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Museum in Monino. Start of restoration work on an M-50 bomber

After the completion of a large stage of work on the restoration of the M-17 aircraft, the Moninsky restatorera shifted their attention to another plane from Myasishchev. Now the task is to bring in order the bomber M-50. This experimental machine is in the museum from October 30 1968 of the year, and it made its first flight 7 of October 1959 of the year. In total, the plane made 19 flights, including its famous flight at the 9 July 1961 parade in Tushino.

The work began with a detailed external inspection of the aircraft. All photos were kindly provided by the restorers.

Museum in Monino. Start of restoration work on an M-50 bomber

Unfortunately, the results of the inspection were disappointing. Time did not spare the plane, its external surfaces are damaged by through-corrosion, in some places the aircraft skin resembles a colander. Given the size of the aircraft and the complexity of access, recovery is likely to take a very long time.
Read more about 10 November work day here.









As I said, the plane was taken to the museum on October 30, 1968 at the V.M. experimental machine-building plant Myasishchev without systems and equipment. This aircraft was a flight demonstrator, and for further tests a more advanced M-52 machine was intended. However, a change in the views of the country's political leadership on the military manned Aviation and the closure of the Myasishevsky Design Bureau, predetermined the fate of these machines. The M-50 ended up in the museum, and the nearly completed M-52 was disposed of.

9. Several views of the plane on a sunny day.




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  1. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 17 November 2012 09: 31
    A sad sight.
    The cockpit lantern M-17 resembles the visor of a medieval knight.
    I hope everything will be fine with him.,
    1. FID
      FID 17 November 2012 12: 29
      Quote: Milafon
      The cockpit lantern M-17 resembles the visor of a medieval knight.

      Sorry, I didn’t see an M-17 airplane in any photo.
      Here is his picture. Reporting about the M-50.
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 17 November 2012 19: 40
        M55 geophysics flew at a parade in honor of 100 Air Force. personally saw. beautiful.
        1. FID
          FID 17 November 2012 20: 06
          Here is Geophysics. This is M-55, and at the top - M-17.
    2. DAO
      DAO 21 November 2012 13: 22
      At the beginning of the article, M17 is mentioned in the context of the sequence of work. First, we carried out the first stage of the restoration of the M17 aircraft. Details here And then they started work on the M50
  2. wow
    wow 17 November 2012 12: 15
    Sorry, very sorry! An "uninhabited" plane, like an uninhabited house, is quickly destroyed. I served in the Air Force for more than a dozen years and I cannot look at such a state of AT without shuddering, as well as the destruction of aircraft during their disposal. The Aviation Museum in Monino is our aviation memory and must be preserved.
    1. FID
      FID 17 November 2012 12: 30
      Totally agree with you! But, such is the attitude to our history!
  3. lelikas
    lelikas 17 November 2012 13: 16
    Unfortunately, we all were unlucky with two facts - the weather and the attitude of the manual to technology. If the same amers take equipment to the desert and that's it, then it will rot in the open air with us, and it’s very expensive to build hangars for everything.
    Well, at one time, technology was destroyed without looking back at history, now there are a lot of things left .... the real trouble of the modeller.
  4. Professor
    Professor 17 November 2012 13: 30
    Well done, that restore. I just didn’t understand why the rust ate everything there. It seemed to be from duralumin or stainless steel ... request
    1. GHG
      GHG 17 November 2012 14: 02
      The main disadvantage of duralumin sheet is its low corrosion resistance. I myself have already encountered such a problem ... the transom of a motor boat in sea water has rotted.
      1. Professor
        Professor 17 November 2012 14: 12
        So this is an aggressive environment. the more transom was in the air, wetted by sea water. And the planes watered only with rain, almost distilled water.
      2. Igorboss16
        Igorboss16 17 November 2012 18: 53
        I practice at the aircraft factory, and I know that the real duralumin that we use has excellent corrosion resistance, and this depends on many factors, incorrect heat treatment, and mainly on the coating, which should be closely monitored and maintained, because nothing happens eternally, but in monino there was no financing at all, okay, at least they started to restore
        1. FID
          FID 17 November 2012 18: 59
          It is right! For example, seaplanes from the same duralumin are riveted and nothing. Proper care is nothing more! Therefore, I do not understand the GES post.
          1. Igorboss16
            Igorboss16 17 November 2012 20: 41
            he probably meant the Chinese duralumin leaves negative
          2. laurbalaur
            laurbalaur 17 November 2012 22: 05
            I apologize for getting in, but the hydro-aviation covers its cars with special paints and these coatings are changed according to the regulations every two years if the memory does not change. thanks to the author of the post. I hope that there will be something to see in Monino!
  5. Slevinst
    Slevinst 17 November 2012 13: 31
    predator! such a plane could let fear
  6. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 17 November 2012 14: 22
    A disgusting sight of the death of the memory of designers, warriors defending our homeland!
    And now we wonder where the Serdyukovs, Gorbachevs, Yeltsins and the like traitors of our people, our army, our state come from.
    It is sad.
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 17 November 2012 19: 43
      no words, some not printed expressions!
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 17 November 2012 21: 11
      Quote: vladimirZ
      A disgusting sight of the death of the memory of designers, warriors defending our homeland!

      In my opinion, is this a Tu-154 civilian aircraft? Military aviation looks a little different! That's how the Americans destroyed the Tu-160 legacy of the former USSR !!!
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 17 November 2012 21: 16
        Traitors and Sadughs!
      2. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 18 November 2012 13: 27
        Of course, the civil Tu-154, standing at VDNH.
        What is the difference civilian or military. All the same, this is an achievement that should remain a monument in the place where the USSR left it.
        Now this will not happen.
      3. Moscow-505
        Moscow-505 18 November 2012 14: 55
        Looks like execution.
  7. baloo3000
    baloo3000 17 November 2012 15: 18
    Nice car
  8. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 17 November 2012 17: 45
    Such wealth and in such a deplorable state! Well, at least there are attempts to do something, otherwise there are already so many examples of barbaric destruction ...
  9. 916-th
    916-th 17 November 2012 19: 06
    The first panoramic photo to the right of the M-50 shows the "Sotka" of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, another failed masterpiece of Russian aviation. But Tupolev had a hand in the closure of this project, crushing all the documentation for the "weaving" and making on its basis the Tu-144. Such unfair competition based on telephone law ...

    In general, Myasischev made cars no worse, but in many ways better Tupolev
  10. studentmati
    studentmati 17 November 2012 19: 59
    Myasischev - was primarily a talented and extraordinary designer! Tupolev was more a politician, he knew where, when, to whom and what to say.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 17 November 2012 20: 11
      Sanya hi, you need to call a spade a spade, gobbled up Myasishchev .........
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 17 November 2012 20: 25
        Hi Sanya. Talented people, as a rule, are psychologically the most defenseless, and therefore gobbled up Vladimir Mikhailovich.
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 17 November 2012 20: 28
          As they would say now, the lack of an administrative resource.
          1. studentmati
            studentmati 17 November 2012 20: 43
            Apparently yes. It's just that the man was devoted to aviation to the marrow of his bones, and plowed for its good, as they say "not sparing his belly." At the same time, he was not a opportunist, but simply made the planes that he considered necessary and correct, despite the fact that they hammered him from all sides ...
  11. Alex 241
    Alex 241 17 November 2012 20: 15
    1. lesnik.
      lesnik. 18 November 2012 07: 59
      A strategist in two years, from a culman to a series!
      PAK-FA 2002-2016?
      your mother (
      1. snek
        snek 18 November 2012 11: 58
        Quote: lesnik.
        A strategist in two years, from a kulman to a series! PAK-FA 2002-2016?

        In those days, the pace of development and introduction of new technology was generally higher. Now the machines are much more complicated and the period from the start of development to the commissioning of modern technology is much longer (look at f-22).
  12. Aleks60
    Aleks60 18 November 2012 22: 04
    The sky of the motherland. Big steel birds. They are ours. They live only with us. Despite your tourism business. you are our average. THIS IS OUR SKY. AND ONLY OUR STALIN FALCONS CAN CROSS IT. Aliens will be wet. We are still many on every kilometer.