it makes sense to consider them only as carriers of strike weapons for use from low altitudes, but there is nothing about this in the article.

      Tell this to the Ukrainian MiG-29 and SU-25, or have you already forgotten that the PRR will come on the shell right at the airfield?
      Regarding what is not in the article - well, in the article “everything is fine, beautiful marquise, everything is fine” there can be no question of what will really cause problems ...
      1. -2
        17 February 2023 16: 09
        Quote: parma
        Tell this to the Ukrainian MiG-29 and SU-25, or have you already forgotten that the PRR will come on the shell right at the airfield?

        Those. the words
        Quote: parma
        only as carriers of strike weapons for use from low altitudes, and there is nothing about this in the article.

        passed by your consciousness? Do you understand the difference between strike weapons (including PRR) and air-to-air missiles?
        By the way, how many ukrofighters shot down our planes? And then some of the "victories" are only suicide about "Geranium".
  4. -13
    17 February 2023 06: 05
    The official failure time for the F-16 seems to be 4-5 hours .. The Fighter will probably also have it. But the cars are old, half will stand in Romania. And 3-4 pairs of weather will not do.
  5. +10
    17 February 2023 06: 36
    Our reaction to the possible deliveries of aircraft is common today - "okay, let's click and throw our hats" ... We are sitting on the couch, we don't care ... But no one thought that these planes would be used outside the reach of our air defense, just like platforms for launching various rockets ???
    1. -5
      17 February 2023 11: 56
      Based on the range of these missiles, they will fall on their territory, not reaching the front line, or still they will have to approach it - this is based on the range of our missiles today. 25 there do not practice from the word at all.
      The article misses the main thing - the planes will probably be given, but here is the problem with everything else about these planes. This is from pilots and further to flight support. And in general there, in the article, ,, Foreign Military Review magazine, aviation section,
      In addition, do not forget that if ours start to land them well, then for the Europeans this will be a blow to the prestige of their technology, although not new. Their purchases will drop sharply. And if there are buyers for used aircraft now, then there may not be any more.
      In general, everyone needs to understand that real data and advertising data are not the same thing. And often the reality, according to the data and performance characteristics in the West, is far from consistent with what was stated.
    2. 0
      17 February 2023 12: 02
      Why then airplanes? they would transfer ground-based missiles with a long range and that’s it, no problem, shoot from wherever you want
  6. -2
    17 February 2023 06: 41
    Let's put aside a little the question of how they fly, what they are armed with and who controls the Typhoon.
    In order for it to rise into the air, it must be refueled on the ground with fuel, compressed gases and electricity. And this requires connecting the connectors of ground devices to the corresponding connectors of on-board devices. So all these connectors (or according to modern "interfaces") from Soviet equipment are absolutely incompatible with bourgeois ones. Fuel requirements do not match. Electricity does not match both in voltage and frequency, but hydraulics and pneumatics in pressure and composition of the active body. This is not counting the fact that they have screws / dowels on an inch thread.
    So before you send the plane into flight, you will either need to redo or recreate the entire ground infrastructure.
    Of course, you can organize flights of these aircraft from Poland or Romania, but it will be a completely different NWO.
    1. -1
      17 February 2023 06: 53
      . Of course, you can organize flights of these aircraft from Poland or Romania, but it will be a completely different NWO
      the problem is that ours will remain the same, until the last Russian / Russian ... At the top they will say "NATO has actually become a party to the conflict", but they will not do / cannot do anything!
      P.S. All this crafty getting trump cards from the bosom is classic overtone windows and a favorite technique of the Anglo-Saxons ....
    2. +5
      17 February 2023 09: 52
      There will be planes, there will be infrastructure. These are not such great expenses compared to the actual fighters.
      1. -1
        17 February 2023 12: 08
        Nonsense, some billion dollars back and forth. But even if the money is given, the arrangement takes time and materials with equipment, and this is in the conflict zone.
        1. -1
          17 February 2023 23: 57
          Yes, and also on Typhoons. In the photo they do not look bad with missiles on milestones. Only in this configuration, their combat range drops sharply. .And if we take external fuel tanks, then this is by weight minus 4 suspension points for missiles at once. So in the photo they often look good, but with the PTB they become clumsy like penguins. And it has overload restrictions. If you want to fight, drop the PTB.
    3. -4
      17 February 2023 11: 06
      Quote: Amateur
      So all these connectors (or according to modern "interfaces") from Soviet equipment are absolutely incompatible with bourgeois ones.

      And the ukropoliticians don't care. The whole "civilized world" SHOULD them, period. Europe has made this mess, let it sip. It's a pity for our guys.
    4. +2
      17 February 2023 21: 46
      well, all these connectors (or, in modern terms, "interfaces") from Soviet equipment are absolutely incompatible with bourgeois ones.

      You somehow forget that American aircraft in wars flew not only from aircraft carriers.
      Transferring standard infrastructure - for example, a generator with the right connector, or a set of screws with "inch thread" screwdrivers - is probably a completely solvable problem, don't you think?
  7. +2
    17 February 2023 07: 18
    Well, what is it like "aerobuffs", do not underestimate the enemy, especially not so old. And in general, I don’t like it when they write “they have an old city”, but we have the same old one, so it’s “in capable hands, this is hoo”.
  8. +1
    17 February 2023 07: 50
    Quote: Amateur
    Fuel requirements do not match

    Yes, already checked. Both Jet-a and ts-1 eat without problems. And where can I get the ts-1?
  9. -5
    17 February 2023 07: 59
    A common drawback of European fighters is Tornado and Eurofighter, which, in accordance with the wishes of the client, were stuffed there. The interior layout is very tight. This is 100% maintenance complexity and low combat survivability. Here the Americans are smarter.
    1. +1
      18 February 2023 10: 51
      It would be interesting to hear the opinion of so many people who put the minuses.
      I have a valid opinion. Once, when I was still studying, I read books that are not sold in stores. So there OUR SPECIALISTS rated the Tornado as the most advanced western aircraft. Its dimensions and weight (you can see for yourself which ones) were stuffed with the capabilities of the F-15. Only the F-15 is an excellent and proven aircraft. A Tornado .... Iraq happened. And this miracle was worn out in not the worst combat conditions to repair. Most of the aircraft, due to failures, did not even complete the task. And the tasks were performed by wooden Jaguars. They turned out to be very reliable and good aircraft. The Tornades were repaired and sent home. That is, in the civilized conditions of some England, he flies. And where there is war, he does not want to. Looking at Eurofighter, how it was made, etc., it is clear that the same thing is there. They released some there and dreamed about the F-35.
  10. -8
    17 February 2023 08: 09
    Okay, out of boredom, journalists write a blizzard about airplanes, experts why, remind themselves of something. Has anyone seen the price tags on the planes? Even the stupid Wallace, apparently prompted, began to talk about reality. The poor air defense of the outskirts does not allow our planes to fly in depth, and our Ukropov’s one, how it will beat flies, the West has neither tactics nor strategy, and even more so the experience of war with strong air defense (in Vietnam and the Arabs, in addition to poor training, they were truncated in performance and limited range of air defense systems, in addition to the stupidity of the Syrians in 1982). Yes, there will be suicide orcs at the helm, but the iron is golden. Now there are a couple of dozen letaks, but they, like the vaunted baytracts, try not to enter our air defense, the same thing with Western aircraft. 30 pieces of f-16 cost 5 billion, but what is the exhaust from them? Himarsom is much cheaper to nightmare us, and the West is a rogue.
    1. +7
      17 February 2023 08: 45
      Quote: alexey_444
      30 f-16 pieces cost 5 billion

      30 pieces of F-16 cost from 300 million (last year's Romanian contract, used Norway) to 1,5 billion (new vipers, the price of the Indian competition).
      Quote: alexey_444
      Himars is much cheaper to nightmare us

      Cheaper, but highmars, unlike aviation, is limited in range.
      1. 0
        18 February 2023 10: 36
        Hymars is cheaper and almost impunity. And planes are afraid to fly.
        1. +1
          19 February 2023 10: 08
          Quote: mmaxx
          airplanes are afraid to fly.

          Depends on how you use them. Long-range aviation flies quite well as it can.
  11. +7
    17 February 2023 08: 39
    Another question is how much all this can help Ukraine in gaining air superiority.

    Actually, there is no such question. The struggle for air superiority at the current stage of the NWO is not relevant.

    A resident of, for example, Moscow, should be interested in a question of a different plan: what are the strike capabilities of this aircraft.

    Storm Shadow, 560+km, France, Italy, Britain.
    TAURUS KEPD 350/150, 500+ km, Germany, Spain.

    Hmm, interesting possibilities. Normal plane.
  12. +2
    17 February 2023 09: 56
    The very production of "Will we be afraid or not." means that we have already been afraid. And here Roman means simply a fact.

    And the West will not be afraid of anything. And as a final chord, tactical nuclear weapons will bang.

    Simply, in accordance with the concepts of modern warfare, tactical nuclear weapons are one of the elements of warfare. We are not supposed to according to rank ...... We are supposed to put tens of thousands of young soldiers into the ground instead.

    Moreover, in parallel, he will make the same broads from all the media. Which we shouldn't either. Justify that it is not us, we will.
    And they won't get anything for it...
  13. +1
    17 February 2023 09: 56
    To fear is the cost of everything that kills.
    Another question is, how are we ready for this?
    Of course, the plane does not fly alone, will the bases of these aircraft be located in Poland and the Baltic states, and will this not be considered the entry of the NATO alliance into the conflict?
    And there is no need to ask them, for them the answer is known - no, it will not be, the question is for us and are we ready to voice it on TV, the UN?
    1. 0
      17 February 2023 12: 19
      If the bases are placed in Poland or in another NATO country, then Article 5 disappears and the country individually becomes a participant in hostilities. And by the way, now what prevents to act in this way. They will say that the crews and planes are Ukrainian and fight. However, this is not the case.
      The airfields themselves for the operation of such equipment are very complex structures with all the equipment necessary for navigation and aircraft maintenance. So it will quickly break out, you can’t really hide it. Turned it on - marked its place, but part of such equipment should be stationary. Otherwise, the board will not come to the airfield area, and if it does, then there will be problems with the landing approach. Well, if the weather conditions are difficult or it is night, then you just need to forget about flying.
  14. +2
    17 February 2023 10: 06
    Roman, again there are a lot of letters: we only have Sushki, there are almost no MIGs left.
    How many modern dryers can we exhibit? - and the Chinese with their armada will not get into our affairs ...
    And they will have such a variety of aircraft - how to deal with it? - one air defense? they will immediately suppress ... they won’t even pay attention to losses ...
    1. +2
      17 February 2023 11: 32
      Quote: Dedok
      the Chinese with their armada will not get into our affairs ...

      The Chinese, in general, are very wary of the goons who plundered their own country for the sake of large savings in the West .. And they are doing it right. But I didn’t understand, and in this publication, China. It seems that Skomorokhov did not mention this topic.
    2. 0
      April 7 2023 08: 15

      the Chinese with their armada will not get into our affairs ...

      And what, in fact, the Chinese could give us? They will not take their troops, that's for sure.
      Look at the characteristics of their technology. To put it mildly ... not like us. They won't give us their dryers (Su-27 clones). The newest dryers (J-15, J-16) - "you need such a cow yourself." Yes, they are raw. There are hordes of MiG-21s and Chinese crafts based on them. Do we need it?
      Further. SAM. Well, there are clones of the early S-300s, but this, again, is unlikely to be given. Everything else, again, is unlikely to be needed.
      Tanks... The newest ones, like the VT-4, won't let you. And they are at the level of our early T-72s. The ZTZ-99, an approximate analogue of the late T-72s, could come in handy. The rest is outright junk. Even Chinese small arms are inferior in reliability to ours. And a lot of frankly outdated samples
  15. exo
    17 February 2023 11: 31
    The issue of supplying spare parts for the old modification can really become acute. At the best of times, we could hardly find spare parts for early production CFM-56s, for the only aircraft on which they were operated. This, despite the mass production of them in the 90s.
  16. 0
    17 February 2023 11: 45
    I think the answer is obvious - the eurofighter, like any other western generation 4 fighter, will be a problem for the Russian Armed Forces. But the 404th will not be sweet in the sky either. Su-35 and ground air defense will not disappear anywhere. So there will be further escalation. Moreover, NATO will deploy additional AWACS and target designation forces under Western fighters. It's strange that they still think. Is it a pity old man?!
  17. +1
    17 February 2023 11: 47
    If the main battles take place at low altitudes, then the R-37M is not relevant.
  18. +1
    17 February 2023 13: 43
    Quote: author
    And the question posed in the title: should the Russian Aerospace Forces be afraid of the Eurofighter in the skies of Ukraine?
    Nothing more than an F-16 or a Mirage 2000. This couple, perhaps, will be even more dangerous, because although they do not have such high-altitude characteristics and are inferior in speed, they are more maneuverable and feel very good at low altitudes

    - with modern RVV and radar, maneuverability does not play any role
    - you can’t see the Russian Air Force at low altitudes, everyone dances above 6000m (poking into the milk of the SU-25 from the nose-up can not be considered as NURS)
    - Captor-E and PIRATE are head and shoulders above the BRRLs and OLSs of the Su-30, and the SU-35 is significantly superior.
    / It's like 9K58 "Smerch" with 9M542 (which no one has seen) against M142 HIMARS with M30A1 / 2 (M31 (A1 / A2)
    -if they arrive from the MBDA Meteor, they will kick out the database steater, just like a fighter with a Barrett M82A1 will kick a fighter with an AK-12 from the collective farm field.
    -the Russian Air Force does not have something similar to ECR from HENSOLDT (AFAR on GaN) at all
    network again...
    1. +4
      17 February 2023 14: 13
      Quote from Digger
      The Captor-E and PIRATE are head and shoulders above the BRRLs and OLSs of the Su-30, and the SU-35 is significantly superior.

      They are talking about the delivery of the EF Tranche 1 variant, there is Captor-M.
      This version of the EF is not as evil as the Tr5, it is more suitable as a fighter-interceptor, it will be able to cover the work of the strike aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and protect their positions from our aircraft. Naturally, air battles should not be expected, they will play the role of an interceptor. Cruising non-afterburning supersonic, "quiet" radar, advanced OLS, modern V-V missiles will give them this opportunity.
      1. 0
        17 February 2023 14: 29
        Quote from cold wind
        They are talking about the delivery of the EF Tranche 1 variant, there is Captor-M.
        This EF variant is not as evil as the Tr5, more suitable as an interceptor fighter

        - well, maybe. I didn't check what's in there.
        Tranches are the same as they were made, and then everything was upgraded
        Phase 0 - initial multirole upgrades.
        Phase 1/P2EA – MBDA Meteor integration and initial Storm Shadow Capability.
        Phase 2/P3EA – Full Storm Shadow capability as well as Brimstone integration.
        ECRS Mk0: Also called Radar One Plus, this is the base model of the Captor-E designed by Leonardo. The development of the equipment has been completed and it is being installed on aircraft supplied to Kuwait and Qatar.
        ECRS Mk1: Mk0 upgrade under development by Hensoldt/Indra for Germany and Spain. It will be retrofitted with their Tranche 2 and 3 aircraft, as well as installed on the new Tranche 4 models of both countries.
        ECRS Mk2: Also known as Radar Two, another version developed from the ARTS and Bright Adder demonstrators, as well as the ES-05 Raven radar from Gripen E. [128] With electronic warfare/attack capabilities, it is being developed by Leonardo for the RAF and integrated by BAE Systems. It will initially apply to Tranche 3 aircraft, but the RAF may upgrade Tranche 2 at a later date.
        Maybe you are right.
        And at the expense of "say".
        They can say whatever they want. I wouldn't believe.
        first they said:
        - We will not supply air defense systems
        - far ammunition for Himars will not
        -we won't have tanks
        We won't have planes.
        Will be.
        Well at least ECR with HOTAS

        not delivered immediately
  19. -6
    17 February 2023 13: 59
    And will we be afraid of the mighty Eurofighter?
    Roman Skomorokhov
    Before writing this opus, the author should have looked into the history of the "ancient world of aviation." Even at the beginning of the design (at the end of the last millennium), requirements were laid down in its TTT, according to which the future Eurofighter was already inferior to the MiG-29 product 9-12. True, later in the design process they pulled them up to the level of the MiG29 (9-12A), since the GDR MiGs were already in their hands. But as experts say, after a series of refinements and improvements, it even surpassed the MiG-29 (9-13) in some ways. But, how many aircraft of the MiG-29 family are there in the Russian Air Force now? If we look at the state of 2020, then one regiment was re-equipped with the Su-30, by now -100% rearmed. If we do not take into account the MiG-29K - and this is a completely different aircraft, in contrast to the MiG-29K aircraft of the 1980s. At the end of 22, 6 MiG-35s were delivered to the Aerospace Forces, but this is comparable to the MiG-29 as about the Su-27 with the Su-35. So this pterodactyl, in the hands of Ukrainian flyers, in "rivalry" with our pilots, who fly the Su-35 for more than one year, does not shine. I agree if Western Europeans hold on to the RUS of Europterodactel. then we will not deny some threat from them. But you shouldn't scare yourself with this "aviakhlam".
  20. 0
    17 February 2023 15: 13
    Once again, post-combat maintenance at airfields is not taken into account. Min. 10 technicians on board, they must provide up to 3 sorties per day. Where is it? If from Polish airfields; then yes, it is possible, but the risk of getting hit by them is very high.
    1. 0
      18 February 2023 10: 58
      And what for? We better read the characteristics of radars. laughing laughing laughing Anything is more interesting than learning about all sorts of oil tanks. laughing
  21. 0
    17 February 2023 15: 45
    If it flies in conjunction with an AWACS or other Western AWACS, then the problems will be serious, since the AWACS has the ability not to fly into the airspace of Ukraine, but it is not possible to shoot down ours, so the author throws a typhoon with his hats, oh how it’s not worth it is a modern aircraft with good weapons and it is possible that non-Ukrainians will fly on it, as well as serve it on the ground.
    1. -1
      17 February 2023 16: 04
      [quote] [/ quote] The use of weapons from the territory of a neighboring country against troops, targets belonging to the Russian Federation is an "act of war". Russia has the right to use this as kasus belli and strike back.
  22. +2
    17 February 2023 16: 41
    The planes have not yet been delivered, but the author has already defeated them. Mop driven over the plinth. Just like Corporal Svyatkin from "Ata Bata, the soldiers were coming."
  23. +3
    17 February 2023 17: 17
    Most of all it is interesting to read the comments. Ukraine's attempts to get weapons from the West is begging, and buying from Iran is a partnership. Only swearing is when for nothing. And here it is clear that sooner or later they will have to pay. And the fact that there is a complete venegret of weapons is also understandable and understandable. The first four aircraft in Israel were trophy Messerschmitts. They fight with what they have.
  24. -3
    17 February 2023 18: 36
    We can add to the above - a very sad financial situation, both in England in general and in the Armed Forces in particular. The Minister of Defense is asking the Treasury for an additional 10 lard pounds, additional funding - a very not even a frail amount, for the Britons. And most likely he won't get it. You will have to "cut" some MO programs. In such a situation, a gift of 2 lard pounds to Banderland looks very unlikely. I can believe that some kind of scrap metal such as a Challenger or Starstreak will be "shaken off", but the Britons will "strangle themselves" for the planes.
  25. +4
    17 February 2023 21: 34
    "As long as our aircraft have an advantage over European and American fighters" - in whose dream and dreams they have superiority, I don’t even know
  26. -1
    18 February 2023 01: 45
    I don't recognize Roman. He is much more sober when it comes to ground technology or general issues, and in aviation he is directly carried away. No NATO fighters in 2023 (whether F-16, Mirage 2000, Eurofighter, Gripen or Rafal) will be used for air combat or air supremacy at all. They can bite hard at the right moment, but neither Ukrainian nor NATO generals are idiots to try to defeat hundreds with a couple of dozen cars. Western aircraft are needed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a platform capable of using (and fully) the entire range of Western air-to-ground ammunition. Now, for example, HARMs are used palliatively with the MiG-29, and still cause problems. What will happen if they start to be used as intended?
  27. 0
    18 February 2023 08: 03
    MO is to blame for everything, then you can not write or read comments
  28. +1
    April 23 2023 00: 09
    no one will give them to the APU for one simple reason - their operation is prohibitively expensive. even Germany has limited their flights to joint operations within NATO, and they make constant training sorties on Tornadoes. absolutely everything is expensive there, from engine parts to airfield services, Austria generally refused their flights, so much money is stupid
  29. 0
    11 May 2023 14: 12
    I can no longer take seriously all this pandemonium about supplies. Just this:

    Reminds me of the ending of a famous trilogy: