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Voenkor: The fate of the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine settled in Paraskoviyivka is actually a foregone conclusion

Voenkor: The fate of the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine settled in Paraskoviyivka is actually a foregone conclusion

Currently, Russian troops are fighting in the vicinity of the village of Paraskovievka. The situation of the Ukrainian formations defending this settlement is very difficult. War correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny writes about this in his Telegram channel.

Now in Paraskoviyivka there are units of the 125th territorial defense brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 24th mechanized and 57th motorized infantry brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But they are already surrounded. After all, the escape routes for the Paraskovievsky garrison of the Ukrainian army have been cut off.

The fate of the Ukrainian garrison stationed in Paraskoviivka is actually a foregone conclusion

- пишет military commander Poddubny.

Recall that Paraskoviyivka is located north of Artemovsk (Ukrainians call it Bakhmut). As of 2001, about 2800 people lived in Paraskovievka.

It is known that salt mines are also located in the village. Previously, huge stocks of small arms were stored in the mine of the Volodarsky salt mine. weapons. In 2015, the Ukrainian authorities were able to take these stocks out of there. However, the underground utilities themselves are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine even now.

However, in conditions of complete encirclement, the dungeons are unlikely to help the Ukrainian formations, just as the basements of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol did not help them. Considering that the Ukrainian garrison in Paraskoviivka is not particularly large, there is no doubt that Russian troops will be able to liberate this settlement in the near future.

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  1. 1erWahrheitsMinister_1984
    1erWahrheitsMinister_1984 14 February 2023 13: 41

  2. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 14 February 2023 13: 41
    When the enemy does not surrender, they destroy him. There should be no offers from us. Let them burn in hell
    1. Trapp1st
      Trapp1st 14 February 2023 13: 46
      When the Enemy Doesn't Surrender
      We have enough exchange fund.
      1. Just_Kvasha
        Just_Kvasha 14 February 2023 15: 44
        What side are you talking about the exchange fund? Dypak, or where?
    2. Last centurion
      Last centurion 14 February 2023 14: 30
      And that's right. We must take care of the soldiers, pour it all surrounded by napalm
    3. Orange Bigg
      Orange Bigg 14 February 2023 14: 46
      They were told not to surrender until 24 February.
      . On the positive side, it can be noted that Berkhovka, like Paraskovievka, is surrounded and deprived of the supply of ammunition. "Musicians", according to the admin of the 46th ODSHBr, are already storming Zaliznyanskoe, which is located about 7 km beyond Bakhmut. At the Ukrainian-army chats, they are discussing not only the surrender of Krasnaya Gora by the Armed Forces, by the way, very convenient for defense, but also other signals about imminent flight from Bakhmut. In particular, in the center of the sacred city, “indestructibility” (invincibility) points were closed, and mobile communications and the Internet were also lost. Zahisniki complain about the powerful work of the Russian electronic warfare, from which the hair stands on end. This was a couple of days before the fall of Soledar, when the defense management was completely disrupted. A well-known expert in Nenko complained about Prigozhin, who deceived Zalugny. Ukro-analyst slashed the truth: “Unfortunately, the enemy managed to mislead the General Staff, and while all attention was concentrated in the south-west near Ivanovsky, Russian troops bypassed Krasnaya Gora on the left and reached the Bakhmut-Slavyansk highway near Zaliznyansky. The Wagner had an opportunity to access the Berkhovsky reservoir through Dubovoye-Vasilyevka with subsequent movement to the rear of our troops in the city.

      If we translate all this small-town “geography” into an understandable language, we get the phrase “It’s time for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to drape, and not wait for February 24,” as Zelensky/Kuleba want. Let's say more, Western military publics are already painting Paraskovievka red (Russian) color, except for the lower row of houses, behind which there is a field that is deadly dangerous for the defenders of independence. There is even nowhere to hide in it: everything is at a glance. Yes, and in the “sacred city” itself, the situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has deteriorated sharply, despite the lack of former pressure from our fighters, who focused on fighting on the northern and southern flanks. In the telegram channel “Wagner Orchestra | Wagner", it is said: "The Musicians entered the Budenovka area in the south-west of Bakhmut. The fighters are advancing along the territory of the Mariupol cemetery. ”And this, for a moment, is west of the central Independence Street, which threatens the imminent collapse of the integral defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is possible that the Soledar scenario will repeat itself in Bakhmut in the coming days, when all the streets were strewn with the corpses of the defenders of independence.
  3. Leshak
    Leshak 14 February 2023 13: 46
    + one more settlement in the Russian "piggy bank". It remains for the Wagnerites to play the main one - the Bakhmut Overture in this section of the big concert. So far, everything goes as it should be for virtuosos - not a single false note.
  4. Prokop_Pork
    Prokop_Pork 14 February 2023 13: 50
    They can go to Bakhmut or Berkhovka. I don’t know about Wagner, but they easily left the army in the summer.
    1. maiman61
      maiman61 14 February 2023 14: 40
      The Wagnerites won't let their prey go! Would like to hear again that the garrison is everything! There are no prisoners.
      1. isv000
        isv000 15 February 2023 12: 48
        Quote: maiman61
        The Wagnerites won't let their prey go! Would like to hear again that the garrison is everything! There are no prisoners.

        - Where is everyone?
        - And there was no one. We arrived - it was already here ... feel
  5. km-21
    km-21 14 February 2023 14: 01
    Voenkor: The fate of the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine settled in Paraskoviyivka is actually a foregone conclusion

    In this case, the main role is played by the nuances. If such strongholds are liberated in a couple of days, then this is one situation. And if many months of battles are coming for each village, then it is completely different.
    1. Roma 1977
      Roma 1977 14 February 2023 15: 03
      If the village is defended by three brigades (well, the remnants of three battalion groups), then this changes things somewhat.
  6. fax66
    fax66 14 February 2023 14: 21
    "Voenkor: The fate of the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that has settled in Paraskoviyivka is actually a foregone conclusion."
    There is so much pathos, as if at least Kramatorsk was liberated .... with the capture of several thousand people ...
    Go ahead, downvote...
  7. bars042
    bars042 14 February 2023 14: 24
    The fate of the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine settled in Paraskoviyivka is actually a foregone conclusion

    Thor Heyerdahl, during one of his travels, made friends with the leader of the cannibal tribe and told him something about the history of European civilization. The leader was particularly struck by the story of two world wars.
    “So, you killed all this abyss of people not to eat, but just to bury in the ground?” he asked several times. - Well, you and savages!
  8. coinsam
    coinsam 14 February 2023 14: 25
    Poddubny, in my opinion, is too optimistic.
    The APU-shniks are unlikely to give up, but to dig them out of a residential building, yes. so that we don’t run into excessive losses ourselves, it’s a long time.
    I guess they will resist until the BC is over, and then blow up that technique. that is, and in small groups will seep beyond Paraskovievka.
    That is, we will not so much destroy the enemy or take prisoner as we will squeeze out.
    Although ideally - well, yes, it would be better to give up, and Wagner has less trouble, and they themselves are safer.
    But something ideal after the surrender of the Azovstal garrison ended.
    Can they update?
    1. Drotro
      Drotro 14 February 2023 15: 01
      The alignment seems to be such that besieged in the dungeon, in addition to ammunition, have enough water and food.
      And Prigozhin will not massacre people for the sake of a quick victory. Let's look at the further course of events.

      The dark-skinned enemy promised a counterattack in the spring. And autumn has already shown that Ukraine will not spare people for the sake of the result. Like pawns exchanging lives. So the besieged will wait either for Manstein's army, or for another agreement. A deal is quite possible. We are now in isolation, and for some step forward, our leadership will come to terms with the fact that the besieged will have to be released.
  9. primala
    primala 14 February 2023 14: 50
    Someone write a more truthful situation!? Groups of Donbass (on websites) write different things ...
    I would like to have an idea of ​​​​what is happening in fact ... I'm worried about our fighters of the Russian Federation.
  10. Dargavs
    Dargavs 14 February 2023 18: 18
    [quote=primaala]Someone will write a more truthful situation!? They won’t write and they’ll do it right, if you want the truth, go ahead to L.s.
  11. Nag1984
    Nag1984 14 February 2023 19: 05
    Prigozhin wrote in telegrams that this is all nonsense, and there is no encirclement even close, the enemy is driving reserves. As usual, one nonsense was said by others for the sake of hype picked up!
  12. Mikhail Ivanov
    Mikhail Ivanov 15 February 2023 19: 17
    I already wrote today, the strategy is clear - to cover a much larger territory than Artemovsk itself. In fact, we are talking about access to the line of Chasov Yar and higher from the northern direction. This will cut two important highways - M-03 and T-O513. This will disrupt the transport logistics of the enemy.