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American investigative journalist: Undermining the Nord Stream gas pipelines was beneficial to Norway

American investigative journalist: Undermining the Nord Stream gas pipelines was beneficial to Norway

American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, after his revealing publication about the culprit of the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions, gave an interview to the German press. This fact itself already indicates that in Germany the results of his investigation did not go unnoticed and millions of German citizens learned about them.

Recall that in his investigation, Hersh identified the main culprit of the attacks: it is the United States. According to the Pulitzer Prize winner, citing his sources among high-ranking figures in the United States, the US military entrusted the direct implementation of gas pipeline explosions in the area of ​​Bornholm Island to the Norwegians, who activated deep explosive devices about three months after they were installed using radio beacons.

In an interview with the major German publication Berliner Zeitung, Seymour Hersh says that Norway was an interested country in blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines.


Norway was interested in income growth, and hence in increasing the volume of its energy supplies to the EU, to the same Germany. And what do we see after the mission (sabotage)? Norway has made it. Its exports (energy) grew against the backdrop of significant hostility towards Russia.

At the same time, the Western journalist noted that the United States went on a terrorist attack, fearing that Germany would remain in close energy contact with Russia, and therefore might not support sanctions against the Russian energy sector. On the eve of the undermining of gas pipelines by the American side, Hersh called it "great stupidity", making it clear that the Germans, having learned about this, could reconsider their relations with Washington. And not only the Germans.

Recall that immediately after the sabotage on gas pipelines, the former head of the Polish Foreign Ministry wrote on the social network: “Thank you, USA”, then cowardly deleting his post.

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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 February 2023 06: 30
    Undermining the Nord Stream gas pipelines was beneficial to Norway
    And do not forget about Poland - Baltic Pipe from Norway through Denmark to Poland. Norway sells its gas by removing the competitor "SP" with the help of the Anglo-Saxons, Poland seeks to become a gas hub in Europe and make money on it. Therefore, there are enough people interested in explosions. If the Americans really instructed the Norwegians to initiate the explosion of previously planted explosive devices, then only in order to tie them to this crime and not be the only country participating in the sabotage against Russia.
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 15 February 2023 06: 47
      Quote: rotmistr60
      And don't forget Poland.

      We should not forget not only about Poland, but also about the rest. And the journalist is leaving the topic, now the Norwegians are to blame, the rest are white fluffy hamsters (the same rats, profile view)
    2. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 15 February 2023 06: 56
      Quote: rotmistr60
      If the Americans really instructed the Norwegians to initiate the explosion of previously planted explosive devices, then only in order to tie them to this crime and not be the only country participating in the sabotage against Russia.

      good I liked your thoughtfulness.
      It's so simple and banal. The stores sell axes, knives and other piercing and cutting tools and equipment. This does not mean that the seller in the store should be put in jail if "someone" hacked "someone" with an ax (for example)...
      I'm just interested in the question of what requirements for restoration Russia has undertaken (or is it a purely commercial project and private investment, and Gazprom and Miller are "animals unknown to science")...
      * * *
      When the perpetrators (participants) in the event will squeal: “What are we for?” Everyone understands that if there are no adequate answers, then such "actions of intimidation" will continue...
      1. Machito
        Machito 15 February 2023 07: 50
        American human rights activists themselves named the perpetrators: the United States, Norway, Denmark, Sweden. What are our actions? Concerns? Where are the accusations of state terrorism against these countries? Where is the answer? Why haven't the underwater gas pipelines of these countries been blown up?
  2. farelouz
    farelouz 15 February 2023 06: 32
    SP blew up? - blew up; was there an answer? - No; were you afraid? -yes) duck that constantly procrastinate the topic once the eggs are empty
  3. saigon
    saigon 15 February 2023 06: 36
    So why does gas from Norway go somewhere? All the laws, rules can be worth becoming Europeans in the good sense of the term? Maybe it's time to do meanness and nastiness in a European way - to tear gas pipelines and make round eyes purely European?
    1. Glagol1
      Glagol1 16 February 2023 15: 43
      Europe has already been punished by gas prices. Previously, they bought at 200-300 dollars per thousand cubic meters, now 700-2000. They are all happy there that the vaults are full. Yes it is. But the weighted average price of this gas is much more expensive than $1000 per thousand cubic meters. Of course, they can subsidize, but the acceleration of inflation, the decline of the energy-intensive industry, this will not go anywhere. So let them jump. And this is during a warm winter. And if next winter is not warm, then what? There are no more Nordic Streams, the gas pipeline through Poland has died, the 404th transit is withering and will also die soon, and the Turkish Stream will provide only the southeast of the EU. It remains Norway, but everything is at the limit there and LNG. And LNG is a spot mechanism, today 700, and tomorrow 2000 per thousand cubic meters, they arrived.
  4. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek 15 February 2023 07: 17
    Yes, many are involved in one way or another. I would very much like punishment to follow from our side. But, except for our Victory, we cannot seriously punish them.
  5. cpls22
    cpls22 15 February 2023 09: 03
    By all means the British are being blocked. Anyone is to blame, but not the British. Why ? An adequate response to the Americans might be. only in the form of a strike on LNG transports, but this is more difficult to do anonymously, and therefore they are not afraid of it. Cause "boldly" retribution on themselves. Although it is not so bold anymore - they are transferring the arrows to the Norwegians.
    It is necessary to "believe" in these excuses, and then respond harshly to the real culprit.
  6. 1erWahrheitsMinister_1984
    1erWahrheitsMinister_1984 16 February 2023 16: 18
    Gerade höre ich in den Nachrichten, dass Norwegen der Ukraine
    Neun Milliarden EURO -,00 EURO
    aus dem Mehrgewinn durch die US-Sprengung von Nordstream 2,
    wovon Norwegen als einer der Mittäter und US-Kolaborateure jetzt
    auch noch frech und dreist im großen Umfang profitiert...!!

    Fur mich jedenfalls ein echter Kriegsgrund!!

    Dieses Geld, RUSSISCHES GELD (!!) soll je zur Hälfte fur
    WAFFEN und zur Hälfte für "humanitäre Zwecke", vermutlich
    fur private Zwecke von Herrn Zelenski verwendet werden;
    das ukrainische Volk wird hiervon jedenfalls nichts sehen...!! crying
  7. 1erWahrheitsMinister_1984
    1erWahrheitsMinister_1984 16 February 2023 16: 21
    Der sogenannte Westen besteht nur noch aus einem
    schwachsinnigen und brandgefährlichen Haufen von
    US-Zuhältern die sich selbst ins Knie ficken...!!!