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Taiwanese officials: Dozens of Chinese reconnaissance balloons have appeared over Taiwan recently

Taiwanese officials: Dozens of Chinese reconnaissance balloons have appeared over Taiwan recently

American satellites are actively picking up the theme of "the danger of invading balloons and hot air balloons."

As Voennoye Obozreniye has already reported, Yuriy Ignat, official representative of the command of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made a statement about “possibly appearing over the Dnepropetrovsk region balloons with corner reflectors”. Now it became known about statements of this kind in Taipei.

Taiwanese officials in an interview with the Financial Times said that dozens of hot air balloons appeared over Taiwan recently, "which Beijing passes off as meteorological probes."

One of the Taiwanese officials:

They are not. This is a big program of China, which is aimed at enhancing intelligence activities.

Additionally, it is stated that over Taiwan, "Chinese reconnaissance probes fly at altitudes not exceeding 6 km." Coincidence or not, but on the night of February 13, the Pentagon announced that the US Air Force shot down an "unidentified octagonal object" over Lake Huron at an altitude of about 6 km.

If “dozens of Chinese reconnaissance balloons” have indeed been flying over Taiwan lately, then why is it only now that they are talking about this in Taipei - just after the topic began to be promoted in the United States?

Earlier, the head of NORAD said that "today does not exclude anything, even the extraterrestrial origin of air objects over North America."

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  1. Azim77
    Azim77 13 February 2023 07: 16
    Is there American air defense in Taiwan and in what quantity? Similar to 11/XNUMX and other "security threat" staging, could this be an artificial pretext to increase the US presence in Taiwan?
    1. To state
      To state 13 February 2023 07: 21
      The reason is looking for another time to blame
      1. marchcat
        marchcat 13 February 2023 07: 27
        Yes, it's just some kind of "balloon war" that began, with the filing of the Americans. Why is it clear to them (development and increase in the military budget).
  2. krops777
    krops777 13 February 2023 07: 20
    Earlier, the head of NORAD said that "today does not exclude anything, even the extraterrestrial origin of air objects over North America."

  3. Fedor Rashkin
    Fedor Rashkin 13 February 2023 07: 20
    Yes, you can make more money from this...
    The cost of the rocket, sortie, and more ...
    Plus, you can push air defense systems into the budget, especially for probes.
    America will pull))
  4. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek 13 February 2023 07: 28
    Quite expected wave. Custom hysteria. Look, UFOs have already been shot down. ... "Independence Day" ... Who benefits?
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 13 February 2023 08: 11
      Any movement associated with the allocation of funds is beneficial. No matter how ridiculous he is. Did you manage to spin something like that? You can get a good financial return. This is how conflicts are brewed with millions of dead - in the battle for the most tidbits of budget funding. The money that Hiram Maxim grabbed turned into tens of millions of people killed around the world.
      The US has always launched thousands and thousands of these balloons, a tried and true reconnaissance method. I think this time the ball is American. But this is not important, what matters is the hysteria raised. Most likely, everything is launched from the Biden administration. They obviously can’t cope with the country, so bright events are needed to divert attention, they say, “the country is at the forefront,” well, you can warm up well on fat contracts. And the fact that this will end in a bloody war does not bother the authors of ideas, it is not for them to die in the trenches. They do not think about the next (and apparently the last) World War. They don't have that many brains...
  5. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 13 February 2023 07: 30
    As if by a wave of a "magic wand" balls suddenly swirled over everyone, UFOs and the devil knows what else. The main thing is to go in line, "threats to the West" are growing every hour. They completely forgot that the countdown of the escalation of the conflict into an exchange of nuclear strikes is not by the hour, but by the minitum.
  6. Gnefredov
    Gnefredov 13 February 2023 07: 36
    Truly I say: make balloons in the form of flying saucers. At least their photos will be real in the river of endless information war.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 February 2023 07: 52
    Taiwan this bloated United States theme of balls exclusively, as they say in suit. American friends, if "Chinese spy balloons" are flying over you, then what is left for us to do when they have filled the whole sky with us. Help, and first of all, the air defense system. An interesting topic began to be picked up in a chain, like the flu and other countries. Even Ukraine began to complain about the appearance, though Russian balloons. Tomorrow, all the satellites of the United States will see something in their sky that they did not notice before. You give a new trend - spy balloons. You look and the topic of sabotage at the "SP" raised again will fade into the background (already gone).
  8. mr wolf
    mr wolf 13 February 2023 09: 18
    It's not a dirigible, you bastard! This is Mr. Pe-Je's last breath.... If urgent measures are not taken, then soon the pepelats will fly. With gravitsappa....
  9. Prisoner
    Prisoner 13 February 2023 12: 22
    In the USA and among their lackeys, children will soon be frightened with Chinese balloons.
  10. Petr_Koldunov
    Petr_Koldunov 13 February 2023 12: 45
    Sleep well, dear Taiwanese comrades. Do not worry. It's for the weather...
  11. DefenderofTruth
    DefenderofTruth 14 February 2023 00: 22
    Logically. Because Taiwan is Chinese territory.
  12. 1erWahrheitsMinister_1984
    1erWahrheitsMinister_1984 14 February 2023 14: 00
    Diese "Aufklärungs-Ballons stammen wohl eher vom
    chinesischen Frühjahrsfest, aber man will ja in Taiwan
    natürlich auch "betroffen" sein...; "me To"...!!

    Oder sind es doch gebrauchte Kondome von Außerirdischen...?!? laughing