A look from Canada: Russia has two misfortunes - pseudo-elite and pseudo-intellectuals

View of a foreigner from Canada on the situation in Russia. It practically coincides with the opinion of the patrites.

A look from Canada: Russia has two misfortunes - pseudo-elite and pseudo-intellectuals
Ardzhil Turner argues that Russia has two misfortunes - the pseudo-elite and the pseudo-intelligentsia:

The great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol once wrote: “Russia has two misfortunes - fools and roads!”. It turned out to be completely different: in the 21st century this great country’s misfortunes turned out to be very different.

I first came to Russia in the 1980 year at the Moscow Olympic Games. More than 30 years have passed since then, but I still remember what surprised me the most then - the open and surprisingly happy faces of people. True, later in our delegation they said that the KGB made them smile, but they could not believe it. After that, I visited Russia more than 2's dozens of times, and my impressions of what I saw were outlined in this article.

For the past two decades, the countries of the former USSR have continued to experience upheavals, comparable only to the genocide of the Indians, which was carried out by the ancestors of the current white US citizens.

Under the thunder of false statements about the triumph of democracy and the “infusion” of these countries into the bosom of “divine” democracy, the scenario of slow erasure of the peoples who have borne the brunt of the fight against fascism is actually implemented.

I want to stress right away that by Russia I mean all the countries of the former USSR, since in fact it continues to exist at the subconscious level of the overwhelming majority of its population. The post-Soviet elites in any former republic are like two drops of water, be it Tajikistan, Moldova or Latvia. Of course, this statement is true for Russia, but with some peculiarities.

In order to understand what unites them, it is enough to remember history the arrival of the current so-called "elite" to power.

At the beginning of the 80-ies, among the highest party nomenclature, both at the union level and in the national republics, the conviction matured that the capital illegally acquired by them in close cooperation with the underworld must somehow be legalized. As long as some kind of strong central authority existed in Moscow, it was impossible to do so. Therefore, the most convenient and profitable candidate for the post of the head of the USSR was Mikhail Gorbachev, a short-sighted and very self-serving person. It must be said that he fully met expectations and managed to destroy everything in 5 years.

It is regrettable to realize that the decisive role in the collapse of the USSR was played by well-known circles of the United States and some other countries who, by all means, tried to get rid of their geopolitical rival by any, even the dirtiest ways. It should be noted that they succeeded. It would be completely wrong from a geopolitical point of view to blame them for it, but ...

How could countries forever boasting of their democratic values ​​and commitment to freedom, contribute to a sharp reduction in the population in the countries of the former USSR, the outbreak of conflicts on its territory, the collapse of the most advanced to the beginning of 90-s education and medicine systems? How could they sacrifice millions of lives and human lives for the sake of their interests? Of course, behind fake words about human rights, they hide all the same golden calf and desire to exploit the whole world.

Let us return, however, to the post-Soviet elites. Many analysts believe that Russia itself experienced two "orange" revolutions - in 1991 (the so-called "putsch") and 1993 (shooting of the Supreme Soviet) years. Indeed, all their signs are evident: the formation of false public opinion through total influence through the mass media, falsification of mass popular discontent, etc. There is hardly another country that could withstand such trials in such a short period of time ... But Russia was able to.

However, as a result of the widespread exclusion from the system of power of competent management personnel who worked at the Allied level, people who were selected according to several criteria who did not have and have nothing to do with professionalism turned out to be nourished. This is personal loyalty, family and the ability to extract profits by any means.

In the former national republics of the USSR, the coming to power of such people was also due to such a factor as the complete elimination of any kind of control from Moscow, which further aggravated the oligarchic and corruption oppression ...

In addition, this factor in the former Soviet republics still continues to play a decisive role for two reasons.

First: during the USSR, the best national cadres moved to Moscow. Thus, after the collapse of the USSR in power, with rare exceptions in the form of Nursultan Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan and Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus, there were people who by definition were unable to fulfill the role of national leader and even make decisions on their own.

Second, in almost all the former republics, mass expulsion began from the leading positions of leaders who did not belong to the so-called “indigenous nationality”, but at the same time possessing the highest qualifications.

Thus, economic collapse, impoverishment and a sharp decline in population were inevitable. It is a shame to realize that all these so-called "reforms" were carried out according to recipes, and often under the guidance of Western advisers. So, they bear the most direct responsibility for what is happening in the former USSR.

In Russia, these processes also occurred, but without a pronounced national tint. However, the effects of 90's continue to be felt. The main reason is that the new “elite”, which took possession of its capital in those years through privatization, which is considered the overwhelming majority of Russia to be predatory and unfair, has not yet realized its responsibility for the country and the people.

It would seem that more than 20 years have passed, but so far the revival of the Russian elite in the real sense of this concept has not happened. She is still confident that she will continue to rob the peoples of Russia. At the moment, there is a unique, in its own way the only control system in the world in which criminal methods of enrichment and the system of state power work together.

Therefore, in both federal and regional and municipal authorities, there are critically few real professionals in Russia. They are dominated by people who have received their posts by acquaintance, or due to corrupt or kinship ties. Therefore, all the initiatives and instructions of Vladimir Putin are stuck in such a swamp.

From the point of view of the geopolitical interests of the United States, perhaps the collapse of the Russian armed forces can only be welcomed, but we must not forget that these interests in the global world are actively opposed by China, and in the economic sense - all of Europe and all of Southeast Asia. Having a powerful Russia as a counterweight to these centers of power is beneficial. However, the Americans continue to contribute to the development of negative processes in the Russian Federation, even without taking into account the factor of its nuclear weapons.

An equally amazing picture emerged among other ministers in the government of Dmitry Medvedev, where, not excluding him, there are practically no experienced managers and specialists in their fields, with the exception of Olga Golodets, the vice-premier for social issues.

Small Russian cities and villages are in blatant poverty, health care does not meet modern requirements, the system of famous Soviet education and science has been destroyed, many unique technologies have been lost. Small and medium-sized private business, except trade, does not have the ability to progressively develop.

People have a sense of misunderstanding and outrage at many expenses of the Russian government. Such as the holding of the APEC summit, where only the fireworks, produced by the personal order of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, cost the Russian budget almost 9 million dollars. And this is despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Russian pensioners receive a pension in 250-350 dollars ...

At the end of 80-X - the beginning of 90-x, many people who previously belonged to the intelligentsia - engineers, doctors, teachers were deprived of work and were forced to earn a living, not working in their specialty, and even janitors and porters. The huge mass of complex industries and research institutes was closed. In the first place, its material situation was able to significantly improve only a small part of the intelligentsia, which had access to the wealth section.

These are cultural figures and artists who decided that it was their honor to be called the conscience of the nation. It is they who currently form in the Russian society the space of culture, which it would be correct to call pseudo-culture.

It should be noted that the basis for the ideological formation of independent states in the space of the former USSR is the complete negation of the positive phenomena that co-existence brought first in Czarist Russia, and then in the USSR. These are the construction of modern plants and factories, universal secondary education, free medicine, the development of national cultures and much more. Now all this is denied, and government policy in almost all the former republics of the USSR (except Belarus), now independent states, has been shaping the image of Russians as occupiers and colonialists, which is an absolute lie.

As a rule, such companies are funded by various non-governmental and non-profit organizations in some countries of Europe, the Middle East and the USA. The pseudo-intelligentsia bought for these grants has been throwing mud at the joint history of the peoples of the former USSR for many years.

But if with regard to the former republics of the USSR this is somehow understandable, then in Russia the society will not accept such a reception for the formation of a state ideology. Therefore, a different approach is being implemented here.

The basis of it was the presentation of the Soviet period of history as completely dark, brutal and bloody. This also makes a lot of money. The overwhelming majority of places in any organizations that form public opinion and culture - in the Public Chamber, the Council under the President of Russia, television companies, the film industry, and the theater are occupied by people who do business on throwing mud at the history of their own people. Meanwhile, they represent an insignificant part of modern Russian society.

The distortion of history has now acquired truly grotesque forms in Russia. Funds from the state budget, numbering tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars, are being shot and advertised in absolutely false and not criticizing films and TV series such as “Scum,” “Penalty”, “Last Armored Train” and others.

Russian television is simply impossible to watch: you will not see here, or at least you will see very rarely the classics of European or American cinema, there are third-rate paintings that no one in their homeland would watch. Advertising is broadcast almost every 10 minutes and it seems that no one is going to control the Russian advertising law.

Among the socio-political programs the lion's share is occupied by various shows. And most of them are devoted to the debunking of the so-called "historical myths".

Surprisingly, but the Russians themselves, or rather, not they, but the pseudo-elite and the pseudo-intelligentsia simply love to throw mud at their past for the state money. This is about the same as if US citizens had been doing the same for years with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor, or Harry Truman, who ordered the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, the French could have done the same with Charles de Gaulle and many other nations that destroyed as many, more precisely, more people than Russia.

However, instead of this, unlike her, they prefer to respect their history. One gets the impression, and moreover, it is quite reasonable that the people determining the cultural policy in Russia are only concerned with making money and nothing else.

Watching television, one involuntarily thinks that there is mass insanity in Russia. The death of an actress or director literally causes hysteria on all TV channels. At the same time, the demise of the famous scientist, designer, or even Marshal and Hero of the Soviet Union, at best, ends with a brief mention in the evening the news.

Among my ancestors were including Russian. But besides them, there were also Sioux Indians, Irish people and people of other nationalities. From the history of my family, I learned a simple truth: Western civilization can never be trusted. The elite of the country that believes it will destroy its people.

Now, few people remember, but in the summer of 1952, the United States conducted Operation Strangulation against the people of North Korea, during which they used chemical and bacteriological weapons against the 78 cities of North Korea. Toxic and irritant poisonous substances were used, including hydrocyanic acid. Even Adolf Hitler did not reach this point ...

I have the impression that the current Russian elite does not know history and does not remember how Western civilization destroyed entire nations only because their leaders were bought for its promises and gave their people to plunder, receiving in return beads, mirrors, and in the best case - obsolete weapon.

The Russian elite do not remember that in Western civilization it is not customary to abide by treaties. And the current intelligentsia in the countries of the former USSR does not care at all how its people live. If the elite and the intelligentsia do not realize this, if they do not self-clean, then Russia and all the former USSR republics will remain without a future, and their peoples will disappear from the face of the Earth, as was the case with other nations ...
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  1. Shuriken
    16 November 2012 14: 13
    I am glad that there are adequate sane people in the West. And it is depressing that this is how it is now. And our own powerlessness. And the impossibility of changing anything. Anticipating objections like: “you have to start with yourself,” “vote for the right candidate,” and etc. I will answer, face the truth. WHAT we each, alone, united, say, on the scale of the VO site or with like-minded friends, can we do? Create underground cells? Throw bombs, like Narodnaya Volya, at corrupt officials and governors? WHAT? How Will it stop the satanic degradation of our people? Yes, and only a few would go for it, all have children, families, some sort of well-established way of life .... So we live ... Bitter, bitch @ ...
    1. +14
      16 November 2012 16: 31
      I frantically press the pluses of the article, realizing that only one will be delivered.
      Well, a Canadian can’t think so in principle, these are very sound thoughts of a person who sees the situation both inside and out ...
      Nothing more to say ....
    2. +7
      16 November 2012 17: 42
      Quote: Shuriken
      It’s good that in the West there are adequate sane people

      I’m not at all happy that there are no such people among the current leadership of Russia ... sad
    3. -13
      16 November 2012 19: 38
      Quote: Shuriken
      It is pleasing that in the West there are adequate sane people.

      He does not see logs in his eye !!! Toronto Mayor is a bugger, opens the annual gay parade. In our Mother See, it is forbidden to conduct such a satanic action for the next 100 years. So which of us is more cultured or intelligent, you need to think.
      1. +8
        16 November 2012 20: 19
        The author says something completely different and speaks correctly. A good article, and, most importantly, is written by a person who does not live in our country, but how correctly understands its situation. And rightly so, he says that the West can never be trusted. A lot of pluses to the author.
      2. +7
        16 November 2012 20: 50
        This is not an example that the author is hypocritical, but to a greater extent speaks of the complete ignorance of the issue by the author of the commentary - Dyadka. I, personally, am ready to subscribe to this article together with the author. He wrote everything correctly, and about the collapse of the great state - the USSR, and about the moronicism of our TV, and the dishonesty and deceit of the authorities, and about the fact that the authorities throw mud at everything and everyone that relates to our Soviet past, although it itself is mired in corruption and squandering the riches of Russia (or rather, they consider these riches to be their private property and for the sake of their enrichment, the authorities are ready for anything, and for planting innocent people, with the subsequent seizure of business and other unpopular measures). By some of their actions, the government shows how it relates to the people (not according to statistics, but in fact, half of the population lives, if not below the poverty line, then next to this line), the army (the sitting president at the parade), beggarly pensions (not all Russia receives pensions, as according to Rosstat, there are those who receive 4500 each, including pensions for the loss of a breadwinner), education and medicine reforms, when treatment is no longer affordable for some, and soon it will not be possible to educate their children - after approval Duma of the draft "Law on Education". And let my opponents try to convince me otherwise, who will put minuses and a moderator who loves to remove or shift down my comments.
      3. -3
        16 November 2012 21: 48
        Judging by the number of minuses, he affected the interests of the gay community. I did not expect that there are so many of them on Top Var.
      4. botur2013
        16 November 2012 21: 53
        Totally agree with you. drinks
      5. ughhh
        17 November 2012 04: 42
        The first rule of trolling is to eat on the individual. Why!
      6. ughhh
        17 November 2012 04: 46
        Quote: Uncle
        He does not see logs in his eye!

        Paslushte, do you want to argue with what is stated in the article, or talk about the problems in Canada? Shaw for "Ali" - not interesting, about fagots in their circle, pliz.

        I don’t believe the author, she is a foreigner. I would have written it myself, I would have added the curse.
  2. +12
    16 November 2012 15: 14
    Surprisingly healthy washing. You can add more pseudo-friends around, and those who want to help "poor Russia".
    1. +6
      16 November 2012 16: 05
      Forgot the most important thing - "pseudo-free media". Especially western ones.
  3. Brother Sarych
    16 November 2012 15: 24
    I liked what I wrote, but there was a problem - no one knows such a character! The search yields nothing, I saw a discussion - no one can find anything ...
    Fake? But beautiful ...
    1. +4
      16 November 2012 15: 34
      Brother Sarych,
      You are right, I’ve looked for this character right now, it doesn’t exist. On many sites where his articles were highlighted, they have already concluded that this is a fake.
      Although there are no claims to the content.
      1. +10
        16 November 2012 15: 56
        Fake of what? Or who? Maybe it is better to call the common thoughts of a sane person (or collective) an article written under a creative pseudonym? And not with this, a little nasty word "fake"
        1. +2
          16 November 2012 16: 10
          You see, the article is interesting primarily because it is a look, as it were, by- the view of a foreigner who was in the USSR, Russia, and who has his own specific life experience.
          If it was written by our compatriot, or a group of people, then in my opinion, there is a certain manipulation of the reader's feeling.
          It's still not fiction, where you can invent a character, and then draw conclusions from his bell tower that actually belong to another person with a different life experience.
          In general, the question is complex and I admit that I may be wrong.
      2. +3
        16 November 2012 17: 43
        Quote: Engrim
        came to the conclusion that this is a fake.
        Although there are no claims to the content.

        It is so ... But, what difference does it make, a fake is not a fake if the problem in the article is reflected correctly!
        1. +1
          16 November 2012 22: 46
          from the article by the famous North American journalist Argil Turner "Indians do not recognize the legitimacy of the US President"
          link: http: //stepan-zweruga.livejournal.com/184049.html
          When I realized that with a journalist’s ID I’ll never be able to find out the whole truth that modern Indians hide very inventively and thoroughly, I even had to get a fake passport and become a hunter for several years, acting literally in the style of the heroes of the novels Fenimore Cooper and Mine- Reed. Already fully accustomed to life in the mountains, prairies and deserts, I felt the hearts of the Indians, these proud, still undefeated and immediate children of nature, beginning to open. Only seven years later, in one of the conversations, did the old Indian, whose name I cannot name, mention the name of Kagahi. Four years later, my first meeting with him took place, and there were many such meetings. They formed the basis of several interviews that I tried in vain to post in the USA and Canada.
      3. +3
        16 November 2012 18: 33
        Canada sent quite a lot of experts 5 years ago, mainly from the Ministry of Justice and lawyers of various profiles. I worked with them a little - the people are calm and sensible, there are no anti-Russian sentiments. Only the upper echelon was somewhat snobbish, and so were normal guys.
        I remember, I was surprised that they call all things by their proper names. We are somehow already somewhat lost in the assessments under the pressure of our "interesting" TV, but everything is calm and rational with them.
    2. -1
      16 November 2012 16: 12
      Quote: Brother Sarich
      I liked what I wrote, but there was a problem - no one knows such a character! The search yields nothing, I saw a discussion - no one can find anything ...
      Fake? But beautiful ...

      Probably looking for trash? That's what the search engine gave
      1. Brother Sarych
        16 November 2012 17: 03
        Not in the trash - a lot of links, links go one after another, but lead nowhere ...
        1. MG42
          16 November 2012 23: 35
          Reviews in other forums
          Google does not find the author, no Canadian "Argil Turner" apparently does not exist in nature

          True, there is one link to the user
      2. +1
        16 November 2012 22: 23
        Quote: alexneg
        Probably looking for trash? That's what the search engine gave

        Yandex. There is everything !!!!!
        1. 0
          16 November 2012 23: 15
          What they were looking for, they found it. Here you prove again that in the trash ...
    3. 0
      16 November 2012 20: 21
      And right!
  4. +7
    16 November 2012 15: 26
    Mikhail Gorbachev, a short-sighted and very self-serving man

    Bravo, Canadian!

    And the present intelligentsia in the countries of the former USSR is not at all bothered by how its people live. If the elite and the intelligentsia do not realize this, if they do not self-clean, then Russia and all the former republics of the USSR will be left without a future

    I do not quite agree with the last statement, because, according to the author, this is not the intelligentsia, and not the elite, but pseudo- which means false. Accordingly, these social groups cannot influence the development of society in the way that the real elite and the real intelligentsia would do. For example, take the recent discussion of an open letter from a certain Makarevich to President Putin.
    But in general, the article plus
  5. +7
    16 November 2012 15: 58
    sounds painfully true smile add no cut
  6. 8 company
    16 November 2012 16: 05
    The article was written, of course, by no Canadian, the style of local Russian hunters for Putin is immediately visible, their theme is pure: everything is plundered, plundered, destroyed, all around orphans, beggars and ruin. Russia, in my humble opinion, has 2 troubles - these are 2 categories of fools. One category is on the right - they are half-crazy liberals a la Novodvorskaya-Sobchak-Nemtsov and others like them, who go to Bolotnaya but don’t know what they want. The second category is on the left - these are equally half-idol fans of I. Dzhugashvili, demanding again 1937, the abolition of private property, the return of the planned economy, etc.
    I hope Uncle Vova hangs the cradles for both of them and keeps Russia in the center.
    1. anoha68
      16 November 2012 16: 42
      People just express their opinion that this is forbidden? Who is right, who is not, time will tell. And a society where there is no opposition is either absolutely happy, or this is a junta or a herd. Only truth is born in disputes. And today's leaders only much to answer pre-prepared questions and proclaim unshakable truths, for some reason constantly different.
  7. +1
    16 November 2012 16: 10
    The author is well done. One of the few adequate articles from a Westerner. Respect!
  8. +6
    16 November 2012 16: 17
    I already rubbed my tongue in the language saying that the western cesspool, violated all the agreements that it concluded, violated all statements and obligations towards us (and the Russian Empire, the USSR, and Russia) ... you can’t trust them either penny. They are expressed in Russian false, foul creatures.

    Absolutely all the same, the real person or pseudonym. This is a correct, objective and sound reflection on the topic of us and what we are doing.
  9. +4
    16 November 2012 16: 22
    the current Russian elite does not know history and does not remember how Western civilization destroyed entire nations only because their leaders bought their promises and gave their people to plunder, in return receiving beads, mirrors, and, at best, obsolete weapons.

    A vivid example of what has been said is the reprisal against Libya and Gaddafi.
  10. anoha68
    16 November 2012 16: 34
    The overseas prophet is straightforward: watch Mr. on TV, Mr., you have power, etc., etc. We ourselves know! And we ourselves watch and we choose! And if we want to change something, it's easy! But, apparently, we have more like-the election showed it. And we do not need to indicate!
  11. Mr.Fox
    16 November 2012 16: 39
    An interesting article, patriotic. That's just the author is no less interesting :) Who? Where from? From Canada? Canada, it is so big and there are many Arjilov there too ...
    1. +1
      16 November 2012 22: 48
      Argil Turner is a North American journalist: http://stepan-zweruga.livejournal.com/184049.html
  12. +2
    16 November 2012 16: 43
    A truthful article, as they say, is not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. And what difference does it make who wrote: one has a pseudonym - Akunin, the other - Turner. For the first time, the fact that always outraged me was voiced about prolonged tantrums on TV about death, for example, an overly nimble elderly actress and a funeral under gunfire, and a modest silence when people who created the military power and greatness of the country leave. by themselves, indeed, a "mass insanity" ... And also it was necessary to think of rewarding this "close-minded" who now writes all his books ...
  13. Centaurus
    16 November 2012 16: 53
    In general, I don’t trust too much and most often do not agree with the opinion of Western "clever men", but in many ways, it seems to me, he is right.
    For example, I don’t understand why many in Russia are convinced that Ivan the Terrible was a beast, a bastard and a murderer, and so on.
    It infuriates that many, very many people in the post-Soviet space are madly ready to uphold and extol the history of Western countries, and the same United States, while completely and completely forgetting about theirs.

    Maybe this will sound strange and many people will understand it differently ... but I think we wouldn’t be bothered by a lot of general nationalism (United for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus ... maybe someone else asks;).
    But just a little bit. No busting.
    And you need to learn how to look at the United States without a Hollywood mask.
  14. Adorofeev63
    16 November 2012 16: 53
    Correctly written. At least there is no faith in officials, take anyone, the smallest one, and everyone is sure that he is stealing, and they are only changing places.
  15. lotus04
    16 November 2012 17: 23
    And even more with Russia PSEUD FRIENDSthat give us i.e. Russia, a lot PSEUDO-GOOD advice on how to live.
  16. 0
    16 November 2012 17: 30
    Yes, this is in most cases true, but why do all the "accusers" look for flaws in others, and take a closer look at themselves - there is not enough time? or is the conscience sharpened in one direction?
  17. Temnik1
    16 November 2012 17: 35
    I agree with everything.
    Besides the definition of * pseudo *.
    This is our real ruling elite and our real intelligentsia!
    Yes, such a filthy, corrupt, and inadequate! Who was not like that was driven out into the backyard.
    Therefore, with this filthy elite and intelligentsia a strong Russia can never be built!
    Everyone needs to be kicked out!
    And do not be afraid of it!
    The censorship was in many countries. This did not cause a disaster anywhere.
    1. +2
      16 November 2012 20: 35
      Temnik1.No European or American states have experienced such catastrophes that Russia has experienced throughout its history, and those that have tried to survive, they are no longer there, and Russia is still alive.
  18. +1
    16 November 2012 17: 59
    Article plus, even if the author is not Canadian!
  19. pioneer
    16 November 2012 18: 17
    At one time, V.I.Ulyanov / Lenin, answering Maxim Gorky, said that our intelligentsia eats everything that is offered to it. A.P. Chekhov wrote well about idiots called "intelligentsia"; now A. Bushkov writes "Demons in a telescopic sight". In the West there is the concept of "intellectual", and this is quite another. The people do not really like the intellectual, they consider him a drone, but they respect the intellectual. All this is reflected in Russian literature. Read more.
    1. +3
      16 November 2012 19: 17
      Quote: pioneer
      All this is reflected in Russian literature. Read more

      This is an ancient dispute between Gogol and Dostoevsky. Gogol said that Russia has 2 troubles: fools and roads. And Fedor Mikhailovich answered him that all this is, but not the main thing. Russia has one big misfortune: corrupt, anti-Russian, anti-national, anti-popular nobility and intelligentsia. I think he is right as always.
  20. +3
    16 November 2012 18: 46
    I have affirmed and will affirm - in the West it is full of adequate people, the article is an example of this.
  21. +1
    16 November 2012 18: 58
    I wanted to start my commentary with the phrase: "What a clever Canadian bastard. (Canadians are all bastards, because they deny our right to the Arctic shelf.)"
    After reading to the end, I was amazed: how can one, living in a prosperous, western country, understand that bastard absurdity that is happening to us? That absurdity that most of Us do not perceive.
  22. IlyaKuv
    16 November 2012 19: 30
    What can I say, the truth hurts my eyes every day, but because it’s easier to live, it’s not becoming anymore.
  23. +1
    16 November 2012 19: 41
    This person, analyzing the situation in Russia, clearly and accurately according to Gogol says, you eat and sell yourself!
  24. I. Brovkin
    16 November 2012 19: 45
    Good article, but
    Nowadays, few people remember, but in the summer of 1952, the United States conducted the “Choking” operation against the people of North Korea, during which they used chemical and bacteriological weapons against 78 cities of the DPRK

    Although the West is capable of truly terrible deeds, it somehow cannot be believed.
    Advertising is broadcast almost every 10 minutes.

    If we talk about channels on a national scale, this is definitely too much.
    1. +3
      16 November 2012 20: 42
      If you do not believe that the United States is capable of using chemical weapons, read the materials and publications of 1952. Or maybe two atomic bombs were not in KHEROSIM AND NAGASAKI, but in VIETNAM napalm?
  25. 0
    16 November 2012 20: 11
    hello to our special services. The topic is that we are very attentive to articles about us from outside. Very well-aimed move. Well, those who created it
  26. +2
    16 November 2012 20: 32
    The article is great. There are more of them!
  27. mazdie
    16 November 2012 20: 44
    A lot of Russians live in Canada, it seems that this is one of them, or a person who communicates a lot with them, many of which just left for the dashing 90s.
  28. +1
    16 November 2012 21: 18
    Article clearly +! But this phrase -
    "If the elite and the intelligentsia do not realize this, if they do not cleanse themselves, then Russia and all the former republics of the USSR will be left without a future, and their peoples will disappear from the face of the Earth, as has happened more than once with other peoples ..."

    - Well, definitely a Canadian. He knows Russia very poorly. The people would sooner rise and drive all this "elite and intelligentsia" to such and such a mother than she would "self-purify" herself. Do you complain that the leader is not there? It will be so! Look at history - in the most difficult, critical times for Russia, there ALWAYS APPEARED A PERSONALITY, who led the people and achieved success. Russia will stand!
  29. 0
    16 November 2012 21: 25
    Someone for insanity?
    Since when, the opinion of even the most respected writer, journalist, artist in the world is an indicator of something?
    Why are you, fell from the oak, brothers ???
  30. +3
    16 November 2012 22: 43
    The article was not written by a Canadian or an emigrant. She's too Russian for a foreigner. A certain pattern can also be seen: the West is a treacherous enemy, Gorbachev is Judas, the elite and the intelligentsia do not consider themselves part of the people, and there are non-professionals in the power structures. How can he disagree with this? Everything is obvious to any patriotic person. And against the background of "Canadian observations" - the phrase is thrown “They are dominated by people who got their posts by acquaintance, or through corrupt or family ties. Therefore, all beginnings and instructions of Vladimir Putin get stuck in such a swamp." ... That is, the cutlets are separate, and the big wise fly is separate, or the Tsar is a patron - the boyars are saboteurs. The comrade "from behind the hill" unobtrusively fuels the myth of the confrontation between Putin and the elite, and all the correct words and conclusions of the article serve this purpose.
    Until Russia puts Putin next to Gorbachev, they do not realize that the elected president is the product of a pseudo-elite and the guardian of her interests, no turn from the negative things described in the article will happen.
  31. wax
    16 November 2012 22: 54
    Beyond our borders, there are quite enough adequate people who understand not only where we are going, but also how our defeats follow them. I can’t forget the letter of one Australian in our Soviet newspaper (I don’t remember and I won’t search) at the height of perestroika (then quite a lot of letters from the West were published by ordinary people). He wrote (I convey the meaning in my own words) - guys, do not break the house, which requires only repairs. He also wrote that all their Western social achievements appeared due to the existence of the USSR. And that with the collapse of the USSR, they will begin an attack on the rights of workers. We are witnessing this with our own eyes in all developed capitalist countries, and state banditry is flourishing in the international arena.
  32. MG42
    16 November 2012 23: 12
    Surprisingly, the Russians themselves, or rather, not they, but the pseudo-elite and the pseudo-intelligentsia simply love to pour mud on their past for state money.

    Anyone who does not live on the state. money, he just has no time to engage in demagogy! Some exposers are also fueled by Western money.
    Watching television, you involuntarily think that in Russia there is mass insanity.

    And not only in Russia, however belay Ukrainian TV is even worse at times.
    The death of an actress or director causes literally hysteria on all TV channels. At the same time, the death of the famous scientist, designer, or even Marshal and Hero of the Soviet Union, at best, ends with a brief mention in the evening news.

    And this is the problem of the owners of the channels, if they are private the most important to them is rating and prime time advertising, and morality has fallen below the baseboard itself. Who has done more for the country is not measured by ratings.
  33. Shuriken
    17 November 2012 01: 57
    Quote: vadimN
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    Quote: vadimN

    I’m not at all happy that there are no such people among the current leadership of Russia

    ---- And as proof, a fresh infa: "V. Putin said that the court and the investigation have no claims against the former MO A, Serdyukov"
    What a beauty !! The number of defendants in the case is close to ten, one rat during the interrogation has already stated that it "worked in close contact with Serdyukov" - and come on, NO !!!
    Already sick of you bastards ....
  34. +1
    17 November 2012 04: 37
    Well stated. In my opinion, everything is correct, but I have not yet mentioned migration policy (more precisely, its absence), condoning autonomy to nationalism, inhibited reaction to new threats, be it China or Wahhabism inside the country. In general, gloomy. But I believe in the revival of the country.
  35. +1
    17 November 2012 05: 38
    Good article, correct.
  36. 0
    18 November 2012 13: 15
    The author, whether he is Canadian, (which is unlikely), or ours, is right. I would like to add. The article talks about pseudo-intelligence. This fully began to reflect the essence of teaching. With very few exceptions, dullness, venality, unscrupulousness, unlimited incompetence. The average age of a teacher in a country is 53 years. The next generation is even worse. Teachers have been gaining for a long time what was only in vocational schools in the 70s, of which those who have learned something else do not go to school.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned), Kirill Budanov (included to the Rosfinmonitoring list of terrorists and extremists)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"