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John Kirby explained the detection of a large number of flying objects over the United States by "tuning radar systems"

John Kirby explained the detection of a large number of flying objects over the United States by "tuning radar systems"

The US military was able to detect flying objects over US territory after adjusting the radar systems. This is how the White House explained the appearance in US airspace of a large number of unidentified flying objects.

The detection of flying objects was facilitated by fine-tuning of existing US air defense radar systems, said John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications at the National Security Council. According to him, the US military set up some parameters, after which they saw these objects in the sky. Judging by the statement, up to this point, American air defense had not seen them at all and they flew freely for an unknown amount of time over the entire territory of the United States.

The North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) adjusted the parameters of the radar systems, the degree of sensitivity, to look for something that flies slowly, high and small in size. (...) And when you increase the sensitivity of the radars, you will probably see more of these situations

Kirby declared.

Over the past eight days, which have passed since the "epiphany" of the American air defense / missile defense system, four flying objects have already been shot down, including a Chinese weather balloon. If the US military had not been so attentive, this weather balloon, which was accused of espionage in the US, could safely fly over US territory and not be shot down. On the other hand, how many more such "weather balloons" have the Americans not discovered up to this point?

By the way, of all the four objects shot down by the Americans, only the wreckage of the weather balloon has been identified, the ownership and purpose of the remaining three have not yet been established.

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  1. the most important
    the most important 14 February 2023 18: 32
    Eyes rubbed! and there is something going on that it would be better not to see at all! By the way, a lot of incomprehensible things also fly over Russia (not weather balloons). Several times I observed quite low, 30-50 meters above the ground, balls that flew at a speed of about 80-100 km / h and at the same time sparkled like sparklers.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 14 February 2023 19: 04
      of all four objects shot down by the Americans, only the wreckage of a weather balloon has been identified, the ownership and purpose of the remaining three have not yet been established

      So, there are still chances that Russia has not lagged behind China here.
    2. Luka Nord
      Luka Nord 14 February 2023 19: 08
      Our Snowden recently stated that the United States is thus trying to distract the "public" from the failure in Ukraine and huge corruption schemes 100 lard in Ze invested And where is everyone?
      Quote: the most important
      By the way, a lot of strange things also fly over Russia

      I also saw it with witnesses and more than once .. All this is interesting, they did such tricks that it’s impossible to shoot them down simply .. This is something that violates all the laws of physics and aerodynamics.
      And someone launches simple probes over the USA, it’s still the Japanese during the World War that tried to bomb the USA like that, there are special constant air currents ..
      But Snowden is right, they are trying to distract the population, I won’t be surprised if troupes of green men appear and fakes fakes fakes begin ..
      In the meantime, the dark affairs will begin to crank
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Jafar
          Jafar 15 February 2023 05: 20
          And I drink, sometimes, but I don’t see it either. True, the TV has recently begun to turn on itself and show RenTV
  2. Gnefredov
    Gnefredov 14 February 2023 18: 33
    From February 14, 2023. In all cinemas of the planet:
    "Angar 18" part two. Return.
    Tagline: Not all found yet.

    Directed by John Kirby.
  3. voice of reason
    voice of reason 14 February 2023 18: 36
    Yep, they finally turned them on. for the first time since 91.
  4. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 14 February 2023 18: 36
    Ahh! Links to the evil Chinese and Russians didn’t work .. Even RenTV didn’t stand nearby wassat
  5. Novichek
    Novichek 14 February 2023 18: 44
    The US Air Force has been at war with flying windmills for a week now! Bravo! What will be the next "official excuse"? wassat
  6. Former soldier
    Former soldier 14 February 2023 18: 47
    Mass check of radar systems. Motive - checking due to unknown balls as a cover for the exercises? Ready for serious?
  7. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 14 February 2023 18: 50
    The Democrats didn’t give a ride with shnyaga with "aliens" :)) The Congress was not led, and did not peck at the UFO. It was not possible to turn off hearings and investigations on topical crisis problems :))
  8. hohohol
    hohohol 14 February 2023 18: 56
    If every Chinese launches a balloon, then darkness will fall on America. A billion balloons can cover the sun. But seriously, the number of Chinese who emigrated to the United States has recently increased, apparently the party said, the people did.
  9. Bingo
    Bingo 14 February 2023 19: 02
    Worse than a fool is only an initiative fool. He just said that the entire air defense structure in the United States simply does not know how to use the available equipment. That is, not only have they been throwing money away for years on structures that were not even included in the work, but also the entire staff is completely unsuitable and deserves to be fired for unsuitability)))
    And in addition to this, having announced such information, he himself, due to a complete lack of service, should be fired and thunder under the tribunal. This is the most important information about the level of air defense / missile defense
  10. Private SA
    Private SA 14 February 2023 19: 04
    It remains to be hoped that the "rebuilt" radar stations will not accept a flock of Greenland geese flying visa-free in US airspace for the mass launch of Soviet missiles,
    just like it was in the 1970s.
  11. digger
    digger 14 February 2023 19: 17
    Paranoia with Chinese balloons is reaching a new level. An American followed an unidentified Chinese probe for three hours until he realized it was bird poop on his car window.
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 14 February 2023 21: 01
      Captain: Helmsman, what's on our starboard side? Six-oar boat Sir? Helmsman, what's on our port side? Six-oar boat Sir. Helmsman, remove the fly from the porthole. (English, sea humor). hi
  12. Expert2023
    Expert2023 14 February 2023 19: 19
    This news prepares Mankind for the meeting stop
  13. NikolayDS
    NikolayDS 14 February 2023 21: 22
    Why, when I say on the VO website that UFOs are to blame for everything - no one believes me ?!
    (article dated January 31, 2023 "An explosion thundered at a Ukrainian state-owned enterprise in the city of Shostka", ).
    And they believe John Kirby in VO! Does he wang cooler than me?
  14. Timofey Charuta
    Timofey Charuta 15 February 2023 02: 36
    "Spinning, spinning blue ball ..."
    In general, a paradox - it turns out that the more expensive the air defense and missile defense system, the easier it is to overcome it?
    Billions have been spent, but the balloon cannot be seen. I would fly myself, but they could have hung something bad, dangerous.

    By the way, the balls are already over Romania, everyone sees it, but the Romanian pilots did not see it at the intercept.

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